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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 22 June 2014

Najib's New Economic Model- Enrich the elite, impoverish the Rest.

Nowadays when UMNO leaders claimed they are fighting for Malay interests, those claims sound hollow. After 57 years of UMNO rule, the top 20% of all races have entrenched their economic stranglehold. This is reflected by the more than proportionate increase in their mean monthly income. The Malays in particular should take note.
The top 20% of Malays earned RM10, 666 a month while the bottom 40% earned RM1686. The bottom 40% and those outside the most minimal income bracket eke out a daily living. Welfare assistance of RM200-400 does help as do BR1Ms- the politically charged hand-outs that ease the pain temporarily.  But this beneficence and acts of care are quickly gobbled up by increasing cost of living.
The basic principle of placing the wealth creating resources directly in the hands of the people who matter most is not there. Each time the government come out with a plan of creating wealth through levels of intermediaries.
 Education is not free up to university level. The kid going to a polytechnic in Kuantan has to pay close to RM800 as initiation fees. The parents earn RM400 a month. So they go asking around for hand-outs. More than 100 thousand graduates are now unemployed and the government never publish these statistics. The growing army of unemployed include not only the less trained and skilled but also engineering graduates and science graduates.
Affordable housing is out of reach by ordinary people. The PR1MA people make hype of its efforts to build affordable homes but the units are pre-distributed among party adherents. Land is difficult to obtain while petty leaders get land ever so easily. The MB of Perak could easily gave the state UMNO youth head more than 30acres of land but find it very difficult to give 1 acre to ordinary applicants.
This is in essence the New Economic Model of Najib. It continues the preferential treatment on the preferred and selected individuals- of all races. We should kick out this MLM type of government which is no different from the duplicitous PONZI schemes and no different from our local get rich schemes of Pak Man Telo or Tuhan Harun.
The UMNO elites accompanied by their pet poodles from other BN component parties, go to bed and cavort with the select few- the Malays flying themselves out and into this country on recently acquired private jets, the Rozalis, the Syed Mokhtars, the Rahid Manafs, the AP holders, the monopoly holders, the license tengkus, the Chinese Hongs- the YTLs, the Kam Pohs, the Lew Kee Sins, the YTLs, the Danny Tans. The Malay political elites, the once jaga keretas and car washers, the once cooking gas carriers, the once carpet sellers dine and wine at the Hong Leong Penthouses.
Inside parliament only those UMNO MPs wishing to make a name for themselves are talking about the plight of marginalised Malays. Only in order to show and demonstrate that UMNO is fighting for the cause of Malays. It seems part of the required protocol- to utter something that are politically correct to stay ideologically in line; the reality is- these are part of the sham and hypocrisy on which UMNO thrives and survives.
It needs to champion the cause in order to validate its increasingly fragile pole position as the voice of Malay interests. The people are equally increasingly disillusioned with UMNO’s hypocrisy about its commitment to really transform Malay economically.
The empty slogans do not resonate forcefully anymore; the great ideas and vision packaged in the forms of various acronyms- NEM, ETP, GT, NKRA, are meaningless to the people who are facing economic hardships. They are useless to people who have to pay for a higher cost of living- hemmed from all sides by the increasing prices of foodstuffs, of everyday needs.  Real incomes are eroded by rising costs.
Next: Najib’s New Economic Model- did he instruct UDA to sell Pudu Jail Land to Ecoworld?


Anonymous,  22 June 2014 at 08:28  

Someone from Selangor will soon join fellow elites for breakfast in a penthouse - sandwich with caviar, blue cheese.

Nasi lemak is for us goats.

Anonymous,  22 June 2014 at 12:27  

Six words describes UMNO: They are a bunch of thieves.

Too bad that the 47% Malaysians or idiots seem to love thieves.

Anonymous,  22 June 2014 at 18:09  

Salam Dato,

Artikel Dato ini kalau di terjemahkan kepada sebahagian pakcik makcik di kampung saya rasa ........ telinga mereka masih pekak agaknya.

(Geleng kepala saya) ...bilakah agaknya sikap orang Melayu berani menghadapi perubahan dan sikap berani dalam segala hal.

Orang lain berani masuk hutan tebal waktu malam, mengkaji sains alam....kita masih dibelenggu ketakutan terhadap "hantu jembalang" entah apa-apa ....

Anonymous,  22 June 2014 at 20:50  

The Malays themselves need to be blamed for their present predicament. Despite, the miserable condition they are in, they still continue to support UMNO. How more foolish can one be?
They even rejected free education from Pakatan? Telok Intan welcome GST by voting BN.
Foolish or idiots?

Anonymous,  23 June 2014 at 00:32  

Nak cakap apal lagi Sak. Ini lah dia melayu hari ini. Bodoh, bebal dan............dah tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi. 'Passion' melayu hari ini sapu, kebas dan curi apa yang boleh. Tak kira halal atau haram. Janji masuk. Ini adalah kerana boss2 mereka di atas lagi dasyat perangai. Dah sapu duit lembu buta2 sekarang dapat projek buat bangunan uitm . Masih tak cukup2. Selagi boleh sapu, sapu. Agak nya kita melayu ini dah terkena sumpah oleh allah.mampos le sampai bila2.sala7

GreenBug 23 June 2014 at 03:20  

The only people who can bring a change to Malaysia are the educated well-informed Malays themselves but even this group is very afraid as they can see the ruling party has no qualms and hesitation in throwing the books at you in terms of Sedition Act and whatever acts they have... so they will just wait and enjoy their wealth and comfortable lives without rocking the boat. That is why you can see these Malays are more concerned about their golf swings than what's happening around them politically... that's really sad....

Anonymous,  23 June 2014 at 11:29  

Datuk Sak

Another innovation:

Stay in power at all costs (including bankrupting the nation
with handouts -- massive to cronies and possible defectors, small amounts to the rest).

Phua Kai Lit

TC 88,  23 June 2014 at 11:40  

Misguided, brainwashed with at schools, BN massive propaganda through and on mass media, TV and newspaper, ever decreasing standards in our education levels esp at primary and lower secondary schools, BN handouts and inability of PR to go into the kampongs. UMNO is still preferred choice over PAS in kampongs. Just look at Raub, forever a fixed deposit for BN, until Dato represented PR.

Anonymous,  23 June 2014 at 14:27  


Anonymous,  23 June 2014 at 22:55  

UMNO are a bunch of hypocrites & only fools will believed they really are helping the Malays.

Anonymous,  24 June 2014 at 08:30  

The hypothesis that when UMNO elite get involved in mega businesses, then it is not capitalism. They can't be trusted to handle money, power.. as in any form of capitalism, that's it !!

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