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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 30 November 2020

The false Prophet and His Flock

1. I come back to my favourite piñata which is what Najib said. Because they are blatant lies which must be answered at once. It must be whacked vehemently to spill the Goebellsian lies.

2. That incendiary speech must be doused unequivocally to prevent charlatans like Najib and other red necks from UMNO spewing lies and deceit.

3. The hypocrite-in-chief then was telling the big lie. That the Malays will become our own dalits or destitutes if UMNO were to lose power. The big lie was uttered in Kangar.

4. Malays should rise up against this Goebellsian deceit, falsehoods and untruths that have kept them in servitude for so long.

5. No, Herr Najib, Malays can prosper without UMNO. Their lot is not determined by the likes of you in UMNO.

6. Who the hell are you? You are just a spoilt rich kid accustomed to get your way. Well, the fat lady has sung. It's the end of the road. For you.

7. We are not thieves like you were the embezzler-in-chief. We are just honest country bumpkins. But we have our dignity. You on the other hand have none!

8. The only Malay phrases which Najib has in his vocab to demean people are bangsat and papa kedana. When he was opposed in Pekan, he called his opponent papa kedana. He called felda settlers who refused his FGV scheme bangsat. Najib bangsat al papa kedana. That name has a nice ring to it.

9. It is ironic that Herr Najib chose Perlis to regurgitate his lies. Perlis is one of the poorest states in Malaysia and predominantly Malay. That shows that poor Malays are not only servile but easily malleable. They need an emotional release and bossku provided the silver bullet.

10. The lies perpetrated and perpetuated by Herr Najib are easily debunked. The states of Selangor, Kelantan, Trengganu, Penang and Sarawak are not ruled by UMNO. But we don't see Malays dropping like dead leaves, do we?

11. All the mb's, SS, DO's, penghulus, ketua kampungs, are Malays. Why are Malays still backward and poor? That means the UMNO bozos are not helping the Malays. Shame on Najib for claiming the Malays will turn bangsat if UMNO loses power.

12. There are about 18 million Malays. UMNO has about 1.3 or 1.4 million members. Roughly out of 18 Malays 1 is an UMNO gangster. If 1 UMNO member kicks the bucket 17 other Malays live on. The message is UMNO can fly kite.

13. God says He will not change the lot of a race unless they change it themselves and Truly God does not change the lot of one race unless they change what's within themselves.

14. Thus, if they allow an idiot like Najib and other UMNO goodfellas to determine their fate, they have only themselves to blame.

15. If man's sustenance and his lot depends upon himself what is the relevance of a kichimayung like Najib and his UMNO?

16. Najib and his UMNO should stop playing the role of an Orwellian big brother. The Malays must unshackle the manacles that are holding them back, putting them down and dumbing them down. They must have their amour propre, reject and jettison people like Najib and like-minded UMNO goons.


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