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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 22 September 2014

The Lazy Malay and the unlazy others

Dr Mahathir says the Malays are lazy. He says he has failed. After a lifetime trying to correct the Malay character, since the days he wrote his Malay Dilemma, the Dr is a frustrated man.  Either the Malay is irredeemable or the Dr has the wrong prescriptions.
The Malay is lazy compared with whom? There must be a measure. Because Dr Mahathir is ashamed of the Chinese, then by extension, the Malay is lazy when compared to the Chinese.
If so, why are the Chinese not lazy and the Malay lazy?  To me these is not due to some innate cultural characteristics and allow me to say it directly here at once- it’s due to the refusal of the Chinese to allow others dictate their destiny other than themselves. The Malays on the other hand have resigned to the fact; their destiny is shaped by others- notably the government. Before UMNO, the Malays were as they were because centuries of living under feudal rule have shaped their childlike dependence. When UMNO came, the mental bondage wasn’t eliminated but reinforced by neo feudalism which UMNO practises.
The Malays must now start believing that they are given this inalienable right to define their own lives, that responsibility over the wellbeing rests with themselves first and not defined by an extraneous entity like the government. He is free to pursue his own personal interest without being prevented by others; he plays his part in contributing to society’s wellbeing voluntarily. He looks after himself, his family and does his bit for society.
I see the Chinese in Sunga Klau, Sunga Ruan not shirking from communal interests. They collect donations and the better off contribute generously to religious and social causes. But more important, they undertook to look out after themselves first.
 This looking out after themselves is probably shaped by their own acknowledgement that it’s difficult to obtain help from a Malay dominated government and this induces the Chinese to look at creative and even defiant ways; but I also think, looking out after one’s own interests is also shaped by personal code of conduct. No one owes you a living but you yourself.
So as to Dr Mahathir’s opinion that Malays are lazy, many Malays will not believe that. The Chinese may also reject this notion. Sure I have seen Malays being instructed repeatedly by the Chinese mandor over a particular job, but that is not to say the Malay is lazy. He is less skilled. 
There are of course a great number of layabouts and loafers. They are like that because they have no application. Talent is wasted if there is no application.
Application. The first politician I heard using this word was Lee Kuan Yew. Having all the necessary social and productive skill sets- you require application. If application is hindered, the person becomes a dud.
I have been thinking what is it that hinders the Malay from applying his potential? Since Dr Mahathir is comparing the Malay to the Chinese, I would like to offer my thoughts on this.
What’s holding back the Malay? It would easier if we can lump it all into the concept of culture. That would require a more scientific exposition, not possible in a blog like this. We have to be more specific.
The hindrance to application is personal inhibition. The Chinese does no attach much significance to authority it seems. The Malay operates on a different mental plane.
The Malay, after years living under the feudal system is what he is today because of that. He is inhibited. He has the glass window, the invisible bar that defines him within a narrower space. That space in the past was defined by the feudal system of government and now, by the system of neo feudalism which UMNO has continued. UMNO really does not want to liberate the Malay mind fearing, their power will be challenged.
That space to me is defined ultimately by the government and so it is ultimately the government that is responsible for moulding the Malay mind. The concept of government to the Malay is that of an imposing benign master, deity-like to be obeyed at all times. That allows the government to create a child-like dependence on the government and its leaders.
The path to a more complete application is therefore I  think a break from the dependence. UMNO actually does not want to liberate the Malay except on its terms. On its terms means without forgetting the dependence and debt to UMNO. UMNO is actually looking out after its own interests first, the interests of its own leaders then the Malays.  And by looking after the Malays I don’t mean taking after them for 25 hours- taking care of the Malays means  to free them and allow them personal space.
His more complete stepping out of the boxed space is inhibited by UMNO that has not liberated the Malay mind and because of that he is inhibited. Of all the characteristics that prevent the Malay his full application is meekness which translates into irrational subservience to the government. In the 1970s, when UMNO produced the book Revolusi Mental- they encouraged Malays to be more arrogant and defiant in attitude. Perhaps that is what they need most of all. A defiant and rebellious attitude.
The typical Chinese new villager in Sungai Ruan or Sungai Klau or Teras in Raub has 60-70 acres of land in the jungle turned into fruit orchards and so forth.  Drive around the new village of Sempalit and you will see every available space in front of houses is planted with some vegetables of some kind. Drive around in Sungai Klau and Sungai Ruan- workshops of some kind are attached to houses.  You see that too at Malay houses but less intense.
The PTG, the Land office has not taken action. Suppose a Malay individual decide to cultivate a two acre plot in the jungle, the people from PTD and Forest Department and other people would be swarming over them. These people are asking the government to allow them a way put, not given hand-outs.
The hand out recipe is a function of a sound welfare safety net system. Only those old and infirm qualify to get hand-outs. These people deserved to be helped. The able bodied, the skill-deficient- they cannot be given hand-outs but a way out.
Just compare the typical Malay and the typical Malaysian Chinese. The Malay would likely depend on the government for sustenance- either as an employee, contractor, and rent-seeker. He is a dependent. His mind-set is shaped by the interests he can cull from being dependent and seeking favours from the government. The government is the master, he the slave. The government is a deity to be worshiped, feared and obeyed absolutely.
The typical Chinese is probably self-employed, is working in some unrelated government business establishments. He defines his life. He is chauvinistic in the sense he accepts that his welfare and wellbeing is his own responsibility. So why can’t he be cocky refusing to kowtow to anyone? He doesn’t owe anyone else a living. He participates in the free market.
He is independent and has choices when it comes to what kind of government he wants. If he wants to support DAP for being truer to his interests- there is nothing the UMNO led government can do because the Chinese are not dependent on them.


Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 09:38  

This is no insult. The Malays will take several generations, if ever, to catch up with the Chinese ability to plan their own destiny.
It is said, give a Chinese a desert and he will convert it into a fertile ground for his plantations. Give it to a Malay and he will sell off all the sand.
The Malays can never be free when he is even afraid to eat in public during the fasting month or sit under a tree with his girl friend.
The Malay girl is afraid she will be reprimanded if she does not cover her head.
They are dominated mentally and financially.
The Malay is easily deceived by UMNO into believing that he cannot survive without UMNO. That the Malays are under threat from the Chinese and Christians.

NOOR MOHAMAD 22 September 2014 at 10:00  

Salam Datuk

benarkan saya memberi pandangan dan cadangan.

Saya pernah bekerja dan berkawan dgn orang Cina. Ada juga kawan saya yg berpengalaman sama. mereka bersikap tidak adil dgn Melayu khusunya dlm bab jawatan, gaji dan bonus. Semasa saya bekerja di sebuah universiti perubatan swasta, pelajar melayu dikotak katek dan "digagalkan". apabila second examiner masuk, mereka terkejut kerana pelajar Melayu ini amat execellence. bagaimana dia boleh gagal. hal ini masih berlaku di IPTA dan IPTS. Kesimpulannya, Melayu atau Cina atau bangsa apa pun, ada yg bagus dan ada yg tidak bagus. Isunya ialah peluang.

Peraturan, SOP, prosedur, polisi dan apa saja, kebanyakannya jadi unsur penghalang. Itu sebab 'mereka' buat apa saja termasuk langgar undang-undang untuk berjaya. saya juga berniaga di pasar malam tanpa lesen kerana lesen sudah dibekukan, walhal petak masih banyak yg kosong. cuba lihat kedai besi buruk dan bengkel baiki kenderaan di tanah kerajaan. ada tindakan? tidak!

penguatkuasa [semua level] termasuk pihak media hanya berani menghantam orang Melayu kerana peguam Melayu sendiri tak bersatu untuk bantu Melayu.

Cuba banding kes kiki CDM 24 dgn kes jurugambar NST yg kena tumbuk baru-baru ini.

Saya setuju dgn pemerhatian dan pandangan YB Datuk, tetapi isu ini perlu dilihat dgn lebih luas termasuk juga isu rasuah di kalangan ahli politik dan kakitangan kerajaan DAN mereka yg suka beri rasuah ini. pegawai kastam sudah didakwa, bagaimana pula dgn mereka yg memberi rasuah?

Kalau penceramah ugama jujur dan ikhlas, mereka tidak bercakap hal akhirat sahaja atau baca teks majlis ugama saja. inilah peluang terbaik untuk betulkan minda Melayu iaitu semasa khutbah Jumaat. Inilah tempat terbaik untuk berkempen untuk betulkan orang islam/melayu yg masih tidor termasuk semasa khutbah disampaikan.

In short, ramai juga Melayu yg bagus. Kita perlukan 20% yg bagus untuk memimpin 80% yg kurang bagus. Itu pun dah cukup untuk masa ini.

noor mohamad,  22 September 2014 at 10:48  

YB Datuk

Saya setuju dengan pemerhatian dan pandangan Datuk.

TETAPI semasa saya bekerja dgn universiti perubatan swasta, pelajar Melayu ada yg 'digagalkan'. Apabila 2nd examiner masuk, mereka terkejut kerana pelajar ini sebenarnya amat execellence. mengapa perkara ini maseh berlaku di IPTA dan IPTS.

Kalau datuk hendak tahu, kalau dpt 1st class, mereka tak perlu bayar PTPTN. So, ramailah kalangan mereka yg dapat 1st class.

Kita pula selalu 'bersikap adil' dan sentiasa tolak ansur. Ini tidak betul! Kita perlu adil dan tegas.

Jika padang permainan itu sama tinggi, saya yakin Melayu juga boleh berjaya.

Dalam bab jawatan, gaji dan bonus, orang Melayu tetap ke bawah tidak kira sama ada anda ada pengalaman, ada qualification dan anda memang perform. saya tidak kisah kalau Melayu itu malas dan bla bla.

undang2, polisi, prosedur hanya terpakai untuk orang Melayu sahaja. kes kiki dan kes jurugambar NST yg ditumbuk pun sudah memadai untuk dibanding. pegawai kastam sudah didakwa, bagaimana pula dgn mereka yg memberi rasuah. mereka buka kedai besi buruk dan bengkel kenderaan di tanah kerajaan dan di jalan besar, teroka tanah kerajaan senang lenang tanpa di ambil tindakan. saya pernah bertugas di sg ruan raub dan bentong zaman kominis dulu, masa itu juga hutan simpan sudah di teroka.

jika Dr Mahathir kata melayu malas, saya kurang setuju. Melayu sudah lama teroka hutan tanam durian yg jadi kebanggaan di setengah tempat hingga hari ini, mereka buka sekolah pondok tanpa bantuan kerajaan. profesional Melayu juga tidak kurang hebat spt bangsa lain.

Cuma dlm negara kita, akibat budaya feudalism ini, profesional juga terpaksa tunduk dgn ahli politik yg berkuasa sebab mereka ini menteri. itu sebab tentera malaysia terpaksa beli senjata dan peralatan yg mereka tidak perlukan. cuba lihat sejarah kenderaan penhard dan senjata styer. kalau tegas sikit, mereka akan disingkir.

Lebih ramai Melayu menuntut kemerdekaan dari bangsa lain. Dalam pilihanraya pertama lebih 80% pengundi adalah Melayu.

saya mohon Datuk beri peluang imam yang waras baca khutbah untuk menyedarkan beberapa kerat Melayu yg pemalas ini. Jgn asyik baca bab akhirat sahaja. Kita sedang berada di dunia. apa yg kita buat di dunia ada kaitan dgn balasan di akhirat.

saya lihat orang2 tua yg kaya dgn ilmu dan pengalaman 'diletakan' di masjid sahaja. mengapa mereka tidak 'digunakan' sebagai penasihat. inilah sumber [human capital] yg kita abaikan.

Di kawasan Datuk sendiri, galakan orang Melayu teroka semua tepi jalan raya untuk mereka berniaga. Suruh mereka cari emas di raub guna dulang. Peduli apa dgn prosedur dan undang2 yg mengekang kritiviti dan survival kita.

saya berniaga di pasar malam tanpa lesen kerana lesen pasar malam sudah dibekukan walaupun petak banyak yg masih kosong. saya tidak peduli dgn undang2 sebab saya ikut individu bangsa lain yg berjaya. jika tidak, di mana saya hendak berniaga?

Kesimpulannya tiga sahaja Datuk, galakan Melayu berniaga dan berusaha seperti bangsa lain, iaitu tanpa diganggu, DAN minta pihak masjid jgn gunakan khutbah untuk ajar farhdu ain. Akhir sekali, setiap ahli politik kena pro sikit. Dengar lah cakap jurutera, doktor, cikgu, panglima tentera dan ketua polis.

Sebenarnya orang Melayu sama saja dgn semua bangsa lain.

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 13:19  

I think the problem with malays being ""lazy"" lies in their fear of failing.
They are worried what others would think of them.To overcome this fear ,its going to be a big problem.
the second one is """class""" the one who has 'successed' will stay aloof of the others and ,if you would have observed, their 'laughter' would be the loudest at a function.
But ,among the chinese at a dinner or whatever function, a 'top' guy can be seen sitting next to an 'ah pek/'failure'' and being treated as an equal never to be seen in malay or indian functions.
In short a person has to have "BALLS" to make it and not to worry about failure.
The chinese never ''impress' others but malays and indians do that.Just compare the cars or furnishings in a chinese,malay and indian homes.
Semua courts mammoth, singer or pinjaman kedai.
The young chinese boys at pertama complex,bkt. bintang are into selling phones but indians and malays are into buying phones.The latest ones at that.
There are really a few malays and indians who have close friends with chinese and they seem to be doing just fine ,picking up the habit of making money.These are the guys who dwell in the financial markets ,buy and sell whatever etc while holding steady jobs just like vincent tan who was an insurance agent while working in a bank as a clerk.
These types dont talk silly things or worry about AF and NEVER be seen in demos maybe they support the cause but not attend demos.
With the present settings ,people are driftting further and further apart.
Of course ,if everyone is like tuns kids ,then everyone will be 'hardworking' LAH

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 14:53  

Dato,well said.But Dr.M's children depend on him to give out monopoly licences to them.Cases are planty.Eg.FOMEMA on orang asing yearly medical check from RM45.00 to his son company,RM190.His son got billions of contract from PETRONAS yearly because his oldman is the advisor of PETRONAS.His son company got optic fibre licence selling to Telecom Malaysia because his oldman was the PM of Malaysia.Etc,etc

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 16:04  

Its an interesting perspective you have, that chinese chauvanism is not an inherent cultural nature of being quasi-arrogant. I find this a refreshing take of the old race relation dilemma we currently face. And you're quite possibly spot on. When we look at things from a racial perspective, than its labelled as a 'chinese' problem.

Scratch deeper, and its not racial. Its the pride of the performers. If you perform, and deep down you get things done, why must you then pay an added layer of social tax in the form of extraneous respect, or 'kow tow'?

Datuk Sak, I thank you for examining this matter from this perspective. Its truly an idea whos time has come.

It's also important to not forget our historical heritage. There are 'contracts' that were signed 57 years ago that needs to be respected today. We must strive to balance the symbolic nature of our freedom and sovereignity with our ability to sustain national relevance and productivity in a world thats on the bleeding edge of competition.

Lets stop vindicating people who perform, and start highlighting the real issues that plague our society.


Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 17:09  

Komen tuan noor memang bagus..

Kesimpulan nya ialah Melayu buli melayu.

ordinary malaysian,  22 September 2014 at 18:12  

If more Malays can reason like you do, Dato, dUMNo would have no more model to exploit to stay in power and help themselves.

But I have to disagree that the Chinese do not respect authority. They do, but they look at it in a different way.

Witness their respect for family hierarchy - the father at the head of the family, whom they look up to but do not necessary expect to provide their EVERY needs and wants. Rather, they themselves expect to surpass their father. The same with how they view the government. Respect but not spineless reliance on. Just Confucian in other words.

And in turn, the father, just like the government, would take upon himself the onus of doing his utmost to provide the facilities for application that you mentioned.

I am not sure that anyone is intrinsically lazy because of his race - though I have heard of the 'lazy gene' . That, if I'm not mistaken, has to do with something else that eventually leads to some kind of positive evolution. I could be wrong, because I must admit, I am a lazy reader! Haha

The environment, nature and nurture, I believe, do contribute to the totality of one's being.

If you labour under the environment of serfdom, then of course, you soon lose the will to stand up for yourself and the desire to improve, let alone to apply yourself.

Having said that, the man who thinks he is still the Pm failed because he was, in all likelihood, insincere - wanting to go down in history as a great teacher and reformer and statesman, without the wisdom or the will or a real desire to empower the Malay masses because he knew, like everyone else on the grand dUMNo cho-cho gravy train that that would sound the death kneel to their jolly good ride into paradise.

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 18:13  

All employers want to make money.

They clearly state they are in business to make money, a lot of money if possible. They took the risk and gamble everything they had, including bankruptcy destroying their wealth and family.

These people create real jobs and income and social security for millions of ordinary people to provide for their families. Imagine if everyone has to rely on the government who do not create real jobs.

We as employees have to equip ourselves with good skills and experience so we are not tie down to bad employer/s. We have choices to work for which employer, for how long and how much.

There is no job security in this competitive world. Only job mobility and hard work could ensure our job security, satisfaction and proper reward.

Nobody owes us a living.

Abu garcia,  22 September 2014 at 18:42  

The Chinese mindset is no more dependent than the Malays, like the Singaporean who worship Lee KY and still do even when their money held in CPF was burnt, USD108 Billion at Wall Street in 2008.
Their lawless attitude, say in rural Pahang, always in defiance is an extension of the Communist era.
Malays on the other hand believe in the rule of law.

Anonymous,  23 September 2014 at 08:42  

saya setuju dengan pandangan saudara di atas. pada hemat saya orang melayu selalu sangat dimomokkan dengan anggapan spt malas bla..bla yang negatif,terutama oleh politikus melayu sendiri. amat malang mereka ini ikut sikap penjajah yg mahu mematikan semangat anak negeri yang dijajah. selalu apologetic dalam byk isu yg akhirnya merugikan kita. berhentilah bersikap tegas dan keras pd bangsa sendiri tetapi begitu apologetic pada bangsa lain. bersikap profesional dalam tindakan.

bekas guru

Suci Dalam Debu 23 September 2014 at 08:43  

Rezeki secupak takkan jadi segantang - Pengamal fahaman ini pastinya lebih mudah mengalah dan mungkin menjadi malas.

Rajin Usaha Tangga Kejayaan - Pengamal fahaman ini akan memperolehi masa depan yang cemerlang

Kamu ahli kumpulan mana?

Anonymous,  23 September 2014 at 10:31  


There r growing awareness about the inherent weaknesses of the Malay.

We cant keep on blaming others for those traces of weakness that have been exhibiting among us since the founding of our nation.

External factors/influences r just the outside agitators & if our internal resolute, about ourselves & our faith, is strong nothing can diverge us from our set goal.

Pendita Zaaba had clearly identified some of our weaknesses & few others had similarly voicing the other pit-falls in the old write-ups.

Yet, nothing has been done to eradicate those identified black spots within our characters.

Thus, our people's continuing suffrage, under the (mis)guidances of a few self-appointed elites till this day.

I suppose, u r right to say that - kerana banyak baca komiks!

Recently Dr Bakri Musa has his critical piece (A Modest Proposal for the Champions of Ketuanan Melayu) about that chronic disease that blanket our race. It's a good read & reminder.

U have done the same with this write-up. U would most likely be cursed as a pengkhianat by those bodek berabang-adik.

More so, as u r a Malay from that DAP - a 'chauvinistic' chinaBeng party, who has been named as the destroyer of the 3R of the Malay rights.

I would like to add ONE observation that I think many has been missed from the recent Selangor MB crisis.

It has to do with the discipline in accepting agreed & written rules among our people.

1st, Kalid's refusal to resign after been sacked from the party who no longer supported him as the chosen MB. It's the understanding of a decent man that if u r no longer needed then out u go. Khalid broke that golden rule.

2nd, PAS's turning back of the agreed terms they had with the other parties when they joined to form the PR alliance. The ulama's argument is that Islam allows them to do so. This breaks the sanctity of a written agreement.

3rd, The Selangor palace of disregarding the Selangor State Constitution in selecting an outsider, who has NO majority support among the Adun, to be the replacement MB. This breaks the written rule of the sacrosanct Constitution. Has Selangor becomes an absolute monarch in reign now?

Last that I checked, The sultan of Johor was denial that authority by the bn state government under pressure to become the executive chair of a housing board. Why the double standard?

Suffice to say that all 3 incidents indicate that these Malays r playing to a different sets of rules - agreed, written or otherwise, when the situation suits them!

It also tells the whole world that as a race we have zilch discipline about adhering to agreed terms that r sacrosanct!

Islam doesnt teach us that.

Our ancient culture doesnt allow that - hence we were used to know as a gentleman race.

What happen along the way of our material advancement?

Have we lost our Malay soul?

tomoktommy 23 September 2014 at 11:30  

For the muslim here the answer lies within our Al-Quran and Hadith. When you starts to disagree over something go back to the words of god. The issue is we all dont.

Anonymous,  23 September 2014 at 18:04  

Malays have been contained by the Government through the sheer use of religion to restrict them. They have a separate "police force" in the religious department to go round suppressing the freedom of thoughts.

Until this is resolved, no malay can be seen as not "lazy".

I don't think a malay is lazy. I think a malay is suppressed more so than anyone else.

Middle class malays who made it without rent seeking and handouts are generally more liberal and self assured. They have a mind of their own and they speak out. This is testimony itself that Malays are not lazy. They are merely being suppressed and brainwashed to think that the enemy is the rest of the other races.

Actually the enemy lies within themselves!

Anonymous,  24 September 2014 at 06:29  

The racial stereotypes are coming out fast and furious in the commenters here. Let me add to that.

The Malays think of the Chinese as money-worshipping, selfish, greedy SOBs who pile their plates with excess food.

The Malays think of the Indians as idol-worshipping beggars and gangsters.

The Malays think of themselves as religious, cultured, easy-going accommodating folk. And how they yearn for an all-Malay environment.


The Chinese think of most Malays as slow-moving (the esok-lusa syndrome), and the rest of successful ones as undeserving (the kulit-fication syndrome).

The Chinese think of Indians as Bollywood actors, but in a disparaging way.

The Chinese think of themselves as hard-working, practical, and family-first orientation. And how they yearn for a level playing field.


The Indians think of the Malay as a necessary evil they need to live with.

The Indians think of the Chinese as hucksters who will sell their own grandmothers to make a buck.

The Indians think of themselves as being culturally rich, religious, with strong ties with their community. And how they yearn for respect from the other races.


The politicians think of us all as nincompoops.



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