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Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Rising Tide of Religious Terrorism in Malaysia?

Revised version with some factual corrections

It’s one thing for PM Najib to direct police investigation into the Cross incident, it’s another thing to actually do it. Contrary to the statement from the nation’s Chief Constable, this case should be dealt with swiftly and punishment applied equally fast. There is no way, this issue be swept under the carpet.

A group of people, almost took the law into their own hands to stage an aggressive protest outside the premises of worship belonging to other people, and demanded the Christian Cross to be taken off from being displayed. The Cross is a sacred symbol of Christianity. 
This is clearly an indication of the growing intolerance of some Muslims against the faith of other people. If not checked this would lead to the rising tide of religious terrorism.

This isn’t a case of a community with a different religious creed being assaulted on account of them having breached some conditions of their presence in this country given,  at the pleasure of the community doing the assault. The Malaysian Christians are legitimate citizens of Malaysia with equal rights before the law.

This is not an Islamic state where non-Muslims in this country are allowed to stay at the pleasure of the Islamic authorities. If the Muslims are displeased, they cannot take the law into their hands. If the church has broken any law, the government must also take action on them. 
The underlying issue is whether people of another faith can be allowed to carry out abuse and threats of physical harm on people of a different faith. If this incident is excused, our country will be a cowboy and lawless country. Everyone will then say, the chief sheriff is impotent.

Whoever demanded the cross to be brought down by way of threats of physical harm or other forms of physical threats ought to be reined in by the law. There should be no compromise. 
The government must show its unyielding resolve to punish those who were out to create religious conflicts. The business of government is to ensure its legitimate authority prevails.

I sincerely hope this is not one of those melodramatic responses of the PM. Certainly he must allay the suspicions of many that the protest was politically motivated. For the danger is, once a religious creed is motivated by politics, this is a sure recipe for future conflicts.
From now on, if the PM does not show an iron hand in this, every normal and legitimate political conflict is transformed into a religious conflict. Then this country is finished.

Then the Muslims will call for jihad. You will jihad this and that. The Christians will call for a crusade. Now a church, next a temple, a Gurdwara and kovil.

We must be aware that there are some politicians hell-bent on exploiting religious issues as a short cut to political popularity and justification for further scorched earth politics. We must not drag religious sentiments into the political arena or using it as a cloak for political ambitions.  

The Najib government must stop a to-ing and fro-ing approach in this powder keg of a matter and must quickly douse a possible outbreak of religious intolerance.  The entire government machinery must not show tolerance to this issue.

What would the response of Muslims should one day, non-Muslims demand the relocation of a mosque or surau since the housing estate now is populated mainly by non-Muslims? The congregation of Muslims in the mosque or surau does not exceed 10 people? The demand for relocation itself will be looked upon as designed to create religious tension.

The essential principle of all religions must contain exhortations for people of different religions and creed to live peaceably with one another and adopt a high degree of tolerance.

It is difficult for the majority of Muslims to believe the action of a group of Muslims forcing themsleves aggressively outside the church , demanding a symbol sacred to Christians be removed or taken down, and threatening Christians with physical harm is motivated by an abiding desire to preserve the sanctity of Islam or because their Islamic sensibilities are offended. 
The protest display the hallmarks of a bully. 

Muslims have a high degree of tolerance believing that it is a principal tenet in the teaching of Islam that his religion is designed to bring out the best in him. That means to bring out love, decency, charity, and tolerance all of which are essential values for the advancement of society.

The act of a group of rogue Muslims can only be described as most un-Islamic. I hope the majority of us will refuse to be used in the plots of others.


Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 09:49  

The Chief Constable has exonerated his brother after making one phone call to him.
There might be investigations and nothing will happen after that.
I don't trust the Chief Constable, PDRM, BN or the PM.

bruno 22 April 2015 at 10:07  

Dato,well.for once this stupid fool of an IGP was caught flat footed.His brother was the chief instigator of this herd of thugs.So what does the tweeter happy IGP do.He stupidly acted as judge,jury and executor.He jump the gun and declared that this barbaric act is not seditious.From the recent actions of this moronic IGP,arresting journalist,opposition politicians and activists,a herd of thugs forcibly taking down a Christian cross from a church is not a crime.How stupid can a moron get.

Even his boss,Zahid said that this is a case of sedition.I think that the IGP cannot figure out what is the difference between a donkey and a mule.With the chief constable trying to figure the difference between a donkey and a mule,one thing I do know is that Malaysians have a donkey as the chief constable.

bruno 22 April 2015 at 10:47  

I have commented many times before.Go over to Indonesia and have a look and learn from the Indonesians,Indonesia the largest Muslim country in this whole wide world.

There, Muslims are allowed to work in massage parlors and nightclubs.They can work and do whatever they like and no religious police will raid or bother them.

In the evenings till midnight,one can see soldiers and policemen eating and drinking beer in Chinese kopitems.Nobody said nothing,unlike our Malaysian crazy religious zealots.

All our neighbors are marching forward,while our country whose leaders visions 2020 are going backwards towards the stone age.Go figure.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 11:14  

Abang kpd Chief Constable juga terdapat gambarnya posing bersama mesin slot kasino perjudian, jadi kita dapat lihat orang yg mengepalai protes salib ini tak setuju salib di gereja tapi setuju judi di kasino.

Pada hal Quran kata orang Islam kena hormati rumah ibadat orang lain dan judi itu kerja syaitan dan melarang orang Islam mendekatinya

Jadi kemunafikan dan kejahilan penganjur protes dan pengikutnya jelas terbongkar dalam episod yg memalukan umat Islam seraya menghina Islam.

Selain dari siasatan polis, JAKIM juga kena panggil mereka utk beri nasihat dan betulkan kefahaman mereka.

Jgn hanya panggil budak-budak yg pi konsert artis Korea, panggil juga orang-orang tua yg mencabul kehormatan rumah ibadat orang.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 12:14  

This country has now split into us vs them, in almost everything, including religion.

Anything "us" do or say is always right, irrespective of the logic behind it.

The peasants class is deliberately kept stupid via the "world class" education system, so as not to rebel against the powers that be.

Rempits are glorified and encouraged to go after "them". Every leader needs canon fodder to do the dirty work.

So called NGO sprout like mushrooms to defend the ideals of "us". Slightly more educated than rempits but still a graduate of the "world class" education.

This country has no future if these "us" continue to do as they are doing now.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 12:19  


These morons hide under the cover of religion for their barbaric acts, in that when you criticize them committing criminal acts, then you are against ISLAM.
Exactly the same in the case of critizing UMNO, is equated to going against the MALAYS.

IbnAbdHalim 22 April 2015 at 12:42  

Situation will be worse if UMNO is still around come GE14.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 12:42  

PM NAJIB, we Malaysians and the world are now looking at you. Even the Home Minister has said the cross protestors will be charged under Sedition Act. The protestors are so arrogant as to have their pictures taken, thinking the IGP will "exonerate" them.
Your job is to disabuse this and hasten action against them, any delay will invariably lead us Malaysian to believe that you are dragging your feet and we will ascribe full blame on you.
You are now being judged.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 12:45  


Sebenarnya kebanyakan umat Islam hari ini tidak tahu apa maksud mesej Quran sebenarnya.

Quran tidak sebut pasal jenis tudung untuk perempuan, tidak sebut pelihara janggut ikut sunnah, tidak sebut jenis pakaian .... dll.

Quran sebut perkara pokok dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat seperti keadilan, penghormatan sesama insan, menuntut ilmu, hak seorang rakyat, tiada paksaan dalam cara hidup dan banyak lagi unsur-unsur kemanusiaan yang sangat-sangat ditekankan dalam Quran.

Mereka ini selalu melaung-laung anti-Amerika, anti Yahudi, anti McDonald, tah apa anti mereka. Tapi mereka tidak menyeru umat Islam, buat alat ketenteraan sendiri, buat software engineering sendiri, buat aerospace engineering sendiri dll.

Mereka hendak umat Kristian menghormati mereka, tapi sikap kebodohan mereka menunjukkan kejahilan diri mereka terhadap Quran.

Asrul Sani 22 April 2015 at 12:50  

Why all stupid incidents that happened in this country were initiated by umno goons...stepping on cow's head, harassment on church activities....tussles over dead bodies

Indeed they are real MORONS if they think that Malays shall return in throng to support umno when the did all these stupid acts?

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 13:48  

Talk is cheap. Show us that swift stern action (not slap on the wrist) will be taken to deal with the wrongdoers. I'm realistic - this will not happen.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 13:53  

After the Chinese abandoned BN, the only reasonable strategy that UMNO has is to appeal to the rural Malays. And with the present shenanigans, try to appeal to some city folks too.

UMNO has only one option, to win more than 120 seats by themselves, they day that happens, it will spell doom. Believe me when I say that all the permutation of strategies to woo voters has been carefully studied and this is the only one that makes sense to them.

In GE 14:

The indians will abandoned BN,
The Chinese have abandoned BN

Some Malays have abandoned, more will.
The other day I was at Midvalley and some very young boys in a shop complained to me that GST had increased cost of living so much, when I asked how, it is only 6%, the went about telling the cost of a meal, tea, food, goreng poising etc, all has gone up. These are 20 year old boys working in an art shop. This is how bad the situation is for BN and that is why Mahathir is fuming.

We should support Najib for another year at least so that BN will not have enough time to save itself in GE14.

Sarawakians??to some extent

Sabahan?? to some extent

There is a very slim chance that BN can form the next govt. Let the circus continue.

However, the saviour is going to be the EC.

We wait, watch and see, what will be the outcome.. time flies.

Fairuz Lee,  22 April 2015 at 14:34  

I believe the unwarranted actions came about from the fallacy of "Ketuan". The "rogues" ( as you described ) are also being manipulated and foolishly led along on their false bravish demands in the guise of protecting their religious sanctuary. Obvious hidden hand from power to be to shit stir for a breather and a diversion.
As a guy of Islamic Faith I am thoroughly ashamed. Pretending not to be angry and forgiving the premeditated despicable act will not place Islam in good view to people of different faith. Condemnations and write up will not suffice for it will be lost in their brazen moronic actions. Only harsh punishment will they comprehend and also to deter the future wannabe of idiots masquerading on religious front for political expediency.
If leave to our Top Cop nothing will happen as blood is thicker than water. Until today we are yet to see him justify his keep. He is only good for twittering and acting without fear on prejudicial concerns. A waste of Malaysia Financial resources. It's time that God loving and practicer of morality holds their ground with a mass gathering demand for punishment of these idiotic "rogues".

Firestone 22 April 2015 at 14:44  

Dato Sak, there is a mosque located right smack in the compound of The Golden Sands Resort & Spa at Batu Ferringhi and all azans are broadcast on the loudspeaker too... no one is complaining and everyone is tolerating it including owner of the hotel ie the Shangrila Group owned by Tan Sri Rober Kuok... its been there coming to 40 years... there's no issue at all! Live and let live!

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 15:33  

Did they enter the premises? Did they take down the ctoss?

bruno 22 April 2015 at 17:24  

There is a picture of the moronic instigator of this barbaric cross act posing happily inside a casino in front of a slot machine.So much for a shammy pious person.It is better he go shiok sendiri behind the bushes.

Readers can tune in to for this comic dude.

Anonymous,  23 April 2015 at 00:43  

About Mosques temples and other places of worship.

Someone from UMNO should visit Tanjung Rambutan, famous for the Hospital Bahagia but, there is a mosque not far from a Hindu temple, there is a Sikh temple next to the Hindu temple. All this in existence peacefully from the 70's maybe earlier. Population around all these are mainly malays. There has been no incidences of conversion, there has been no incidences of racial problems. Everyone lived peacefully.

How on Earth a Cross can corrupt the mind of a young muslims beats me.

We should change our maths syllabus , change the plus sign (which is a cross) to something different so that young ones are not confused.

Back in the 70's all ambulances that had a cross on it (red cross) got repainted with a Red Crescent. Did this make the country better, or just it made a point.

Politicians should focus on well being on people, not try to be grandfathers.

Focus your energy in developing the country not looting.

Think about improving lives of poor people, not stealing from poor people.

Anonymous,  23 April 2015 at 08:09  

The question to ask is why has Malaysia reach this point where there is no religious tolerance? The main reason lies in our PM's "infamous silence" and inaction to many provocative acts by groups of people and this has encouraged more such acts. How to run a country when Najib cannot even handle such simple and easy task i.e. open his mouth?

Anonymous,  23 April 2015 at 08:17  

Fascism thrives on playing up racial or religious differences to promote "in-group" solidarity by scapegoating the "out-group".

Such as Nazi Germany blaming all social ills on Jews.

However, unlike the fascism of Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy, our version of fascism as promoted by the far right extremist wing of UMNO Baru is associated with a weakening economy and worsening economic condition for the lower classes.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  23 April 2015 at 15:25  


Anonymous,  25 April 2015 at 07:01  

The government and the PDRm is always frightening the citizens of the country that elements of ISIS, ISIl are in the country. The PDRM says, they have information that citizens of this country that has just returned from Syria, and other middle Eastern countries after training with the ISIS.
Today, we have in our midst UMNO supporters and a brother of an IGP who has tarnished not only his brothers good name but also the image of Islam. What this team of UMNO supporters did to the church officer is not permitted in Islam. The country's constitution too does not allow such behavior.
The IGP in the first instance protected this group by denying that this was a seditious activity. Was the denial an act of protecting his brother or his ignorance of the act itself.Maybe, unknowing of the facts, the Minister jumped and classified the act as a seditious act. The PM has to support his Home Minister. Now, the IGP is left in the cold.
I believe in the ways of Allah. Allah has it's own ways of punishing his subjects. When one does injustice to another, Allah is watching from far. Human beings can plan but the almighty has it's own plans. Anwar was persecuted by the top politicians and top govt Institutions in power and today we witness how the country's top leadership is being ridiculed openly and the same applies to others who gave support to these politicians.
Back to the church issue. Don't the police realize that this could be the beginning of an ISIS returnees plans to start trouble in this country. This country should not be allowed to fall into the plans of these Islamic extremists. PDRM should act now without fear or favor.

Anonymous,  25 April 2015 at 22:28  

Just talking about loud azan can land you in jail.

Anonymous,  26 April 2015 at 02:26  

Generally,Malaysians are peace loving people.All over the years we had mosques,churches,hindu temples,buddhist wats and some within a row. There was no problems.Most important of all,we must learn to tolerate and respect the religion of one another.When it comes to religious matters,the authorities must act fast and never to be seen as biased.Those responsible must face justice.We must show the world that we are truly united.

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