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Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Government of the 20%, by the 20% , for the 20%- Part 1

Of the 20%, by the 20%, for the 20%.
We live in a political and economic system which gives disproportionate voice and power to the oligarchs- business and politics. Dividing us up into sectarian groups along racial, religious and cultural lines serve the interests of these oligarchs to stay in power and wreak havoc on all of us.
Our agenda is the destruction and removal of this system through legal and democratic means. We must not be fooled by slogans asserting racial, cultural and religious rights. What we must do is assert our inalienable right of self-determination. It is we who determine the right form and type of government we want, dispensing fairness and justice and upholding the rule of law on which we can build up a civil society.
The salvation for all of us- we must assert our inalienable right as a human being responsible for forming a responsible government. Actually we don’t want an oversized or downsized government- we want a responsible government with good governance, upholding the rule of law.
The government is a means through which we achieve our collective aims which cannot otherwise be achieved individually.  It’s not a separate entity above is that bullies us into compliance, regimentation and submission. As individuals we are responsible for our own wellbeing. We serve our interests, our family and societies interest.
Minister Wahid Omar is the newest spokesman for the 20%. If Wahid Omar were to visit Raub’s pasar mingggu, pasar pagi and pasar malam- he would be pelted with rotten eggs. This is the man who says, the average household income of Malaysians is RM5900 a month.
Where is the mo brother man?
Then using the standard measure used by the UN in determining poverty income line of 50% of the average household income, the poverty line would be RM 2950. That would place everyone below that line to be in the incidence of poverty group.
That would automatically place almost 50% of the population of Malaysia as being very poor. That would also explain why the people must be BR1M-ed all the way through.
Ordinary people such as the petty traders at the Raub Pasar Pagi( which is held on every Sunday in front of the Raub Rest House) tell me, they no longer watch TV. I asked them why. They say they are just disillusioned with the lies told by ministers.  The BN leaders lie to us on a daily basis.
That chap from Sarawak whom Pak Lah mistook for being a Muslim says by 2020 we will be a high income nation. Everyone has an average per capita income of USD15, 000 or RM3000-4000 a month.
The man who used to work at Maybank who has done many blunders says we earn RM5900 per month. He then says that income include non-income sources. If non-income how did he calculate it? By assigning arbitrary values?
Then comes Najib. Who says his transformation programs are working exceedingly well. Our economy is growing at 6% per year.
But how come those achievements which are spoken daily, the lies that never caused the eyes to blink, do not translate into cash for us? We still can’t make ends meet.
Our children have difficulties to get jobs. They are facing hard times ahead to pay debts from PTPTN. By the way, household debt is 80% of our GDP in Malaysia.
As they enter the job market or fail to do so, they are automatic qualifiers for BR1M- as they can never earn at least RM3000 pcm.  Have we thought about how many students especially Malay students enter adult life already in debt? The entry level salaries have not risen much since I began working in 1981.
The statement given by Minister Wahid Omar is very misleading and irresponsible. Ananda Krishnan walks into the Kayu restaurant I am in, we divide his income and wealth, and all of us, including the Indian workers from India are instant millionaires. That’s Wahid Omar’s world of everyone with an average income of RM5900 per month. Next year, PM Najib can discontinue BR1M.
We have deficits everywhere. We have jobs deficit- the difference between the actual number and the number of jobs available if the economy is managed properly, we have fiscal deficits the government keeps on spending more than what it earns etc.
The top 20% continue to corner the wealth of this country as reflected in their incomes. The top 20% earn typically RM12, 000 each while the bottom 40% earns RM 1800. That’s almost 7 times the average income of the bottom feeders. The top 20% corner 65% of the Malaysian income. So what is Wahid Omar talking cock of?
 The top 20% Malays controls 65% of the Malay income. The statistics department has not revealed what the top 5% earns- maybe that would embarrass the government further. The top 5% would probably control 50% of the country’s wealth.


Anonymous,  23 September 2014 at 12:58  

Saya berkhidmat dengan kerajaan 30 tahun. Bersara pada jawatan dulu disebut superscale C dengan jumlah RM 5300 sebulan. Maknanya di bawah garis miskin. Kalau begitu berapa peratus orang Malaysia hidup di bawah garis poverty?

Anonymous,  24 September 2014 at 08:03  

The statistics (CPI, economic indicators)from the govt are propaganda (a nice word for lies). They are either inflated or deflated. depending on what message they want to convey.

Malaysians average household income is definitely grossly low. Prices of goods, food stuff, house rentals have significantly increased but salary of the salary workers do not rise accordingly.

Next time, give at least 50% discount to their statistics.

Average income RM5,900? This is stretching the statistics too far and becomes a joke. He is maybe using averaging to get to this figure. This is over-massaging of figures where the skin has came off!

Anonymous,  24 September 2014 at 16:40  

Ahmad Maslan says that Putrajaya sponsors 3 months of our lives yearly. I need only to work hard for the other 9 months. Easy can do lah.

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