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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On Tunku Aziz, DAP supporters.

Tunku Aziz can say whatever he wants. He will be disappointed when unlike him; Dyana Daud will not leave DAP.
Tunku Aziz said when he joined DAP, the party fought against corruption. He too wants to fight corruption. So he found in DAP a form of kindred spirit. But later he found out DAP wasn’t fighting against corruption but against the government. So he says, after the fact- that cannot be because he wasn’t into that kind of fight. Tunku Aziz didn’t know that to fight against corruption, he has to fight against the structures that support corruption.
Only later he found out, DAP isn’t an NGO or a social pressure group, but a political party.
Perhaps to Tunku Aziz, corruption takes place in a vacuum, no perpetrators, no people. Corruption is rampant with this government, how can you fight corruption without taking the superstructure that supports it?
Don’t tell me, this simple association wasn’t intelligible to Tunku Aziz when he joined DAP? Tunku Aziz left because he felt slighted and beneath him to be denied serving as senator. So how come Tunku Aziz is no longer fighting against corruption now? 
Is it because DAP is taking this fight, Tunku Aziz doesn’t want to fight corruption fearing that he would be associated with DAP? Then Tunku Aziz is just another egotistical bloke who thinks only he has the right to fight corruption. This man cannot belong anywhere in this case. Not DAP, not UMNO, not any party. He is one man show.
Tunku Aziz will be disappointed when Dyana Daud is not going to leave DAP on the account of Tunku Aziz. He has to sell his sad tales to some other gullible parties.
Where have the DAP supporters gone? 
Mah Siew Keong has won the Teluk Intan by election. Hooray. Congratulations to him. Teluk Intan will now get a highway. No doubt some UMNO division leaders will get the project- any of the big UMNO warlords in Perak. It will also get a university. I see there are already two universities there- UKM and UITM. Maybe University of Chinese traditional medicine. Or something like that.
Mah will also be inducted into the cabinet.  He will be made a minister. This and the previous carrots were promised by UMNO ministers and the PM. Rela members will get new uniforms. Perhaps the leaning tower of Teluk Intan will be jacked up and straightened.Tamil school goers see a better future beyond standard six.
I hear those who say, the Chinese did not vote this time because they did not think this will change the government. Chinese support for DAP dropped from 85% to 70%. They are more interested in seeing development taking place. I cannot fault this kind of reasoning although I do not agree with it.
What the Chinese want most of all is fair dealing and fair treatment. Never mind if Tajudin Rahman wants to become PM. Or whosoever gets to replace Najib. As long as the next government provides fair treatment and fair dealing.
As for education, lack of government funding has hardly stopped Chinese from pooling resources and creating their schools, colleges and even universities. The Grand court Hotel in Teluk Intan wasn’t built using government grants. Caely Girl factory wasn’t built using BN government funds. The Medical Centre in Batak Rabit wasn’t built using government money. So what development are the Chinese talking about?
Private enterprise and Chinese entrepreneurship create development- not government.
I am less interested in achieving a marginal increase in Malay support for our Teluk Intan candidate. It wasn’t enough to compensate for the reduced support from the Chinese and Indian communities. My main question is what happened to the more than 7000 surplus that the late Seah got in in 2013? Where did it go?
Perhaps, the dangling of a ministership was big enough to sway the voting decision of the Chinese in Teluk Intan. Mah as minister can sort out many business problems. When Mah was promised a minister post, maybe 10 tycoons get together to support Mah. If each pooled in RM500,000 there is a RM5 million fund which can used to soften up the most stubborn person. One tycoon wields much influence over Chinese voters who may be beholden to them in so many ways.
But I also see some dark linings over the silver clouds. DAP must not take for granted Chinese support for them. That is a more pertinent question rather than mulling over the increase in Malay support and reduced non Malay support. The loss in Teluk Intan to me shows, the efforts to make people think as Malaysians must also be cultivated among DAP members too. For too long, the emphasis and concentration were directed at changing the mind-set of Malays. The focus on Malays is still the number one priority though, but the culture of thinking as Malaysians must also be nurtured among DAP members.
I have not the slightest doubt, thinking as Malaysian is prevalent among the top leadership of DAP- but am less sure when assessing it among the DAP hoi poloi. The missing 7300 voters who voted for the late Seah Peng Leong in 2013 is a case in point. Where have they gone? I am sure not all are outstation voters. Some may be in Teluk Intan . But they didn’t come out to vote the DAP candidate.


bruno 4 June 2014 at 07:21  

Dato,it is unbecoming of Tunku Aziz to keep on bickering about Dyana and DAP.He quit DAP on his own accord because of his wounded pride and ego.He divorcd the DAP,so carry on with his life.Why act like a woman scorned and let people laughed at him.He has become a laughing stock and has lost all respect people have of him.

When Tunku Aziz joined the DAP,he mistood the DAP as an affilate of the MACC,a corruption fighting machine and not a political party.How smart can a guy be to believe that the DAP is not a political party.And when the DAP nominated him to the senate,was he there to fight corruption?Or was he there to just warm the benches.

The Chinese business community was behind the loss of Chinese support this time around.Maybe they felt threatened by Zahid of his ingrates remark,and feared retaliation if Umno lost.So they have word passed around to the Chinese to support Umno's Mah.

Mah will be warming the seat and will be out after GE14.Will there be some development in Teluk Intan?Very small projects,maybe.A new university in Teluk Intan?Maybe when PR takes over Putrajaya.Those who believe that a new university will be built because Umno won Teluk Intan will be very dissapointed.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 07:49  

Dear Datuk Sak

The 3% increase in Malay support
can be considered "statistically insignificant" i.e. due to chance
So the DAP leaders should not get too ecstatic over this seeming increase.

The so-called "drop" in Chinese and Indian support is more likely due to out-of-town voters not coming back to vote (in this by-election). Imagine the expense and inconvenience for a working class person holding a job in Penang, Klang Valley or Singapore to come home to vote.

Keep up your good work!

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 08:59  

To one who has some relevant know how, it is abundantly clear and obvious that this cap was a Trojan horse. Poor naive DAP has to suffer for being unscrupulous.

bruno 4 June 2014 at 09:09  

This recent Teluk Intan by election Umno got a lot to lose,not Gerakan's Mah or his Gerakan party.

Umno was all out to see Dyana do not get to be the next MP of Teluk Intan.Just look at the number of Umno ministers going to Teluk Intan.

They were arm twisting the locals to sway the Chinese votes towards the BN.Just imagine a Dyana victory.Where are Muhyiddin and the Umno ministers going to hide their faces.They already bet everything including using their underwears as collateral.So if Umno's Mah lost what are the Umno ministers going to do?Lose their underwears used as collaterals and run the streets naked?

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 09:15  

Apakah DAP sedang menentang rasuah sekarang?

Semasa Tunku Aziz dipujuk, bukankah dia cuba dirasuah?

DAP Perasuah atau Menentang Rasuah ?

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 09:21  

Agreed with you 101% Dato. The mindset of Chinese and Indian need to change too, not just the Malay. We must start thinking as Malaysian and looked beyond the skin colour.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 10:00  

Tunku Aziz has not mentioned a word again UMNO's racism, Perkasa or Isma. He has not spoken about crony capitalism, contracts without tenders,or even corruption.
This man, as I said in an earlier post, is noting more than a scorned lover who wants to cut off her ex-lover's penis.
Let him take his rage to his grave.
He is a despicable old man.
All he wanted was positions and benefits from the DAP thinking he was God's gift to the party.
If Chinese want to support BN despite all the discrimination and name calling, so be it. Let them be happy with the university and highway and close their ears when told to balik Cina.

clearwater,  4 June 2014 at 10:02  

Pragmatism won this time round; BN sponsored development(or else none) was the important factor for many locals. This can be considered a rice bowl by-election of sorts with the local boy able to promise more. As for out-station voters, not much early morning traffic gave rise to well founded apprehension of low turnout. Ah, well, one last gasp for Gerakan.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 10:02  

It is very refreshing to read your thoughts. You are one Malay ahead of the times, far ahead. God Bless you and please help out Dyana to grow in your image.
Frpm my conversations/observation The Chinese love for the DAP is intact. Telok Intan does not make a summerfor BN. Fret not.

Unknown 4 June 2014 at 10:11  

Salam Dato'...... I'm a Malay fence sitter. And so do I believe are the majority chinese voters. I disagree to the common believe that they are naturally inclined towards DAP. As you have rightfully said, they just want fair treatment and deals....and so does the majority rest of the breathing races. Wanting fair treatment and deals dictates having the desired confidence in the prospective representative to push the right agenda. Having the whole DAP muscle to back her up when the time comes does not really help. She must give that confidence herself…as what you yourself have shown. It’s not about race and religion but that individual perceived strength. This is not a persatuan election but parliament. Picture this honestly…..if UMNO was to completely disappear from the election campaign would Mah had won with a bigger margin?

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 10:12  

Askm tok
Pimpinan pr second line dh gaduh punca kalah di ti
Gobi kata hudud punca pemuda pas kata puak2 dalaman dap sebabnya...
X de jiwa yg besar pd pimpinan ini music yg sebenar adalah umno...
Rakyat nk tengok kerajaan umno tumbang....
Bulan nk tengok pemain pin pr gaduh...

OneMalaysian,  4 June 2014 at 10:18  

Dear Sakmongkol

“For too long, the emphasis and concentration were directed at changing the mind-set of Malays. The focus on Malays is still the number one priority though, but the culture of thinking as Malaysians must also be nurtured among DAP members.”

We shall speak no more about Tunku Aziz. He doesn’t deserve more space and time. There are far more important matters to focus our minds on.

The future of our country lies in our willingness to think as Malaysians, to see our diversity as a strength and not a weakness. We are different but one in the sense that we have one joint future. So it requires everyone to change his mindset. You are right to point out that DAP top leaders are completely multi-racial in their outlook, and that the DAP rank and file is not quite up to speed on this. So, much work is needed. Beyond the principles that the DAP represents and fights for, it must try much harder to attract Malays into the party. This is not going to be easy because UMNO has been very successful in equating Malay with UMNO. But that’s DAP’s political challenge if it is to be a true national multi-racial party.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 11:00  


‘Where have the DAP supporters gone?’

I can understand yr frustration in a mild-mannerish disclosure of transient racial voting by the TI Chinese M’sian voters.

Like it or not, such is a fact of life within that small intra-section of our racial-enhanced M’sian communities of ‘truly Asian’ mentality.

Thus, there will be people voting along racial line, comes what may!

The disappearance of that 7k vote bank for DAP casts a long shadow about the priority of the Chinese M’sian voters in TI.

U had already given ample points to ponder – pro/con has to be seen in a bigger picture.

In the bigger picture, however, u r right about dark linings over the silver clouds – why that minimal increase in Malay support?

Don’t the Malay saw that DAP was in game changing mode by fielding a Malay candidate in a Chinese majority constituency, where it already had strong ground support?

Or could it be that inbreed, coupled with constant indoctrination/reminders, of DAP bashing/suspicion had done its magic that not only the die-hards wouldnt change, even the liberal wont care about the game changing mood for the bets of M’sia?

Remember, this tactical change is a known political risk & yet it has to be taken, bcoz of the size of the Malay population, thus the major contributing factor in M’sia politic. In simple term, if the Malays don’t change their voting pattern, heartlanders/city liberals, M’sia would see ANY significant political change. That has factored in the splitting of the Malay vote bank by PAS/PKR. The outcome is only the in the degree of violence, when the Chinese becomes the REAL king-maker!

DAP doesn’t ignore this fact & yet the Malays, in general, doesn’t care about what DAP could contribute to a peaceful transition in M’sian politic!

All the facts point to a simple conclusion that when the crunch is down, narrowly defined race & religion factors r still the final decision tippers for the Malays.

Thus, the doubt about the disappearance of that 7k vote bank MUST be seen in comparison with that minimal 3% increment of the Malay vote for a Malay candidate in a mildly-strong Chinese area (Malay ~38%).

Why cant the swing of the Chinese can be 15% in favour of BN (granted it’s the BN promises/machinery that guide Gerakan in this bye-election), while there was ONLY a 3% DAP (PKR/PAS had limited role play in this bye-election – like it or not)?

This is the BIG question in a small bye-election that needs to be answered.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 11:43  

DAP is fighting the Govt because they are corrupt. It is the same thing as fighting corruption. To me, this is Tunku's only excuse (but a bad one) for leaving DAP.

I believe Tunku is a Govt supporter or more precisely an UMNO supporter.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 12:20  

Is it possible that a portion who voted the late Seah did not vote this time because of disagreement over the choice of candidate? Perhaps they expected a senior member to be chosen but a greenhorn was the candidate. If these DAP members didn't vote or spoilt their votes, it is also possible they encourage their friends and relatives to do the same.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 12:27  

Salam Dato,

Bagi saya Dyana tidak kalah dalam perjuangan.

Bayangkan Dyana yang kerdil, menghadapi jentera "rasuah" UMNO yang hebat disertai fitnah "busuk" media sosial UMNO ...... tapi BN menang dengan majoriti kecil. BN tidak harus rasa bangga. Sepatutnya dengan jentera "janji sana janji sini" harus BN menang dengan mejoriti besar.

Tak payah pakai statistik level universiti, pakai saja statistik PMR, menunjukkan BN menang dengan tidak ada moral dari setiap aspek hukum demokrasi.

Kalah Dyana bukanlah kalah dalam arti kata pungutan undi, tapi menang dalam sifat jiwa besar Dyana itu sendiri dalam usia masih muda.

Kita harap Dyana dan beribu-ribu anak muda seperti Dyana di luar sana akan mencetuskan fenomena "anak muda yang progresif dalam dunia politik".

Kita harap akan muncul anak muda yang berani bukan hanya dalam DAP, tapi juga PKR dan PAS.

Bukannya konsep anak muda "menjilat/,membodek/jumud penakut" seperti yang di war-warkan oleh UMNO.

Kita harap agar banyak muncul serikandi-serikandi walau apa bangsa dalam mengubah demi menghapuskan sistem politik kotor kerajaan UMNO yang lansung tidak demokratik.

Ayuh gadis-gadis terpelajar seluruh Malaysia, bangkitlah, tanganmu yang suci bersih mampu menumbangkan "politik angkuh" kerajaan UMNO.

Kita harap agar pakcik/makcik di kampung mempunyai sifat/ciri Dyana, walau dirimu totok UMNO, sudahlah..... beri peluang kepada generasi muda untuk menyegarkan arena politik yang lebih demokratik, bukannya ala diktator macam di Timur Tengah itu. Buat malu orang Islam sahaja.

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 12:35  

Dear Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri,

I believe DAP with their Malaysia for Malaysian goal (which I support whole-heartedly), Malaysians should no longer be seen with percentage n generalised according to which race think what. Inclusive means perjuangan for all, means a perjuangan bigger than any racial party, for 100% Malaysians. Whether rich/poor, pro-Malaysia or pro-kaum, occupation, religion, this exist in all races, since every vote counts, so hope no one is dipinggirkan. Let's try to show the beauty of a united Malaysia where we jaga each other to the 20xxx voters for Mah. Let the demonstration begins thru actions/words/attitudes in how we treat each other. Malaysia for Malaysians is not a selfish political agenda, it's a national agenda for the good of the people, in the long term. When people got no money to pay car loans or petrol or for food or medicine, highway n stadium won't help. anyway, 2 stadiums' roofs in sukma perlis collapsed recently.

Kelapa muda

Anonymous,  4 June 2014 at 12:58  

It would be fatal for DAP to think they can take Chinese voters for granted. They are very practical people and they will vote for you if they think their future is well provided for. Make them angry and they will not hesitate to punish you.Unlike the Indians, you can kick them when they are lying on the ground and yet still remain faithful come what may. Umno loves them more than they love the rest of us for sure but only when they are needed to save them. After that, they treat them like indentured slaves.

org perak,  4 June 2014 at 16:26  

I wonder why Malay in DAP always talk about DAP not multi racial and need more Malay?

Malay can have many choice to join opposition party like PAS and PKR and why always blame the DAP for not multiracial enough?

Some Malay join DAP for 2/3 years want to become “wakil rakyat (WR)” and if DAP rejected them they called DAP “ racist”. Do you think is fair to become “WR” in a short period of time and those capable senior Chinese (more than 10 years as DAP member) not getting the vote to become “WR”

Why nobody talk about “racist” MCA/UMNO/Gerakan when there is no a single multi race in their party?

Everything need to justify with merit in order to become a senior member of DAP and go through the procedures adopted by the party system (step by step). Malay is good for DAP but don’t expect much from a Chinese party which emphasize on meritocracy.

DAP no need to fight for Chinese if no discrimination took place. (All are equal) An establishment of Chinese party is to fight for unfairness adopted by the “racist” party. Unlike MCA, they are stood to Umno and just taking care of their own wealth instead of the poor Chinese.

Malay candidate in DAP need to own the respect from the members and not just calling DAP “racist” when less Malay “WR” has been selected.

You must remember, DAP is fighting for the rakyat and not because of personal wealth. Otherwise, LKS/Kapal singh/LGE had join UMNO and enjoy the corrupt wealth rather than going to jail for nothing. They work for people and not for wealth. Those Malay keep talking about” racist” DAP is brainless.

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