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Thursday 15 December 2016

The constitution of a Leader- Najib in Malay culture, part 1

Malay culture, norms and customs have produced some principles by which leaders are selected. These are not rules etched in stone; but Malays being Malays, they are sticklers to these. The ancient Malay says- let the children die, never let our customs do.
Unfortunately, the UMNO Malays have forgotten these. They have ended up with Najib. Malays have forgotten these guiding principles. As a result we ended up with a big mistake.
Malay culture, norms and customs determined how a leader is judged. The leader must display some inherent characteristics; they must own some positive qualities and rid himself of certain negative characteristic. These make the constitution of the leader. The leader is good or he is bad. According to a research done( pemimpin dalam ungkapan Melayu- Tenas Effendy) , there are 74 varieties of good leaders and 120 varieties of bad leaders.
Because there is a greater tendency for a leader to fall into a bad leader category, the Malays ought t be fastidious and meticulous in choosing a leader. Unfortunately, the guiding precepts available in the treasury of Malay culture are ignored and forgotten. As a result, we have the current crop of corrupt leaders controlling the government.
We recognise that Najib cannot be removed simply. His removal must be done according to the process by which he is elevated- voting him out, defeating UMNO.
Now we must show, how Malays have forgotten about the guiding principles whereby a leader is chosen and why Najib’s removal is inevitable because, these guiding principles were abandoned.
He is classified according to this constitutional makeup. If he falls short, then he is said to have a rotten constitution. The inherent characteristics he is expected to have, have all be corrupted. Such a leader is a menace to his people and country. Because he has an inherently faulty constitution as a leader, the country is doomed. The old Malay saying says: bila memilih tidak semenggah, alamat umat akan punah ranah. It means, when we chose a a leader carelessly and negligently, the country is doomed.
The leader is given trust, power and discretion to manage the country. The guiding principles according to the norms and Malay cultural practices: the principle of holding the trust of the people is that you don’t back-stabbed( main belakang); the principle of holding power means you don’t destroy, the principle of holding freedom means you know the limits.
Adat memegang kepercayaan orang, jangan sekali main belakang; adat memegang kekuasan, jangan sekali merosakbinasakan; adat memegang kebebasan, jangan sekali lupa batasan.
Najib , the leader of UMNO, a political party made up in the majority by Malays, the defender and protector of everything Malay, must be  judged according to the moral constitution of a leader.
Najib is not an honourable man. He has a rotten constitution as a leader. Every misfortune faced by Malaysia now, is caused by the rotten constitution of Najib as leader. The mystery behind bad government is the presence of bad people running it.  Just as the secret behind a good government are good people.
In the recent UMNO Grand Assembly, Najib told his audience- he has nothing to do with Altantuya. he told UMNO people, he has made the sacred oaths. That should be sufficient.
Unfortunately for Najib, Muslims now know, oaths are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to make them with impunity and wanton abandon. The Malay says, these oaths will come back to haunt you later or you will be eaten up by your oaths.
If that is the case, that is, if people can get away with murder by just undertaking sacred oaths, then the world will be a heavenly place. Guilt or innocence is ascertained and validated by oaths. 
Najib knows the UMNO Malays and other Malays are suckers when it comes to religion. Anything Islamic at the end is considered sacrosanct. If Najib has made oaths, then he must be sincere Muslim.
Najib insists he is good Muslim. He hasn’t stopped people from praying, ask them to live a life of sin, hasn’t asked anyone to eat forbidden things.  Well, these injunctions are stated in the Quran- they are not Najib’s to command as he pleases.  He is not God.
You see, if you conduct yourself as an unthinking attendee to Najib’s assembly, you will be overwhelmed by his seeming sincerity.
God has commanded us not to steal, not to have illicit sex, not to murder people, not to eat other people’s wealth etc. Najib did not mention these.
Oaths are one thing- the whole incident must be proven in court once again. To the public there are so many discrepancies. Why is one of the accused able to get out of the country and no extradition efforts are being made?. This fellow is not a political fugitive. He is a criminal. Even though Australia does not agree to the death penalty, the crime was not committed in Australia. Australia cannot dictate its legal choices on Malaysia. Effectively, Australia is holding the Malaysian people at ransom against their wishes to secure the arrest of Sirul Azhar.
Why is Sirul allowed to stay far too long in Australia and the Malaysian government has not made rigorous efforts to bring him back? It is as though, the Malaysian government is sparing has life by omitting to extradite him. Maybe as a reward for agreeing to withhold some dark truths.
What has happened to the other accomplice jailed in Malaysia?
Secondly, Najib told his audience to be patient- he will solve the problem with 1MDB. This question should not be asked in the first place, because 1MDB should not happen in the first place. It did, because Najib with his rotten constitution not only allowed it to happen, he was also an active participant. He is MO1. He is the big Kahuna
If Najib, shahrol helmi, the officers of 1MDB and bank Negara were honest, the fraud at 1MDB need not happen at all. But because Najib has a rotten constitution as a leader, the others too were of rotten constitution, all the misdeeds took place.
The people do not want to give more time- they want all those who steal, embezzled our money, abuse their positions, obstruct justice from being carried out, are punished and got what they deserve.


Anonymous,  17 December 2016 at 09:45  

why s so much massive funds in his hand allowed to wrought much much more harm suffering n injustice further more more????

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