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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 20 May 2015

We the People have no future with leaders who are dishonest.

The entire cabinet must be full of dishonest leaders. PM and ministers lie/ misled or simply did not tell the truth. They do this   with impunity in parliament. They gave false answers.

On the 10th of March 2015, I received a written reply from the Finance Minister. I had asked (1) where was the USD 2.318 billion said to be fully redeemed by Arul Kanda and (2) where is the USD 1.215 billion forming part of the USD2.318 kept.

He answered more than asked and was not truthful in his answers. 

The finance minister answered: the USD2.318 billion managed by the Cayman Monetary Authority (if there was one) was fully redeemed in 2 tranches.

The first tranche of USD 1.215 billion was used to repay interests on debts, working capital and payment to Aabar following the termination of Options agreement signed on 17th October 2012. The decision to terminate the options agreements was done in full compliance with the terms set by the securities Commissions if the IPOs by 1MDB were to be carried out.

He then went on:

The redemption of the second tranche amounted to USD 1.03 billion. The fund is still kept in USD in BSI Bank Limited (BSI Singapore). The decision to use a bank in Singapore is for the purpose of easy withdrawals of the money given the terms set by BNM, require BNM’s approval for every transaction of more than RM50 million.

This was the answer given by the PM in writing.

These answers have now been proven not true. The PM himself admitted it. Now, tell me unless my reading is faulty, funds kept in USD are cash. They cannot be assets. The PM cannot now say it was in the form of assets when the tranche was said to be is USD. It says clearly kept in USD. And ....withdrawals of money- meant it was cash.

This means the PM who is in the finance minister did not tell the truth in parliament. You people out there, you have no chance at all against a PM who misled and is not truthful in parliament.

What’s not telling the truth to the ordinary folks mean to him? That would be too simple. The people will think of him a liar.

The transport minister is also not telling the truth. I asked what actions did the MOT take against the contractor who caused a cost overrun by more than RM2 billion on building KLIA2.

The minister said, there is no cost overrun. Whereas my colleague from PJ Utara, Mr Tony Pua clearly showed that the original cost of KLIA2 was RM1.7 billion. It has now ended as RM4 billion, causing an overrun in cost by RM2.3 billion.

The people of Malaysia has no future with a cabinet made of dishonest people and with people  who ply their trade with a poker face.


Labu8455 20 May 2015 at 17:42  

Can this "kangkong" be charged with dishonesty and lying in the Parliment ?

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:42  

Dato, pls refer the PM and the Transport Minister to the Priviledges committee for these blatant lies, one in writing, and the other in speaking.
If you cant sue them, join in reprimanding them in Parliament.
In other countries, even a white lie is fatal, they are obliged to resign their position.
How long can UMNO/BN accept this?

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:54  

Didn't Najib also say that the money was banked in Singapore due to strict Bank Negara regulations in withdrawals, or something to this effect?
Cash, man, cash!!
Where is the cash? Lost, in someone else's private account, or where? The rakyat deserves an answer from Najib

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:59  




Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 18:39  

This is utter disgraceful n I am more convinced he must resign. Please do something in Parliament. Bunch of crooks n scoundrels involved in these whole dealings.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 18:58  


This helps to put things in ordinary people's perspective. What will happen if this is translated into Malay ...

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 20:10  

Najib lied to the United Nations when he gave a speech there, he broke promises made during the GE13, he broke his promise to repeal the Sedition Act, he lied to Waytha Moorthy (Hindraf's Memorandum of Understanding with BN, he broke the 10-Point solution on religious freedom and the list goes on and on.

He is the doubletalk king.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 20:42  

This is really the End Of the road for BEnd. Jibby kelentong knows no bound. He will have to sumpah soon to get the ordinary folks on his side.

bruno 20 May 2015 at 20:51  

Dato,this is more the reason for the PR to get it's house in order,all prime and ready to rumble come GE14th.This 1MDB is a distraction for the opposition to keep on chasing the invisible ghosts and beating around the bushes.

One thing,everybody who is following politics will know that the new CM of Sarawak,is the one really getting his house in order.He even talked to activists and protesters who gate crashed his event in London.He is the direct opposite of Taib.And we also have to give him credit for fighting corruption.Whethet it is politics,puppet show or street smarts,we have to give him the benefit of doubt.

If Sabah follows Sarawak's footsteps,the fix deposit states are really the fixed deposit states of Umno/BN.Then,it is game over.

Remember,nine months or a year before Whartharmoorthy came back from the UK,I said he already had a deal with Najib's people?And Anwar got f^cked from the behind for Warthy,instead of the other way around?

Surely there are smart people in the opposition,who saw this coming?But it is not politically right to accused the MAN from Hindraf for being a ...?It is always safer to play being popular and have that big shaft shoved down the throats for politicians.

Anybody pay any attention to where the central banker for BOE is from?He is the former central banker of the BOC,and a Canadian.Of course,it is always malu to have a foreigner be the chief of BOE.But,who cares?As long as he can get the job done.Maybe,Malaysians should learn a thing or two from the Brits.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 21:01  

what do you expect from lie tong lie, he is the worst mca president ever. he is a disgrace to his parents n all his family members.
as for the pm what can we expect from him ?
we will be lucky if this country can still stand on its feet after he left.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 21:39  

I think what he meant by "In Asset" means physically in "gold bullion" worth USD1.03B!! It could also be in the form of diamonds and other precious stones.

Firestone 20 May 2015 at 22:33  

This is the third time that Liow Tiong has been publicly caught lying:

i) that the FRU did not fire teargas canisters at protesters at Tung Shin Hospital compound;

ii) that he personally bidded for WWW15 and not free from ministry of transport, and;

iii) no cost over runs by Binapuri for KLIA2

I am surprised that till now no one has ever asked him how he knew the left stabiliser of the Dauphine Helicopter 9m-IGB was damaged because the wheel sunked 18 inches into soft ground. How the hell did he know the wheel sunk 18 inches into the ground in a field in Muadzam?

And with that it was concluded the damaged stabilizer caused the helicopter to crash...

What about the explosion mid-air? The villager heard and saw it. So did the pilot of the light plane from JB Senai Airport.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 22:44  

BN had used the Priviledges committee to ban AI from parliament for so-called mislead and lie on APCO and 1Malaysia-1Israel link to Parliament.

Likewise, PR should push a resolution to charge Najib for misleading and lying to Parliament on the cash balance.

If Najib is banned from Parliament, he has to take leave from PM's post.

Firestone 21 May 2015 at 00:50  

Telling lies is second nature to some people, Dato Arif...

Remember how Najib Razak promised the Teoh Family "I will leave no stone unturned to get to the truth of the matter" but in the end when the RCI identified 3 culprits, instead of asking the police to take further actions, nothing happened.

Instead, one of the three was promoted to Director of MACC Negri Sembilan and a second time as Director of MACC Sabah...

What the fish!

Donplaypuks® 21 May 2015 at 01:03  

The Opposition should consult a Constitution expert and then write to the King demanding a RCI on 1 MDB and the Altantuya murder, since Najib will not himself call for any further inquiry. Let's put the pressure on the royalty to save the country; their eerie silence is very disconcerting!

At the same time, the Opposition must do everything to impeach Najib for lying in Parliament and to the entire nation about 1MDB and more specifically, the BSI S'pore funds.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race


GEORGE CHOO,  21 May 2015 at 04:54  

Dato sak,I told u there is NO CASH IN CAYMAN.THE CASH never reached Cayman Island AS ALL OF IT

UMNO is nothing but a group of KAKI CURI and if this continue

Keep HIM AS PM until the next GE and Pakatan must get everything into order as this is the best chance to TENDANG KESEMUA UMNO DARI PUTRAJAYA.


Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 08:44  

This gedik king is a smooth operator.. he has declared he learnt his Machiaevelli techniques from that finishing school in UK.. he can confront any situations comfortably.. from faking Wasatiyyah, eyeballing the most powerful person in the world, slowmo joget in Kazakhtan with glancing eyes not on the badak rightside but the beau Tan on his left, sumpah supit ala-Clinton "I did not know that WOMAN", or his daily semantic exercises on 1MDB.

PR must get their house in order.. study Nixon's impeachment carefully and pooled to get the best Commonwealth lawyers to really get this clown out. He is at his lowest now.. lying and misleading rakyat and Parliament.

Manshor 21 May 2015 at 10:23  

Invesment cara main 'kutu'

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 10:49  


The "leaders" in UMNO and BN component parties have reached the highest pinnacle of arrogance and deceit that they believe they are beyond any laws. Lying publicly as in the case of Najib is as common as he changes his underwear. The sad thing is there's still 47% of people out there who believe in these dishonest thieves in UMNO-BN.

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 12:25  

NOt only the entire 1MDB board should be sacked, the Advisor and the auditors must also face the same music.

Read this:

Putrajaya must sack the 1Malaysia Development Bhd board for the RM42 billion debt scandal or it will bring down the government, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told an Umno gathering last week in a video clip available on YouTube.

The deputy prime minister said this was his advice to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, adding he was not against the Umno president's leadership.
"The entire 1MDB board should be sacked and the police should be called in to investigate their involvement in the scandal," Muhyiddin told the Umno gathering to wide applause. -

See more at:

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 12:32  

They should put a big sign on the entrance to Putrajaya "THE PIRATES OF PUTRAJAYA"

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 14:18  

Is this not another lie by the government?

Five months after massive floods laid waste to the largely rural northeastern state of Kelantan, hundreds of victims in this mostly Muslim state are still living in tents as the fasting month of Ramadan draws near next month. -

Putrajaya promised to build 1,221 new homes while the state agreed to build another 600. But five months later, the federal authorities have only completed seven homes while the state has managed to complete 60, which have yet to be occupied.

Instead, the ones doing the most work to assist flood victims are non-governmental organisations and the private sector through their corporate social responsibility programmes.

The gomen with its vast resources did what?
Where has the financial allocation of RM600 million (if I am not mistaken) gone to?

But most importantly, listen to what PM promised in the 11MP - one house to every Malaysian household by 2020 !! You believe?
Don't die for laughing out loud.

- See more at:

walla 21 May 2015 at 16:09  

Look at them:

and explain how it is that they can still be voted to lead this country for even one more minute.

They make jokes about a dire national situation that they had caused which has infected the rakyat today and will affect generations to come.

They applaud and laugh at their own feeble attempts at wittiness laced with mock self-deprecation.

They exhibit juvenile bravura and wave their hands by saying buang-lah as if doing so will convince the rakyat that those they suggest to be fired are the only ones responsible for the fiasco, thereby absolving themselves from complicit guilt.

They show they cannot even comprehend one second how the rakyat and the economy what more the reputation of Malaysia will suffer consequent from their greed, corruption, abuse of power and inanity.

You think Malaysia and her rakyat can take another day of such supreme leadership? Even one more second is already too much of an eternity.

Those of our voters who continue to vote for all of them are amongst the stupidest organisms on this planet.


Firestone 21 May 2015 at 16:27  

Why sack the entire BoD of 1MDB? We must carry out a thorough investigation and charge those responsible if any wrongdoing and abuse occurred. Jail them if found guilty....

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 16:28  

Pity the Kelantan flood victims, lied to by Putrajaya, and lied to by their own PAS state govt. because PAS preferred to focus on the hudud issues.

PAS State govt, Hadi and your yes-men, is this the way to paradise? Seeing your people suffer, letting your people suffer ?

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 16:37  

What a big joke, how hopeless and despairing for the Kelantan flood victims:
Reading that the federal authorities have only completed seven homes while the state has managed to complete 60, which have yet to be occupied.

How could this have happened?
And Hadi is talking about a unity government with UMNO/BN?
He deserves to be kicked out of PAS!

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 16:42  

When any PM lies in Parliament and is caught lying, measures are immediately initiated for impeachment.
Malaysian Parliament, do your duty.

Anonymous,  21 May 2015 at 17:21  


YB Dato Raub,

Saya rakyat yang miskin lagi hina ini sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan dan tulisan2 Dato YB.

Tapi apakan daya, mereka pegang kuasa, terpaksalah kami lalui kehidupan dan kesuasahan ini. Mereka tidak merasai kesusahan rakyat sehinggalah nanti kubur mereka punya.

Anonymous,  22 May 2015 at 00:41  

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach

Rafizi has started the ball rolling with a campaign to close 1MDB and initiate injunction proceeding to block public funds being used to bailout 1MDB.

At the same time PR should collectively instruct all its component parties' branches nationwide to make police report on 1MDB. PDRM will have no choice but has to take action just like in the case of BERSIH. Then Pemuda UMNO and UMNO-friendly NGOs started making police reports so much so PDRM has to announce that they have no choice but to take action based on 1500 police reports lodged.. blah blah.

bruno 22 May 2015 at 02:11  

It looks like rats as big as kangaroos,are getting ready to abandon the Titanic.

Mr Moo,when he was the MB of Johore was a well known shakedown king.

Zahid is a rough and tumble guy,who will have his baton wielding gorillas chasing the opposition and activists,stark naked down the streets in broad daylight.

Little is known about Hishamuddin and his skeletons.Except that he needed his aunt to bail him out of his bad skirt chasing habits.

So,Najib should just wish goodbye to Mr Moo,and have his dear cousin as his no:2.Why I said this?Because,as Najib has said,he is not going anywhere.And,there is nothing anybody can do anything about this.

The Arab Spring is not going to come to our shores,not anytime soon.The other alternative is to send in the marines.To send in the marines needs the approval of Obama.And Barack is the golfing buddy of Najib.

So,what is the next course of action?Sue Najib and 1MDB,EPF,blah blah and blah,says Rafizi.

But Rafizi cannot sue EPF,because he has no legal standings,he says.So he is asking for Mahathir's help.

Then he adds that lawsuits are very challenging,as Malaysian laws does not recognise the actions he is seeking to bring against the agencies.

Then why say that you wanted to sue,when you cannot sue because the law do not allow it?Not very politically smart.This guy always wants to shoot himself in the foot.

Anonymous,  22 May 2015 at 11:23  

Betul kata Rafizi, sack the hopeless Board of Advisors and Board of Directors and close 1MDB... kaki kelentong semuanya. Kpd para penyokong Najib, masih nak defend dia dan isteri dan kawan-kawan penyagak mereka, tak tahu malu ke???

Firestone 22 May 2015 at 15:31  

Bruno: Anyone with an account in EPF has locus standi to sue EPF. Nothing so difficult to understand so please stop spinning and accusing Rafizi as always shooting himself in the foot.

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