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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Which type of Chinese is a Threat to the Malays?

I am puzzled. Which type of Chinese is the threat to Malays? The DAP member who sits on the stool and crate drinking tiger or anchor beer or eating char koay teow or tau foo fa, or the rich Chinese magnates who crowd out thousands of Malays from the land? The Chinese chukongs who buy off selected Malay leaders including Malay rulers who then go on grabbing land in the thousands of acres, take away estates, developed land owned by the government on very favourable terms- which is the greater threat to the Malays?  The DAP ah bengs who sit at the back in DAP congress with legs on chairs in front or the Chinese chukongs who walk invisibly along the corridors of power?
We hardly hear a murmur from Perkasa or Isma in this case. As I said, the walking atm machine to Ibrahim Ali is a Chinese.
During the by elections in Teluk Intan, UITM came out strongly against the DAP candidate. She was branded as an ingrate and a traitor to the Malays. Her crime? - having graduated from UITM, she became a DAP member.
To UITM and to countless other Malays, people like Dyana are traitors. The DAP in particular is the enemy and a threat to the Malays. DAP had dared to induct a Malay and an UITM graduate at that as a member. The Chinese in DAP, its supporters, are the enemies of Malays.
Something isn’t right here.
If you go down to Iskandar region, almost all the property there is owned by Chinese. Probably most of them are BN and UMNO supporters. They are not a threat to the Malays even though they are gobbling up all the property there and crowding out Malays in Johor.
The Chinese from Hong Kong and China who come down and buy out properties, thus owning part of Malaysia are not considered a threat.
Can anyone tell me, are DAP members among the owners of the property in Iskandar?
The DAP member, who sits on crates, drinking tiger beer or Anchor beer, yam-senging out merrily- he is the threat to the Malays.
What about the big tycoons? The YTLs of Malaysia who recently said crony capitalism must go. He has benefited from being in that select club of crony capitalists by getting sweet heart deals, accumulating cash reserves that enable them to set up businesses overseas- he is not a threat to the Malays? He like others Chinese who are actually a threat to Malays are in fact celebrated. Take out the IPP at Paka and see what happens.
The Chines tycoon who drove out Malays in Bukit Katu Ara and then developed it into sprawling Tropicana, he is not a threat to the Malays. The Chinese tycoon who co-developed large tracts of land belonging to PKNs is not a threat to the Malays.
I don’t see UITM- as the citadel of Malay rights and interest coming out with guns blazing against all these people. I don’t see Perkasa, that UMNO surrogate which speaks what UMNO cannot speak openly, coming out shouting against these Chinese who are crowding out Malays.
The Chinese tycoon who practically took over palm oil estates from Pahang GLCs is not a threat to the Malays. The Chinese contractor who is literally the owner of PADEC Pahang, is not threat to the Malays. The Chinese tycoon, who gobbles up large tracts of land in Kuala Lipis and Raub, is not a threat to the Malays.
But the nondescript DAP member, who sits on boxes and crates, drinking anchor and tiger beer and speaking coarsely as unpolished Chinese do, he is a threat to the Malays. The ordinary Chinese who sits on stools, eating Char Koey teow or having his curry me, tau foo fa, or the ordinary Chinese doing marketing at the Sempalit New Village market in Raub- he is the threat to the Malays.
The rich tycoons and cukongs who represent the real threat to the Malays are not considered so because they have the money and resources to buy off Malay leaders. They have the money and resources to even buy off Malay rulers. They are not the threat to the Malays.
But the DAP member who may not actually understand what DAP is all about is an enemy because, the DAP as a political party, is out to replace UMNO and BN as the government. That represents a threat to the Malays because when the DAP and pakatan rakyat replace UMNO and BN, the latter lose the monopoly to define who is and who isn’t the enemy.
What is happening to the Malays? We are allowing ourselves to be duped and tricked by UMNO and its BN running dogs into accepting how they define things. The downtrodden Malays and Chinese, all ordinary people, are united in being victims to corruption perpetrated by the rich and select Chinese and Malays; we are all united by having to live under a governance system that converts  enemies into heroes, and ordinary people into threats to each other.
Malays want to grow and prosper and yet they allow themselves to be led by mediocre and hollow people. It’s the JKKK thinking right up the higher reaches of Malay power. We want to develop kampungs and villages, yet we allow the mediocre, riffraff, the village bullies, the bank and school jagas to lead the kampungs. We want the Malays to be uplifted yet we allow ourselves to be led by JKKK quality Malay leadership.
Then they define the ordinary Chinese, the tooth-picking and speaking coarsely DAP member as a threat to the Malays.
And to UITM- do they get extra validation by having a person of Ibrahim Ali’s calibre as its board member? In that way, UITM becomes an exalted institution pursing academic excellence?


Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 14:55  

Sure to ruffle a great many number of feathers, but it needed to be said. THIS Ah Beng is grateful that you voiced it out.

And I am sick of being told the Chinese are rich just because there are a handful of Chinese tycoons (in cahoots with their Malay partners). No, the majority of Chinese still cari makan like every one else, and we do our best to survive, even as we get crucified and penalised for being perceived as wealthy.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 15:35  

Kalau cina MCA, Gerakan yang jinak pun boleh mencakar apalagi cina yang liar seperti cina DAP.

kalau cina DAP berkuasa, memang awak tak sempat nak menulis keburukan mereka sebab seketurunan awak dah ditelan cina DAP.

Saolan bodoh awak ni budak tadika pun boleh jawab.

OneMalaysian,  4 June 2014 at 17:29  

Dear Sakmongkol

The type of Chinese who UMNO identifies as the enemy of the Malays are the food stall operators, coffee shop towkays, sundry shop owners, small factory bosses, doctors and lawyers (identified by Dr Mahathir). These are the ones the common Malay meet. These are the ones accused of depriving Malays of opportunities and controlling the economy. Hence they are mortal enemies.

There are three things these Chinese do: create jobs, provide a good or service and pay taxes. Nothing prevents Malays from doing any of these economic activities. If these Chinese can get a licence, surely the Malay can, too. So no deprivation of opportunities. If these Chinese can be successful, why not the Malays, after all what they do is not rocket science? And if these Chinese are successful it is because they provide a good and service that people (including Malays) willingly buy. There is no coercion, no monopoly. In short, everything these ordinary Chinese do, Malays can do. There is no “control” whatsoever in the sense that these people manipulate prices to disadvantage the Malays, or to deny them their services. Can we imagine a Chinese doctor or lawyer turning away a Malay client or patient? So it is very hard to think how ordinary Malays can be induced to treat these ordinary Chinese as enemies.

The real enemies of the Malays live in guarded palaces with high walls in exclusive parts of town that ordinary Malays do not get near, unless they work as bodyguards or drivers. They are Chinese as well as Malay. They are cronies, thieves together. These Chinese do not walk around on foot to be seen by ordinary people, whether Chinese or Malay. They are driven about in cars with heavily tinted windows, and fly around in private jets. They own IPPs and other government given businesses that extract monopolistic prices on ordinary folks, Malay and Chinese. They are rich and so are their UMNO Malay friends who gave them those opportunities. These people – Malay and Chinese – are not regarded as enemies because UMNO didn’t make them out to be (you don’t accuse your crony as enemy, do you?), and they are unseen, and therefore do not exist in the minds of the ordinary people.

Anti Fitnah,  4 June 2014 at 18:07  

Kepada Anon 4 June, 15:35,
Kenyataan "Cow" tu memang layak duduk dalam tadika.
Istilah "KALAU" yang "cow" gunakan tu pernahkah "cow" melaluinya? "Cow" ni bila bercakap biarlah berfakta dan dengan mantiknya sekali. Ini cakap pakai hentam sahaja. Nampaklah ketidakcerdikan "cow" tu. Pi la tanya orang Pulau Pinang bagaimana LGE menjalankan tugas sebagai KM? Tapi ingat, jangan tanya "Melayu" celup.
Kenyataan "cow", "Saolan bodoh awak ni budak tadika pun boleh jawab" ... tahap penaakulan mantik "cow" ni lebih rendah daripada budak tadika. Sebab tu "cow" bukan sahaja tak fahamm, malahan buta mata, buta hati, buta perut, ... sia-sia sahaja Allah swt memberi "cow" deria.

ordinary malaysian 4 June 2014 at 19:32  

Dato, even the chukong Chinese are not the real threat. The real threat is the Malay led government that allows unmitigated corruption so that the ruling elites get rich and fat. Remember, we have very rich Malay "chukongs" too who are buying, with vested help of course, and slicing and carving up the country for themselves and their sponsors. This, in the good old name, of course, of Malay supremacy. The ordinary Malays in their sarongs sitting on coconut stumps munching on keropok, looking out to the sea under the hot noon or evening sun, dreaming of castles , are the ones who are suffering. The supposedly educated Uitm ones who have been brainwashed to not see beyond race propaganda also struggle to keep themselves afloat living on credit, unfortunately, can't reason well enough to get themselves out of their rut. The per and kasa guys and the is and ma fellows are just a little smarter, because they know, at least, how to play the field to keep themselves nicely afloat. The tragedy is that the ruling Malay elites have been so successfully playing the divide and rule card so well that even the Malays who should know better can't see clearly beyond their noses.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 19:54  

Salam Dato,

Kepada Anon 15:35.

Tahniah kerana anda sudah layak tinggal di gua sepeninggalan Perak Man berusia jutaan tahun. Masa Perak Man hidup dulu mungkin tidak ada bangsa Cina di gua tersebut. Perak Man itu sendiri pun dah tinggal dalam muzium yang serba lengkap dengan aircon.

Saya anak Melayu. Suka sejarah orang Melayu berkurun lamanya. Saya minat cerita rakyat Pak Kadok, Si Luncai, Sikancil, Hang Tuah/Jebat dll. Saya minat Rock Kapak Melayu lirik bersastera tinggi, bukannya K-Pop.

Anda nampaknya "benci sangat dengan kaum China", sudah silap langkah dan bercanggah dengan pelbagai aspek kehidupan dan mungkin memalukan diri anda sendiri.

1. Kalau anda orang Islam, adakah Quran pernah menghina bangsa China? mengagungkan bangsa Melayu?

2. Nabi Muhammad kata " ... tuntutlah ilmu walau kenegeri China sekalipun..."

3. China Town wujud di USA. Ada masalahkah kulit putih Amerika dengan kaum China? Di UK juga ada.

4. Lee Chong Wei mengharumkan Malaysia bangsa apa?

5. Soh Chin Aun, mengharumkan bolasepak negara, bangsa apa?

6. Kalau benci sangat jangan naik MAS Airline kerana ada peramugari bangsa China. Atau Air Asia ada pilot bangsa China. Jangan pergi kedai orang China. Jangan pergi bengkel kereta atau motosikal orang China. Apa-apa saja bau China jangan anda rapati. Tinggal saja bersama monyet di hutan.

7. Adakah orang China Malaysia tidak mahu bayar income tax?

8. Kalau anda rasa anda tulen orang Melayu, cuba check DNA, kot-kot ada darah/DNA negara jiran atau Afrika.

9. Kalau anda benci sangat bangsa China, beranikah jumpa PM Najib dan beritahu PM yang anda hendak hapuskan semua bangsa China di Parlimen. Ada berani? Najib mahu 1Malaysia, anda mau 1 apa?

10. Statistik kematian Mat Rempit/Samseng Jalanan kebanyakannya bangsa apa?

Saya rasa cukuplah politik kebencian kaum wahai saudara.

Kita mahu fresh politics, bukannya politik ala UMNO Baru yang anak orang kuat UMNO sendiri pun sudah meluat.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 20:11  

Anti Fitnah, cantik laa. Saya setuju sangat.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 23:06  


Tok guru cakar-mencakar ialah UMNO. Sandiwara baru ni di Trengganu bukti penuh betapa hebatnya percakaran boleh berkampung di UMNO tanpa diusek oleh MCA atau Gerakan sekalipun kedua-dua telah dijinakkan. Memang keputusan kali ini menyedihkan banyak pihak yang inginkan penyakit perkauman dihapuskan sama sekali. Kami menunggu mulai dari sekarang hingga ke PRU 14 apa pihak yang anggap dirinya TIDAK liar akan merubah landskap politik di Teluk Intan melalui konco-konconya. Usah sebut landskap politik di seluruh Malaysia akan berubah. Selagi yang menganggap dirinya tidak liar tak akur berbilion-bilion ringgit telah lesap sepanjang tiga puluh tahun yang lalu dan projek gergasi masih dihadiahkan kepada sesama manusia yang tidak liar tanpa tender terbuka, selagi itu UMNO akan bertembung dengan tokoh politik dari DAP, PAS dan PKR.

PRU 14 tidak jauh, dan mereka yang mengundi Mah yang dibantu oleh Mat rempit, pelontar batu dan tukang cat sukarela, akan berpeluang memantau adakah janji-janji orang tidak liar dah ditunaikan.

bruno 4 June 2014 at 23:11  

The type of Chinese who posses a real threat to the Malays are the imitation Malays aka the Ridzuan Tee's.(giggling in the background)

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 03:05  

Datuk, what is the difference between the Chinese and dap members who are all Chinese?

If Dap takes over power then the combination of the ordinary Chinese you just mentioned will make Malays loosing everything.

You seem to hate the Malays now not only Umno.

Truly you are already trapped by the Dap mentally.

Jangan lebih-lebih datuk, you are no better than anyone of us lah!

Terlajak sangat kata-kata datuk ni. Nanti tak buleh nak gostan balik.

What make you think that the Chinese will protect you perpetually?

Cakap tu biarlah ada wisdom sikit. Cakap macam Cina tongsan eje. Tak ada baiknya Melayu ni.

Cair juga air lior saya kalau jumpa datuk ni.

Tapi malangnya saya belum mengenali datuk...

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 08:18  

Yang telah ,sedang dan akan mengangcam dan khianat dan menjual Melayu itu klompok feudalist Melayu kerana Melayu bodoh.

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 08:38  

This time around your article lack the the normal clarity which I am so used in your articles. Maybe the post teluk intan dust has yet to settle down. Potraying the DAP to the Malay as the a party full of Chinese who care not about taking charge of the country but merely seeking a betterment to have more tiger bottles and crates and eating char kuew tio and yong tau fu plus tooth picking and speaking coarsley won't score point with the Malay and the Chinese audience these days.

Both the Malay and the Chinese that are silent are only concerned in political promises that are made and should be kept. we might find both BN and PR amusing in your continuous name calling and mud slinging. We know also today the politician can be in BN and tomorrow in PR and vice versa.

Haven't you and DAP learnt yet from the teluk intan loss of 7,000 vote at the hand of Gerakan?

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 09:02  

??? 03:05.

Dna UMNO kamu terlalu tebal. Kesian betul yang belum pijak halaman mahligai orang UMNO dan kapitalis Cina yang karib dengan UMNO.

Tak sama pendapat jadi Melayu tak baik! - ini wisdom orang baik kah?

Jemputan daripada anak Melayu berDna Melayu tulin berbunyi,"Tinggal saja bersama monyet di hutan".


Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 13:56  

Apa yang dicakar, bila dicakar, bagaimana dicakar. Untuk apa dicakar. Apa yang jinak, siapa yang jinak, bagaimana jinaknya. Sejarah telah diperhati. Berapa tahun yang dikaji. Soalan bodoh tidak ada. Mengapa terus jawab sendiri.

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 08:27  

Anonymous - 08:38
If the Dato had ended all the sentences with a question mark, he would have asked three questions too many and still fail to show how on earth could overweight capitalists from within and outside Malaysia, who gobbled up huge tracts of land in Johor and Pahang NOT be a threat to the Malays and Malaysia. The Dato is incredulous that the threat can come from the average working class Chinese, the down-to-earth, saraly-men, feeling quite at home yamseng-ing on top of beer crates, and with one pint too many, swearing he would auction his toothless grandma the next morning if someone didn't throw him another can of Anchor. I am giving it a more light-hearted twist to the Dato’s sense of bathos, if not utter exasperation, at the outcome of the results. He and many of us are perplexed with the vote of the 7000 - did these people did what they did to show to UMNO that at heart, they are like them - they too voted along racial lines and will do so in the future. If that is the reality then prepare for UMNO's continued domination.

No, the piece was not insulting ordinary Chinese voters – these are just ordinary citizens who may barely make it till the end of the month despite working very hard but who decide, once in a while, to have a good time when the pocket allows. They are HARDLY the type that can do harm to the Malays or Malaysia. That was Dato's message.

The danger lies in the big money in the many big fat Ah Fatt Chai's deep pockets.


org perak,  6 June 2014 at 10:34  


Your article only 50% valid where cronies Chinese is a threat to Malay. I feel that the abuse” privilege” under the article 153 is a real treat to Malay where all money has been robbed by the elite Malay with the help of Chinese partner.

You need to ask a question? Why Malay always feel threaten from Chinese? Are they not good enough to complete with other race? The answer is “YES”.

Malay in Malaysia is the weakest race among the Malay around the world.(if you compared to Singapore and Indon) They have an easy life with the “tongkah” provided for them since 1980 in term of education, job opportunity and business contract due to the so called abuse “.Privilege”.(Poor not getting help)

To become rich, what they need is to be the warlord of UMNO and fight for contract and position in government sector to enable them to get extra income (corruption/commission) from its position.

To get the contract and position, they need to fight among their own race which had resulted split among the Malay group with Umno/PAS/PKR because the cake sharing is getting smaller among the largest population in Malaysia.

As we all aware now since 2008 (last 6 years), the present moment to get a government job is difficult for Malay and they are so many unemployed graduates need to sell burger and become recepcenist to survive and those cronies Malay still fighting to get contract and use the Chinese resources to make money. (in other word, Chinese is a tool for them to make money)

This will continue and those urban Malay has realised the problem if abuse of “ privilege” continue and will bankrupt the nation in next 5 years or the G will imposed more tax (GST) and reduce the subsidies at the rakyat’s expense to enrich the new cronies to be in power.
Conclusion, Malay “privilege” is a threat to poor /middle income

Malay and will be getting poorer by the so called abuse “privilege” adopted by BN. The game had started and expected the majority Malay will go into street to protest to change the G like what had happened in Thailand if 2018 still under BN's rule.

To those MALAY still think the DAP Cina is a threat to them, please use your eye to see and brain to think which top DAP member has become multibillion/million air (from corruption) as compared to the Umno and top government servant? I can tell you most of the minister/high post government official has billion/million under their proxy account.

Hope the Melayu use their brain to think who is the real “threat” to their future if the country goes bankrupt and all the GLC to be taken over from foreigner. (MAS are a very good example to go bankrupt and follow by Malaysia.

The MAS union will suffer if taken over by the Malay cronies. Only the Malay will be able to sack the MAS staff without any protest.

This called the Malay “threat”.

Most Chinese had started to reduce their population (since 15 years ago) due to the abuse “privilege” and Melayu still adopt the same approach to produce more population. I foresee the future Melayu will be suffering if they think the “tongkat” is forever.

SiangMalam 7 June 2014 at 02:16  

Dato Sak, there are hundreds of thousands of Malay overseas graduates from UK, US and Australia/NZ... why can't these people actually use their brains to think and then influence the other Malays who are less educated and then fight for change together? Or perhaps they actually think there is no need to change... its OK to just continue status quo?

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 07:21  

To SiangMalam

Maybe the Malay overseas graduates has gone overseas and saw with their eyes and did some exercise with their brain and concluded that Malaysia is indeed home for Malays minus the occasional irritants of street protest and increasing racial relations tension.

Maybe the less educated Malays wants more educational assistance and infrastructural support and employment opportunities in their immediate surrounding since the less educated are more in rural and remote areas as opposed to urban areas.

Perhaps we should have more rural Malays who are uneducated to be educated overseas for the change that you wish for to happen. Instead of hundreds of thousands we should send millions of Malays for a change

Anonymous,  9 June 2014 at 14:57  

Dear Dato,

I noticed that most Malaysian “MALAY” encountered failure in life will put the blame on other race especially the Chinese. Why no Chinese and Indian blame the abuse “NEP”. This apply to “Apa Cina Mahu”?

I think the Malay need to think carefully who is “threatening” them with the high cost of living and opportunity to survive.

I would like to highlight herewith the “MALAY” who has robbed the nation confer and had monopolised the basic necessity of goods and food which had resulted “Poor/middle income Malay/Chinese/indian” suffering.

1) Rice – Bernas is controlling by ?.
2) Sugar – from Malay.
3) TNB (IPP) – mostly from Malay.
4) Astro – from Malay.
5) Internet TM – from Malay.
6) High Housing cost – Big
Developer from Malay with big company like Sime Darby, MK land, Iskandar, UEM....etc
7) Toll – from Malay
8) AP for Car – from Malay forcing everyone buying expensive car for imported model.
9) Proton – From Malay and forcing everyone buying expensive local CKD car.
10) Government job – Malay fighting to get a government job
11) Business on Government contracts – Malay is fighting.
12) Bank – Mostly owned by Malay.
13) Education – Majority Malay is fighting to get a place into the U.

From education to business, all is control by Malay cronies. Most Chinese is working under the Malay Company and how they are able to “threaten “the Malay?

Hope the Malay able to think wisely and not blindly.

Chinese cronies without a Malay "Traitor" will be useless.

Alfred gnana rokiam 11 June 2014 at 00:49  

Sir, here goes my take on your article.I am a Malaysian Indian. I m in my early 50s. The teluk intan by election result clearly goes to show how chauvinistic are the Malaysian Chinese. I am not bothered about the slim majority the mah guy from gerakan obtained in the election. The question is why the Chinese deserted the sweet lass from your party. Why didn't they come in droves to vote for her? I find it incredulous to find your party shouting 'racism, nepotism, cronyism everytime it comes to BN but it keeps quiet when the malaysian Chinese votes along racial lines. What's wrong in the malays protecting their turf when it get threatened? The malaysian Chinese can question the malays on their special privileges, royalty, etc but when the malays retaliate the malaysian Chinese ( and malaysian Indians too) speak human rights, meritocracy and what not to deflect and reject the genuine concerns of the malays. I agree the language and modus operandi of this crass malays are not appropriate and at times do seem vulgar. However, I feel the Pakatan rakyat is also equally the same. I was a supporter of your party. In fact I penned a book titled 'ubah' during the last general election. (ask your colleague Charles santiago about me). Now I have my reservations about your party. Your party is not any different from any other parties on both side of the divide. Please don't destroy this wonderful country.

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