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Saturday 18 April 2015

The Foundations of Opposition

I know the reasonable man is always confronted with this question. Why is it you people always oppose the government? The government has achieved so much. It has raised income. Provided infrastructure. Social amenities. Gave education. Provide security from within and without. Create employment. Promote exports. Allow people to import.
The government has done so many good things.
You people blame Najib even if the chicken is road-killed. No, we don’t blame Najib if the chicken is road-killed but if Najib were the one looking after the chickens, and the chickens get killed, we will certainly blame Najib.
What can you people do that we good men all, serving the government of the day cannot do?  Surely we ‘good men’ in government cannot do evil? That is the voice that one hears too often coming from government backbenchers- this government is the best, 1MDB is a sound investment, GST is adopted by 160 countries so it must good, our reserves are good, PM is the best so on and so forth.
Well, those sentiments are easily articulated because all that they require are the correct dosages of self-praise and emotional appeal. On the other hand, to appreciate what the opposition can do representing the reasonable men and women and children require rational analyses and sound thinking, something those ‘good and noblemen’ on the government bench do not have.
Attend any parliamentary sessions- and you will see the government backbenchers heckle and shout such boring platitudes as Najib is the best, we buy a new jet so that the PM and his entourage will be safe, that millions are allocated to Permata- because Rosmah is goodhearted. 
Do these tired expressions require sound thought process or just emotional ejaculations?  
We oppose and protest because of these reasons:-.
1)   First- because the government has no money other that we the people, through parliament set aside for them. All the money they get comes from all forms of taxes, charges, interests and dividends collected. Because of that, they are duty bound to spend our money efficiently, fairly and honestly. We have the right to demand the government discharge this duty in accordance to the standards we set and if the government discharges this duty, inefficiently, unfairly and dishonestly, we are duty bound to speak out. That is what we are doing.
2)   Secondly- when political power and economic power are concentrated in the same hands- that is a sure recipe for tyranny and oppression. Because of that, the reasonable men though the opposition (certainly we cannot expect government MPs to speak according to their conscience) must demand and insist that government when discharging this immense power concentration in accordance to the rule of law. We must ensure government acts within the laws and not abuse and oppress its citizens.
Because of that, we stand attentive and ever vigilant to ensure the government does not abuse our citizens. We do not oppose the government for the sake of opposing but carry out a sacred duty to ensure any government discharges its duties and responsibilities efficiently, fairly and honestly. The people, consisting of millions of reasonable men and women, expect nothing less from our MPs.  


Anonymous,  18 April 2015 at 22:30  

Normally the reasonable man is confronted with unreasonable questions by unreasonable people. These unreasonable people are from the 47% who voted BN at the last GE13. Pity them as their brains have not reached the level to discuss issues. They are capable of discussing people and events only.

Pok Li

Alfred gnana rokiam 19 April 2015 at 00:09  

Sir, this is the first time I m posting my comment on your blog. I read your blog frequently. I just want to pose the following questions to you:

1) Is there unity in Pakatan today?
2) Do Pakatan has a leader today with the gift from God languishing in Sungai Buloh?
3) What is the talk of DAP not co-operating with Hj Hadi of Pas but. not severing relationship with that party
4) What is your justification for your fellow MPs not In Parliament during the POTA fiasco?
5) Do you sense the voters indifference and apathy for change in the country through the ballot box after the squabble within Pakatan over the hudud issue?
6) Do you think the Selangor state government is doing a fantastic job for the rakyat who elected them? (Please come to klang and see the potholes on the roads here. By the way what happened to the third bridge in klang?) Please set foot in the public library in klang. You can find books published in the 90s on the shelves there.
7) If Pakatan is darn sure of capturing Putrajaya in the next election where is the shadow cabinet?

Sir, the above are some of the questions that perplex my mind. I m sure there are many voters out there who share my sentiments. Please don't shrug my concerns off as that of a BN cyber trooper. Please be informed in the previous two general elections I voted for the opposition in klang parliamentary and pandamaran state constituencies. Ask Charles Santiago, he knows me. Do something constructive to strengthen your coalition first before trying to dismantling the ruling party. If I don't see any changes in your coalition I am contemplating of spoiling my vote or abstain from voting in the next election. I am sure there are many voters who will do the same come next election. Have a good day sir.

Anonymous,  19 April 2015 at 00:55  

Same as Alfred.

Anwar made a fatal mistake by not planning a successor.

Pakatan is a complete mess right now. That is a shame, because close to 52% voted in vain.

At this rate PRU14 will see under 40% for Pakatan - if it still exists.

LKS is babbling in the corner about making Nancy "Bibles" Shukri the PM. It must be the stupidest thing he has ever said.

Sort your act out. POTA was a disgrace.

If Wan Azizah becomes leader of the Opposition, I will switch my vote to BN, or better still stay home.

Wake up!

Anonymous,  19 April 2015 at 07:47  

Alfred Gnana 00.09 and Anon 00:55
Aiyoh, ask this simple hypothetical question first - if any gomen takes your hard earned cash by way of taxes, then loans it to gigantic stupid entities that get more into debt, or uses it for cronies and yes-men to buy their support, you still want to support that type of gomen? Not enough money still, gomen brings in GST that some more burdens the people like you and me, are you sure OK with you?

Anonymous,  19 April 2015 at 08:19  

Reasonable man wants a reasonable govt helmed by reasonable men who don't take hammers to kill flies.

Anonymous,  19 April 2015 at 09:39  

They should not have locked up Anwar...Now he is no longer around to be blamed!!

Anonymous,  19 April 2015 at 20:26  

@ 19 April 2015 at 07:47

Why stop at just 1MDB and GST? You can write hundreds of deceptions by the BN govt, right? You think this is news? We all know it.

But imagine the disaster that would have befallen if PR had won GE13. The 3 parties are now on the verge of openly sabotaging each other. A new election would have had to be called by now.

Anwar's fantasy is that once he is released he will just carry on as before.

He won't.

Adoring crowds of tens of thousands? Not a chance.

Whose fault? His own. Being essentially an ego maniac, he cannot let go of the reins of power even if means screwing up PR's chances forever.

The sheer insanity of not planning a leadership succession shows how poor a leader he is (rather..."was".)

PR has never been able to name a shadow cabinet.

There are good reasons why they can't.

Anonymous,  22 April 2015 at 23:25  

Dear Anon 19 April 00:55,

What is wrong with Wan Azizah being a leader of Pakatan? She will make a compassionate leader with intelligence to boot. None of these self indulgent nonsense you see in our current political circus. Wan Azizah gave up her career as an excellent eye surgeon to fight for "KEADILAN", we take for granted the sacrifices by leaders/members of the Opposition!

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