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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 16 January 2012

Make Gemas the epicentre of political tsunami, not the blackhole of financial scandals

If the crowd at the Rapat Rakyat yesterday night in sleepy Gemas is an indication, Negeri Sembilan will fall to the opposition at the next GE. It does not matter whether the elections are held in the next few months or later nearer a full 5 year term. It will not make any difference on the outcome of the elections- BN will suffer massive losses and lose its mandate. 

Those politically untutored of course will chide others who are wishing for an earlier election date. Usually those who are pressing for a quicker date are those from within UMNO itself. Especially those who think they will contest as candidates replacing the incumbents. In UMNO replacing incumbents is not difficult- just mobilize a few dissenting and envious voices to create the necessary ‘public’ opinion. Elevate personal anecdotes and personal sob and frustrated stories and exploit those as generalizations.  Then package all the lies and present it to a nervous and insecure Division Head. Never mind if he is the DPM then and now PM. 

I would estimate the crowd yesterday to be around 10,000 people. The local guy next to me confided in me since staying in Gemas since the late 60s, this is the first time he sees this big a crowd attend a political gathering. UMNO will of course trivialize this observation by saying; the opposition has always attracted large crowds to their rallies. In the end, the BN will win. I hope for their sake, that simplistic response is true. This time I think, the usual knee jerk response is just for self-assurance for the anxieties engulfing the BN camp. 

The first 3 speakers spoke about local politics not about the big issues concerning and relating to Anwar Ibrahim who was the last speaker. The 3 who spoke first found unison in the voice from the crowd who were clearly primed up to eject Mat Hassan and his team from Negeri. 

Gemas is special or should I say infamous for two things actually. The NFC cattle farm is located in Gemas. Shahrizat Jalil whose family members are currently embroiled in the financial scandal surrounding the National Feedlot Cattle project chose Gemas as the site for the project. Gemas has since gained the moniker of the cattle capital of Malaysia. The NFC is clearly a blatant case of corruption involving many more people within UMNO than the figures now under public scrutiny. 

Gemas is also the site chosen to be the starting point for the double tracking rail project from Gemas to Johore Bharu. That project is shrouded in much controversy too. The original project was given to China Railway Engineering and Construction (CREC) on account of the company being a GLC of the Chinese government and also on account of its specialization in the construction of rail projects. The Malaysian cabinet approved it. Curiously later, this decision was rescinded and the project was given to China Harbours. Now it seems, another private Chinese company has been given the project. In between companies, rumors abounded about large amounts of money changing hands. 

So Gemas appears to be at the epicenter of financial scandals. It is fitting for Gemas to herald the wave of change that will soon snuff out the life of the corrupt and the mediocre in Negeri Sembilan. But you watch this space. Syed Mokhtar is taking over KTMB. The double tracking project is for use by KTMB. What’s stopping KTMB from telling the government, it can do the GEMAS-JB double tracking job? Gamuda made lots of money for the northern portion of the double tracking job so why can’t KTMB under Syed Mokhtar do the same? 

To the people of Gemas Negeri Sembilan, my hope is they make Gemas the epicenter for political tsunami in Negeri Sembilan. Don’t make Gemas the black hole of financial scandals.


Anonymous,  16 January 2012 at 23:53  

according to RPK, RM500m changed hands for the benefit of Najib's golf kaki for the change in contractor. pinch of salt, eh?

Anonymous,  16 January 2012 at 23:54  

Dear Dato,

Was u there at Gemas?Hopefully u r there and any big events to give us 1st hand experience.I wish the PR leaders do not give away much good proposals if they take putrajaya.Najib has tried to copy some of them before and will be doing it again.Election no doubt will not be in March, earliest by May and June,after the felda gobal listing has been done and to touch again on felda issue dato?

bruno,  17 January 2012 at 00:32  

Dato,as far back as about a year ago,my eagle friends flying over Seremban overheard Umnoputras strategising about how not to let PR win by a landslide in Negri Sembilan.They have already accepted the reality of a loss,but to save face by losing small.

Small as they wish to be,I would assumed it to be a humilating public spanking.This time around the people there are more obvious of the extent of hanky panky happening around them.Before they may think that corruption is on a smaller scale and may be tolerated.

Gutter politics and revelations after revelations of Umnoputras on the take has suddenly awaken the sleeping population.And the beauty of it is by coincident or not,the NFC is based in Gemas,Negri Sembilan.What a double whammy.

ordinary malaysian 17 January 2012 at 00:52  

No reason why Gemas cannot be the epicenter of a political tsunami to consign UMNO to where it rightly belongs - the dustbin of history. UMNO has long outlived its shelf-life. We don't want any more cow scandals or their likes. UMNO can always make a comeback when they have truly reformed. Let's see, but I doubt. So, let Gemas be the beginning of a real and meaningful change that Malaysians now crave.

Anti Pembelit,  17 January 2012 at 04:16  

Akhirnya,lembu2 yang jatuhkan BN.

"Business as usual" tweet Wan Shahinur Izan .Anak lembu pun tak takut/hormat kat Mr. Jeep.Apa punya PM da....

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 07:08  

Nogori Den nie....

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 07:21  

Cattle and Train will be the talk of the town of Gemas. Ever wonder how many generations will take to pay off the cost of the double tracking project especially when they are done at a hugely inflated price. RM250 million for the cattle project is a minuscule amount compared to the billions to be spent on the double tracking project. Never the less it is just as important given the blatant way the loan was spent on unrelated expenditures other than the cow project. NFC has taught us a new technique on how to manage the finance of a company by using credit cards to pay off their expenses. I guess it is a better way to track your expenses as the monthly statement is sufficient to replace the need for receipts. The points earned by the card owner will come in handy to reimburse with nice gifts.
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 09:17  


Saya tak fahamlah dengan QD dan Kampong Man ni. Parti UMNO yang dipuja-puja mereka terang-terang mengamalkan rasuah tapi masih juga disokong. Duit yang UMNO ambil tu duit mereka juga melainkan mereka tak bayar cukai. Nak kata miskin tidak. Nak kata jahil pun tidak juga. Mungkin taksub agaknya.

Saya dulu penyokong kuat UMNO. Setiap pilihanraya saya pangkah UMNO kecuali tahun 2008. Tapi saya telah berhijrah. Dari tahun 1998-2008, Anwar telah pun dalam PKR tapi saya masih sokong UMNO. Sekarang saya sokong Pakatan bukan sebab Anwar. Saya sokong sebab tak sanggup lihat negara ini di rompak dengan rakus oleh pemimpin UMNO. Nak harap mereka berubah macam tunggu lembu kuching bertanduklah.

lan 17 January 2012 at 09:36  

Mat Hasan might not even run in next GE I heard. I never thought he was a good choice to run politics. Should have stayed running Cycle & Carriage or any other co for that matter

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 10:20  

You cannot blame Sharizat. NFC was set up to feed the LEMBU (that you and me).But she decided she could do better by feeding the PIGS. Hence her family all being paid big "salaries" from NFC for doing "nuthin". This is all in line with UMNO's NEP (short for NEPOTISM). But Sharizat forgot about the bad smell from the pig pen that is the NFC.

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 10:47  

What does it take for UMNO and the other BN component parties to wake up? A political tsunami might be just the thing, but must make sure it will cause the end of those arrogant braggarts and the sleepy heads from BN, and not only UMNO. Jangan pulak ada yang dilantik jadi senator ... tup, tup jadi menteri. Meletup nanti baru tau.

Anak Pahang ex umno

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 10:53  


den oghang Jolobu.. den harap turn point at Gemas akan direalisasikan di seluruh NS...

mi pertang

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 11:08  

The Pakatan Dominoes roll on. Not just Negeri Sembilan but chances are Perak, Malacca and Trengganu will also follow suit.
Even if UMNO wins (God forbid!), Taib's new palace is the new Putrajaya. But even the white serpent has little refuge left, having cut much of its own forests down.
Soon it will be time to turn the oxygen off as the main tenant is already comatose, never to be resuscitated. RIP RAHMAN!

Quiet Despair,  17 January 2012 at 11:21  

Why on earth did Anu-war choose to launch Pakatan's election manifesto in Gemas? Beats me.
It's a traditional rural Malay heartland, a bastion of UMNO with six Felda schemes whose citizens are die-hard party supporters. Even PAS finds it hard to wrest it from UMNO's clutches.
And its a state seat under Tampin Parliament. Better fight Shaziman Abu Mansor in his own territory.
It is only because it is where the NFC farm is situaited.
And the crowd is definitely no indicator of Pakatan support. People are just curious to see how Mr Sod looks like after his court victory.
Pakatan is better off concentrating in Seremban and Rasah where DAP held sway. Don't let it slip from your hands.
Or maybe you can influence your bosses to pitch your side-kick Aspan Alias. He's a Nogori man who may stand a chance there. But from what I heard, he's more interested in unseating KJ in Rembau.
NS looks easy for you to capture. But people there want candidates to be well-versed in Adat Perpatih. So BN still has the edge.
Anyways, great to see you bro being heavily involved in Pakatan's do. And i see you warming up to dear leader.
Glad he's finally realised it's the rural people who will take him to Putra Jaya. Not the US, Turkey or India. Better cut down the 120 overseas trips a year.
So bro, have you changed your mind about him being a damaged good and an irrelevant political figure? Please write about him and you. Cher cerita sikit.
Hey, he's back in the dog-house for that gay marriage issue in BBC.
Just like a hot air balloon that's gone pfft. I was LMAOF watching facebook photos of him like a Superman tua, winging his Zegna coat in that lawan , jangan tak lawan stance, in court.

Kampong man,  17 January 2012 at 12:23  

Gemas with or without NFC will not change and it cannot be the epicentre of political tsunami.Have lived in NS earlier days for about four years at Paroi Jaya ,Ampangan and banyak kawan kawan ese kek sano laii.Den tau bonar orang esse sinun.NS will contunue to be BN !.The recent Telok Kemang overwhelming win by BN Isa Samad is a good indicator.The current NS football team winning is such a jubilation under Mat Hassan.The feel good mood is getting momentum.It was the same PR prediction winning Telok Kemanag then and it will be the same now ending up loosing.I can agree with Bruno for Seremban which is traditionally Sak party DAP.Must now promote Sak new political platform,DAP.I wish to see his progress .No one should ever associate Sak with UMNO no more.He is as free as a bird like Bruno eagle friend flying over Seremban ha..ha..Winning NS is like saying PR winning Johor,Melaka Pahang,Trengganu, Perlis and the list go on.Of course Sabah and Sarawak is BN fix deposits.It is an uphill task for PR .Except for Penang and Kelantan ,Perak and Selangor both BN and PR have equal chance of winning in my view.

Poor Khalid being a corporate man is not popular in Ijok now.My SUK Selangor friend said he is a man of principle and Azmin Ali of PKR donot like him earlier.Azmin Ali for Selangor MB ? forget it you naive boy !. PKR is the weakest link in PR .Have lived in Batang Berjuntai during my primary school days at Sekolah Bukit Badong a quiet little town with Socfin estates and Berjuntai Tin dredging company.Being anak Mat Kampau i was everywhere.The chinese people there called my dad Latuk tiga susun.He was a good and a dedicated policeman.Still keep his songkok bulat like the one you see in the Bukit Kepong film.Being in sekolah melayu then i could not get to that sekolah Kampong Kuantan English school for my SMC.Tak tahu SMC itu apa tanya Sak .My javanese friends in Ijok now wants to see more of Khalid presence there.So Khalid please take note if you care to keep your seat in Ijok.

NFC assets deserve to be frozen and Shahrizat on leave to facilitate investigation.Najib tranparency and combating corruption is good regardless whoever.In my little autograph book my lady American peace corp Physics teacher wrote :Dear Kampong man " Continue to do your best and you should achieve suceess " still ringing in my head until today to do the best nothing but the best.What do you expect of budak kampong then trying to speaking London..believe whatever the teacher said.No,Gemas will be the same and don't expect too much from N9.Thanks.

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 12:58  

Dtk,l was there n the local crowd was amazing esp when dsai spoke.lim kit siang also received good cheers.

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 15:29  

Why is it always the same well connected cronies who gets the government's juicy projects while not possessing the prerequisite skills nor experience for the projects? No wonder we have so many white elephants or half past six completed projects which show signs of crumbling and disintegration before the so called project even reaches its first anniversary of completion, assuming if the project gets completed on schedule in the first place.

OneMalaysian,  17 January 2012 at 16:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

Astrophysics tells us that a black hole first sucks in massive amounts of stellar material and eventually blows out everything in a gigantic galactic tsunami.

Maybe this is it. Gemas is that metaphoric black hole. And the NFC fiasco is the final star that triggers the blowout tsunami. This tsunami is on the scale of that which struck Japan in March 2011, or perhaps that which struck Aceh in 2008. It will bring massive destruction, and from this ruin a new beginning can start.

I wonder if the 10,000 people of Gemas really understood the significance of the double tracking rail project or anything about Syed Mokhtar or of the NFC? If we scratch at the surface we can find in these 3 subjects the cause of the many social and economic ills affecting our country.

Let’s not even get into the economic viability of the double tracking project – is it economically viable against road and air? But let’s assume that it is. The problem lies in the award of the tender. The expert company, China Rail Engineering gets kicked out in favour of a company that specializes in harbour construction, China Harbours. What is going on? There is a lot of opacity, a lot of lobbying and lots of cronies involved here in big, government-related projects. Cronyism is like a parasite feeding off the body. We must get rid of it.

When the NEP was conceived, the modest target was to ensure that the Malays get, over time, 30% minimum share of equity of corporate Malaysia. It must be assumed that the policy makers in 1971 intended that this 30% wealth be spread widely so that many Malays would benefit. Now 40 years later, some bastardised version of the NEP is still being practiced, but the wealth created by this policy is concentrated in the hands of just a few Malays, no not the Malays intended by Article 153, but Bumiputras, a class of people who did not exist in 1957. The net effect of this misdirected policy is to enrich several individuals through government largesse at the expense of the vast majority of Malays, in whose name and for whose benefit the NEP (and its variants) was created. For more examples look at the award of APs, and at the oil and gas industry.

When Khazanah agrees to sell its 43% stake in Proton to Syed Mokhtar, one must surmise that the government thinks this concentration of wealth in a few hands is a good idea, while the wealth (or poverty) issue facing the majority of Malays is a non-issue. Here we are not disputing the privatization of Proton per se, but only how it is being done. Already Syed Mokhtar through DRB-Hicom, MMC and Tradewinds control several monopolies or oligopolies – Padiberas, Pos Malaysia, power plants, Central Sugar, Johore Ports, Puspacom, etc. Are there no better person(s) to privatize to? We don’t even know why the government wants to sell Proton in the first place. Is it to get rid of a loss making asset? Is it to change a public duopoly (of national cars) into a private duopoly without reduction in import and excise duties (i.e. no liberalization of the car industry)?

And finally there is this notorious NFC. I don’t need to elaborate because the press is full of lurid details except to ask if the project benefited the people, especially the rural Malays for which it was originally designed to do? And the award of RM250 million to breed, no, sorry, just feed (for just 90 days) cattle imported from Australia to a family with no expertise and surely rich enough not to deserve further government help, speak at the kind of cronyism and corruption at the very centre of government – right in the cabinet itself. So many things are wrong with this NFC project and it is a sad reflection of all the things wrong with this government. I just hope the good people of Gemas and other Malaysians can see all this, and welcome the tsunami that will sweep this filthy government away to allow us to rebuild a better and fairer Malaysia.

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 17:33  

I believe this is the begining of the end for UMNO/BN Govt. The 'pulse'of the nation is having 'high fever' and it urgently needs a a quick-fix before it breath it's last. To me the quick-fix is none other than a total change of Govt. So, come GE 13 would be the day of reckoning for all citizens of our beloved Malaysia.

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 18:47  

Not so long ago, a rowdy crowd from UMNo dragged a cow head through the streets, trampling and spitting on it, hoping to incite violence from those who regarded the cow as sacred.
Now the cow has arisen to bite back. Divine retribution? No?

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 18:52  

Syed mokthar is taking back all that belonged to Dr M

Starting with DRB HICOM that was with the late SALLEH SULONG then followed by the ...

Ridiculous privatization of national rice distribution BERNAS which let to it being controlled by an individual .

Then came Pelepas ports, Johor and Penang airports, the national car and now the national transportation KTM ?

Najib must put a stop to this never-ending Previous administration influence - for a better Malaysia

what's next petronas ??

Anonymous,  17 January 2012 at 20:01  

Sad and sorry state of affairs in Malaysian business that shows the gomen did not learn from bitter past lessons.
Same story as MAS this Proton case will turn out to be.
1-Mamak-kutty annoints and give his blessings to appointed crony to buy Proton.
2-UMNO gomen then sells another so-called "pride of Malaysia" company to crony .
3-Crony incahoots with Proton insider(u know who la) rape huge profits by milking the asset to its bones.
4-After less than 5 years, Crony declares that Proton is bankrupt.
5-Malaysian Gomen buys back Proton with excuse that "pride of Malaysian" company cannot fall to non-malay hands!
6-Crony company makes another killing by selling off Proton at above market prices.

In the end it is the tax-payers who will be screwed!!!

bruno,  17 January 2012 at 22:39  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,as usual I have some answers for your questions.Why on earth did Anu-war choose to launch Pakatan's election manifesto in Gemas?Well,it's called taking the fight to the front doorsteps of the enemy,who is on the defensive(run).

From what I heard(Aspan),he's more interested in unseating KJ in Rembau.Well,boxing fans.Would you guys prefer to see Muhamad Ali vs George Foreman or Muhamad Ali vs Lindsay Lohan.

Well,he's back in the doghouse for that gay marriage issue in BBC.Gay marriage or no gay marriage issues,Anwar is on cruise control to a landslide victory in Permatang Pauh,which so happens to be called Anwar territory.

If you have any more questions to poised,please feel free to ask,buddy.Cheers.

bruno,  17 January 2012 at 23:20  

Kampung man,

For a man whom 'politics is not my cup of tea' you sure do know a lot about Sak(fantazising in your wet dreams?).What did you do.Go down to Sak's kampong,doing some investigative work on Sak's background and history check.

For a man so well off as trumpetted by you,maybe you did send a dozen PI's to dig dirt on Sak to gain reconition and more favors from your new found party,Umno.In America they called it 'trickle down economics'.In Malaysia,it is called cronism.Hahaha.

Sorry to dissapoint you,Kampong man,spin as you may,Khalid will still be around and will still be the MB after GE13th.Negri Sembilan will be the next state to fall to PR.That is why I was calling for Sak and Aspan to stand for state seats in NS.American natives,the Indians believed that eagles are a good sign for better things and times to come.I believed in my eagle friends too.Hahaha.

And you know what,Kampong man.Cows are well mannered easy going animals.But somethings they do get antsy too.And when they do,they will turn back and bite too.Just ask Shahrizat.She will swear to it.

bruno,  18 January 2012 at 00:14  

Kampong man,

Bruno is a simple man by simple means.I am not an interlectual,so am able to write and communicate in easy,simple and understandable English.Not the Queen's English.

I said,my eagle friends flying over Seremban overheard Umnoputras strategising about how to not let PR win by a landslide in Negri Sembilan.(not seremban only)Please do not omit words out of my writing to spin for your beloved political idols.Gotcha.hahaha.

Anti Pembelit,  18 January 2012 at 01:04  

Kalau duit NFC datuk nenek Sharizat punya lantak pi la nak bagi gaji puluhan ribu sebulan kpd anak2 lembunya.RM250m duit rakyat la.Banyak lagi kes Kaum Kerabat Sdn Bhd seperti ini melibatkan menteri BN yg lain, cuma tak kantoi je.

Ramai pelajar lepasan U sekarang ni nak dapat gaji RM2000/- sebulan pun, macam nak mampus bekerja,NFC senang2 je enjoy, ditanggung oleh duit rakyat.

Majoriti pelajar lepasan U sekarang ni cuma dapat kerja berstatus kontrak(bukan tetap).Dan lebih malang lagi,ramai lepasan ijazah dan master bekerja diagensi2 kerajaan pusat sebagai pekerja sementara.Gaji mengikut hari yg kerja shj,ada kerja ada gaji.Cuti mingguan dan cuti umum gaji tak jalan.

54 tahun BN berkuasa,taraf ramai pekerja lepasan U sekarang ni sama taraf statusnya dengan pendatang asing yg majoritinya bekerja dikilang2 haram,iaitu kira gaji hari.Ada kerja ada gaji.

Amat memalukan.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 02:01  

simple solutions !! undi time go 2 the undi stations n pangkah lah !!! DEMOKRASI !!!MAJORITY !! me no party people/ atas pagar peeps !!! cheeeerrrssss!!!

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 09:57  



‘Astrophysics tells us that a black hole first sucks in massive amounts of stellar material and eventually blows out everything in a gigantic galactic tsunami.’

MIGHT not be theoretically true!

A black hole eventually vanished via a evaporation process know as Hawkins’s radiation.

There is no gigantic galactic tsunami as by then almost ALL celestial materials around that black hole has been absorbed into the black hole. It’s event horizon could be light years wide in diameter.

But, who cares? We will all be death for zillions of year, then.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 10:14  

No matter what has been said about half-breed QD, I like and respect him. He is honest. He speaks authoritatively, is knowledgeable and well-informed.

Kampong man,  18 January 2012 at 16:30  

Keep your eagle friend circulating around Seremban only ok.DSAI/PR cannot win the heart of the Felda setttlers in Gemas.Negri Sembilan will be a walkover for BN unlike Penang and Kelantan i said.The cows issue will be resolved soon as this is not a grant it is a loan which has to be paid back.It is NEVER a corruption buddy.We see what the MACC has to say.PR cannot win by cow issue only.

Dont need to use CIA or PI to know Sak and dont expect too much from Sak.He cannot make an impact to DAP.Of course i know him that is why i am paying attention to what he writes.His Russian diesel deal,Marginal field development and request from the ex boss for car APs dont work and many more proposals through the stingy Daim too dont really materialise so the last option is to jump ship out of desperation to a party that can support him financially.With all due respect to Sak of course. Otherwise ,what the hack are all this seeking donation for.When he was at MU his classmate buddy in Kuantan went to study overseas.His brother Affendi managed to be at Portmouth,UK though.How about that for some personal little details Bruno.Sak works hard but not smart enough.Anyway, i like him not his party.

I heard my long lost friend Aspan will be contesting in Rembau,just forget it.Try Bahau the chinese majority are there.The Bandar Baru Serting Pejabat Kerajaan,Bahau was designed by my wife early 80s you know.So dont play play with N9. Port Dickson and Seremban are my playground ha.. ha..windsurfing and sailing there during my younger days.Bet you are fat.Those who sits in front of the PC too much tend to have fat bumps and wear glasses .Hope you are not one.Your Kurau Stone was a good place to jalan jalan cari makan and of course the famous Batu Kurau durian .Tell me what else you do so that we can forget politics for a while and enjoy and share hobbies.Musics,photography and sports may be.Yes,i am a hi-fi freak .Have fun this chinese new year buddy.Take it easy.Cherio..

bruno,  19 January 2012 at 00:23  

Kampong man,

First of all,very very sorry to disapoint you.I sit in front of the computer 14-18 hours a day,do not have fat bumps and also do not wear glasses.I go jogging every morning no matter whether its rain or shine,snow or sleet.As any self employed person I try very hard to make a living off the screen and in the process enjoy kicking suckers' butts on the way.

By the way I am hopping for our's truly Mr Sak cruising to a landslide victory in a parliamentary seat,irresespectly of where he stands.And I truly hope for a PR victory in the federal level,which seems more and more a possibility as each new day passes by.And Sak a federal minister.

Kampong man,you keep on bad mouthing Sak,and one day you will have to eat back every words you uttered,plus some,as you will be begging Mr Sak for assistance when he is a federal minister.

As for me I am not in any surrounding areas near Sak.Or else I will be offering my services as a volunteer,from now till election day.I would love to see the day Kampong man addressed Sak as Tan Sri although he is still a Dato.Cheers buddy,and enjoy the even of whatever is left.

bruno,  19 January 2012 at 00:24  

Kampong man,it should be enjoy the evening of whatever is left.Typo error.Cheers.

Kampong man,  20 January 2012 at 00:03  

Bruno and Anon N9,
You are being polite .No worries ,I am open to criticism.Sak has responded to me and accusing me or rather branding me of mindless UMNO goon. I have to be careful of what I am going to write in his blog .Thought I have been polite and use no abusive words so far.I have to say more good things on PR and make believe that N9 will be won by PR and that Isa will loose Telok Kemang,Rais on Jelebu Shaziman loose in Tampin and my STAROBA buddy Ishak Ismail if nominated will loose as well ! Wow !!

Why not ,after all N9 has never been under PR since Merdeka ! Mind you, I have lived in N9 for more than 10 years and Ijok, Kuala Selangor distrct early days just about 10 years as well.Hence this special interest on these two states though the I/C is a - 04-.For any party to win it has to be having the right winnable candidate for the constituency.It is also about strategy.Remember that little book on The Arts of War by Tsun Zu.Najib is keeping that close to his heart.Anyway,It is not going to be easy for any party.We see.

Aspan ! don't bother contesting Rembau .KJ will be taking over Pak Lah place according to my kampong bomoh !
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to my dear Chinese friends here .May we all stay together and be good Malaysians.Drive safely and enjoy the long holidays ! cheers !

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