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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 4 May 2015

What's Good for Business.

If we study Dr Mahathir, he has made repeated mistakes in offering a successor. This means in UMNO there is no succession plan.At least from his time onwards.

Everyone of his number 2 will be kicked out for one reason or another. Musa Hitam who was once touted as Mahathir’s double- I wonder if people still remembered the 2-M administration- he left citing irreconcilable differences. What he meant was Mahathir was too autocratic.

Then came in Ghafar Baba- who left almost forgotten, also whispered for doing so at Mahathir’s manoeuvrings. Mahathir was besotted with Anwar then.

Until today, the memorial Tun Ghafar remains on a giant billboard but not in actual presence. 
Anwar Ibrahim was the other casualty. He was replaced by Pak Lah- generally accepted as the most incompetent PM.

Finally we are saddled with the current PM- a man chosen by Mahathir on account on his being Tun Razak’s progeny. Now, our current PM is being described as the most incompetent and the most hated PM in our history.

That proves your bloodline and progeny are not relevant in succeeding as leader.

Dr Mahathir can point out the bad qualities of a successor but he is hopeless when it comes to identifying the successor. That is the main reason while we allow him to point out deficiencies of any current leader, he must abstain from choosing one. 
If he now chooses Muhyidin for instance- there is a higher probability, Muhyidin will fall short off the mark. So don’t choose Muhyidin.and Muhyidin knows Mahathir's endorsement is no manna from heaven.

That is the reason why Muhyidin is playing hide and seek. There has been no open endorsement on Muhyidin’s replacing Najib and so Muhyidin hasn’t rushed out openly. 
But Muhyidn has committed the sin to show that he is aligned to Mahathir's thinking. Fatal mistake. Najib’s people do not trust Muhyidin despite making all those farcical kiss and make up in public shows.

Muhyidin knows this and his people, though eager to see the boss takes over are restrained.

Mahathir’s so called endorsement on Muhyidin is in the form of some vague reference to the equally non-committal idea of according to UMNO hierarchy system- the number 2 is the one to replace the number 1 if the latter is incapacitated in any way. 
Not only unclear but that has been the convention all the time and it failed every time because Mahathir endorsed the wrong candidate using the wrong means. The means, which is reliance on the UMNO tradition , must change precisely because it failed all the time.

To UMNO, that means choosing a leader who isn’t from the conventional line up. If there is a person more qualified than the number two, that person ought to be accepted.

Isn’t it a curious thing- that for the 1st time in our history, the opposition is endorsing someone from UMNO to become the PM? They should be asking and insisting that someone from their own circle to become PM.

People can say that’s because the opposition has no one of stature to become PM yet. That may be true, but the truer and more practical reason is, we all want a leader needed by Malaysia.
The opposition is keener to have a national leader committed to the idea of inclusive politics rather than a person, enmeshed in partisan politics. We want a leader that’s good for the business of this country.

The business of this country is to be a country founded on democratic means, upholding the rule of law. The country must remain structured by the institutions that support the existence of a democratic Malaysia as such. 
The leader we need is a person unflinchingly committed to these principles. The opposition conducts itself responsibly and commits itself to what’s good for Malaysia.


Anonymous,  4 May 2015 at 06:53  

Dare we say that the Opposition are a band of patriots while the leaders of the ruling regime are largely a band of thieves masquerading as patriots ?

Phua Kai Lit

bruno 4 May 2015 at 07:45  

Dato,from what can be seen,there is not a single candidate from Umno or PR good or better to take over from Najib.Tengku Razazeigh's name has been mentioned many times,but the time has passed for Razazeigh,a very long time ago.

PKR has Azmin and Rafizi,considered the best of the pack.If I had to chose from this pair or a three legged horse,I would definitely pick the three legged horse.Because the three legged horse has an outside chance for causing an upset.Many mistakes have been caused by Azmin and Rafizi that had cost the PR.These two can be be card bearers during street protests.

It is time the PR look for a PM candidate on the ladies side.Maybe Kit Siang's political secretary?To young and a newbie to politics.Well,you guys might be surprise at what she can do.She might embarrassed the jantans,making them look like betinas..

Anonymous,  4 May 2015 at 09:25  

I think Dr Machiavelli has one this time -- his MB son !

Like all dictators, he did not have a proper one in the past because he wanted to put weak people in "power" so that he could continue to manipulate them like puppets. But he did not foresee Badawi's SIL or Najib's FLOM :)

And the FLOM is a tougher fighter than expected.

Phua Kai Lit

Anak Selangor,  4 May 2015 at 10:06  

The potential candidate arena to succeed kangkung had better talk people talk and loudly now if he/she expects to win.

So who's going in for the kill to C4 the MDB 42B black hole?

Why are we protesting ikan bilis issue ie GST and not kangkung's folly?

Malaysians not desperate yet ka? Mari tenguk Moldovians

Anonymous,  4 May 2015 at 13:36  

Dato, it is obvious that Dr M didn't want a good strong leader to succeed him. Being the sharp guy he is, he knew everyone's flaws. So it is clear he wanted weaklings to take his place so that he can be the puppet master And the real power being the throne. Unfortunately, weakling no.1 had an ambitious son-in-law and weakling no.2 has an ambitious wife. Nuff said!

Anonymous,  4 May 2015 at 14:36  

Who says Pakatan does not have leaders of PM material?

There is one person, but people like you, Dato, and many others who claimed to be patriots, chose to be blinded to the fact ... because he is not a Malay and neither is he a Muslim. He is running a small state up north reasonably well and has the general respect and acceptance of the state population.

In fact, there are other non-Malay, non-Muslim who are good candidates but because of the apartheid rule in Malaysia, are not considered to be eligible candidates.

Let's face it, there is no capable Malay Muslim CURRENTLY who qualifies as PM. Maybe in 10 years, there will be a few good ones from the Pakatan side.

The critical question is, do people have the guts to stand up and say, put a non-Malay, non-Muslim up to lead the country in the meantime?

Oh yes, Hadi would have felt so insulted that he is not being named as a PM-material. After all, he claims to have the blessing of his god. He reminds me of Gollum and his antics.

Anonymous,  4 May 2015 at 16:09  


walla 4 May 2015 at 18:10  

M said N must resign otherwise Umno will fall, and then N will not be protected.

One must ask what this means. Doesn't it immediately mean the country's judiciary system has been compromised by Umno to protect its kind only and to such an extent that someone in high office and under grave suspicion of federal felony can be protected by a judiciary system that is supposed to be fair, just and right based on principles?

We can see how the system has become deviant. The enforcement arm which is supposed to protect all has not been put in its place but is continuously allowed instead to abuse power of detention on the opposition leadership alone while Umno miscreants are let off in some cases after just cursory mobile phone "interviews"?

If that be so, one wonders whether the same system had really dispensed justice to Anwar.

The people of Permatang Pauh must therefore vote for Anwar's wife who has suffered so much. She certainly won't have 300 friends to pay their own long haul passage for any dinner in exotic places.

And her people in Klang must help her quickly solve any municipality shortfalls in that town while she yet again makes another sacrifice of her family time as someone who is already a granny but with a firm resolve to keep burning the olympian torch that was lit by millions across the land when they voted for Pakatan despite the bullying onslaught of a relentless Umno.

Everyone in this land has seen how everything has deteriorated. One would have thought after half a century of self-rule presumably by and for her citizens, Malaysia should be doing swimmingly well.

Instead she is drowning in some whirlpool of ignoble political and economic madness until federal ministers can blackmail citizens to vote for Barisan if they want land approvals while their colleagues can get nepotistic contracts for highway construction on the one hand and use nepotism as the reason to tar good opposition ministers on the other.

Exactly how many federal ministers have gone to jail for defending the right of Malay citizens such as the girl in Melaka, one no longer wonders.

The only thing this Umno gomen has perfected is the art of munafik hypocrisy.

Yet bulbous-lipped Hadi and his dreamland troop cannot see what they are obstinately doing to the only credible front to fight the bad and carve the one chance left for this nation to heal and pave a new destiny away from the riff-raff rubbish that has sullied Malaysia. For once, grow up and get real.

The grassroots are saying 'dunia sudah berubah'. Their demeanour shows only pain and resignation.

If there is still any national conscience left in our hearts and minds, we must collectively stamp our will to stop the rot. Enough has already gone past enough.

The Umno type of operating system is engorged with viruses, defunct when compared with world standards and destructive against the better interests of all citizens.

It tries to rule by division and multiplies mischief and failure. It is implacable in playing communities against one another while strangling the voices of the rakyat who want change for the better. All for the power-crazed in its ranks. Who are useless idiots to the core.

Pace a new national momentum to change that operating system once and for all.

Build a modern and progressive nation, everyone a leader onto himself and herself with an inviolable birthright to do the right thing and to see that the right people are doing the right thing.

Not a country of clueless and thoughtless followers who grasp today for trifling handouts that will have to be paid for by their next generations who will be saddled with a twilighting country shafted by unimaginable debts.

As for M, N, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz, Hishammuddin and the rest, are they heroes, zeroes or really nero's, you reckon?

Get off those camels.

Autocratic M,  4 May 2015 at 18:37  

In the theory of leadership choices, it is said that some selfish leaders consciously or unconsciously choose successors who are poorly suited so that they do not outshine him and the poor-choice successors will act as foils to highlight what a good leader he was and how hard it is to replace him. Looks like UMNO has fallen into this trap.

bruno 4 May 2015 at 20:17  

A few more days and we will get to know if PR still have a chance to get another shot at Umno/BN.To get another shot at Umno/BN,I meant the results have to be close.

First,Wan Azizah has to do very good in Permatang Pauh.Although I would have wish that PKR will nominate another candidate,rather than Wan Azizah,it was the best choice.Because if Wan Azizah wins and become the opposition leader,it will keep Azmin and his gang in check.

Hopefully,this time around,PKR will come out stronger,post Anwar.A lot of work has to be done in PKR and PR to have another good shot at Umno/BN.

GE 14th will be much much tougher then in GE 13th.In GE 13th,MCA,MIC and Gerakan had hit it's trough.It will be very hard to even imagine that they will do worse in GE14th.To do worse means having duck's eggs.Duck's eggs means having to wear the dunce hats standing in front during the school assembly.

So,do expect these three stooges to make up some ground.To compensate for this,PR has to make sure Umno lose some seats.The rest is whether they will fare much much better in Sabah and Sarawak.In the end it will be up to the states in East Malaysia to decide which party will roost in Putrajaya.

With the mood of religious extremism and anti Christians riding high in Malaysia and especially in East Malaysia,if PR failed to capitalize on this,they will be licking their chops come election night.And add the crazy twitter tweeting and selective persecuting IGP to the menu,what else more do PR want?

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