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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 18 September 2020

The uses and misuses of oxymoron.

1. This is a caricature of Baby Face Najib designed to make us all stupid.

2. A smudgy and scruffy looking Indian lawyer(he's no R. R. Chelliah the distinguished and dapper looking Indian gentleman) trying to convince a naive citizen to trust him.

3. Trust a lawyer? A lawyer kills a viper. That makes the Devil smiled. For it reminded him of Cain and his brother, Abel. So too is the lawyer and the snake!

4. How does a lawyer sleep? First He lies on one side. Then he lies on the other.

5. That's how much you can trust a lawyer. What's the difference between a bad and a good lawyer? A bad lawyer makes your case drag for years, a good lawyer makes it drag even longer!

6. We are asked to exonerate Najib. He is an honest man. He made some honest mistakes. That's Baby Face Najib.

7. We are invited to trust Baby Face Najib. That's an invitation we shall politely refuse. We are not dumb as we are looked at.

8. Its true we are the lumpenproletariat. The unorganised masses not interested in any kind of revolutions. Our categorisation is up to there only. Do not presume much more.

9. While we maybe not as smart as the shyster lawyer, we are not exactly the commuters on the Clapham omnibus either. We do read in between the lines, and are capable of forming our own judgements.

10. We see Baby Face Najib sitting cross-legged and as lordly as ever, surrounded by sacks of stolen money, gold bullion and goods bought with stolen money. You think we are suckers eh?

11. It's merely a nifty bit of verbal sleight of hand imputing that we lumpenproletariat are not capable of thinking. That's a fatal imputation, grave and forbidding.

12. It's actually saying that Najib is an honest thief! That's preposterous. That single sentence contains contradictions. How can you be honest and a thief at the same time? You are 2 extremes at the same time. It's not like asking us to chew and walk at the same time. Perhaps only Najib can dive and drink water at the same time. That's why he can steal honestly.

13. That was a disingenuous and perhaps whimsical use of an oxymoron. More driven by the mood to deceive the people who blindly adore Baby Face.

14. An oxymoron in a sentence contains 2 contradictory ideas that should cancel out each other. Examples include fine- mess, love-hate, honest- thief. The person using an oxymoron eventually spews out mere verbiage.

15. An oxymoron has many uses. It can be used to achieve a sensational title. It can also be used to achieve a dramatic and comical effect.

16. And in the above case it's used to confuse the people and befuddle the minds of innocent people. It's a clever use by a shyster lawyer.

17. Najib has an ability no one else have. He can switch on and off a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. When he steals he's Mr Hyde.

18. We respect Najib for being honest when he's lying. It's not the cheating that we hate, it's the insult to our intelligence that we find offensive.

19. By asking us to trust him, we know Najib is already lying. The trust of the innocent is the liar's greatest tool.

20. Let us now examine the propositions given of Najib more meticulously. I believe the two -honest and honest mistake are incompatible.

21. To make things easier, lets read honest mistake as theft. Then its honesty and theft. Not compatible, aren't they?

22. It reminds me of the saying. Truth is of God and lying is of the Devil. And the Devil lied from the beginning. Najib must be the top student of the Devil.

23. Najib is exactly the direct opposite that is claimed of him. Instead of honest he is a liar. He lied from the beginning. He lied from another mother of all scandals-1MDB.

24. If 1MDB is the mother, then it has many children. It includes possibly ECRL and definitely SRC.

25. In the SRC case Najib was charged for 7 crimes. They ranged from CBT, abuse of power leading to money gratification to money laundering and so on. Najib lied in all prompting the judge to call them astounding.

26. In court, Najib was adamant in claiming he knew nothing about clandestine SRC money going into his personal account. Yet outside court, he seems to regain his memory and tells all and sundry, that he gives the money to UMNO and orphanages.

27. It's true when they say a good liar has a good memory. And Najib has a good one!

28. If Najib lied from the beginning, his following conduct is a natural consequence. 'Honest mistake' is just a euphemism for theft. It's a sanitised word for low-down theft.

29. He is surrounded with sacks of stolen money, gold bullion and chattels bought with stolen money. Just like MAD's Alfred, he seems to be saying- what me worry?

30. I shall return to my favourite piรฑata in other articles.

31. We like to see people lying especially when we know the truth.


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