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Saturday 27 September 2014

Delving into the Malay Psyche

Some people must be really stupid. They are more interested in defending that which does not exist. Such as the institution of absolute monarchy. The majority of Malays do not want a return to the old days.  We Malays have made that choice a long time ago. Zaaba wrote about that in 1927. He was from UMNO.
Some defend imagined enemies and assaults.
Only sycophants of the ancient regime clamour for a return of the good old days. The peasants toil the land, so that the feudal club can live off them, having balls, masquerade parties, and musical and dance soirees, have beautiful daughters and wives presented to the lords, and so on so forth.
That kind of world flies in the face of the free man. The free man just like what Milton Friedman and Hayek say- never accepts the imposition of extraneous tyranny in the form of government regulations, regimentation. To the free man, government is just an instrument to achieve collective aims which could not otherwise be achieved individually. It’s not the lord, deity to be worshiped and followed blindly. It’s certainly not an entity to present our wives and daughters to wet their beaks. But if some want it that way, I say good luck to them.
Saying that for instance is a challenge to the King and the Malays?
But no Malay groups want to make noise when the Malay can only afford perhaps to buy only the door of the bungalow, the condominium in Iskandar region. When the whole place is turned into a great wall composed of towering condominiums and super high buildings, Johoreans will be prevented from looking out into the Johor straits. The Johor straits will become one gigantic sewage drain where the effluent will drift into the ocean. Then Singapore will charge Malaysia and Johor for having to clean the mess.
Instead some Malays are caught in the martial spirit- ready to come to blows with people who just proposed that the constitutional rules regarding the appointment and removal of MBs be reviewed. That is taken as a challenge to Malay supremacy.
What supremacy? Malays are lagging behind in almost everything and this is the direct result of the governance, the leadership, the policies of the current government.
The lot of the Malays now is not something that happened per chance. We must never believe that is something fortuitous. It’s not the result of the natural order of things. We must never accept the explanations given by the UMNO politicians.
The Malay is poorer, he in behind in education, training and skills, he has less capital, he stays in cheaper houses, are all the result of some defective policies carried out by the politicians in power. Their lot is the result of human intervention.
We have to debunk all those theoretical explanations as to why Malays are lagging behind. Malays are less productive because their Marginal Productivity is lower. Their production frontier can only be pushed outwards if there are variations to the factors- labour, capital and ideas.
The implication is therefore, the Malays are like that because, they are of poor quality, they don’t have capital and they lack ideas. Of course they like being where they are, they thanked God for their lot and pray for the prosperity, health and success of their esteemed leaders.  They are over protective and oversensitive if others try to persuade them otherwise- they go wild if others accuse their protectors as being less conscientious. Their leaders have divine rights for being who they are and doing what they are doing.
They have less capital, they have lesser skills, they have lesser ideas. The lack or absence of these partly explains why the Malay is what he is. But for the most part, his lot is explained by politics. It’s the people who control Malay politics who direct returns to who they want. Invariably, the elite control politics; they control the distribution of the economic pie.


Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 11:52  


U have correctly repeated the ill-effect of a feudalistic sultan mutlak system (as painfully been elaborated by many writings of Pendita Zaaba in the 20s).

The ill-effects resulted from many of umno’s impulsive mono-ethnic policies, lie bare for many to see nowadays.

‘The Malay is poorer, he is behind in education, training and skills, he has less capital, he stays in cheaper houses, are all the result of some defective policies carried out by the politicians in power.’

Yes, their lot is the result of human intervention, in my opinion that lies with two major memes of ours.

The Malay is not genetically inferior; liken to what that water-skimming mamak had written in his Malay Dilemma.

What we r facing now is the on set of the cultural re-conditioning.

Similar to Richard Dawkins’ meme hypothesis. People could view many cultural entities (memes) as capable of replication, to become an efficient (although not perfect) copiers of information and behaviour, thus providing a framework for a cultural evolution, a notion that is analogous to the theory of biological evolution based on genes.

One of this prime meme is our attitude towards life in general. Insaf Allah, live & let live!

This idea is so deeply entranced into our daily lives, that everything is predetermined & accepted even in the face of glaring injustice.

Just be grateful to what u currently have & never be jealous about other’s good fortune. Both of u, r born into the conditions that u r in now, so accept it!

Could this be why our people r so reluctant to be competitive, thinking out of the box, & never say never in any challenges?

Could this be the reason why our people r so easily been manipulated by the elites to fight for their ill-gained authority?

Along the way, we seem to have lost the prime teaching of Islam that Allah only helps those who help themselves. There is NO free lunch, period.

Second, there were signs that the Malay had broken free from this chronic economic downtrodden chain when the 1st generation of the NEPers came into market to carry the torch for uplifting the race. Thus we saw many achievements that made us proud. Razak must had done something right.

Then, we see the system been abused to tailor for the elites. To cut corners for the well-connected dunggus. To be rent-seeking without efforts like those AP kings. & to leech on the ali-babaism for good lives. Only then, we realize that Tun Dr Ismail was right in insisting for a firm tenure of 15 yrs for this poisonous socio-engineering booster.

40+ yrs has passed & this meme has firmly established within our daily lives, leading it to become our inalienable right.

So, to change these two failing agents, we need to come back to leadership & in the M’sia context – politic. It’s the people who control Malay politics who direct returns to who they want, both mentally & physically.

If we don’t change, nature will change us. By then it might be too late for us to take the remedy.

Blaming others wouldnt help!!!

M F Muhammed 27 September 2014 at 13:36  

Is there a need to condition the mentality of the Malays into believing that the Selangor state constitution is in some way "in the wrong" (i.e. for according HRH the Sultan of Selangor the right to choose entirely at his discretion the person who HRH the Sultan of Selangor thinks fit to fill the position of Menteri Besar for the state)? So now that there is the contention that it is "in the wrong", what then probably will the quarters unhappy with this "wrong deed" do, topple the person appointed by HRH? Do we the Malays have to continue tolerating this, or do we say enough is enough? What do you take us the Malays for? Do you sincerely think we don't bother seeing you fighting over peanuts and biscuits and using us as pawns in your games of throne? We the Malays had already tolerated the Kajang Move with much understanding, patience and forbearance, however much we hated it though. Its time to move on. We the Malays want to move on. Give us some respect; if not a lot, a little would do. That is the least we should get for the support and pain we lent you when you were facing oppression by your sworn enemies.

Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 14:03  

Majority of the Malays are conditioned for far too long and it is impossible to change their fixed ideas and mind set. Their total dependent on the government made it worse, restricting them to achieve their full potential.

Those ordinary people not dependent on the authoritarian and insecure governnment achieved reasonable independent to determine their own destiny with more satisfaction with life in general.

fe2 27 September 2014 at 14:09  

Yours writing are always great to read and your English excellence.

Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 16:43  

There is absolute truth in what you have said about the Malays. I use to wonder why should the Malays lay the red carpet and play the kumpang to welcome the MP or ADUN who is actually the one who should serve them. In advanced countries they are treated like any other citizen. I have seen Ministers riding the bicycle or taking the bus to work in Austria.
He they go with outriders to bully the ordinary motorists.
UMNO keeps telling the Malays that they are Superior to other races and yet they are the ones who are collecting garbage, cutting grass and working as security guards for the pendatangs.
How long can UMNO keep on fooling them?

Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 17:42  

My observation is that Malays generally are getting complacent (in education, business opportunities, career etc.) simply because of the policies of the Govt i.e. making things too easy for them.

This has made them too dependent on the Govt and thus resulting in their "lack of drive" to achieve things.

In the event of "a level playing field", they will be the first one to lose out in this competitive world.

Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 19:56  

How could a review of the constitutional rules regarding the appointment and removal of MBs be taken as a challenge to Malay supremacy ............ when only a Malay can be appointed a Menteri Besar?

bruno 27 September 2014 at 20:41  

Children,young at age during their early days of primary education are being taught who are their masters,Umno.They have been brainwashed and now we have the effects of brainwashing at it's best.

Our education standards are now lagging way behind our neighbours when once our education standards were the pride and envy of our neighbours.

Nobody in the opposition really wants to know or have the balls to say who is the education minister who first started having the education standards steamrolling downhill.

Muhyiddin is good at screwups as education minister as he has not been able to lift the standard of education even at it's lows.But we have to admit that the architect of setting the house of cards in the education standards come crumbling down is Anwar,when he was the education minister.

Was he not one of the reasons for the opposition and Mca to protest about the Chinese illiterate Malay headmasters in Chinese schools.So was Anwar not one of the contributing factors to ops lalang.Or was Anwar just a puppet to Mahathir?

Now the DAP is quitely and blindly following the man who f*cked Khalid in the ass,the same way he himself was f*cked by Mahathir.In Mahathir's case Anwar wanted to sit on his cozy armchair.In Khalis's case Anwar also wanted to sit on his cozy armchair.In these two instances he flopped badly.

If Mahathir is being called the man who can walk on water,then Anwar can be known as the man who can fly datuk bomoh's magic carpet.

The DAP is fast becoming another MCA if it continues this way.Tony Pua is another leader who is fast becoming another big mouth clown.PKR has Rafizi and Tian Chua.Umno has Zahid.DAP has Tony Pua.Together these three parties can become the three stooges.

What is always wrong with Umno is always right in PR.So what is the difference between BN and PR and can the PR leadership tell us the rakyat or voters,especially the ones who have always voted opposition why we should continue doing so?

Anonymous,  27 September 2014 at 21:04  


Unfortunately for the malay psyche, supremacy means whoever that can shout the loudest, threaten and intimidate the hardest without fear of prosecution, calling others infidels and pendatangs, patenting and owning the rights to Allah, blaming the infidels and pendatangs for their lack of progress in education, commerce and development, holding up colourful and humongous banners proclaiming support for the Royals, forming instant NGOs to protect the sovereignty of the Royals, lining up to lodge police reports of sedition against their opposition, etc, etc.

Thus we have the likes of UMNO, Perkosa, Isma, Pekida, KIMMA, Gerakan this and that, who constantly carry out the above to demonstrate their supremacy.

Anonymous,  28 September 2014 at 00:12  

DAP and PKR are the best hopes we have for the nation. They have warts and all, good and imperfect leaders, but does anyone think UMNO and BN are better? Not on your life! We would still root for DAP and PKR.
UMNO and its cohorts are loaded with screws, nails, venom, extremists, corruption and feudalism, on a suicide course.
Our hopes in DAP are represented by LGE, LKS, Tony Pua, Gobind,just to name a few and they have plenty of very talented men and women; as for PKR we will see the test case is led by Azmin as the Selangor MB. IF PKR succeeds in bonding together to lead Selangor, it affirms our faith in them.
Jury is still out on PAS, the good ones must come out from the shadow of the gray men,and not be shy of calling a spade a spade.
Pakatan has to prove us right, muzzle your loudmouths they serve no purpose except to show yourselves as fragmented and cracked.

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