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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 8 January 2012

The shape of things to come

This 9th of January 2012 is the day when the court passes sentence on Anwar Ibrahim. He can either be acquitted or convicted. Anwar seems resigned to the fact that he will be convicted and will spend time in jail. On the other hand he is very upbeat on the outcome of the next elections. Accordingly he has defiantly travelled across the country giving fiery speeches galvanizing public support. Seemingly indifferent at the prospects of going to jail, he is already talking about an interim PM. Others from the opposition parties are behind him on this and reiterate their confidence that Anwar will become PM.
Much will depend on the reaction from the Malay ground; Anwar will have to hope that morality isn’t treated as a big issue among Malays in general.  Among the non-Malays his morals do not factor big in their decision making process. What Anwar does behind locked doors is his business. The non-Malays appear to take a detached view from being moral judges. The old Indian lady whom I once wrote about who prayed for Anwar dismissed the things Anwar is alleged to have done but instead rued at the tyranny visited upon Anwar and his family. The non-Malay lawyer whom I met denounced Anwar but was equally vicious against the injustice committed on Anwar’s family. He vowed never to vote BN.
 So how does the Malay ground feel for Anwar? Anwar and his supporters will say the government is using fitnah to do him in. his detractors will say Anwar is using the tiring term of conspiracy for more than 13 years. How does the average Malay feel?  I think Anwar and his supporters must be prepared to accept the courts verdict. The others must prepare how to win the elections. The opposition can’t be Anwar-centric.
If the average Malay feels numbed by the distasteful exploitation of Anwar’s morals, he may reap the sympathy of the majority. If the average Malay feels Anwar’s morality is a reflection of a deep-seated flaw in character that makes him unsuitable for high office, Anwar is gone. As it is, it’s very difficult to read the Malay crowd. Whenever he speaks, thousands come in attendance. The irony of the whole thing is, as I wrote sometime back, the situation has come to the point where whatever Anwar says is believed and whatever the government says, is dismissed.
I am not going to analyze the reasons for the optimism surrounding Anwar but I have my personal reservations about calling 100,000 people to the court premises. For what purpose? What the court decides, it can’t be challenged extra judicially not withstanding 100,000 people clamoring for a verdict favorable to them. You fight your battles in court and cannot be accusing the courts to be impartial all the time. The whole world is watching. The watchful eye of the international public serves as sufficient deterrent against flippant judgment.
I question the wisdom of organizing large crowds. Trouble could be started by anybody within the crowd and blame will certainly be attributed to the organizers of the rally. I am all for leaders of the opposition parties attending court to show support for a friend in distress. Anwar has many friends and it’s fitting for them to come and give him moral support.  I think that is a proper thing to do. Other than that, the presence of 100 thousand over people will serve to show that Anwar has support and sympathy. But that could come at a high cost.
When a friend got into an accident and is hospitalized we visit him at the hospital to console him and offer him our best wishes. He may have caused the accident himself but when we visit him, we don’t ask whether he is the cause of the accident.  So if opposition luminaries attend court on the 9th, they do so to offer best wishes to a friend.
The other news that is making its round is my admission as member of the DAP. I think this shouldn’t be made into a big thing. Aspan Alias and I are no threat at all to UMNO with its pervasive and ubiquitous machinery. We are two insignificant people. I have been accused as a failed ADUN and wasn’t much of anything else. I am no threat at all.  Ignore us and we will fade into oblivion. With all the negative points, UMNO and BN will have no difficulties at all to pulverize us. If we were to be fielded as candidates in the next election, let us contest in the ring and wish the better of our opponent. There were many calls for me to leave UMNO as I am most of the times criticizing it and now that I have decided to accede to those calls, why should that decision be objected vehemently? A dear friend from MCA text me to offer his felicitations and good wishes and I thought that was heartwarming for him to do so. This contrasted with the outpouring of diatribes from some of my UMNO friends. As I wrote the other day, I am only changing political platform not my faith.


Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 21:21  

Dear Dato Sak

Political parties move leftward or rightward on the political spectrum.

But people of integrity will ALWAYS stick to their principles.

Together we must work to ensure that the DAP stays faithful to the principles of social democracy and PAS to an Islamist version of the welfare state.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 21:32  

A big Welcome to DAP & PR!

Please continue to fight for injustice...corruption....abuse of power, oppression....and betterment of Malaysia.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 21:51  

no dato'. its not whether you are a small fish or anybody. we respect u for your principles.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 22:06  

Dato Sak, you have every right to choose your own platform to fight your own political cause. I will even vote for UMNO if they represent justice but sadly this is not the case. DAP with its shortcoming is still the best party for you and Aspan. May I wish you the best and may God gives you strength to carry on.

LaM 8 January 2012 at 22:13  

Can't blame PKR since it is a political case and the Judge in finding him guilty will have to make a political decision and judgement.

This stupid case should not have gone to court at all. Where can you find a rape or sodomy case in this whole world where the alleged victim met the country's Deputy Prime Minister, a sworn enemy of the alleged accused, a senior police officer in a hotel room and talk to the country's top cop 2/3 days before the alleged rape or sodomy. And a day later the so-called victim went to the accused house and have tea, 'karipap' and 'mee goring' and was seen smiling. And a day later, went to the police saying he was sodomized.

I think even Disneyland or some flick horror movies have a better plot than this.

In a normal trial in this country all the witnesses whom the victim met bf the alleged incident have to appear for the prosecution to testify. More so when he complained that he had been sodomized previously. In this case they put all the stops to prevent Najib and Rodwan from testifying.

This is a fixed up political case. The same script they copied from Sodomy 1 with certain modification.

bruno,  8 January 2012 at 22:16  

Dato,whatever the outcome of the Anwar verdict tomorrow,Umno/BN have painted themselves in a corner,where they are in a lose lose situation.The people have decided that it will be a guilty verdict.An aquittal will be a surprise and a bonus.

Whatever the outcome the ABU movement is in a steady stream and will be like a steamroller and peaked on polling day.The good news to come out a day before the Anwar verdict is the sacking of Hassan Ali from PAS.PR is getting ready to kick him out from the exco,according to the latest news.

Umno will want to have nothing to do with him,since outside PAS,Hassan Ali will be irrelevant.
Hassan Ali has turned into a political pariah by his own doing.

Kampong man,  8 January 2012 at 22:26  

Congratulations on being accepted as a DAP member .I shall be the first one to write this time instead of the normal bruno and nick.This one from you appear a bit sober than the last article and i just leave it as it is.As i went through your blog i managed to get through to your buddy Aspan blog by chance and for the first time but dare not make any controversial comment for i need to understand his thinking and rational in his writing first.Both of you are now the new kid on the block(Popular pop group one time) . I did mention that i shall be submitting my UMNO membership form together with my wife not due to both of you leaving but because of my believe of UMNO/BN PERJUANGAN.May be i can learn new things as my mind is free and not corrupted.I shall be following your blog from far and wish to contribute and focus my effort to ensure UMNO/BN remains relevent and the choice of the majority RAKYAT.Have a good day Sak.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 22:29  

Wise move , Dato' !
Umno Baru as it is now is not the Umno founded by Dato' Onn Jaafar in every sense.

Onn Jaafar's Umno was for "guru,nelayan dan petani"and the poor Malay, whereas Mahathir Mohamad's Umno Baru is for " anak, menantu dan kroni " and the elites.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 22:33  

Sak, it's nature and do believe this: whoever has the courage to do the unorthodox is going to be a leader of 2morrow bro. U and Aspan are going to be leaders

Syabas bro.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 22:36  

dear, sdr.Ariff..welcome abroad. i can sense Sdr. could assist Parti Tindakan Demokratik Malaysia and PR running the next Federal Government...with God's willing.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 22:39  

Saya menyokong dan mengkagumi keputusan Datuk.Selamat berjuang!
Haji Salah JPJ

Suci Dalam Debu 8 January 2012 at 22:58  


Many congratulations for joining DAP. Your future generations will salute you for doing the right thing.

Yes, DAP is not perfect and so are others. That's the natural law, nothing is perfect.

UMNO is different, They have perfected the ART of Deception in Curi-Curi Malaysia.

For Malaysia to improve, UMNO/BN must die.

bruno,  8 January 2012 at 23:05  

Dato,a guilty verdict is expected and will be widely accepted,as this guilty verdict will not come as a shock.I agreed that to amassed a hundred thousand people at the court's surrounding areas will be at a disadvantage to PR.PR has nothing to gain but a lot to lose if any untoward incidents do happen.Umno can also plant many trojans to have the crowd roiled up too.

If Anwar does indeed go into the cooler,Azmin will inherit the leadership of PKR by default.Just like Najib inherited the PM'ship from Abdullah.Whether he will be widely accepted by all the leaders and members of the PR coalition will be another matter.

But if Azmin were to helm the leadership of PR,first he has to grow up.His big or rather stupid talk of breaking the prison walls to free Anwar if he was jailed,and now to amassed a huge crowd for the verdict speaks the immaturity in him.He is acting just like another KJ,who wants to be PM by aged of fourty,but later found out the hard way that the PM'ship shoes were too big for him to wear.

I agreed that what Anwar does behind closed doors is his personal or his spouse's problems.If he was still an Umno minister and serving Umno loyally the public wouldn't have an iota of information of what is going on even if he has dozens of male lovers.That is the hyprocritally side of a regime imbedded with power for over five decades.

Whatever the verdict,Umno knows that it is on the way out.Insiders leaking out information about Umnoputras greediness for the ringgit have been frequenting the news recently.Najib and Umno/BN delaying the inevitable upcoming GE to as far back as possible speaks of itself in trouble.A few more months in power is much better than a few more months earlier in the wilderness powerless.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 23:17  

And when is the time for the next platform change Dato?

Just stick on with the DAP and change the perception of the Malays towards the party.

But do go after the Chinamen who do not respect the Malay adats and sensitivities.

Do it wherever you are please.


bruno,  8 January 2012 at 23:17  

Dato,this dear friend from MCA don't happen to be Ti Lian Ker.

Anonymous,  8 January 2012 at 23:25  

My prayer is with Anwar, ALLAH knows best and the defence team has done the best and everyone knows the argument presented.
To the judge it is all his and he knows who he has to answer later and definitely Najib and this world are nothing and tepuk dada tanya la sendiri. 100k crowd will remain 100k with or without Anwar but the verdict be it in favor or not will have direct impact with the crowd and you bet sir!
We stop making prediction for tomorrow and let see how can we kick UMNO/BN for better Malaysia and my congrats to you and see you at the coming battlefield soon. Now or never. Salam Dato'.

bruno,  8 January 2012 at 23:36  

Dato,if it is Dato Ti Lian Ker,you should also tell him that it is time for him to move on.His beloved Mca will be decimated soon anyway.He is one of the Mca guys that will make a difference in the DAP and PR.

Malaysian 9 January 2012 at 00:21  

Congrat Dato for making the decision to join DAP! DAP please do not dissappoint Datao. I hope this will the day will be a day where DAP be a multi-racial and multi-religion party. I wish you good luck for serving fellow Malaysian.


Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 00:26  

The beauty or rather the ugliness of Anu-war is his cunningness to turn himself from a perp to a victim. He is now acting like he is Saiful, the victim.
And pity yeah the victim, So we must garner 100,000 people to be the judge of his innocence.
Maka beraraklah kita memberitahu dunia kekejaman mahkamah BN menghukum innocent Anwar.
Only he is capable of doing that. If it is Najib, God forbid, People will be cursing him and asking him to step down.
In Anu-War's case he is calling himself Nelson Mandela and Erdogan of Turkey roll into one.
Immaterial, in prison or out, he is still the PM-in-waiting.
Yet at the same breath, he's telling his crown Prince Azmin that he (Azmin) will be will be the interim PM, Finance Minister and Home Minister. Hahaha.
And there's also the amanat from him kalau saya tertembak. Hohoho, who wants to shoot him and made him a martyr.
Or he wants to do himself in or his people will do it. Perplexing. You never know with this man. Of course, the police will be blamed.
Like tomorrow's demo, Hismamuddin Rais is provoking the protestors to bring kids and women. Why, if not to be used as a shield.
Now Azmin is turning around and saying that the police did not give conditions on the demo when they have already signed the consent form agreeing to the police conditions.
Looks like they are itching for a fight. Again the police will be accused if anything untoward happens.
Yes, to you and to me, it is stupid of the masses to try and change the judicial decision.
But I guess it's in the Malay DNA to love this herd mentality of assembling for a no-cause.
Already there are stories in Pro-Pakatan blogs, saying that Wan Azizah's bodyguard is hospitalised after an assault.
It may be PKR people who did that.
You just can't win with this kaki putar alam. Now there's a sympathy video showing the whole family is in support of him.
I sense a rather tone-down criticsm of Anwar now that you are on his side.
I am a simple Malay with a simple mind. And I believe that a man of questionable morals should not be our PM.
Tonight Nasharuddin of PAS has stressed that since Anwar has moral issues, then Tok Guru Nicky or Hadi should be the PM.
He is of the same view as the just sacked Hassan Ali.
Your party should also clamor for LKS or LGE to be the PM.
And Sak, please tell your leaders to register Pakatan as a component Party like BN. Or else you all will be contesting under your own party banner.

bruno,  9 January 2012 at 00:40  

Quite Despair,

Hi,my dear buddy.Bruno Barbossa talking facts is more likable and acceptable than Quite Despair RPK blowing hot air into the cool chilly air.Hahaha.Did you catch sight of your friendly neighbour in Bangsar.You know who I am talking about,don't you.I would keep my daughters out of his sight.Cheers buddy.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 00:48  

Ypu are so kind to say Anwar is resigned to his conviction. Really??
So why lawan, jangan tak lawan.
This man is full of trickery. Always ahead. Always jumping the gun.
Always thinking bad about our judicial system. I look at it as a guilty person knowing he's guilty.
What if the judge veridct is : NOT Guilty. Tak malu ke datang berduyun-duyun macam nak berlawan.
Or he will change it to a circus like tandu the judge and said hakim adil, bukan anjing BN.
And don't fret. We will be seeing lots of him. He will file an appeal.
And with his penchant for postponement, it may take a lifetime for the appeal to be heard. Maybe we see another 120 postponements.
Ya Allah, selamatkan negara ini dan rakyatnya daripada Mr Trouble.
His trouble, becomes our trouble.
We want to work tomorrow and we don't care about the court case.

bruno,  9 January 2012 at 01:06  

Dato,first my appologies to Dato and Aspan for not congratulating you guys first for joining the DAP,thus letting Kampong man beat me to it.In the exitement to hear the confirmation,I simply forget my manners,making Kampong man happy,he beat me.

First let me congratulate Aspan and you for joining the DAP,since you have already confirmed it.Kampong man is a sport for offering his congrats too.

First but not last,when you and Aspan are in the cabinet or in the MB mansion in Negri Sembilan,don't forget Nick and me.Maybe six figure salary job will do,if not seven figures(umno style)Hahaha.

My best buddy Quite Despair must be real freaking mad,pulling out all his remaining hair from his scalp hearing this.Nick and me to be rewarded for his beloved Umno to be given the boot.What a crazy world we are living in.Hahaha.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 02:30  

Salam Dato,

Happy New Year! May your 2012 be filled with joy, peace, love, health and wealth in abundance.

You have my utmost respect.

Best wishes for you as your political journey begins.....


ordinary malaysian 9 January 2012 at 03:52  

Datuk, as much as I respect your views I must disagree with you on several points here. Some people like you keep on harping that we should not be Anwar-centric. That we should go beyond Anwar now. I don't think so. At this point of time, Anwar is still the center. Do you honestly think that there is a viable opposition without Anwar? That DAP and PAS can sleep together? Oh no, hudud and other related issues, are always going to undo any glue there may be without Anwar. Without Anwar the opposition cannot gel well. I would even say that at this point of time, there is no opposition without Anwar. After Pakatan have taken over Putrajaya with Anwar as the PM for a term or two, then we can talk about going beyond Anwar. BUT certainly NOT now!

As to morality, what morality are you talking about? If you are talking about sodomy, sorry, I myself would like to believe that Anwar could be a sodomite. But in the very first sodomy trial, a prosecution witness, if I recall correctly, a government doctor no less, had testified that there was no evidence of penetration. For goodness sake, he was a government doctor! not Anwar's private doctor. Why would the doctor jeopardise his future! And at that time, one man was extremely powerful, so powerful that even the nation's no 2 man was in danger. Then in the current sodomy case, the first doctor to examine the alleged victim categorically noted that there was no evidence of penetration too, not even a tear or bruises. Sure, I would like to believe Anwar is guilty. But I HAD RATHER BELIEVE WHAT THESE DOCTORS SAID. After all, they had nothing to gain and all to lose.

I also disagree with you on the planned 100,000 people rally. If one feels (and there appear to be good reasons) that he has been been set up and that the administration of the country including the institutions of state have all been blatantly compromised and abused to bring about one's downfall on a patently unsustainable charge and that you can't obtain justice anywhere then I think such a rally is justified to show how people feel about the whole thing and that the people are not as helpless as they think. We are not talking about using force or unlawful means.

Would that your statement that the watchful eye of the international public serves as sufficient deterrent against flippant judgement was not so naive. Sure, our courts have always considered and given much respect and weight to the watchful eye of the international public and few if any of our court judgements were ever flippant. There are always considered and weighty.

dahserikngankeris 9 January 2012 at 04:17  

i dunno dato, hanging out at the mamak watching the match just now, most of us are thinking about the traffic problems when/if things get out of hand, then went to the car wash and saw a big group of malays with anti fitnah t-shirts, i dunno which side of the divide they are from, but from my observations i think the malays are split on anwar, 60-40 maybe 70-30...its sad when malays are split, lol.

Win win for anwar though, if he's aquitted big win, if he's thrown into prison, huge ammunition for the upcoming GE.

also didnt anwar go to prison because of graft?

hmmmm, ok ill just put it out there, Anwar's gonna win.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 09:29  

Hi Bruno buddy

Felicitations from me. Happy to report that I have arrived in my office in one piece.
No dude, I am not tearing my hair over Sak's entry into DAP. In fact I was the first to offer him my best wishes and God speed.
No surprise at all. He's not a real man if he still is in UMNO when he's bruising the party, black ad blue.
Sak is only pleasing himself by saying UMNO is mad with him for quitting. Nope. No one bothers.
If he joins PKR, yes I will go insane. My only hatred is for that Anu fella and no one else.
My buddy from Bangsar? Oh we often meet for coffee at Bangsar Village or BSC.
At least he' not a sicko. If only that fella is like Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. I will not be so incensed with him.
Will get back to you when the verdict is in. The whole office is waiting for good news.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 09:38  

So he's free! My heart goes out to Saiful. He will continue to be the victim.
And now that fella will search for a new ammunition to target Najib for the wrongful trial.
Win the case, he got's a tactic. Lose the case, also there's a strategy.
So now the court is fair. The judge is fair. They are not the anjing of BN.
Much ado about nothing.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 09:44  

i don't really care for political platform but i am impress that you are willing to stand for what you believe passionately considering your background.

it is not something that anyone can do.

School Of Tots 9 January 2012 at 09:52  

Wharever the verdict on DSAI today, the change is unstoppable. People will decides. Destiny within reach, insyaAllah.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 10:13  


Congrats for being a DAP member. It gives me real pleasure to see, alas that our nation is finally on the path to healing.

God is great indeed!

bruno,  9 January 2012 at 10:31  

Dato,with the not guilty verdict,Anwar will still be in the picture whereas Azmin will be back on the sidelines.This is good for the PR coalition.Guessed Umno/BN got cold feet at the last minute,realising that sodomy ll has backfired.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 10:40  


Hukum karma menang. Hakim Zabidin tahu hikmatKarma bila nyawa Hakim Ariffin Jaka dicabut nyawanya ketika dia sedang bergelut menimbang keputusan.

OneMalaysian,  9 January 2012 at 10:51  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I am no threat at all. Ignore us and we will fade into oblivion.”

Didn’t they say that the pen is mightier than the sword? You wield that pen very well, writing clear, incisive articles that cut to very heart of difficult and complex issues. And with a wicked sense of wit, too. That’s what makes your blog interesting to read.

To UMNO you are a heretic, but that does not make your ideas wrong. It is their ideas that are outmoded and dangerous.

I am sure the DAP is more receptive to your political ideas. Just as PAS has evolved to be a more centrist Islamic party, so is the DAP, because that is the only way that they can seize political power and govern.

The Malay Agenda that you espouse is well grounded. All reasonable Malaysians can agree with it and accept it. Good luck.

bruno,  9 January 2012 at 11:00  

Dato,well I guessed Anwar didn't used up all his markers yet.Maybe he has used up six or seven.That leaves him with two or three markers remaining.Anwar sure is charmed and has a cat's nine lives.Therefore he is destined to be the next PM of Malaysia.

After all he and his family has been through,he will be a much better man and PM that the last few lembus of PM's Malaysians have had.Better days are ahead for all Malaysians.All the best to Anwar and his family.

NanoNano,  9 January 2012 at 11:09  

Congrats Dato on joining DAP.

At the time of writing this, DSAI has been acquited!

But Dato remember this, whichever the political divide you chose to serve, as long as you serve with Honesty and Integity, no one will and can fault you (except for the BN Goons lah).

And even if you serve but make a mess of things after doing so with Honesty and Integrity, we will only say you're a useless SOB but a good and honest SOB whom has messed up things.

wongty robert 9 January 2012 at 11:24  

You are being congratulated not for joining DAP but for standing up and helping us Malaysians to correct the wrongs, imbalances, corruptions and abuses made arrogantly by UMNO-BN and their component parties.
You need a platform to help us to rebuild Malaysia that is understandable, so don't worry about all the bad-mouths. They will come back to thank you soon.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 11:53  

Dear Dato',

Leaving UMNO and joining DAP is one of the best decisions you have ever made. You have done your best in trying to cure UMNO of its diseases but even the best doctors in the world with the best medical technology cannot save a dying man (UMNO) who is terminally ill from an incurable disease brought on by his (UMNO) insatiable thirst for all things bad and evil.

I feel that you are being very humble by saying that you and Aspan are two insignificant people in DAP. I strongly believe that Aspan and yourself are two honest and sincere people who have genuine intentions of helping to get an honest, transparent, fair, race blind and truly Malaysian Malaysia government administration into Putrajaya for the well being of all Malaysians. For these reasons, you and Aspan will always be significant and you will always have our support.

Kampong man,  9 January 2012 at 12:21  

Bruno said "...the people have decided that it will be a guilty verdict.An aquittal will be a surprise and a bonus.."

"..A guilty verdict is expected and will be widely accepted.As his guilty verdict will not come as a shock..."

Bruno,generally i have no problem with your writing but you have made too many assumptions and predictions .Appear like you loose faith in our judiciary and that the gomen of the day has a role in the judiciary independent decision.You support the 901 rally and yet you too want to uphold the rule of law and justice.You blame anything gomen.I am not a lawyer and wish not meddle in the judge decision whatever it is.Thank god ,DSAI is acquited and lets move on.What a waste of resources this case is.So your prediction and assumption is WRONG this time buddy.Lets celebrate and uphold the judiciary.Cawan at Bangsar for nasi lemak and ubi kayu are nice.May be it compliment Kampong man taste bud. Still doubt that the PDRM ,SPRM,SPR and other machinery are under Gomen fingers ?.What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.Don't overspin bro !

Now, i bet your next prediction will be PR will CAPTURE Putrajaya easily and expect us to believe ? Oh come on..It will be a rough road ahead and i will put all the little money i have for BN to continue business as usual.Prove me wrong.Thanks mate.

@ By the way just one little question.Do you seriously and honestly think DSAI is PM material ? LGE insist DSAI is the best candidate assuming PR rule this time around .Cherio..

nahraf 9 January 2012 at 14:13  

Quiet Despair is despairing noisily, ahaahahaa you're hilarious. If you are not careful your desperate rambles of despair will affect your health and appearance, people who is angry all the time will look a lot older and wrinkly than their age.
So cheer up QD.

Khalid Raffali 9 January 2012 at 15:28  

a man has nothing if he has no principles.

good luck and all the best.

nick 9 January 2012 at 15:28  

"The shape of things to come" sound like a title of a book or a movie but then again it might be your hidden challenge to those who are now still trying to demean you and Pak Aspan for embarking on a journey both of you think is right and maybe in a larger context might change how we, The Malays look at politics and political parties (and its leaders and especially its aim and it's eventual destination).

Most of us Malays are still stuck in an UMNO time warp which imprison us in a state of unthinking, unlearning and especially unconscious to the larger world and it's various mix of society and culture. We at best are just like the American hillbillies who think that the place they live in is
"The one and only " world that exist. At worse we are just like the "white or pale" South Afrikan who are racist or who live and breathe "apartheid".

That's how much the malays has evolved under UMNO and looking at the situation we are facing now (with the world economy not really being healthy and UMNO is trying to steal more of the nation wealth) I would think it's about time we Malays use another party as our vehicle of choice going into the next decade. Success as defined by Thomas Edison is 99% hard work (in experimentation) and 1% luck. We had used the opposite definition for nearly 5 decades (99% hoping on luck that UMNO will be a great help for us Malays) and 1% on hard work (actually voting for the opposition in the last GE). We need to experiment more and if we get it wrong this time, well that's life but it still doesn't diminish the importance of experimentation. Going by what UMNO have been doing to us and this country, how much worse can it be??? And I think that's the line of thinking we should take in the face of uncertainty and vague future.

Idris Jala has predicted that we WILL BE bankrupt in the near future (and he obviously neglected to mention that he and all of UMNO bigwig will have tons of wealth, that they will become the new "White Rajah" of Malaysia), would choosing DAP and PAS and the opposition makes us bankrupt too or will they be able to do something else and maybe conjure up a miracle? Well, UMNO obviously WILL lead us into bankruptcy (going by Idris Jala prophesy , it is certain 100%) then isn't it a much better choice to side with the opposition since the outcome is a given? Better to have a government full of people who are equally penniless than having a government that thinks that they are lord and masters of us all. And that is what I think of the shape of things to come in our country which we could let it happen or we could prevent it in the next GE.


Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 15:31  



bruno,  9 January 2012 at 17:01  

Kampong man,

First of all nobody has faith in a kangaroo court with a kankaroo AG who is as corrupted as hell.Maybe you do,but the majority don't.I personally don't have faith in the kankaroo court.It is good you disagreed with me.

For me when things don't look so good and everything looks so gloomy,always expect the worse.That should be our expectations.So when the worst news that can be expected is proven true,the bottom will not fall off our feet.In other words we already expected the worse.So if good news do surprised us that is a bonus.That is my good advice to everyone,including you.

This is how one has to face reality and life.Never hope against hope,especially in kankaroo Malaysia.If one hopes against hope when you fall,you fall hard on your face.And if you fall hard on your face it is not easy to get up on your own two feet.

Likewise,I personally do not support 9/01.I even criticised Azmin Ali for acting up on the break Anwar out of jail thing and this massed show of support rally.In my personal opinion this is a monkey circus,and make no sense as a lot of things can happened that are beyond the control of the organisers.If you read my comments carefully,you will see what I meant.

By the way my prediction is for a PR victory at the federal level.I personally believed that Umno/BN has outlived its welcome.And many fellow Malaysians will agree with me.Until then,cheers and take it easy bro.

bruno,  9 January 2012 at 17:17  

Kampong man,

By the way if you follow all my comments,I am not a fan of Anwar's or Azmin's.I would prefer Datuk Sak,Tunku Aziz or Nurul to be PM.
Sorry to dissapoint you,buddy.Cheers.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 17:46  

Quiet Despair,

So sorry that the judge did not convict Anwar. You must be crying your eyes out as your buddy Saiful did not get the justice that you deemed he deserved. Tell you what, Saiful is actually very happy because he got rewarded handsomely for making a false accusation compared to you who got nothing. So I'm afraid your tears are in vain. I suggest that you go jump into the nearest deepest well and cry yourself to sleep in quiet despair.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 17:51  

Kerana sayangkan negara.

Hakim Mohd Zabidin telah membuat satu penghakiman yang bijak. Beliau boleh membuat keputusan untuk mensabitkan Anwar jika dia mahu, keputusan bulat2 dalam dia, Anwar mentimun dan dia adalah pisaunya.

Hakim sedar, untuk memberi credit kepada pemerintah, dia boleh membuat keputusan yang akan menghantar Anwar ke penjara. Anwar sendiri seolah2 sudah tahu nasibnya sebelum keputusan perbicaraan diketahui. Tetapi hakim ini bijak dan cepat sedar bahawa credit yang bakal diraih oleh pemerintah tidak lah seberapa berbanding dengan musibah yang akan menimpa.

Hakim Mohd Zabidin sebenarnya telah menyelamatkan negara daripada mengalamai keadaan seperti yang berlaku di Mesir, Libya dan Syria.

Biar lah sama ada betul atau tidak Anwar meliwat Saiful hanya Saiful, Anwar dan Tuhan saja yang tahu.

Kita tak rugi apa2 bila Anwar dibebaskan, dan kita juga tak untung apa2 jika Anwar dipenjarakan.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 18:04  

Kangaroo court? Yet he accepted the verdict. If I am in his shoes, I will be ashamed for saying that I will be jailed. And I am free.
But people like him does not know the word shameful.
With confidence, proclaiming to the world he will topple Najib.
Wait not so fast. Hold a thanksgiving kenduri first.
And don't forget you owe Karpal big time. How about making him or LGE your DPM.
For me, it's a blessing in disguise. UMNO has no problem accepting the verdict as it upholds the rule of law.
If the verdict is guilty, I fear for the peace and safety of our country.
Never in the history of our country has so much fuss and ado over the sentencing of a man.
There's two exposions, hurting two civilians.
There are UMNO leaders who were charged for murder, for corruption etc.
But nobody wants to drag the country down with him like he did.
Reading pro-Pakatan bloggers, there were so many laughable theories, mostly far-fetch like Najib ran away and Muhyiddin and co directed the court to free Mr Aljay.
Yeah, cool Najib had a good time celebrating the birthday of Nelson Mandela's party. Not the person who styled himself as Mandela.
Accept the verdct with good grace and in good faith and move on.
A lesson for everyone. If there are other misconducts by him, close your eyes and look the other way.
No point wasting time bringing a man to court who has no respect for our judiciary system.
If I happened to be sodded by him, I will just grin and bear it.
As it is, he is a perennial pain in my backside. I feel a pain stronger than what Saiful felt.

rance,  9 January 2012 at 18:23  

Dear Dato'Sak, Happy New Year to u n to all others esp QD. The year 2012 has really started with some great news.Pertamanya,i do admire you Dato' for u have true courge, to leave UMNO.I wish you all the best, as they say 'the strongest is he who stands most alone'.
DSAI been acquitted,welcome news.Iam happy for him n his family
but with this verdict, i feel BN has sort of taken the 'wind out of his sails'.
Another great news PAS sacking Datuk Hasan, all this within 9days of 2012, great start.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2012 at 18:35  

When it comes to theatrics and drama, give it to Anu-War.
Even his peoples' demo is named 901. Just like Levis 901. But Levis is cool. Wearable and durable.
Then there was the crying jag after the verdict is given.Just like Akademi Fantasia and Master Chef competition on Astro. Win you cry, lose also you cry. LOL.
And to my dear bro Saiful. Chin up, boy. You put up a good fight. You did not buckle under pressure.
Infact, congrats. You got into the dean's list despite all this.
Glad you accept the verdict gracefully. If it's me, I will spit on his face. If it's in an American court, he will be bashed, or even gunned down. God forbid.
How can you fight a mean machine, like you said. Kita mentimun, dia durian. Gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah.
Bersabarlah. Allah bersama orang yang sabar. Kita kan ada court di akhirat. Mungkin Allah akan menunjukkan kebenaran di dunia ini juga. Truth shall prevail.
Is there an avenue for you to claim compensation for the loss of a normal live for thee long years? Some damage pay-out with costs, perhaps.
Take the money and pursue your education overseas. Go to The States to study, made good there and don't come back.
The man likes public court of opinion. How about contesting against him in Permatang Pauh?
You have nothing to lose. There are many young 'uns willing to help you win the race.
After all the future belongs to the young. He is already tua ngangot dan nyanyok.
You have many options to choose.

Ab origin,  9 January 2012 at 22:00  

Dato, the brave and upright never loses, and I wish you well. But do remain alert because not all abide by the high principles you uphold, but most of important of all check incipient political triumphalism within DAP. Far too many people from urban areas become too enthralled by fluent,fire-breathing oratory of some DAP stalwarts especially from the younger generation. Finally, wage all out war against corruption even within DAP and Pakatan.

Anonymous,  9 January 2012 at 22:04  

Half way through the trial, Najib got cold feet. Najib was so scared from the backlash if Anwar was convicted. So he told the Judiciary to acquit Anwar.

Otherwise things will get worst for him politically. Pity Saifool for being used by him. But the money he received is more than enough compensation.

He should use the money to go and study in the U.S. Who knows he can get into Dean's List like what the desperado said. LOL.

Oh yes, he must do a thesis on how to have consensual sex and then report to his partner's political enemy of being forcefully raped for easy money.

loveMyKris,  10 January 2012 at 00:51  

QD melenting..haha

Fence sitter,  10 January 2012 at 01:05  

I only read political blogs on both sides, and this is the first time I'm commenting. I salute you Dato for having a courage I never thought possible coming from anyone in UMNO. It can only be for principles when anyone join DAP and may your principles help free this country from the corruption & rot that will destroy all rakyat.

Suci Dalam Debu 10 January 2012 at 02:20  


QD: "I am a simple Malay with a simple mind......."

Dear QD, you wrote about yourself and I bet you can't see what's wrong in your statement. Obvious and amat jelas to me but not to you! Go figure out. Good luck.

evilcooler 10 January 2012 at 12:44  

It's rather amusing and says volume about the character of Quiet Despair.

To be so hateful of Anwar Ibrahim and having to resort to name calling like 'Anu-war' shows the depths of your stinking heart and failure to respect another human being.

You are a shame to your Malay mother who, I have no doubt is a cultured, civilised and well mannered lady. It's a pity to bear a son and raised him with so much love and the best education she can afford and yet, you turned out this way.

Anonymous,  11 January 2012 at 02:08  

The happiest person to hear this verdict would be Chua Soi Lek.

umar,  12 January 2012 at 03:12  

You have long ago dismissed Anwar as 'damaged good'.

The Judge, Arifin Jaka just died few weeks ago after both his legs were amputated.

Khalid Jefri, wrote 40 DALIL also died with one leg amputated.

AG Mokhtar Abdullah died after 10 months in comatose.

Dr. Rostina Majid died of heart-attack in Jakarta airport.

Augustin Paul also died- not peacefully.
Justice Ajaib Singh who judged Salleh Abas had a tough time living to die. The living members of the family had to live with the curse of the innocent victim.

The High Court Judge pondered well about dying peacefully before sentencing Anwar.

Anonymous,  13 January 2012 at 08:53  

Ha ha ha..

Evilcooler...soryy..QD do not have Malay Mother..ha ha ha.

It is no a joke, you can ask QD..ha ha ha.

Sabar QD..ha ha ha..

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