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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 25 September 2020

Anwar's Le Meridien Move. Some Early Thoughts.


"Siapa dah jadi PM angkat tangan"

1. Jiang Qing the wife of Mao, once said that power is better than sex, it's enduring. Brother Anwar must have realised this. Only with him he can have more sex of various kinds with power.

2. Kakue Tanaka once said the more mistresses you have the better leader you are. Perhaps copulation will take your mind off weighty state matters. Anwar may choose that option.

3. I am not excited when Anwar says he has enough numbers to form a new government. He has cried wolf so many times.

4. One day Anwar is at a furniture store. As usual, he is accompanied by his minders and of course good-looking young boys.

5. Wanting to find out what the fuss is all about many customers congregate there. But no one asked anything. Eventually one customer plucked up his courage and asked.

6. "What are you doing here sir. You could have asked your minders to pick up whatever you want". You don't have to waste time. " I am here looking for a cabinet. Have to fill it up."

7. How many times have we heard Anwar saying he has the numbers? Each time there will be developments foiling it.

8. Like the last time he said that, UMNO sent whom they regard as potential hoppers to Taiwan on a study trip. I.E. how to Char Quat properly.

September 2008: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2020: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2032: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2044: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2056: “I Have The Numbers”



9. It would be better for Anwar to shut the f**k up and just do it. when it's done, can celebrate

10. Now that he has beaten the bush to scare the snake out, there will be tremendous horse-trading.

11. This time if its true we can expect the opposing forces to galvanise themselves. Reactionary forces would try to bunker up.

12. Anwar must get the names of MPs and their rationale for supporting him. If possible signed notaries.

13. If what Anwar says is true then it paves the way for the formation of a stable government. That's more preferable than a messy snap election. Snap elections give orgasmic satisfaction to MPs like the person from Pasir Salak only.

14. People are just tired of never ending political chess manoeuvres. If people ask me who is responsible for the political mess I will say unhesitatingly-its Mahathir. Why was he so itchified to resign in the first place? Its a political chess move gone awry.

15. Its true the King is not under an obligation to heed the advice of a would be PM, but it can also mean he cannot ignore it either. Moreover, to stand in the way of a person who commands majority support of parliament is unconstitutional.

16. Hey! I am no fan of brother Anwar but if what he is doing is for the greater good of Malaysia then I support him. Just don't compromise on corruption.


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