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Wednesday 7 December 2016

The Moral Duty of all Malaysians- save this country from Kleptocracy

Najib has perfected the art of running with the hare while hunting with the dogs. He has shown this aspect of his personality while participating in the demonstration organised by PAS to protest against the Myanmar government. Immediately after that, he dispatched the Arm Forces Chief to make amends with the military rulers of Myanmar.
We can guess what the general said on behalf of Najib- don’t take it hard your Excellency, its only politics. Our PM is anxious to cultivate the goodwill of these PAS people. We are not really interested to know about the Rohingyas. We are only interested to show PAS we are on the same page with them on this issue. 
Of course the Malaysian government thinks the staff at the Myanmar Embassy do nothing but enjoy their sojourn in Malaysia, going to karaoke sessions,  do embassy balls and so on. They probably know more about Najib and UMNO than our citizens. The Myanmar leaders will probably nod their heads out of courtesy but have already readied some diplomatic reprisals.
Why did Najib go along with PAS at stadium Titiwagsa? We will try to offer reasons later.
It is a duty of everyone to speak against injustice. Malaysians as a whole has suffered injustice at the hands of Najib government. The secret of a good government is having good men/women running in it. People with a sense of public duty, wanting to do the best for the public, disciplined, dedicated and resolute. With good people running it, even a lousy system of governing is improved. With bad people, a bad system of government becomes worse. 
Even if we have good people running the government, we still need check and balance. This is provided for by civic minded and public spirited people. 
The problem is when bad people run the government. Then, many bad things are carried out- bad policies, policies that favour the powerful and the rich, government becomes repressive, predatory and so on. Unchecked, it becomes an instrument for oppression, injustice and an instrument of tyranny by the select few on all of us. Worse, if you have a thief as leader of the government. Members of the cabinet also become thieves as well as those who execute policies of the government. It then becomes a kleptocracy- a government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves.
Will the government self-correct itself? The religious fascists who don’t have an inkling of how to run a temporal government, believe this government can self-correct. So people like Nik Abduh, Tantawi, Haji Hadi and some muftis, argue that it is sinful to overthrow an existing government. This is blasphemous because it implies that once a government is installed, it cant be removed. As long as they dont violate fundamental Islamic laws, Muslims must support them even if they are despotic and dictatorial. So, they say, it is forbidden to replace Najib. It is sinful to do so.
This is a brutally undemocratic. Religion is used to support a totalitarian government. If replacing Najb is sinful for Muslims because it is forbidden to overthrow a government, then it ought to be equally sinful to overthrow the governments of Selangor and Penang. On that principle, the Kelantan government led by PAS is also untouchable. The public must endure the governments even if they are led by corrupt, incompetent and bad leaders.  
It cannot be so. Support and loyalty for the government, must be a qualified support. Furthermore, IF it is forbidden to overthrow a government which we elect in the first place, then election of a government must be equally forbidden and sinful. If you can elect, you can deselect.
This government cannot self correct itself because it is run by bad people . It is impossible when private interests overwhelmed public interest. The most practical solution is for the people to replace the government. The only way of replacing the government through peaceful means, is by voting them out.
It is almost criminal for religious fascists to insist continuing support for such a government. They tell us, as long as the leaders of this government have not breached fundamental religious principles, including perhaps renouncing Islam, or doing policies that violate religious principles, the government, even if led by a tyrant, dictator must be supported.
Only people who uphold totalitarian thoughts would support such propositions since their operating principles are having concentration of powers and the ability to execute repressive and undemocratic laws and regulations.
Government has become a tool for self enrichment for Najib and his gang. Government has been used as an instrument to bully people into submission. Instruments of government have become means to suppress and intimidate people. The Police are used to repress dissent and arrest people who disagree with Najib. GLcs are milked for political funds.
Corruption is rampant. Every government spending is an excuse to siphon money from the budget allocations. Every project by the government is carried out at inflated costs. Projects are given to bidders who are willing to contribute and donate to decision makers. It is rumoured for example, the high speed rail project to Singapore, which is yet to be signed, will be given to the China firm which was willing to add RM5 billion to the cost. The East Coast Railway Line will cost Malaysians up from RM55 billion. The Company building it says the cost is around RM46 billion.  
Najib has violated the cardinal principle of accountability. Billions are missing from 1MDB. Even if every single sen is replaced, that action will not erase the breach of trust, illegal spiriting of billions into private accounts, authorising the illegal transfer of funds and receiving stolen money. The crime remains unerased.
This is clearly a case of a bad person leading a government. We all know that the secret of a good government is having good men running it. We have bad men running the government and this only leads to a bad government. A bad government does injustice and is ferocious on the people.
We therefore have a moral duty to stand up against the Najib government.


Anonymous,  7 December 2016 at 14:34  

start again, on the right footing ..... DS J did not become a thief overnight ...

Anonymous,  7 December 2016 at 21:53  

What any kleptocracy gomen wants is an opposition in disarray.And this is what is happening in the country.The opposition is in disarray.

There can only be checks and balances when the country has a strong opposition.And that is what a two party system is supposed to do.To allow the opposition party the opportunity,to kick out the present gomen if it is not performing it's obligations to the people.

Years before GE13,Malaysians have a strong opposition pact known as the PR.But with irresponsible leaders,whose egos and greed for power,overshadow their responsibility of holding the pact together.Therefore,losing what is a winnable GE13.After losing the elections,more internal squabbling led to the PR disintegrating.

With the new opposition pact coming up,led by Dr Mahathir and Mr Moo,it is in no better shape than a year before.It is going to take at least,one,two or even three GE's for the opposition pact to grow to before GE13 strength.

In the meantime,the old horses have to make way for the younger leaders to grow up.To make way is for the old horses to slowly phrase themselves out.And younger leaders like Azmin,one has to wonder what place he has,after fucking up big time in Sabah.If Azmin thinks that the opposition can win federal power,without Sabah and Sarawak,then his cat can also be a candidate for PM.

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