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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 20 December 2020

Fool me Once Shame On Me, Fool Me Twice Shame On You. Fool Me Thrice Shame On All Of Us.

1. If I were asked this question: how would you describe the rule of abahcow?

2. I would say he's the worst PM we have had. He has taken Malaysia to the pits.

3. His behaviour and comportment is that of an idiot and an imbecile. He is incompetent and wreaks of ineptitude.

4. I don't say he is the worst  hyperbolically. He is. I don't say imbecile, idiot, incompetent and ineptitude to name call. They are deserved descriptions. He is the embodiment of kakistocracy.

5. I thought nothing would shock me any more until yesterday. When Dr Mahathir announced he would be the next PM.

6. He must have said that in jest to awaken inattentive journalists. Or he may be saying that to say he is better than Mamoo Anwar even at 94. Or maybe he didn't eat his chikus that morning.

7. Therefore, my rejoinder to his announcement will be made in correspondingly light-hearted manner like helium induced spiked with laughing gas.

8. Is it because of the onion ish smell that you give out from your person that drives our Ringgit farther from the Singapore Dollar? The SGD is now 3 times our RM. It started becoming 'estranged' since 1981.

9. Dr Mahathir must have had excellent credentials that allowed imbecilic Muhyi and semburit Azmin to engineer a Putsch in February 2020. Not so clever persons pulled the rug under you eh?

10. It's a case of ular lidis swallowing the fierce dragon.

11. We  laughed when immigrant workers come from Pakistan Bangladesh, China, Indonesia etc. Some of our girls and Datins think the Bangladeshis looked like your favourite Shahrukh Khan. They are here to do the 3D jobs.
Well Tun, there are 500,000 of Malaysians working in Singapore earning higher pays. Some of our graduates are working as garbage collectors. They don't care about 3D jobs.

12. Ever wondered how Harry Lee did it? How did he raise Singapore from the boondocks to a first world entity?

13. Look, we are not having a love fest for Singapore OK? Don't use the stupid argument that if we love Singapore so much, why don't we migrate there? We like to compare ourselves with other less fortunate LDCs, why not with the Little Red Dot down South?

14. Many will remember in 1963, Harry Lee crying and wiping out tears whether a can survive.

15. Singapore had no resources, no oil, rubber or tin, limited land, no own commanding officer and no water. It was as if Malaysia wanted to obliterate the red dot.

16. But Harry Lee had the resolve, people, location the feeling of being victimised by Malaysia's scorched earth tactic. Above all LKY was a no nonsense disciplinarian.

17. Che Det on the other hand is really a tolerant father figure. For instance he's willing to tolerate corruption as long as you are willing to play ball.

18. Wanting to prove something to a sniggling irritant and having the discipline to follow it through underlined the 223 square metre island's success.

19. There are a few things I find distressing during Tun's watch.

20. They are the Malaysian currency, corruption, the failure of Tun's pet projects, GDP per capita etc.

21. Not many remember that when Tun became PM in 1983, the exchange rate was SGD 100=RM103. Now its SGD100=RM330. This in part due to Tun's policies and of subsequent dullard PMs. No one seems to pay attention to economic fundamentals. 

22. Starting from Mahathir, corruption grew like fire inside sawdust. Under abahcow its free for all. Najib of course became tbe embezzlor in chief. Mahathir sowed the seeds.
Heads of GLCs continue to earn gargantuan salaries and the man who can walk on water kept quiet about it.

23. Many of Mahathir's projects failed-Perwaja, Bakun, Mas., Proton. They failed because of incompetence and nepotism and bad management.

24. To be fair a few were arguably successful- Mahathir's erection- The Twin Towers, Klia, Putrajaya, Sepang Racing Circuit etc. But these produce  nothing. They are not economic entities.

25. In 2023 Singapore's GDP per capita will be about USD73,000. Ours will be USD14,000. Singapore has 5 times our GDP per capita. The joke is on us.

26. In comparing Malaysia and Singapore, I have arrived at a few lessons in leadership. That will be in another article. For now will we be third time lucky with Mahathir's 3rd time PMship? Probably at that time dentures, false teeth and implants will be fashionable.


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