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Monday 19 December 2016

The Constitution of a Leader- Najib in Malay culture-part 2

The old Malay says; when a leader has no honour; that is the sign we are shamed. When honour is lost, we are just like animals; when we have no shame, fortune is lost, dignity is finished; when we have a leader with no shame and honour, we have a leader with many enemies, the country is destroyed, the citizens are punished.
All the ‘enemies’ need do, is to take fight from Malaysia, selling off Malaysian bonds and the economy will tank. Why are they doing this? Because they are fearful of a government whose leader does not respect the law. They are fearful of a government that refuses to take action against those who are corrupt, steal money and defraud the country openly. They are fearful of a country whose leader openly calls upon one section of the citizenry to make war on another.
Najib has given a wrong picture of the Malays. Because of Najib, Malays are seen as paranoid, racist, insular, and xenophobic.  According to Najib, the Malays are rural, insular and poor. As long as they are kept that way, UMNO and Najib thrives. Malays are bad tempered and testy, disdainful, scornful of others, caviling, spiteful, waspish. They start to be picky and quibbling. 
Why should, we, the rest of the Malays, allow Najib to define us? 
Najib is a poor reflection of the Malay person. Because of him, the Malay is seen as someone who cannot be trusted, he cannot be entrusted with money, he will steal it. He will cover it up, he will lie and cheat, and he will pretend as though nothing has happened. He will then justify the wrongdoing as necessary for the well-being of race, religion and King.
Najib is both obdurate and callous. He appears to have de-sensitised himself. That is why he can appear before the public as though nothing bad has happened. He has mastered the art of appearing nonchalant even when he’s done a lot of bad things. He can easily pass a polygraph test.
Malays now live under a state of siege mentality. The Chinese, claimed Najib, are eagerly working to kick out Malays; they are anti Malay, anti Islam and anti Malay monarchy. If possible, the Malays want to live among themselves. They appear to operate on a bias mentality.
That is a wrong representation of the Malay. What makes a Malay, Malay is his awareness to keep his honour and shame. But the leader who has no shame and honour doesn’t care about all these because his is interested only on his political survival and to stay on as PM.
But we are equally guilty if we stood idle. When we accommodated Najib because he is 'one of us', we become like Najib too. When Malays tolerated what Najib has done to the country, they have lost shame and honour. There is no shame and honour in defending a thief and a leader who has no integrity, a leader with a rotten constitution.
Unless we no longer have honour and don't feel ashamed, why should we give a wrongdoer time to correct his wrongs as though when successful, the wrong can be treated as not having been committed in the first place? We are deluding ourselves.
And how does Najib propose to solve the problem? In order to clear the debt ridden company, Najib will sell strategic assets belonging to the country. He has sold energy resources, land to China  and perhaps many more.  He will mortgage the entire future of this country. When we allow him there will be nothing left for ALL Malaysian citizens.
A man with Najib’s constitution can easily solve the case of the missing money by overpricing infrastructure projects. The Chinese company reported they will build the ECRL for RM46 billion, while Najib announced it will cost RM55 billion or more. The excess can be used to pay off the debts incurred by 1MDB. Najib’s supporters will come out with all sort of excuses to justify the enormous costs. We who have the experience in dealing with UMNO people, know the figures are exaggerated and inflated. The project cost has been umnonised.
The habit is nothing new. Sometime ago, I have already said, we won’t know the end figure on the current MRT project. And it’s still early in the day. The currently completed is only a part of the whole MRT project. We have never known the final figure. It would be a good guess to say that the final cost will be more than RM60 billion. That’s the figure which has been UMNOnised or  to use a more current term, Najibised.If it turns out to be more than RM100 billion, Rafizi Ramli will be vindicated.
As to the giving of excuses justifying the theft, corruption, embezzlement, lies- let us quickly say that things are not that simple. I have said this before; even if every single sen were to be replaced, the dirty deeds have been carried out. Beginning with misrepresentation of  Petrosaudi as a company belonging to the Saudi Arabian nation, therefore elevating the scam as a G to G scam, to the unauthorised change in banker and to the fraudulent transfer of RMUSD1.83 billion into sheikh Jho Low’s account. Some of these actions are criminal in nature. More fraudulent acts were committed during the course of 1MDB’s business. There is money laundering, embezzlement of money, theft by bogus companies. All these happened under Najib’s watch.
It’s not open for him to declare that he will sort these problems given time. We want those fraudsters, thieves, embezzlers brought to justice. Those who have committed dirty deeds and wrongdoing must be punished accordingly. Restitution of money does not absolve the wrongdoers.
Why do some Malays continue to support Najib and UMNO? Even when they know Najib is rotten, stole money, do a lot of bad things, they still support him. Why?  They know he’s lying about Altantuya, 1MDB and all other things.
Part of the reason being the ability of Najib and UMNO to turn the UMNO problem into a racial issue. That Najib and the Malays are being displaced by the Chinese. He has been able to turn UMNO’s misfortunes into a survival fight between Malays and non Malays. Nothing gets Malays worked up other than being told they being displaced by Chinese.
Suddenly , the opposition against Najib is led by DAP and if UMNO is replaced, the next government will be dominated by DAP.The DAP of course, is dominated by Chinese.
The more important reason I think, is because Malays don’t feel they ‘own’ the reasons to evict Najib. They have not been able to justify their rejection of Najib from their own ‘indigenous’ reasons.  Suppose now, it can be proven that Najib’s removal is culturally justifiable, that what he has done is very unMalay and runs counter to the norms, cultural precepts and finally the Muslim religion and that he has disparaged the honour and integrity of the Malay people, his removal becomes valid.
The root cause of all the problems faced by Malaysia is the rotten constitution of Najib as a leader. It may sound as if we are conferring uncommon stature to Najib to be able to cause enormous impact; but that is how Malay society functions. It must be led by a leader or leader figure. It becomes great, or otherwise, as a result of the quality of its leaders.
Because the choice of a leader carries with it enormous impact, the Malays have developed a set of principles to identify leaders. They must satisfy specific criteria drawn from Malay culture, customs, and finally religion. The leader plays an immense role in deciding the future of the nation. When you end up with a sloppy leader ( tidak semenggah), it’s like writing a death sentence for the nation.  
The leader most able to display these criteria is regarded to be the best person to lead. He is said to possess the constitution of a  good leader. Accordingly, a leader is placed under 2 broad categories; the good and bad leader. In Malay society, there are 194 leader types. 74 belonged to the good leader type while 120 fall into the bad leader type.
Because it is easier to fall into the bad leader type, the selection and choice of a leader is done with care and meticulously. If we end up with a bad leader, it means that Malays have abandoned their own cultural precepts in choosing a leader.
If Malays were to simply restore the ‘old ways’ the removal of Najib becomes acceptable to Malay society. Then, the removal of Najib cannot be said to be the result of the agitation of non Malay citizens.
It is Najib who has shamed and brought dishonour to the Malays.


Anonymous,  20 December 2016 at 12:40  

Salam is indeed Najib who has brought dishonour to the Malays..he is instigating hatred between the Malays and Chinese and he seems to be the first 'RACIST'leader this beloved country has ever seen!

Sumpitan Emas,  20 December 2016 at 18:51  

The Athenians were reported to have taken an oath, not a pledge, upon assuming office that stated more or less: “I inherit from the past of my family, my city, my tribe, my nation, a variety of debts, inheritance, rightful expectations and obligations. These constitute the given of my life, my moral starting point.” And that was almost 2500 years ago!

Is the Oath that our MPs and ADUNs regularly take, upon winning the right to enter the respective legislative halls — I shall refrain from adding the word “august” for now — of less value than that made by the Athenians, and therefor demand even less obligations to walk the virtuous path, henceforth? What is it that is missing in the Oath that allows the oathtakers, resplendent in their sartorial best, to make light of the august occasion subsequent to the lowering of the raised hand? What miscues are embedded in the Oath that allows so much latitude in the way some of our lawmakers abuse the legislative process not just during the debate sessions but extending beyond them as secret pledges, deals and promises are worked out?

Cronyism as we see it today is, I suggest, the result of oathtakers making a secret, private pledge to enrich themselves while they go through the motion of making a public oath of abstract intent.

We have been screwed big time!

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