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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Mr Dick The Butcher And Malay Hypocrisy.

1. I read with great sadness that a man who stole from the treasury of a mosque was speedily sentenced.

2. The was no big gathering for him at the court, no declaring him as bosku or amirulmukminin, no plea bargaining, no nothing.

3. There was no time-wasting appeal, no legal philibustering and so forth. The poor felon was speedily escorted to jail to dine on rotten fish. He probably had no bail. He could not gallivant about town or given liberty to campaign.

4. It seems the quicker the felon is out of sight, the problem is solved.

5. Therefore, I leave it to the conscience of the lawyers to think about this. They, with their Smart Alec reasoning.

6. Consider the treatment given to the most notorious felon in the country. Even his name is unmentionable now.

7. He was escorted by a pliant crowd, given the endearing title of bosku and so on. The pliant court allowed him to postpone a trip to Singapore probably ordering legally, the grandchild not to come out of the womb yet and allowed to campaign in Melaka.

8. And a going both-ways lawyer was using all the legal mumbo jumbo justifying why this felon was treated this way.

9. This was why uncle Karl long time ago said, philosophers have only interpreted the world. The point is, to change it. Legal activism is much needed nowadays.

10. With glaring legal anomalies like this, makes I want to echo Mr Dick The Butcher. 'The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers'. Yes, kill them and impale these judges.

11. But what I find most nauseating is the Malay and his hypocritical Islamic religiosity.

12. They claimed to be pious Muslims, but are unable to distinguish between a right and a wrong.

13. A gargantuan wrong is regarded as a pious act, while a small misdemeanour is accompanied by blood lusting calls for more severe punishment. If a person who steals from the mosque kitty gets 5 years, what should a person who steals billions get?

14. The Quran says. Do not mix falsehoods with truths and tell the truth, especially when you know the real story.


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