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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 10 November 2020

The Politics of Covid- 19

1. Muhyi is pursuing an ambulance chasing strategy-taking advantage of people's misery.

2. The numbers affected by the virus are spiked up to justify the spurned Emergency. The thing is the numbers are not declared by the DG of the health ministry but by lying politicians.

3. That's the lowest of the low which Muhyi will go. But that is not surprising of someone as unscrupulous as Muhyi.

4. Let's analyse the numbers of COVID-19- 19. At the onset let us say that a death, any death is saddening and harrowing. The usage of the dead and falsifying the numbers is an even more heinous action.

5. Obviously Muhyidin has no respect for the institution of the PM. He wants to stay on as PM by any means necessary. He tries to subvert democracy by asking the Agong to declare Emergency. Even now he's trying to show that the Agong was wrong and COVID-19 is going up. Muhyidin is interested only in Muhyidin. He's a bloody narcissist.

6. The damage done is untold. Muhyi is indirectly subordinating the Agong. He's asking the people to rebel against the King. He's using COVID-19 -19 to cover his lack of majority support. He's trying to steal democracy from us. He is a bad person.

7. Immediately following his failure to get an Emergency declared, there is a sudden suspicious spike in Coronavirus. These data were generally met with incredulity. There are more deaths elsewhere, USA for example. Yet no Emergency has been declared and in fact, they are now having the Presidential elections. Not only is Muhyi following the ambulance chasing routine he is also a dangerous liar.

8. The numbers for COVID-19 as 6th November are as follows:-
There were over 26000 recoveries and 279 deaths. Sure a death is a death. It's both saddening and harrowing and no-one can bring the dead alive. But the number of deaths compare to the number of recoveries hides the fact that the work to contain the virus is very commendable.

10. So Abah Muhyi's usage of the virus as a scare tactic to herd people into supporting his fake Emergency is like cotton candy in the mouth. You put his rendition into your mouth and it evaporates as fast as you put it in.

11. It's just not true. He wants to make use of the virus to justify the declaration of a political Emergency. Like in American football the use of COVID-19- 19 is a desperate attempt to cling on to power. It's a Hail Mary situation for Abah Muhyi.

12. What is the number in Sabah? At the end October it was 530 cases and most of the cases were transmitted in the prisons. It suggests that confined spaces cause the pandemic.

13. As at 7th November the number of cases in Sabah is around 20000 and the number of deaths is around 148 deaths. The situation is alarming but manageable. The areas of KK, Tawau and Sandakan are the most affected.

14. Why do I say manageable? Because the number of recoveries is over 11 thousand. It's a testimony of the hard work put in by medical workers.

15. It's part of Abah Muhyi's scorched earth strategies- by any means necessary hold on to power. Therefore, he will use all subterfuges and underhanded tactics to hold on to power. Such as using fake COVID-19 figures to scare people.

16. Recovery rate 275. The number of deaths were 2.

17. The numbers are fluid realistically. The point is the medical fraternity is not exactly sitting down. Yes the number of those affected is large but the number of recovery is also rising.

18. We can verify the numbers by looking at the KKM portals instead of listening to politicians with an axe to grind. We can establish the numbers for Sabah and Labuan and the detail breakdown for the rest of Malaysia.

19. Instead of listening to medical professionals, Muhyi announces spikes in COVID-19 cases here, there and everywhere. The irony is nobody believes him.

20. The danger happens when that particular disbelief is translated into a general disbelief as when people doubt the announcements from KKM. If that happens, the person to blame is swollen face Muhyi.

21. Politicians should just shut up and leave it to KKM to announce. Empower them. Politicians don't need to be part of the need to announce first. Certainly Muhyi does not need to be the grim reaper.

22. The usage of people's misery to further his own personal interest shows that Muhyi is an unstable fellow. This erratic behaviour is unbecoming of a PM.

23. So let's leave Muhyi with his ambulance chasing stunt. Leave it to medical professionals. Empower and support them.

24. I am surprised that we have not formed a task force comprising medical professionals and scientists to handle COVID-19. Instead, politicians become busybodies and mess up the management of the COVID-19 crisis.

25. As to Muhyi he must learn to exit gracefully and with honour. The good of the country surpasses his own personal good. He is after all an unelected PM.


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