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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 5 June 2014

The PKR Elections are not yet Over.

The PKR elections have not yet ended. I have just realised it. I thought they are over. As I found out there are more than 30 cabangs mostly in Selangor that have to be carried out or have to be re-done.  So, the results are still open ended.
I have written some articles on the PKR elections. I wrote one on Fuziah Salleh because, like me she comes from Kuantan. I never knew her before- although she went to the same school as I did in our primary years. She went off to study in England and stayed there for some many years. Today she is one of the candidates for the Vice President’s post. She is trailing behind even though she is an incumbent.
I wrote one article on Tan Poh lai- the lawyer practising in JB. She is the daughter on the legendary Tan Chee Koon. She is going for one of the posts of vice president of Pakatan’s wanita wing. I knew her since several years back when she invited me to participate in a ceramah she organised in JB. Her brother Dr Tan Tee Kwong is MP for Wangsa Maju.
I wish Fuziah Salleh and Tan Poh Lai all the best. To Fuziah I wish her speedy recovery. I hear she has just undergone an operation.
Of course I wrote more articles on Azmin Ali. The articles were based purely on observations of Azmin in parliament and reading about him.  He has the steely determination about him and a not easily fazed persona. I thought these are good qualities of a leader. I also know that Azmin is skilled and nimble politician capable of deft political moves to secure his position. He is the incumbent deputy president of PKR and he covets the position of MB of Selangor.
If I am brutally frank about it- he is not yet the MB of Selangor because of the vacillations of Anwar Ibrahim.
About Azmin, I must admit the articles were also structured on some amateurish psychobabble analyses. The first two articles were rather well received by the Azmin camp; the 3rd raised some protests. I was accused of backtracking on Azmin. Not so, because I wanted to present a balanced picture. Overall, I am still convinced that Azmin is what PKR needed when and if Anwar goes on a long sabbatical.
But I also thought, for good sports, Khalid ought to be given space.
Let’s talk about Khalid Ibrahim then. I seldom see him in parliament because he is the MB. Lim Guan Eng is also CM of Penang, but he can be seen often in parliament. Khalid has to take his position as MP more seriously.
I have been critical of Khalid Ibrahim in many of my writings before. His prowess as a manager of the state is undisputed. Perhaps his training as a corporate man, right from the days he served under Tun Ismail Ali for some 18 years, and latterly as chief executive of PNB and Guthrie has turned Khalid into a very able manager. In his own words- he is more like the technician, making sure the engine of the state functions properly and in good order.  One of his crowing achievements is to accumulate RM3 billion of cash reserves for Selangor.
If I may fast forward a bit- how do you compare yourself with Anwar I asked Khalid? (I actually interviewed the man asking his some penetrating questions). He was struggling for an analogy before coming out saying- well Anwar is like the salesman.
I am not sure that is a complimentary assessment. A salesman to me- especially a car salesman is one who bullshits his way around. A salesman is someone who is out to sell ice to eskimos. Is Anwar that kind of salesman?
Khalid may not be as skittish as he sounded. For the record- Khalid does not sound to me as a stutterer as his detractors made him out as- he is just not cool and collected. He is just jumpy perhaps because he has so many things to say at once.
While conceding these qualities, I am less impressed by his political acumen. I thought he hasn’t done enough to turn PKR and PR representatives into financially independent legislators. To me that is important, because the demands made of elected reps are often beyond the normal formal budgets provided. If you don’t make your frontliners and solders strong, one day, the BN will take over and the reserves you have accumulated will be whistled away in a jiffy.
So I decided to have a face to face meeting with the man Khalid Ibrahim. To evaluate him at close range and to read his body language.
 A friend and I drive to section 7 Shah Alam to meet Khalid Ibrahim at his official residence. I have never been there-and as we made our way there in a bit of drizzle- I mentioned to my friend, we are going to the place, where the dentist once lived. Khir Toyo the former MB is a dentist by training.
We were ushered into a large waiting usual we were greeted by officious looking people who seem to evaluate you from head to toe. For God Sake people- I don’t carry a gun and my AK47 around.
This is the sakmongkol that I told you all about said a gentleman who appeared to be an important person in Khalid’s came. 
As to the officious looking people- it’s of no consequence to me. I have had my share and engagements with officious looking people before on many occasions. They eventually turned out to be paper tigers. So, if I may sound out to these officious looking people- do away with this kind of demeanour- I am never flustered with your kind.
 A few moments later, Khalid Ibrahim still in a suit walked in and seated himself in the main chair. I thought this was to be a very casual interview. It turned out to be something more formal with Khalid’s media man operating a camera. There were a few other assistants seated a formal distance away.
You are still suited Tan Sri? - Conscious of the fact that I am dressed very casually as I always do.
I came straight from work and after this I still have one meeting to attend too.
This was already almost 9 pm.
I went straight to asking about the PKR elections. How many more cabangs are to be holding meetings Tan Sri?
Tan Sri Khalid answered there are more than 30 more. I did some mental math- knowing that a Selangor has the biggest PKR membership; he is still able to catch up with Azmin, the leader for now.
Aha- still has time to catch up. Khalid appears confident about his prospects adding that a cabang in Selangor has a bigger membership than some cabangs in Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan combined.
I told Tan Sri Khalid that I see the PKR elections as being messy a bit.
Tan Sri- I hear so many stories about the elections turning out into a messy affair. I even her stories about ballot papers being printed and carried to voting centres. And what about this I hear in Kota Bharu- the results were actually changed so that the loser became the winner, and the actual winner didn’t get any votes.
So, to me the statements given by Anwar that there are some flaws in the PKR elections, is a major understatement. The PKR elections are a big mess.
It’s turning into a UMNO contests at the bahagian levels.
Yes- you know I am ashamed to admit that- but the ever civil and polite Khalid refused to be dragged into my leading questioning. I wanted him to say openly, the election in PKR has bombed.
We are improving and righting the wrongs.
Can I be frank with you Tan Sri?
The way I see it, there are some powerful forces in your party that are out to screw you out.
Is Anwar with you on this?
Alas, my dear readers- that will be in a following article. I am off to Raub this morning. 

Next- Khalid, the technician.


Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 08:01  

Khalid or Azmin or whoever PK is doomed.It should be dissolved or merge with DAP.

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 09:56  

Salam Dato'

Sangat nakal - keeping the suspense - but I like your style Dato'.

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 12:23  

I know Khalid has no respect for Anwar...he is selfish and not worthy to be elevated in the party...
Like to show the way out for him....

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 17:49  

Dato' Hope all PKR members in 13 Cabangs who shall be voting come this 7.06.2014 onwards will take note of the 'sweetheart' candidate on the line up. We are talking so much of Deepak who was given an intrest free loan from BR, what about one of our own. Why are we so tight lipped over this? Maybe Dato' could start the conversation.

Anonymous,  5 June 2014 at 21:34  

Sak, to cut the story short kita boleh mengatakan si mamat azmin ini bijak, artiulate dan berani. Considered as the best worker SDAI ever had. BN MPs menikus bila berhadapan dengan beliau.
Si mamat Khalid ni pula is neither politician nor administator. Kebetulan berada di tempat sekarang atas nasib. Kena ingat dia ni adalah calun 'tangkap muat' semasa PR 12. Kalau dengan MPs r ADUN Barisan Nasional akan kena telan hidup2 si mamat ni. Di dunia koperat, mamat ini kebetulan di sayangi oleh the late Tun Ismail Ali. Sampai berkilat kepala Tun ni di gilap nya. Faham2 sahaja lah maksud saya ni. Jadi in the final analysis Azmin is much mature and capable person. Mamat Khalid ni cuma layak jadi pengikut sahaja, Salam

bruno 6 June 2014 at 07:14  

PKR is an embarassmnt considering that it is the taikor of PR.Maybe they should close shop and become part of DAP or PAS.

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 08:35  

If DAP and PAS do not push Khalid out....sorry to say bye bye Selangor and BN will get it back...Khalid is useless in as far as politic is concerned and what so great of him as a corporate man...kalau setakat running a GLC....bullshit la this mamat...

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 10:51  

for pkr , they can loose khalid but not azmin. only that azmin need to be mature a bit more and more . dengar tu azmin............

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 11:16  

Saya andaikan MB Khalid dalam isu simpanan 3 billion yg dikatakan hebat itu begini.

Ayah saya dulu bergaji RM3,000 sebulan dan kami mewah dengan makan berpakaian dan bercuti sakan. Keluarga kami semakin rapat dan sayang menyayangi. Ayah juga seorang yang suka menyimpan di bank setahun adalah lebih kurang RM600

Setahun kemudian dgn kegigihan ayah berkerja beliau mendapat dkenaikkan gaji sehingga RM5,000 sebulan. Kami melompat-lompat sungguh gumbira maklum sajalah selepas kenaikkan gaji ini kami akan lebih mewah katakan.

Namun kenaikkan itu tidak memberi apa-apa makna kepada kami. Pakaian kami, makan minum kami seperti biasa ketika ayah berpendapatan RM3 ribu. Percutian kami di tanguh-tangguhkan. Katanya membazir.

Namun apa yang baiknya ialah dulu ayah dapat menyimpan RM300 setahun tapi kini ayah berbangga dapat menyimpan RM30,000 setahun.

Beberapa tahun kemudian Ayah di lamar oleh seorang janda tua yg cantik jelita dengan syarat Ayah melabur simpanannya itu di dalam akaun janda tua yang memang terkenal dengan berbelanja mewah.

Kami serbasalah maklumlah teguran kami anak-anak tidak lagi di endahkan kerana sedang mabuk di lamun cinta. Makan minum kami tidak lagi sempurna dan di jagai. Katanya pandai-pandai kamu lah nak hidup. Kamu dah besar katanya. Pada hal umur kami baru 5 tahun dan 6 tahun.

Bahagia kah kami dgn Simpanan RM3 billion itu?

Zuki ahmad

The Jigit 6 June 2014 at 11:52  

Well...Saifuddin Nasution is also capable and hard working. Nevertheless if he is aiming for top position, he must be a shrud and cunning person too.

Anyway, PKR members have shown their true color and behaved as if they were still in UMNO during this election.

However, I am desperately hoping for the best outcome of PKR election as I am desperately hoping to see the end of UMNO/BN's rule at the forthcoming GE14

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 21:21  

Anybody can say anything...but the facts remain....who is azmin Ali? Ask Pkr grassroots...then you will know...latest info can be found at Chegubard...huhuhu

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 21:26  

Apa punye analogi da....mb selangor kedekut bertempat....lihatlah program MES, pembinaan bbrp buah sekolah Dan jambatan yg sepatutnye di bawah federal government Tapi selangor buat srndiri. Pembinaan rumah manly milik dll....cuma org yg buta hati jer yg x nampak.

Anonymous,  6 June 2014 at 21:27  

Azmin mature? What a joke....

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 06:59  

Bodoh biar bertempat. Klu dah tau fed gov sptt buat biar le fed buat. Buat le yg negeri patur buat. Duat bnyak tiada kebaikan utk rakyat buat pe. Simpan duit buat mampus biar umngok joli katak bila pr kalah nanti.
Pikir le bro duit rakyat perlu dibelanja utk kebaikan rakyat. Itu le namanya mengurus utk kesejahteraan. Bukan mengurus utk timbunan. Jgn jd benak.

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 10:29  

Ko tak tinggal kat klang apa tau...jln punye sibuk...Kalau x buat jambatan rakyat bising....aku pun x faham apa yg selangor tak belanjakan utk rakyat lagi.....cumanya belanja berhemat utk pembangunan jangka panjang.SApe nak buat pinjaman peniaga kecil pun ada...ini ada simpanan jer nak blanjautk kroni watpe...3 billion satu hari pun boleh habih, at the end apa dpt?

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 17:08  


?? The political leader must be a person of financial substance. Right or wrong, the people see the political leader as a person who dispenses charity.

The question is how did the many political leaders obtain their immense wealth prior and in the process? Is it to divert more opportunities and wealth for themselves and their family members ? Hence the annual declaration of their personal and families' wealth to an independent body with integrity and mandate is mandatory. Which I believe Pakatan Selangor and Penang government is doing !? It is not an option for the betterment of the citizens, the states and the nation.

Doing charities in proportionate to one's wealth and minus the circus is awesome. But it is doubtful their entry into politics is not self - motivated. There is the noble option of being philanthropists.

Next, why do these politicians rely on doing charities ? And not going beyond that is eliminating the root causes of poverty, poor quality in education, that is going against the bosses in regard to not addressing those very critical issues urgently.

The quality of the government secondary school and college - university education has deteriorated so significantly
that even receptionists are required to have diplomas.

More of a case of a systematic planning to subject parents and students to taking up loans thereby creating a generational household and personal debts. When the issues can be addressed most effectively by revamping the redundant curriculum and adding crucial requirements in the secondary school education.

Anonymous,  7 June 2014 at 17:34  


Being mafias & jaguh kg give the obvious reasons for rejecting the profound ideas by the actual academic expert, Dr. Azly Rahman from the US to work alongside.

Experts who are truthful, modern yet always reflective, by being His instrument of justice, equal opportunities, acceptance based on needs and character and peace to all communities. They are also determined to keep on building bridges and influence others to do likewise for the betterment of the Malaysian society.

It looks like the voters have ignored scrutinizing, foremost, "those" leaders, overlook their integrity, capabilities at academic and service to communities while at tertiary studies, their hard experiences and struggles in life, which have an impact on their progressive commitment to serve communities unassumingly.

... been informed that the Mayor of Selangor, Alinah Ahmad listens and responds to the heartbeats and minds of the ordibary Rakyat Selangor. She is an exemplary leader who works very hard in serving the people with utmost sincerity and commitment. Yaay.

Selangorians abroad will save and fly back to home -state to vote again when the time comes. Stop the internal incessant foolishness, huge ego, personal ambitiousness and backstabbing. Enhance each others as Pakatan team across the board which include intensive coaching and learning about sensitivity to a diversify muhibbah communities .

Learn from LKT and the late Karpal, they never betray the party in serving the ordinary Rakyat without asking for title, wealth and fame! Also there is no tinge of race between them. I'm still thinking how it had happened for that many good decades.

In the exemplary cases above or anywhere, it is good for self - dignity for more voters in the communities to be appreciative in reciprocation - good begets good.

In the recent week, I heard a young western university exclaimed, " OMG !" when a young Malay graduate mentioned he's from Malaysia. Go figure...tersgt malulah. Stop whatever you've conceived.. whoever the bigots are... be prosecuted by the government of developed nations for coming abroad to spread lies, manipulation, racism and hatred ! Huru- hara satu dunia pulak ! Buat Malaysia malu aje!! Globe trotting doing this that based on hanya bangsa yg hebat will backfire, too.

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