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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Can We have a Free Najib Day? No we Cant.

It is difficult to pass the day without saying something about PM Najib. If I have my choice, I would not want to waste time talking about Najib.But since  he is the bossman, writing about him is de rigeur.

It’s not as if he comes out with some insightful ideas about something- most of his thinking is done by others. And because of that, you have to exclaim –hail Najib, all hail to Najib?

It’s because, every day, he amazes everyone with the most silly of statements and announcements. Because of that I have to say Sieg Heil! sieg heil.

Like saying that the property in TRX, Sungai Besi Land and the Penang Land should realise a value of RM42 billion. I know he meant part of the RM42 billion is in the form of the land in TRX, Bandar Malaysia and the lands is Air Hitam Penang.

He is saying- you people want to know where the RM42 billion went? Well look at the landed property 1MDB bought.  The silly thing is, the cost of the land was only a dent at the RM42 billion.

We aren’t interested in the inflated prices of any of the assets- we want to know the original cost of the assets because these were the prices 1MDB bought with the RM42 billion debt.  Example: if the TRX land now is RM189 million or RM2300 or so, psf- this is immaterial; 1MDB bought the land at a cost of RM66 psf.

The PM should not confuse people. If he wants to confuse himself, please go ahead.

According to the calculations of a friend, part o the 46 billion was spent as follows:-



Sg Besi

Air Hitam Penang

Mongolia coalmines

Contract to build army camps to replace sg besi

After that, 1MDB lost RM3.5b as at end march 2014 and another RM3.5b paid to Abu Dhabi as compensation.

After spending on these items and taking up a loss plus paying Abu Dhabi, there is still about RM17 billion unaccounted for.

So where did 1MDB spend this 17b? On what? Where has the money gone? 
My own suspicions- which may not be true, are that these monies are kept in several private accounts with the knowledge of the finance minister. How they got kept there is anybody's guess- embezzlement, deception, false accounts, overpricing, kickbacks, commissions, fees and gentle terms like 'goodwill'.

Everyone including Dr Mahathir is asking who ordered the killing of Altantuya. 2 people are going to be hanged for the murder of the Mongolian lady.  The two people are Najib’s bodyguards.

Surely as the master to these people, the PM would want to find out who ordered the kill? Or the PM must be interested above everyone else to find out who ordered the kill to clear even the remotest association of the killing to him or to those close to him.

As a person deemed to have direct and implied interests over the fate of his two former bodyguards and a person occupying the highest office in the land, he has a duty to reveal why policemen under his employ would want to kill another human being. He cannot act indifferent. Otherwise Najib will be rightly accused of having killers in his employment.

Until he clears this issue, people will talk about this and raise this question no matter how long ago the crime took place.

Nobody asked whether Najib has made any oaths in a mosque or not. Indeed it’s rather strange, in the absence of any thunder and rain, Najib took a preemptive step  to defend himself. Why?

Because he knows the God fearing Muslims will be impressed and will believe in his innocence should he be accused of anything regarding the murder of the Mongolian.

But questions do not go away because sacred oaths are not capable of chasing off questions and suspicions and definitely are not means of absolving guilt or affirming innocence. If they were, then criminals do not have to be brought to court because they can claim innocence simply by telling all and sundry, Pharisees and philistines, they have taken the sacred oaths.

Therefore Najib’s own sacred oaths, amount to zilch.

I do not believe Najib took the trouble and time to answer the issues raised by Mahathir. The answers given appear to be the handiwork of some people under his employment- those charged of handling the cyber media. These gnomes hide on the 4th floor of the PM’s office.

Only gnomes reprised the way Mahathir remain in power as a response and rebuttals. Only gnomes give such answers on the belief that two wrongs make a right. So what Mahathir did during his 22 years, confer upon Najib a license and justification to do as he pleases?


Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 06:45  

Najib is defending himself by talking around the circle but never answering questions that are in the middle of it. It is clear as daylight that he has a lot of things to hide except that the UMNO idiots are blind or pretend to be blind.

The verdict? A person who refuses to answer simple questions or are deemed to be guilty as charged.

I am very angry as I do not want to pay tax to Najib!!!

AH Manaf,  20 May 2015 at 08:19  

Datuk Ariff

Just to correct your table - the cost of Bandar Malaysia is just above RM1.6 billion (the cost of relocating air bases is already factored in here). So there is no need to include relocation contract to LTAT of RM2.1bn.

Plus the govt allocated RM1.1bn to contribute to the relocation cost (as far as I know 800m of this has been disbursed).

Thus the amount missing is closer to RM20 billion.

If you include the US$1bn Deutsche loan drawn down Sept 2014 which was not used to purchase any assets nor to reduce lianilities, the "gap" exceeds RM23bn

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 08:30  

It is very simple. He is not answering because the answers will reveal that it is his hands that are full of mud. So keep lah his hands in his pocket while telling you all that he did not steal and eat the chocolates.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 08:39  

"... the PM must be interested above everyone else to find out who ordered the kill to clear even the remotest association of the killing to him or to those close to him."

You hit the nail on its head. This is the first natural reaction of a person accused of something he didn't do. The only reason why this is not done is because the person or someone close to him is implicated.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 09:30  

Whatever Datuk, all those UMNO goons who believe in every single word najib says are a real morons. Stupid than animal. really hope these Umno goons will dissapear in he next election.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 11:19  

Mobutu Sese Seko, Ferdinand Marcos, Sani Achaba, "Baby Doc" Duvalier .....

The list goes on.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 15:04  

PM thought if he remained elegantly silent, the problems will go away, or at the very least the new CEO at 1MDB Arul will cover for him. Arul is even smarter, he does not want to run interference for his boss, so he (Arul) remains silent on so many 1MDB issues.
Copycat too, all Najib's men are now elegantly silent or they write texts only.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 16:33  


TDM bred a group of monsters in UMNO thinking he can control the monsters at his will and leisure. Unfortunately one of the monsters turn out to be the biggest roughish one of them all who is not only uncontrollable but end up biting the hand (TDM's hand) that fed it. TDM is getting a taste of his medicine and the taste is unbearably awful.

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:20  

Bangsa ketuanan is destined to be hamba( slaves) forever. Keturunan WanEmpok dan WanMalini yang berasal dari Bukit Siguntang ini berDNA hamba.This breed is different from the Indons, Thais, Filipinos.
In a small piece of real Estate the have tolerated to be is inundated by Indian, Chinese, Arab,Thais and of late Bangla immigrants, ruled by 10 kings,10 menteri besars,. It was colonised by the Brits,Dutch, Thais,Japs. and they did nothing.They been enslaved by UMNO for 60 years. Did nothing.
Najib will prevail past GE14, GE15....

Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:28  


Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:36  


Anonymous,  20 May 2015 at 17:38  

WE cannot just let this bugis scot free with his loot.

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