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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 September 2014

The Chickens are coming home to roost.

Dr Mahathir and TS Muhyidin are both alarmed and saddened at the attitude of Malays. The good doctor is sad - he is ashamed because he says Malays have no shame, they are not trustworthy and the young prefer to merempit. The deputy PM is alarmed that come GE14, UMNO can lose support from the majority Malays.
Dr Mahathir should have said Malays prefer hand-outs, not a way out. That preference and sadly addiction, is encouraged by the present PM whose idea of solving problems is paying his way through. He is entrenching the entitlement mentality.
People feel, especially Malays feel they are entitled to get the BR1M. Non Malays feel entitled because, why should Malays get to enjoy tax payer’s money? For Malays it’s a birth right. For non-Malays- it’s a fairness game.
I have mentioned about this way repeatedly because I know the PM personally. That is his way of solving problems. Even as we talk among ourselves, there are now rumours going around that in order to get Obama to come here so that among others he could selfie with the US president- he had to pay USD500million. This may not be true but it does raise some question.
Now the PM is in USA to allow Tabung Haji( all the pious people’s money) invest up to RM640 million in Detroit. All of the taxpayer’s money is going to be finished under this profligate PM.
We have not even begun to talk about the billions of Ringgit spirited into some mysterious accounts under the 1MDB. One china man is making tons of money here as commissions. Down the line, UMNO leaders are asking ordinary Malays to quarrel with ordinary Chinese.
We have been had.
Now, let’s get back to the statements given out by the two UMNO politicians.
Dr Mahathir is not going to stop. Despite what he says, there is now only one agenda- inept and boastful Najib is going to be kicked out. Haven’t I said before- with Dr Mahathir, it’s more important to inquire and think what he does not say rather than what he says? He has pulled back support from Najib; Najib’s boys are frantically doing damage control soliloquies which nobody listens anymore. When he called 191 division leaders to his residence, not more than 80 came and among them, as I indicated were the professional project paper shufflers. 
Najib's faithful guard and attack dog Nazri Aziz can only do ad-hominem attacks on Mahathir without answering the susbtance of Mahathir's crticisms. 
Worse, Dr Mahathir is going around doing his road show. People are making comparisons- Pak Lah now looks a better PM than Najib is.
 At last, the chickens have come home to roost. In the end, if you rise up on bullshit on the ice-surface, it will melt and you will drown.


dukuhead 21 September 2014 at 07:01  

najib is the worst PM we have ever had. it's a travesty of good sense and judgment that a person such as him ever became PM in the first place. Good riddance.

Anonymous,  21 September 2014 at 08:52  

looks like it would be wiser for PM to smoke peace pipe with the opposition DAP and PKR, protect his back as they are more reliable, PAS out of the equation as they are more concerned with their own here and there today tomorrow strategy.
This allows PM breathing space to handle the internal strife within his party and own team, the ground under his feet is being cut at every opportunity, intentionally or not, et tu Brutus?

Anonymous,  21 September 2014 at 11:22  

Dato Mukhriz tak nampak ke benda ni? Takkan sonyap yo?

bruno 21 September 2014 at 12:14  

Dato,no doubt not only the chickens have came home to roost,but the cows have also come home to have babies.Just like we have fools in Umno/BN,we have bigger fools call morons in PR.

Before GE13,Umno/BN was at it's weakest and begging to be kick out of Putrajaya.But the screwups by Anwar and Azmin in East Malaysia cost the PR to lose votes big time,and yet PR managed to get over 51% of the popular votes.Up till near nomination day PKR was still fighting with Pas,Dap and even the minnow Psm to get more seats to stand.

Even today Umno is still weak,but Pkr and PR is even more weaker than before GE13 because of this stupid Kajang move.So no matter what,Umno/BN will still be in power until the diehards of PR decide that the over the hill warhorses must go.

Did anyone remember that I have commented many times before GE 13 that PKR the taikor of PR is always trying harder to outdo Umno in f*ckups.

Now let us go back and see how smart PR politicians are.

1)The Kajang move was a real disaster for PR as a whole.

2)Going knocking heads with the palace and begging for forgiveness later should tell us that fools are leading the PR to self implosion.

3)Zahid as defence and home minister has shown and proven to us that you cannot change the donkey's image from the mule's.He acts like he has a batang stuck into his throat and butt.And he has armies of advisers to advice him,but he is always f*cking up.It just shows that one cannot make a fool out of a moron.

4)PR leaders are screaming through their lungs that Wan Azizah although not truly tested can be a good MB,because she has smart people to advice her.What makes Anwar and Rafizi any much smarter than Zahid's advisers,when they are the architects of the Kajang circus and are the ones leading the PR to self implosion.They are the ones inflicting the most damage to PR.Yet we have blind followers of them blaming Khalid for all the damage done to PKR that Umno as the most powerful political party cannot do.

5)No matter who gets to be the MB,Umno/BN comes out the real winner.Because they get the front seats,cheering the strange bedfellows to tear each other's asses apart without paying one single penny to watch.But Umno is happily contributing crates of jelly to the PR.

Until the strange bedfellows can come to terms of an agreement to have new capable Malay leaders to lead the PR,they can forget about giving out the broomsticks to chase Umno/BN out of Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  21 September 2014 at 12:43  

I have been observing Najib for a long time. From his actions or rather inaction, he gives the impression that he does not care about the country or the Rakyat. He seems to have different priorities. As a PM and as a person, Pak Lah is miles ahead of Najib.

I'm sure Dr. M has valid reasons for not supporting Najib. Dr. M may be mean but he really cares for the country and he knows the country is going south under Najib.

Tne way (1MDB gravy train) and rate we are going, our country will be bankrupt in no time.

This will happen because we have MPs who do not care what happens to our country.

ordinary malaysian,  21 September 2014 at 15:06  

Aw, Dato, the chickens may be coming to roost, but what about the ducks?

Oops, the sitting ones already long lost their quack!

But exchanging one feature for another, what difference will that make in the end?

Cyamans or not, one fat arse is already making asinine arses of us all, in the land where hop nobbing among the glitz and glitter of frivolous fecundity or is it fecund frivolity? means that Ahmad, Ah Chong, Samy and our East Malaysian brethren will have to shit blood to pay for GST in exchange for BRIM.

What a glorious bargain for us holloi polloi who, unfortunately for us, largely continue to believe in the myth and and the magic of dUMNo!


May the fat arse in the land of shadowy dreams and the fat ones here awaken us from delusion.

Before the country plunged into the world of debts and dipthongs, whatever the last means.

Anonymous,  21 September 2014 at 15:48  

apart from the criteria of majority support, is there in the Constitution any other regulation that requires the appointed MB to be of a certain calibre? None. Only time will show if that person can administer properly. Kick the person out in the next election if she or he does not perform properly. Why all this fuss, GE14 is just a mere 2 yrs down the road. Everyone knows the constitution must be upheld with every breadth, heart and soul, because this is the only document that safeguards guarantees, rights and protection to all citizens including rulers.

Vincent Ang,  21 September 2014 at 18:12  


Just in case you forgot. WE live in a constitutional democracy. If the Sultans are so well loved by the vast majority of Malays, then the Malays in a Southern state should be jumping with joy over their Sultan' choice for MB. Go to the state to see how "well-loved" this Palace MB is by the Malays.

Anonymous,  21 September 2014 at 18:25  

Sorry, all the chicken have in fact come home to roost Now we have to wait and see because decisions taken today will only show on our radar 10 years down the road.

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 13:26  

very well reasoned statement by Sivarasa Rasah the PKR legal advisor appeared in media website this morning. In fact, we also have the benefit of various statements from the legal fraternity and law professors such as Gurdial Singh Nijar and peers, which are always the epitome of polite, diplomatic, reasonable and well thought out arguments. These will help HRH ruler in the appointment of the new MB.

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