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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 7 June 2014

The PKR Elections are Not Over Yet(2)

Let’s come back to Khalid Ibrahim.
I was not expecting my meeting with Tan Sri Khalid being structured like a CNN-like interview.  Khalid Ibrahim was seated in a 3-seater and I, on a single-seater settee. But that’s ok; I can ask questions from the hip without prepared notes.
I went back to the question of his questionable political acumen.
Tan Sri- people acknowledge you as a sound corporate manager. One of the greatest achievements is to increase cash reserves for the state. I read its RM3 billion now. That’s great- it shows financial savvy and prudence.
Khalid Ibrahim seems to be a man less or even a man disinterested in the assessment of others. All he wanted out of this so called interview is just to narrate his achievements, his vision and his corporate - if I may use the term- corporate triumphalism. Khalid Ibrahim thinks and believes indeed stay awake and sleeps with the idea, that a state must have a top notch businessman to lead it. For Selangor , its Khalid Ibrahim.
You see, I came into this job with some considerable corporate experience. I worked with Tun Ismail Ali for some 18 years at PNB. Tun Ismail wasn’t an easy man to work with. But I gained a lot of experience. Then I went on to become head of Guthrie. I am pleased, when I left; the people at Guthrie held me in high esteem. That was because, I have acted as CEO with the discipline and values demanded of a CEO.
I brought the same values into the job of MB. My objective is how to make Selangor into an economic powerhouse.
 I was in Japan recently. The Japanese do business seriously. They were big investors in China. But with competition from Chinese manufacturers and industrialists plus the ever simmering ill feelings towards the Japanese, the Japanese business communities are not keen to invest in China further. Accordingly they are looking elsewhere.
One of the places they consider, is here.
By here, do you mean Selangor I asked?
Indeed yes- in fact I am considering or we are looking into the formation of a Selangor-Japan business council or something. Its function is to serve as liaison body to facilitate Japanese businesses in Selangor.
You see, we must maximise returns for Selangor in order that we can share more with the people. Our focus should be on the people, not the representatives serving the people.
As to your question as to whether I am giving sufficient resources to our elected reps- allow me to reveal to you that our elected reps get RM600,000 a year allocation. So they spend this amount on their respective constituencies.
On top of that, the MB’s office and the state government have their own programs supplanting the budget given to elected reps.
I don’t want a policy like something that was done during the old regime to rear its ugly head in Selangor. Last time, said Khalid, if one constituency was given a specific allocation of RM5 million, only 2-3 million actually went to the people. A portion of the allocation is pocketed by the BN warlord. So imagine, if there a few 5-million works approved and given to that particular constituency, the same warlord enriches himself.
Now, I don’t want PKR elected reps to have the same mentality. I don’t want them to think, they can profit personally from projects given to their areas. If they do, then we will re-create the same political-business regime similar to what the BN is doing.
I bring the same business ethics into Selangor politics.
If I may interject Tan Sri, perhaps you have misjudged the requirements and expectations demanded of a business manager and a political leader. The political leader must be a person of financial substance. Right or wrong, the people see the political leader as a person who dispenses charity. In order to do so, they must be people of sufficient means to be able to do that. That is required in order to keep political power. The objective of politics is to capture and acquire power over the state and the country.
Like you Tan Sri- you may have all the economic and corporate vision. That is derived from your corporate and business experience. But in order to implement that vision, you need power to apply in the first place. Without the post of MB- you cannot apply your business values to make your vision come alive. You need to ensure political power by PR is retained. In order to do that, you have to arm your foot soldiers. You haven’t done this. What you have accumulated thus far can easily disappear within a few days if BN recaptures the state.
Corporate values are perhaps not universally applicable to politics. Politics have its own dynamics very dissimilar to the ones understood and operated by business managers. And within the world of business managers, the incidences of questionable personal enrichment are extensive too.
You see, said Khalid Ibrahim- to be financially secure and independent is relative. In order to be super-rich, you need to a have a certain level of personal greed.
Tan Sri- I like the way you describe it- this is the first time I hear somebody speaks of personal wealth in those terms- that in order to be super-rich you need to have a certain level of personal greed. All the tycoons in Malaysia have a higher level of personal greed then. Greedy bastards I thought.
What I am trying to do, is to contain a level of personal greed suitable for politicians. But if PR reps think, they are in positions and having positions they think they can exercise unfettered personal greed, they are in the wrong place.
I am not concern, with what happens after I am gone. At the moment I am interested in maximising returns for Selangor and leaving a legacy of values for our politicians. What happens to the reserves that we have accumulated, after I am gone from this seat, is not my concern. That is for others, the people who succeed me to handle.
But whatever it is, you need the position of MB. In the context of PKR elections, you need to win the deputy post in order to continue as MB.
Don’t you think, right from the beginning, blockades are set up to make you lose? This whole business of putting up Saifuduin- isn’t this a strategy to draw away support from you? If there were a one-to-one contest between you and Azmin, Azmin would surely lose. And because of the prospects, some people in PKR are setting up blockades for you? Saifudin to me is just a red-herring.
How are the people in Segambut Palace treating you? What’s this I hear of you leaving in a huff after a meeting with the power couple in Segambut?
Hmm- I was there indeed discussing with the power couple. They wanted to sell me this idea that I can remain as MB but to please allow the contest to be a one-to one between Saifudin and Azmin.
I did not agree with their idea- if it’s a one-to-one fight they want, then it should be between me and Azmin. They wanted to sell the same idea to Saifudin, apparently Saifudin did not see it that way too.
Since I did not agree to the idea and they accepted my explanation and stand and having no more business to discuss, I left the place.
So we have a 3 –cornered fight la.
Since Selangor holds the trump-card, and the cabangs here have the most members, I am confident I can win this post.
Let me offer my reading about these contests in PKR Tan Sri. My own thinking is PKR is in this mess, because Anwar hasn’t showed his firm stewardship. He allows all these political horse-trading to take place and then pretends he is above it all.
Now, I may be wrong. But I think right from the beginning, he isn’t supportive of you at all. Look at this thing now- he is in London. Coincidently Azmin is in London. And I don’t buy Anwar’s making a show of his misgivings about Azmin knowing that I will be London, is already there ahead of me.  Apa la dia.
That’s too much coincidence Tan Sri- I think Anwar may have planned all these. He has always supported Azmin right from the beginning and wants Azmin to win.  You are screwed I said.
Well, I have to live with that la. If I win, I will adjust my life around that awareness that Anwar is always playing politics. Perhaps he has to do that. To me, Anwar is the salesman- I am the- he was struggling to find a description, finally the term -a mechanic or technician making sure the machinery is in order came out.
I have left out some description that I made of Anwar to which Khalid Ibrahim came out with the above response.
Next : Khalid’s personal foibles, Kidex, Water Issue, personal loan.


Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 06:39  

From part 1 and part 2, you have succeeded to make the current MB sounds like an administrator with clear organisational objective and yet disrespectful of the politics of survival of a politician. Perhaps he is more cleverer that what appeared where the PKR selangor MB position is not just a PKR affair but a shared consensus between the biggest winner ie PAS and DAP at national level of PR politic?

Unknown 7 June 2014 at 07:45  

Dato,asalamualaikum, you are right on all counts. MB Khalid is preoccupied with a corporate agenda thats not applicable to a politician.If he wants to make money go join the corporate sector. But if be wants to be a politician and remain as MB then he got to go look put of the window to see how green is the grass as colour of the grass. If it has dried the situation need to be remedied. Right now, the Selangor populace are not happy for many reasons that are connected to his political decisions and has nothing to do with him accumalating billions for Selangor's coffers.
At the end of the day, the welfare of Selangorians need to be taken care and not the state coffers. The traffic jams remain to be solved. Old roads are not given due care, public amenities,welfare state of the voters.Khalid is talking of Japanese cooperation but we don't see much change in the Industrial sector.
Of late, Khalid is towing the line of UMNOBN agenda. Is this has got anything to do with his resolved issue with Bank Islam.

bruno 7 June 2014 at 07:46  

Dato,a very long time ago I said that Anwar should retire from politics permanently and take his blue eyed boy with him.Anwar has no leadership qualities.I do not understand why people think so highly of him.Anwar and Azmin have screwed up so many times and it is no surprise that PKR did so badly in GE13.

And up till today they still have not been able to clean up their mess.Look at the last PKR elections and the present one.What is the difference as everything is a free for all.It is even worse than Umno.There is nobody in control of anything,and it looks like a leaderless party.

Hopefully Khalid will emerge the winner in this party election.Khalid is the best of the lot.There is no denying it.Whether Khalid wants to start playing politics and act as a politician,I think this subject is of no importance to him.But he can lead the party better than Azmin and Anwar together.

I think it is time that party members and PR realised that the march to Putrajaya will have a better chance of bearing fruits without Anwar.More Malays will support PR if a strong new Malay leader will take over the helms of the party leadership..

yoko ono 7 June 2014 at 09:35  

salam chif,august kongres.than azmin mb august

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 10:42  

dato' you should have told this khalid fellow don't bullshit...the real agenda is change and to do it democratically is through politics and politic is about perception and resources...just because he is in the comfort zone and as he said he doesn't care what happen after he left indicative of his selfishness...while others are looking into the future of the nation he only thinks of his legacy which is none.....betul taik kuching punya melayu sama macam pemimpin UMNO ....

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 12:12  

PKR without Anuar and Azmin will easily wins ordinary peoples supports and attracts layman on the street...and of course Khalid must be at helm or somebody else with a similar spirit alike him.

bruno 7 June 2014 at 21:26  

We all have to evaluate Khalid's performance as MB with a cooler head.Nobody complain about his performance earlier as everybody were happy and convinced that he was doing a job many times better than his predecessor.

Than suddenly why all the fuss now about Khalid not acting as a politician or playing the game of politics.The effects of his enemies in his own party's attacks on him are starting to work and slowly creeping in on Khalid.So now whatever he does is not right anymore.

Most importantly Khalid believe's and has confidence in what he is doing.He has shown that he is not one to be led by the nose.That makes him very unpopular among the top party leaders who prefers cronies and beholden followers.

We all sure do swear and cursed at Dr Mahathir too.I too do not agree with Mahathir's style of cronism and corruption.No matter how much we dislike Dr Mahathir,I always said that we sorely missed a leader of his stature.Malaysia sadly missed a strong leader like Mahathir.

Mahathir played the the game of politics like a master chess player.He manipulated people,created and stirred up emotions.All to his advantage.But he always had the situation under control.He would never let criminals and bigots run loose on the streets like crazy mongrels chasing after bitches on heat.And Mahathir would definitely sent those Umno youths samsengs to the vet to have them neutered.Mahathir would never let samsengs embarassed and shamed him by attacking a state assembly.Never.Not even on the DAP headquarters.

Khalid is no Mahathir.Not by a long mile.He is just an MB trying to do a good job.Since he is the MB of the state he is the boss.So why must his party leaders and members trying to teach him how to do his job.If they are so smart why not then they appoint themselves as MB.Now that things are fine and there are tons of money sitting around everybody wants to be MB.Including my family dog.

OneMalaysian,  8 June 2014 at 16:01  

Dear Sakmongkol

Sorry to interrupt. Something strange has just happened in Malaysia. The Sultan of Johore has just managed to unite the country, not his intention, though, but it is good. For once the Bar Council agrees with Dr Mahathir, who for once is saying something useful. PAS agrees, too, that the Sultan should not be given those powers. Surprisingly, yesterday Najib also jumped on board the band wagon, taking with him Putrajaya. Even the ex-JCorp CEO (from Johore) is in. Even more surprising PERKASA and Utusan are in agreement that this is all bad. What's happening? Let's talk about this surprising alignment of planets.

Anonymous,  8 June 2014 at 16:44  

Let the records speak for some of the good progress in Selangor for MB TS Khalid at the helm and those committed colleagues alongside who have made it possible.

As for Selangor, it is for the continuous peace, harmony, inclusive sustainable developments where each of its citizens enjoys the decency of life, helps and looks out for each other in building a better liveable city state with a muhibbah soul - way better than Singapore.

But why is vast land approved, whereby the same developers create huge exclusive gardens and landscaping when land is scare ? Shouldn't it be mandatorily be utilised for housing for the masses. Yes ? In years to come,
we do not want the percentage of our ordinary Malaysians to escalate as homeless. Can't afford to rent or buy a property.

It might also be the right time to handle the complacency and overindulgence in the heir, personally by our good Sultan. The relevance with modern time by continuing to demonstrate ageless concerted incredible personality through directly involving in extensive exemplary services for the ordinary Rakyat and to protect them. It is a global phenomenon.

Just check it out how well Sultan Nazrin treats and pays his common staff and shows personal concern to the ordinary Rakyat while he's still the Regent... also heard seniors commended, " Just like his late father". A genuinely good and humble Sultan & Sultanah. Any time they both would treat Malaysian university students abroad, way better that those cocky young officers "groomed" by the UMNO - BN Baru goons ! Speaking impeccable English is nothing, in contract to, when it comes with remarkable, effective service leadership and taking responsibility.

These should be "retired early" to carry the handbags and luggage of those ladies with epic hairstyles back in Malaysia.

When Sultan Nazrin and his consort are truly humble and take deep concern in the Rakyat like our Sultan Selangor, that leaves semua little napoleons and highly strung cleopatras, anak2 serta cucu- cicit golongan elit yg consciously segregate themselves disrespected. However there are exceptions as in any case.

Nevertheless the tragic episode in the said State does pain the younger gen inclusively. But things can definitely change for the better with incredible wisdom, outstanding understanding and leadership.

As for TS Anwar, perhaps he could be made a Lifetime President Advisor of Pakatan.

walla 8 June 2014 at 17:54

penyokong Pkr,  8 June 2014 at 19:11  

Dato, kalau hendak di sayangi Dap, jangan cakap banyak. Buat macam Prof Ariffin Omar baru jadi ahli Dap yang baik. Banyak cakap macam ni Dap tak suka.

Sama-sama kita tengok dato' You were brought in Dap just to be rubber stamp saja.

Anonymous,  8 June 2014 at 20:05  

No one is indispensable, and MB Khalid is also in this same category. He has done good things for the state, but you cannot live on past glory. He is now being seen as weak, how can he not resolve the Bible issue, he is seen as vacillating, he does not show respect for his party and party heads and his Pakatan peers and colleagues. Wasn't he elected by the people under the PKR banner? His greatest weakness is that he assumes no one else is as good as him. If he can change himself and rise above these weaknesses, consult with his party heads and Pakatan colleagues instead of going gung-ho on many issues, maybe he can continue in his current position.

Anonymous,  9 June 2014 at 09:54  

Just because he cannot resolve bible issue, he is weak? What a narrow minded person you are. Look at the history of bible issue as a whole...can you tell us the decision he made against the principle of PR? Water issue? All PR leaders agreed...there is reason why he made a quiet move on this matter

Anonymous,  9 June 2014 at 14:18  

One Malaysian 16.01
Wonder when Sakmongkol will give us his take on the Housing Bill in Johore. Current developments and statements by the MB Khaled seems to indicate clearly that the MB Khaled cannot stand up. He is elected by the people for the people, comply with Putrajaya's edicts and most importantly ensure the Federal constitution is adhered by all. Even Dr M has expressed concern that the Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin will not be able to advice the state sultan with regard to the controversial housing Bill.

Anonymous,  9 June 2014 at 22:42  

More on the Johore Property Bill, it was passed with some amendments.
One of the clauses, was changed to:
Either the sultan or the menteri besar can decide to revoke a member’s appointment, as opposed to the sultan having the sole authority to do so.

Shouldnt this be left only to the menteri besar and the committee? Not only Dr M has expressed concern that Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin will not be able to advice the state sultan with regard to the controversial housing Bill.

Former Minister Zaid Ibrahim, reportedly said, "Today, if any menteri besar or exco member claims that the Malay ruler acts on his or her advice, "you can tell them to dream on"

Although the words "acting on advice of the menteri besar (or prime minister)" are used in the state and federal constitutions, he added the practice is actually the other way around.

What a nice kettle of fish, and all because seemingly the MB Khaled agreed to the Bill which although he has now amended in some aspects due to heavy public pressure, is not worthy of a good Bill. Why rush the bill through? He has to answer the public and Putrajaya.

This begs the question, did the PM pick the right person to the MB's position? The MB must now prove to the public that he understands the Federal Constitution.

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