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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The Toilet Paper Chase.

1. A long time ago when I started my career with Shell Malaysia there was a gentleman who liked to put us young graduates down.

2. If having degrees is not difficult and no big thing, why didn't he get one? And please explain why many of the graduates later ended as his bosses ?

3. Actually the gentleman was just envious of people with degrees, that he had to belittle and demean the latter. He rationalised his behaviour by claiming that They(his putdowns) should  be humbling and meant that the graduates would get down from their high horses.

4. That was unnecessary because the scholarly trained would know how to behave appropriately. It's the cerebrally untrained who are obstinate and stubborn in their uncouth ways.

5. Ordinary folks are behaving normally. They live and let live. They accept not having a University degree not regarding that deficiency as an impediment to success. But inferiority complexed people are a different matter. They will behave as the gentleman behaved. Despicably.

6. But to some people, having a degree is an all consuming obsession. They are willing to lie to pretend they have a degree. Where is their self-worth?

7. If they have to lie and pretend they have a degree, then they don't deserved support from the people. Stripped of their hypocrisy, they are just liars.

8. In my time as MP (2013-2018) a minister from Sarawak, Richard Riot caused a furor over his degree. They were fake. He didn't expect some conscientious sleuths will investigate his bogus claims.

9. Why must he lie about it? To get elected as MP means the people recognize some intrinsic qualities in him. That's approval already. So he doesn't have a degree, so what?

10. Because he knows to get about in life, he must have 2 things. (a) be successful and rich (b) paper qualifications. Both of which he doesn't have I presume.

11. That aside, he must be suffering from a severe case of inferiority complex. He's cerebrally challenged! He can only talk about football and playing marbles. What a shame!

12. Now another asshole has joined his riot squad. He's a Muslim MP from Perlis, the state hung like a baby carrot.

13. He's Zahidi Zainul Abidin a Deputy Minister from the party of cheats and liars-umno.

14. He claimed to have read MBA at Global University in California, USA. Wah! Hebat hang. Awat tak habaq mai.

15. But here's our problem. Upon closer inspection we find out that Global university offers only biblical studies. It prepares students to become pastors. Then we must call YB Zahidi as pastor Zahidi.

16. Perhaps pastor Zahidi doesn't mind talking about the 929 chapters in the Old Testament and the 260 chapters of the New Testament. He can lecture us on Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. Ask the former Mufti to attend too.

17. On business subjects, he can expand on Philip Kotler's marketing mix and Porter's 5 forces concept and 4 corners theory. We promise we will pay attention. Your Perlis slang will provide us the comic relief.

18. Like Lenin before us, we ask what are we to do? What are we to do with these 2 jokers?

19. Zahidi is a fellow who thinks he can do something wrong and gets away with it.

20. Lying and not owning up to it is in his veins. Can we trust such a person with a department more so with a ministry?

21. Lying to us is one thing. Asking us to live with a lie is unconscionable. Both are a menace to their constituency and to the government. Both of them deserved to be expurgated.


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