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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Anwar the Great Reformist or...

1. What is the great reformist going to do to UMNOs gripling nationalism which has shaped Malay mindset to a hate ideology?

2. The greatest disservice UMNO has done to the Malays is to channel the creative energies of the Malay race to unproductive pursuit. Chiefly to be indiscriminately hostile to other races.

3. Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der welt has its Malay equivalent. Created by UMNO.

4. Its Melayu land, Melayu land, Melayu land above all, above all in the world. Its just Malay triumphalism.

5. The most important question we need to ask is what does it lead to?

6. The answer is, it leads to xenophobia and paranoia-irrational and natural hostility towards other races.

7. It leads to a collective Don Quixote complex where the Malays imagined an enemy that doesn't exist. A windmill is imagined a dragon.

8. None of the UMNO leaders corrected this anomaly, not even Mahathir. In fact, they capitalised on the racism all around exploiting them for their advantage.

9. So will the great reformist Anwar correct this problem or will he perpetuate this potential conflict and exploit it when it's convenient to do so?

10. Will he be the first Malay leader to untie this straight jacket? I say lets give him the chance to break out from the same old mould continued by the same old faces. All the UMNO leaders had no gumption.

11. If the discrepit Malay leaders do not use xenophobic nationalism to constrict the Malays, they will use religious bigotry to do the dirty job.

12. Hence, they are not shy for instance to use Islam as a divisive tool and not use the same to emphasise the non-discriminatory aspects of Islam.

13. Didn't God say that he created men and women, people of different races so that we can know and befriend them and not create hostilities?

14. Will Anwar be courageous enough to break up this religious bigotry?

15. The sad truth is that the Malays are oppressed by their own leaders. This has prompted a thinker by the name of Zaaba to state as early as 1927 thus. The real reason why the Malays remain backwards in all sense, is chiefly because for ages they have been oppressed and suppressed by their own leaders, especially their feudal leaders.

16. Will Anwar break up this big brother-ism once and for all? The vestiges of feudalism should be thrown into the dustbin of history.

17. Anwar must destroy the archaic and myopic thinking of some Malays. I am appalled for instance to hear of a leader from Bersatu asking the steriotyped question of who in UMNO wants to see the DAP come back to power? Such reactionary leaders must be purged.

18. What kind of dinosorous thinking is that? Its peddling UMNO's brand of xenophobic nationalism and patriotism. It is essentially Malay triumphalism.

19. That's the kind of thinking that's holding back the Malays in the first place. Its part of the dumbing down process of the Malays, especially the Malay lumpenproletariat.

20. Brother Anwar must now breakup the stranglehold of feudal leadership on the Malays. Otherwise, the enslaved mentality will persist.

21. There is no place for feudal minded or coopted neo feudalistic leaders in Anwar's camp. This is the age of Marhaenism.

22. I saw an unverified list of Anwar's cabinet and thought it must be the product of some journalist's wet dream or just reached puberty journalism.

23. Because it included the discredited Wak Jahid's name and the name of Baby Face Najib. The continued adulation of these crooks is beyond a mortal's comprehension.

24. The journalist must be a Klingon. It's not like as if the sky will fall down if the names of these felons are not included.

25. It's legally true that the King appoints the PM. But it's also true that he doesn't appoint any Tom, Dick and Harry. Among his chief considerations is that he must appoint the person who commands the majority support of parliament. Therefore, to unreasonably deny Anwar an audience is not constitutional.

26. Despite the political brouhaha Anwar is under no obligation to tell the public who supports him. That for the king's eyes only. He doesn't need to explain anything to anybody.

27. To do that will only cause panic, denials, bunkering up and some fierce horse-trading.

28. What's surprising is DAP's willingness to work with some UMNO personages whom they have bitterly opposed and condemed.

29. They may have their own reasons. They are beyond my comprehension. I think it better to lend support to Anwar but stay out of the government. Unless Anwar is willing to allow the law takes its course.

30. It's a sacrillege if Anwar were to renounce democracy in favour of UMNO's xenophobic patriotism, sense of fairplay in favour of corruption, excellence in favour of mediocrity and continued reliance of feudal leadership.

31. In this analysis we put our personal feelings aside. If Anwar proves to be an indomitable foe to UMNO's negative vibes, we support him.


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