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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fixing Up Dr Mahathir- the Man who can walk on water

How to bring down DR Mahathir down to size? Here are a few options Herr Fuad Zarkashi may want to consider.

  •         Exposing his misdeeds during a 22 year reign? 
  •         Saying Dr Mahathir has been misinformed especially by DAP? 
  •       Saying DR Mahathir is senile? 
  •         Saying Dr Mahathir is lying? 
  •         Just ignoring Dr Mahathir and insisting Najib is the best there was, is and will be ever be? 
  •         And saying Dr Mahathir is behaving this way because the government doesn’t want to give money to Proton? 
  •         Saying Dr Mahathir is angry because Najib ditched Mukhriz in favour of the not so bright Hishamudin? 
  •        Employing TUn Musa Hitam to discredit Mahathir? 
  • saying DR Mahathir has been bought over by PKR and wants to replace Anwar as leader? 

Najib is letting his underlings to counter attack Dr Mahathir. I am afraid, PM Najib has been defeated even before entering the ring.

Najib will be treated lightly because he treats Dr Mahathir’s attacks lightly. He is allowing second-raters to defend him since, perhaps because his highly paid PR consultants are having the most severe of hang-ups after some heavy partying and strenuous physical exertions.

I am hearing ridiculous but feeble counter attacks. Such as Tun M and his cohorts are not fit to speak on 1MDB. He is fit to because he can. He has unlimited access to information. Some UMNO leaders are also giving him the information. We are only hearing the beginning.

Anyone can talk on 1MDB if they have some knowledge about it. Sarawak Report has made it a career. My colleague Tony Pua, the MP for PJ Utara can speak about 1MDB even while sleeping. Rafizi Ramli from PKR can do a similar feat. There are many more in DAP and PKR who can speak about this. Ong Kian Meng, the brainy MP from Serdang can give a schematic presentation of 1MDB in a jiffy. Cikgu Bard can also tell people.

I am saying- an enemy to an enemy is our friend. Let’s treat Dr Mahathir as such.

Dr Mahathir has lent credence to the expose. He is after all a former PM with 22 years’ experience in governing Malaysia. During those 22 years, - sure, he can be accused for many wrongdoings if anyone can unearth them. During such a long time, many things can be attributed to Mahathir.

If there are many, why doesn’t the government release them? Tell the world then.

Because whatever Dr Mahathir did is past us and also more importantly, the entire present UMNO cabinet members is part of the roaring Mahathir years. Najib included.

But the wrongs done by Mahathir cannot justify what PM Najib and his people are doing to this country at the moment.

I think many people are missing the point in Dr Mahathir’s message. It’s lucky that Najib is not a sexual deviant like Dr Mahathir believes Anwar is. Except for that belief, Dr Mahathir is saying the same about Najib- Najib is morally unfit to remain as PM.

The measure by which Najib’s morality is impeached, is the murder case of Altantuya. The IGP is avoiding the issue- DR Mahathir has come out with some insinuations, the IGP side winded the issue by saying PDRM has talked to Sirul. The one who is talking is Dr Mahathir and the person being asked is someone else?

Just because 2 policemen have been convicted for the brutal extermination of the Mongolian woman Altantuya, it does not mean we have a closure. It does not matter how many years the bestial event took place, as the public believes that is not the end of the story. There was somebody killed brutally and no one believes the policemen, did the deed while on a frolic.

If Dr Mahathir suggests the case be re-investigated and reopened, we can be sure he knows more than we mere mortals do.


bruno 4 April 2015 at 10:36  

Dato,nobody inside Umno/BN dare try to bring Dr Mahathir down to size.That is including the twitter happy IGP.When it comes down to Dr Mahathir,even the IGP's bolas have become pea size.This is a fact.No matter what Dr Mahathir says about Najib,1MDB or others,the IGP had already said is not seditious.

It is good that the IGP is trying his best not to offend the Dr.If the IGP got the Dr offended and angry,the Dr might set his sights on him.And it is easier for the Dr to seek the ouster of the IGP then the PM.

One thing the Dr forgot to teach Najib is not to show off his enormous wealth.The Dr has never draw unwanted attention to himself.Najib has Jho Loh to thank for all the publicity.No fool would like to throw good money for 21 bottles of cristal champange for a drunkard actress or pay millions for a party girl socialite to get drunk and rub shoulders with.Pay millions for a party girl infected with what?Anyone remember when she was arrested for under the influence of drugs or alcohol,she had prescribed drugs for what disease?And not to forget her xxx videos,selling for USD 30-45.

No fool would throw his hard earn money,unless it is haram money on quantity or used goods.Mahathir put his trusted friends in positions of power.Najib's mistake is for trusting his son's fool of a friend.

If our politicians were smart,the country would not be going backwards towards third world mentality,when countries like Myanmar and neighbours are marching forward.

Anonymous,  4 April 2015 at 14:07  

The reality is Najib will not dare to make a move on Dr. M as this will lead to those silent fence-sitters in UMNO abandoning Najib. I'm not surprised that they are now working hard to commute the death sentence (thru judicial review?) of the 2 cops in order to keep Sirul quiet. Whatever happens, Najib's PM position is still in the balance simply becos many vested parties know the ship will definitely sink with Najib at the helm. They just need a "spark" to make them push the uninstall Najib button.Dr. M may just be the person who will light the fuse and become the saviour of Malaysia.

Sumpitan Emas,  4 April 2015 at 15:06  

But Rafizi Ramli from PKR can do it even one better than Tony Pua because he can do it while underwater without breathing apparatus. Look at his smile even with the cuffs on − it says everything about this young man; he has a bright future, and I wish him well.

The guy who can walk on water − who cares − nine years after the event, and he wants us to think that he has the nation's well-being at heart.

No, he cares enough now to know that for the first time in thirty years, UMNO Baru faces real death at the next G.E. − just so many outstanding bills to be settled within the next 36 months with no solid sources of income to match the total debt − servicing the interest, may be.

"Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets," so said Napoleon Bonaparte, and so we await with deep apprehension the fate of those connected with the news media.

Firestone 4 April 2015 at 16:01  

Unfortunately PI P Balasubramaniam (or PI Bala) was cremated.... if he has been curried, perhaps they might want to dig him up and check if there is any sign of cyanide poisoning.... how can a healthy man just kick the bucket just like that?

Firestone 4 April 2015 at 16:09  

Another simple explanation to a complicated situation... it is another big time bomb...

Anonymous,  4 April 2015 at 18:56  

this is just a turf war among thieves, whoever triumph in that party don't mean nought to the country, it will still be business as usual for the thieves

it used to be millions but the stakes have gone into the billions, jealousy comes into play now, even siblings would go at each others throat with these kind of obscene numbers

the rest of us can just make noises in the hope that perhaps those who are still sleeping in those supposedly independent institutions can wake up one fine day and do something to clear their conscience

walla 4 April 2015 at 23:36  

It was said M resigned when he saw the writing on the wall.

Not so much that his continued presence would have catalyzed more massive losses of the Umno vote.

But something more mundane - the resistance from his own intra-Umno supporters the moment they vetoed his proposal to switch the medium of instruction for science and math back to english.

N must have taken a leaf from that part of Umno's history which is why he can still continue to ignore all and sundry.

For this time he has ensured his well-fed intra-Umno supporter base is all that he needs to keep his position regardless of what.

That, and the East Malaysia vote bank, the slavish adherence of his executive/judiciary arm, and finally, if all fails, the EC machinery to come.

All this only serves to indirectly provide food for thought on LKS' statesman-like call for a revolutionary non-partisan approach to get all Malaysians out of the present hyper-critical quagmire using the cooperative effort of those lawmakers on either side of the political divide who still have some conscience left in them for the welfare of the people first over and above the objectives of any political party or personal agenda.

If one man can remember government is just about people, so too can millions others.

For the people are now suffering a new suffering to add to their old sufferings which have not even abated.

Even in remote places, you hear cynical remarks made that what was given from all the Br1M's past is being taken back multiple-times using the GST.

These are not remarks by economists but by simple folks and small-time retailers and traders who have connected the dots.

They show you with biting pain on their faces the receipts of goods they buy to make a living.

Some lament they have to cough out ten thousand for a computer system to be used just to help this fatuous and porous government collect its taxes - from the same millions like them.

To add salt to injury, an untrustworthy government which is ruining the economy, endangering livelihoods, snuffing social conscience, flaunting double standards and bullying those who care to volunteer their voice, heart and mind, some say soul.

After all, if even lawmakers and cartoonists are not spared, the nation is on the road to extinction.

As for M, he can only make final peace in whatever remaining time he has if he undoes all the damage done during his rule that has culminated today in the excessive regime for all to see, even to those beyond our shores.

He cannot do all that within his Umno because today's well-fed Umno disdains further alignment to him, for they have already consulted the actuarial mortality table which ultimately floors all.

If only in the exigency of time, he can only do all that if he takes up a non-partisan final calling to rise above his Umno and his own brand of racialistic politics by hitting all the home runs on all the issues that have inundated this land and our common, and common-sensical, Malaysian - not exclusively Malay, not intemperately Muslim - society.

Hopefully he will be gallant, brave and statesman-like enough to overlook its LKS echo.

Is that asking too much, M? The stakes are critically high this time. If N and his ilk are not ejected, the other bigger M that is Malaysia will be saddled again with the next bunch of O, P, Q and so on until Umno's political and economic insanity runs out of alphabets.

The people have had enough of rapacious schemers and juvenile dreamers.

M should redeem himself now. After that it may not be so easy.

Grow and wake, up.

Anonymous,  5 April 2015 at 01:39  

Malaysia is a lost nation...from a a a queen control leader...leading us all into the abyss...I wept for our future generation unless we do something to save malaysia....

Anonymous,  5 April 2015 at 16:17  

too big to fail situation for UMNO. They will close ranks behind PM and stay united for the sake of UMNO or whatever their personal agendas are

Anonymous,  7 April 2015 at 09:51  

Talking about knee jerk reactions by the Ministry of Finance and their pea sized brain team.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan tabled the Retirement Fund (Amendment) Act 2015 for the first reading today. - See more at:

Ministry of Finance has tabled an amendment to the Retirement Fund Act 2007 that will see the removal of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s sole representative from the Investment Panel set up under the law. A new section was also added to penalise any person who sits in any meeting of the fund’s Board, Investment Panel or any of its committees who discloses any information which is not published. "

There should rightly be an amendment to remove reps with conflicting interests, they are concurrently appointed to sit 1MDB, KWAP, EPF and other financial institutions. How to represent the public's interest properly. Talk about transparency? Utter rubbish!

Zeti and BNM, please help and do something about this!

Anonymous,  7 April 2015 at 16:28  

can we use sedition act on Tun M for criticising heavily on najib?

Anonymous,  7 April 2015 at 20:24  

As Walla said, Malaysia has to be saved, and if not by M, who else? He can grab this opportunity to redeem himself too.

First and only task before M:

If the head of the fish is already rotten being preserved by that noxious preservation solution, then M should start to cut off the fins, the tail and scrape the scales off first. When the fish has only its rotten head left, just pick it up, bag it and throw it away.

Time's a wasting, M do it fast. Time does not wait on any of us.

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