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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 10 April 2015

Not Exactly an Interview by Tim Sebastian or Charlie Rose was it?

Yesterday, while in parliament debating the amendments to the amendments of the Sedition Act, some of us also watched Najib answering the scripted questions on TV.
Now to those who are not familiar with parliament, there is a lounge or canteen where parliamentarians can go for drinks and food, while following the proceedings in the dewan proper. This is beneficial especially if proceedings extend for long hours as they did for two days in the just concluded session.
On the 6th of April, debate on POTA ended at almost 3 am. The proceedings on the 8th ended around 2am. On the final day- 9th of April, the proceedings ended at 4.21am.
I need to explain this, because there has been widespread unhappiness on the absence of PR MPs on these important days- especially when POTA and the amendments to the amendments of The Sedition Act were passed. I am not qualified to explain the absence of seral MPs. I can only say that 2 DAP MPS were absent because they were physically not in Malaysia. Otherwise 35 of us out of 37 were there.
Back to the Najib interview. Many crowded before the TV when the interviewer asked the prearranged question regarding Altantuya.
But before that, I want to get this out of my chest. Abdullah who? He was asleep most of the time- Tun Daim would probably regal us with stories about rip van winkle. People can be rude by asking, what does Pak Lah know? 
Pak lah is better off staying out of this fight lest people start digging what he got when Najib took over as PM. There are some stories circulating that even Pak Lah was a beneficiary from the spoils when our country bought the 2 submarines.  I don’t know about this- people tell me this.
Its ok- we will dig out the story when we come to power. Now you know, why UMNO is fearful of losing power.
PM Najib answered (or he didn’t answer the question direct) by saying that he has uttered the solemn oath of Wallahi, Wabillahi and Watallahi- that he didn’t know Altantuya.
I think the answer was meant more for the folks in the villages and in the Malay  heartland- who would, I am very inclined to believe,  will jump and exclaim- God Is great- see- Najib answered best!.
But he did not answer the question really. Because, if Najib can prove his innocence by way of making the solemn oat, then anyone accused of any crime can avoid going before the civil courts by doing the same. Many wrong doers will get away easily.
The best way to solve the issue once and for all is to do a retrial- bring in Musa Safri, Razak Baginda and others- investigation officers and everyone connected to the brutal slaying. The retrial can be done- if we have a new government, a properly constituted court- believing the court system is not honest isn’t a legal mischief right?  And some evidence and people left out during the trial of Razak baginda and the two policemen hitmen.
PM Najib hasn’t cleared his name yet. I know, it’s unfair to ask him to do more- but the standard of propriety required of a man in high office is also higher and vigorous.
About the other issues- not needing repetition.
It’s really a stupid tactic to explain away the issues raised by Dr Mahathir by alluding and aspersing that Mahathir is behaving that way because, he could not get the crooked bridge revived.
No body believes Mahathir is behaving that way- grilling Najib and asking him to resign actually because, Mahathir is petty. Or Mahathir wants to secure a place for his son Mukhriz.
Najib actually insults the intelligence of millions of Malaysians
His answers regarding the shadowy dealings of 1MDB and questionable finances of Reza Aziz and the role of Jho Low- are also lame.
Why do people find it strange the big guns within UMNO are not in the fore front defending Najib? They answer, they are playing their cards close to their chest. Why reveal you are with Najib when they know better than the rest of us, there is huge groundswell of rejection of Najib by UMNO members.
Who have been defending Najib?  Mostly second rate leaders such as the one from JASA who lost in Batu Pahat and now wants to earn his spurs and show his gratitude on getting a job. The MCA- the Seven-Eleven Party trying hard to reclaim legitimacy and Gerakan. MIC is just thankful in getting a job for every of its MP. So they all come together- to sing, We are the World.


Anonymous,  10 April 2015 at 16:44  

Well Dato', MPs just increased their own pay by 40%, while every one including the poor gets to pay GST.

So when PM bought himself another jet at RM465 mil recently, 1MDB just got itself RM950 mil from govt's coffers and has RM42 bil debt backed by taxpayers, they are only acting the way people in their class and at their level of sophistication would.

The MP class draws themselves 40% pay hike from govt's coffers, so they're acting no different from the classes above them. It certainly makes a mockery of being people's reps and championing people's interests. It's more like let's plunder together.

I feel like there's no hope for the people and the country.

Anonymous,  10 April 2015 at 20:34  

What does Badawi know? I thought he was sleeping on the job.

Anonymous,  10 April 2015 at 20:37  

That Badwi should just stay out and shut up.

Anonymous,  10 April 2015 at 21:00  

Najib is now in a precarious position. It is time to open some can of worms and Najib will be history. At the same time, work behind the scene to form a Unity Govt. and giving East Malaysians a big say in the Govt.

bruno 10 April 2015 at 23:32  

Dato,it does not take much for PR to take over the federal gomen.And also one do not have to be a rocket scientist,genius or PHD holder to figure it out,why?

All PR needs to do is find an uncorrupted strong Malay leader,half as good as Mahathir,or even a quarter as good as Mahathir to have a fighting chance to march into Putrajaya.At present Umno/BN and PR have leaders screaming and chasing after the invicible ghosts and even BMW's too.These are good for nothing leaders with pea sized beans.

Firestone 11 April 2015 at 03:04  

I actually think Najib is not as smart as I thought he was.... even my wife who has no interest in politics said he was stupidly stupid to accuse Tun Dr Mahathir of wanting to remove him as leader because he had refused the latter's request for a revival of the Crooked Bridge project.

Now since my wife has spoken, and mind you Dato Sak that my wife is apolitical, I shall not comment further of Najib's intelligence, or the lack of it.

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 09:55  

You cannot have EVIDENCE in a case if the investigations are conducted in such a way to deliberately avoid a certain aspect of the case. And should any any hint of evidence to pin-point to a certain direction were to be insinuated, all efforts are made to sweep such leads under the carpet.

This is the tactic used by all those well-connected culprits to crow to the world that they are innocent rabbits in cases where they actually would be deep in the shit hole should thorough unbiased investigations were to be done professionally.

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 11:13  

Poor Najib, he has the difficult choice of choosing either his premiership or Rosmah.

bryan 11 April 2015 at 12:11  

As PM of a nation with such serious and damning aspersions as to invovlment in very high profile murder case, and Najib is willing to swear on a holy oath that he has nothing to do with it.Then wouldnt it make sense that he ought to do everything in his power to clear his name, ANd he is the PM..He has that power!To get PDRM to investigate,or RCI or address all the so logical questions Americk Sidhu was asking in his comments in the media.AFterall as PM of a country, his reputation is at stake, He must clear his name with all the powers at his disposal..But again ,just Taichi aside with no substance answers just doesn't cut it,in the eyes of public screaming for rational accounting of the murder.

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 12:41  

As expected, it was another well rehearsed but poorly scripted sing and dance routine from Najib. Most Malaysian didn't bother to watch it knowing they will be told another pack of lies and lane excuses from the man. But you know what, there are still sycophantic idiots, including BN reps who shamelessly tell us that Najib did a great thing and all's well and dandy now. Maybe until the next exposure?

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 17:17  

Salam Dato,

Almost all mainstream TV in Malaysia have scripted interviews when come to Najib. Not only scripted but, "LIVE RECORDED".

Days before, I saw LIVE telecast in SKY TV where UK Prime Minister standing on stage debating together with other opposition leaders right in front of the audience.

In Indonesia, almost all mainstream media TVS ,newspapers are free of expression.

So Malaysia? How can we achieve fully develop countries by 2020, when a real democratic system is not in place. Is Malaysia really a democratic country? I don't think so.

Pak Najib says "debat" bukan budaya kita. Bullshit!! Can we consider those who have demonstrations in big cities in New York, London, Paris, Toronto, Canberra, Frankfurt are uncivilised and "penganggu ketenteraman awam"?????

UMNO leadership seems, want rakyat to behave like citizen of North Korea communist, where every one cries vs respect foolishly in front of UMNO photos on the wall.

What Najib actually have given to rakyat after unpopular success in PRU13?

......GST....barang naik....bangla banyak datang, free visas .... bla..bla..ranking universiti jatuh....ranking bolasepak jatuh ke164 bawah negara Bhutan!!!

Apalah nasib fikiran orang yang sokong UMNO....

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 17:23  

Hah! Sleeping Beauty sudah terjaga kena kejut olih Tun M!

Go back to sleep Lahh!

Anonymous,  11 April 2015 at 17:53  

Najib swore in the mosque that he didn't know Altantunya..

Bala also swore vide a statutory declaration that Razak told him Altantuya was Najib's sex-mate and that Najib told Razak Altantuya also likes anal sex. If Bala and Razak were to be believed, Najib is guilty of sodomy and could be charged u/d s.377B Penal Code, the same that got Anwar 5 yrs in jail.

Instead of suing Bala, Najib thro his brother and Deepak packed off Bala & fmly overseas. A suit is pending in crt by Bala's wife against Najib though it was struck out on point of technicality.

Now, I am more convinced that Dollah Badawi was sleeping when the police IO briefed him about the Altantuya's case. If he was awake, he wld have asked the IO why shld Sirul and Azilah wanted Altantunya dead. Who actually wanted Altantuya dead? Whose baby was it the Altantuya is carrying? Even a form 5 student would have asked the police IO all these questions.

flyer168 11 April 2015 at 22:09  

"Not Exactly an Interview by Tim Sebastian or Charlie Rose was it?"


Totally agree.

Also to share this...

The whole “Wayang Kulit” show was an utter shamble and anti-climax...!

I had watched it but switched to another channel after his response about Alt..ya and “quickly changed the topic” to GST including the cost of tomato/chili sauce...

About time he faced an interview with Hard Talk Stephen Sackur, Charlie Rose or Christiane Amanpour (

Just listen to this about the “Sumpah”

Could this PR guy be the brains behind Jibby’s famous “Tai Chi” response, (like the PMO statement ahead of the CJ charge on DSAI…?), I wonder...?

Talking about a “Leader” & a “professional journalist” worthy of their professions...

Sep 23, 2008 –

Meet the younger LKY having a nice chat with his “friends” ( c1988)…!!! –

1967 – Interview with Lee Kuan Yew –

Could we see Jibby handle this…?

You be the judge.

flyer168 11 April 2015 at 22:23  

"Not Exactly an Interview by Tim Sebastian or Charlie Rose was it?"


"...the solemn oath of Wallahi, Wabillahi and Watallahi..."

Just to share this...

Maybe Madey or some MPs should demand about the "Intellence" report...

Also to check out a Norhayati & acting colonel Aziz Buyong…

Can hit "many birds" with one stone...

You be the judge.

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 00:41  

Berani kerana benar,takut kerana salah. Badawi definitely not Mr Clean man. UMNO reputation is as good as rotten eggs.

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 01:08  

Najib swore that he didn't know "that Mongolian lady". Which Mongolian lady he was referring to only God knows.

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 09:46  

I am amazed at your ability to articulate the concerns of the rakyat, and expose the obscene greed and corruption of the Najon regime. What is the point of showing off your fancy watches when the rest of your people are struggling? But I fear for your safety. If they can c4 Altantuya, I hate to imagine what else they will do to protect their interests. Please hire some bodyguards.

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 19:08  

Bruno 23:32. Your are asking for an impossible. Name one uncorrupted Malay UMNO or BN leader.

anon 00:41. Badwi a clean man!?Aiyoo how much did Brunei paid him for that oil laden real estate he gave away to Brunei?

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 19:38  

"NAJIB KOW-TOWED TO S'PORE: Dr M confirms Najib broke pledge to build crooked bridge

Full article:"
Najib not only kow-towed to Singapore but any country (US prbably has a copy) which has a copy of the Singapore's CCTV footage of the Diamond Exhibition. Ask the foremer Director General of Jabatan Orang Asli what did Singapore Minister confided in him about the footage content!!

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 19:43  

"UMNO IS DOOMED - Dr M says Najib now surviving on money politics"

That is Najib trade mark.He was brought up with a golden spoon.

Anonymous,  12 April 2015 at 19:49  

RAHMAN. Najib will be the last PM from UMNO. When his gravy train stops- Fuaad Zarkashi, Ahmad Maslan, Fake Tunku, Ismail Sabri, Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Musa Aman, Shidan Kassim, Zamri, Kairy Jamaluddin,Shafie Afdal, Hassan, Sharizat......etc will be in Kajang

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