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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Robber-baron Socialism to the Che Det Consensus.

We, who watched the news on TV3 yesterday, saw a beaming adviser to Proton. He has all the reasons to smile. Last week he stated Khazanah is not in position to retain its shares in Proton. A few of us already knew his game. He was merely paving the way for DRB HICOM to acquire those shares. We all know the end game of Mahathir. He wants to be the Malaysian ‘King’ Croesus. Croesus was a legendary king in a country known as Lydia in Asia Minor. He was fabulously rich it’s said that gold from the mines and sands filled up his coffers.

Allow me to tell a short story about King Croesus. You can Google about it but I am retelling in my own style. I hope he will suffer the same fate as the original King Croesus. When the Greek lawgiver Solon came to Lydia, Croesus displayed all his wealth and asked Solon to name 3 individuals who Solon regarded as happiest. Solon named 3 unknown persons and Croesus was expectedly angered and asked why he, with all his wealth wasn’t included in the 3. Solon answered how Croesus can be included as Croesus does not know what God has in store for him.

Shortly after the incident, Croesus consulted the Oracle of Delphi just as the Persian King Cirrus was embarking on his empire building. The oracle told Croesus that if he goes to war with Cirrus, he will cause the destruction of an empire. Croesus went to war and was defeated by Cirrus. The empire that was foretold was his own!
He is manipulating the business world, just as he is preparing the way for Ibrahim Ali to get into UMNO and contest in the next elections. It’s an open secret that Perkasa is backed by Mahathir, funded by Syed Mokhtar. And Najib is handling Perkasa sheepishly.

How do we respond to that? We must get rid of the party that declares is commitment to religion, race and nation. It’s none of that since 1988 when Mahathir kicked out the old UMNO. This present UMNO is just a pretender. The old UMNO fought for cause and placed complete trust in the whole rakyat. The UMNO pretender places its trust in only 3 million Malay members to the exclusion of the majority Malays. you are Malay only if are UMNO Malay. It’s a party by the members, from the members but for the chosen and anointed few.

The slogan for religion, race and nation is just a rhetoric repeated mindlessly by UMNO members. It’s just like the situation described by Franz Fanon in The Wretched Of The Earth- the downtrodden and marginalized peoples echo mindlessly the symbol of democracy- Parthenon, Parthenon until its reduced to just a barely audible..’thenon’. The significance of what the Parthenon represented is lost just as the slogan- ‘for religion, race and nation’ is reduced to a rhetoric and fiction.

The gap between that fiction and reality is getting bigger. But UMNO must defend the fiction nonetheless because it represents status quo. Status quo means the decadent life as UMNO leadership knows it. How can you give that away and let it go? Mahathir and Najib now want to retain the status quo even if it means selling the idea represented by now, only a fiction. UMNO’s ideology is an ideology of power and power must be retained because status quo needs to be retained. Hence, we must defend Putrajaya at all cost boomed Najib. All other interests are subordinate to the party’s interest.

When I asked the Oracle of Syed Putra, the alter ego of Tun Daim Zainduin, why TDM is doing this, he wouldn’t answer. So I remarked- is TDM still collecting? I remembered  very much a much earlier remark by the Oracle that Khazanah at one time was supposed to be the golden handshake to Mahathir. That was the reason why almost all the equity in big companies is concentrated in Khazanah’s hands. They were to be divested to private companies in line with the much exalted public-private sector partnership. It should be called collusion between the political elite and the business elite. You get therefore a plutocracy. If Mahathir cannot get Khazanah directly, he gets it indirectly through his business associates.

Now, read this. KERETAPI Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) has been asked to assist MMC Corp Bhd to conduct due diligence on the national railway company. That was last year. The due diligence is important for MMC to decide if it wants to privatize KTMB. MMC plans to pump in some RM1 billion into KTMB and take over its operations. And KTMB was asked to assist them. Assist them means what? KTMB said, they have not received any instructions from the government to put the matter on hold. In other words, it’s an ongoing process. When will the takeover take place?

It’s not rocket science. When Dr Mahathir paves the way for MMC to take over is the answer. How can it recoup the huge investments or finance it?

You will remember the double tracking project from Gemas to JB has been delayed for 10 years. It will take off when MMC takes over KTMB and goes to the government to say, since they are the end user for that facility, we can build it ourselves. Maybe we team up with the Chinese to give face to China.

So how do you describe our economic system since the time of Mahathir? Talks about the smorgasbord of acronyms- ETP, PDP, NKEA, EPP all mean nothing. The system we have surely couldn’t be called a Singapore style autarchy- since any association with the little red dot in the south is anathema to Mahathir. So what do we have? A capitalist development state like Japan? Malay mysticism mixed with Market Economics?- that can’t be because Ibrahim Ali hates free market economics. Can it be a slow motion version of Soviet style economics- where the elite grabbed productive public assets for private gain? It looks that way- since Mahathir and Najib talk about welfare all the time, our economy should be called Robber Baron Socialism.

I prefer to call it a new model- the Che Det Consensus. It’s an economy built around practical, problem solving and technologically innovating model. Except its practical for the business and political elite, solves the problem for the robber barons and masking under the guise of technological innovativeness. Hence you have the fashionable phrase of unlocking value, releasing potential….. ad nauseam. The hired lackeys and running dogs of the Che Det Consensus are working overtime.


Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 11:24  

who is the super businessman in malaysia- Tan Sri M who controls ports, airports, rice , sugar n now car industry. where did he get his billions to buy proton>> share your skills n expertise with malaysians how to succeed in business, we are struggling to survive??help us small timers??

OneMalaysian,  18 January 2012 at 11:58  

Dear Sakmongkol

At the end of their term in office U.S presidents are gently recycled into the speaking circuit, which pays USD 100,000 a pop to hear the ex-head of government reminisce and pontificate about world events. But these grandees never talk about American politics. That’s the unwritten rule, and it also out of courtesy to his successor. He has had his time, and the reins of power are now in someone else’s hands. He might write a book, though. But that main purpose is to paper over the mistakes that he had made while in office, and of course, it is always nice to cash in the chips. And this applies to the oldest democracy (if we ignore ancient Greece) – the U.K.

Not so in Malaysia. The man has written a book. I don’t know if he made much money. It doesn’t really matter because he has rich sons and wealthy cronies, in whose service he still serves from the days when he was PM.

You asked: Can it be a slow motion version of Soviet style economics- where the elite grabbed productive public assets for private gain?
It certainly looks that way. But no one seems to care. They are quite resigned to this kind of robbery. Many years ago, I met a senior Indonesian government official in Jakarta. I asked him why is it that the locals seem to tolerate governors, many of whom were army generals, who became fabulously rich by stealing and through open corruption. He replied that the Javanese had this old belief that those in power are entitled to its spoils. These days things seem to be changing in Indonesia, whose political reform agenda is well ahead of ours. We are still stuck in that Javanese tradition. So I suppose we should just watch as Syed Mokhtar and other cronies continue to loot the Khazanah.

pengundi P.manis,  18 January 2012 at 12:00  

mahathir lagi masih menguasai kerajaan.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 12:13  


An eye opener indeed. Bravo for coining the Che Det Consensus!

Yes,the robber barons are raping the country via monopolistic means.

Quiet Despair,  18 January 2012 at 12:16  

Pheewit! Sak is now Mahathir bashing. What a let- down. I thought we share the same idols - Tun M and his nemesis, KJ. So we expect your next victim is KJ.
What is wrong with being King Croesus. It's titillating to be known as rich as Croesus, the greatest entrepreneur of all times.
When we did Greek and Roman mythologies, our professors asked who want to be King Croesus, everyone raised hands. He remarked: That's a great inspiration to aspire to.
So what if Mahathir is King Croesus. And he's got every reason to be beaming. DRB-Hicom is an apt choice to save our national pride and his prized creation.
At least Mahathir has created Malay millionaires. Without him, we will still be poor gentlemen. Mouths gaping seeing the billionaires Nons.
Still very few and down the ladder compared to Anandha Krishnan, Robert Kuok and their denizens.
At least wealth has been shared though at the same time, he's enriched his kids. Why are we always envious of the few Malay filthy rich when we lauded their non-counterparts as self-made. Those Nons too are rich via links with UMNO.
But I am glad you admitted you watched TV3 news. Many pro-pakatan bloggers said haughtily they never watch any BN crap media.
And almost every night, you see our ex-premier beaming on TV. He will play a big role in the comimg GE. He was with Najib at the recent Selangor visit whrere they declared the state will return to BN.
We are a snall kingdom where we have kings- sodomy king and King of porn, CSL. King sod has recently being crowned King Collosus by his lickers. Lol.
Only Najib is content being Ah Jib Gor. And king of Rosmah's heart.
Rather King Croesus than King Collosus.
And I remain Elvis, King Creole.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 12:35  

Another excellent article, Dato. I feel enlightened after reading it because I did wonder a bit on what's happening to Proton, not that I give damn if it get hi-jacked. But why is the old fart still so greedy? Like Taib Mahmud, he's one leg already in the grave. Does he want his sons to make the top 5 in Fortune annual?

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 13:21  

We should all wish Dr M a long and healthy life.

Long enough to see a Pakatan Rakyat federal govt come to power and
Anwar Ibrahim (or Nurul Izzah) as Prime Minister.

And him standing in front of a
Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 13:22  

Yes, Dato Sak.

The Che Det Consensus is
"privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses"

Phua Kai Lit

nobi 18 January 2012 at 14:14  

Bravo Bravo wise one i think like king solomon kapan u doa you must have prayed for honesty and wisdom above all wealth. I am surprised some of this so call season readers do not know all these.
We small, simple but se mangkok people of Bolehsia already knew of all these arrangements and not forgetting the 2011/2012 Big shares conglomerate swaps were sign of cashing out but for what??? Now very clear those cashing out funds are for new cashing in. Anyway anak bumi, anak raja, anak pahlawan semua udah jadi se mangkuk nasi di bawah keliling Kampung Bolehsia oleh chameleon west indies dengan lidah skati Ka ka ka

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 14:26  

Tuan Sak,

anjing menyalak dah.. ke memang dia tuan nya sebenar

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 15:00  

Looking at the long list of entities that this Tan Sri Syed took control of one after another, one sees that a pattern is taking shape. Last year Khazanah "divested" its interests in Pos Malaysia to DRB-Hicom, and
now Proton. I believe more of Khazanah assets will be "divested" to (or rather cannibalised) the "billionaire bangsawan". Khazanah is a governmental entity. Its always been subjected to public scrutiny. And with the advent of the cyber world, whatever dirts being exposed would become a major irritation and frustration to the ruling regime. With more and more "diversified resources" being progressively concentrated into the hands of the very few exclusively selected ones, it would be so much easier to focus and control behind the scene. Now that mamakkutti can just tell one chap to act on his whims and fancies. Where did this guy get his billions to buy Proton? Its being reported recently that our MOD has awarded a RM7billion purchase of some APVs to the very same company that is taking over Proton while the reported market value of the said APVs is well below RM2billion. Nw that would leave a lot of surplus money to make many more resources acquiring, isn't it?

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 15:30  

QuietDespair : "At least Mahathir has created Malay millionaires. Without him, we will still be poor gentlemen."

I guess you are one of the few Malays selected by MM to be millionaires at the expense of the millions of poor Malays and non-Malays.

We the poor Malay gentlemen work hard but are kept out because you the selected Malay millionaires get contracts without going through tenders.

You won't even be standing without the tongkat Umno.

tahaneverest02 18 January 2012 at 15:35  

Dear Sak,
This old fart TDM greed for money has no end.Did'nt he know that to enter God's heaven they have a paper money detector instead of a metal detector at the gates.

Sick & Tired,  18 January 2012 at 15:41  

There is a very major reason why MACC is not taking any action against the White haired Chief Minister Taib of Sarawak despite numerous ecidence provided by the International Body of Bruno Manser Fund. It seems that Taib's family members are directors and shareholders of infinite number of companies.
It is the identical setup for Mahathir's family and cronies with their fingers in almost every major business in Malaysia.
If MACC will to investiagte Taib, then they have to do the same to Mahathir. Where did Mahathir's billions of ringgits orginated from?

bumi-non-malay 18 January 2012 at 16:26  

When we Obiltrate UMNO-BN....we give UMNO the AP to sell proton to Malaysian UMNO exclusive members with TARRIF ABOLISHED. Let the rest of Malaysian be driving cheaper priced crappy and poor VW, BMW and Merc......

either that or face the same justice given to Gadaffi and Family.......Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!

Pointless now to talk and discuss Malaysia Lost Era...... Tun Dr M + UMNO = Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia ....teach then to all children and kids across the nation!!

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 16:31  


Tun M certainly has the foresight and used it to utmost advantage.

Foresight that GE13 would not be a good for the robber barons.


Shuk,  18 January 2012 at 16:32  

Power corrupt,absolute power corrupt absolutely....

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 16:46  

Let's do the math.

Proton's net assets per share is RM9.81 as of September2011.

DRBHicom gets it dirt cheap at RM5.50, while Khazanah's cost is RM8.

So, someone is indeed robbing the rakyat in broad daylight!!!!

In between everything - transferring a cash cow to a crony while still can, is a chronic old story of that mamak.

Remember MAS? The thought of the govt (whoever it is) has to rescue Proton again in the interest of those Malay workers' rice bowl really chills one's marrow.

First break the total down into individual sums & sell them off one by one. As the sum of the individual is bigger than the whole.

Keep the fixed asset (es Glenmarie & TM Proton city's land) to a separate entity. Sell the car operation's right to a MNC in the name of acquiring new technologies & management partnership or face extiction.

New & more economical minded operator (MNC)will start cutting the fat & truly efficienalize the bought operation. More jobs will be lose & many fat cats will cry running to their old sugardaddies.

Meanwhile the herd of Proton workers r let loose to the dogs & blame the incoming govt for failing to support these workers' rice bowl.

Con-manship by the master? Or more like these simpletons r been cheated again & agin!!!

Serve u right - for keep looking out for the tongkat & an easy way of lives, while loosing ALL sense of pride in the jingo of AlifBaTa.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 17:07  


A super article about Che Det. This man is the axis of evil in Malaysia. Anyway, with your superbly written english, your articulation has hit the nail accurately. Cheers! for a wonderful read.

penangite*,  18 January 2012 at 17:29  

The signs from the Almighty are obvious. UMNO BN knows they will be wiped out come GE13. What they are doing are either:-

(1) Clearing the larder - MAS, Felda, Esso, Proton, KTMB etc etc (and possibly EPF and Socso); or

(2) CASHING OUT of Khazanah. Khazanah belongs to the Govt and unfortunately now UMNO BN runs the Govt.

PR should monitor closely the movement of funds in Khazanah and should also have ready a plan to recover all those illegally gotten gains when PR forms the next Govt.

Now, let's watch which consortium of banks will be in deep shit later by financing all these takeovers. Hmmm ..... one of our largest bank is going to reduce its holding in an Indonesian bank and where will the proceeds be invested.

rance,  18 January 2012 at 17:39  

Dear Dato'Sak, I just hope the govt will not be put in a position to bail out our Billionaire TS Syed Mokhtar one of this days. If i am not mistaken most of his listed comp r highly leveraged. QD mentioned Ananda Krishnan as another billionaire,i was always under the impression that he was a proxy for someone..Dato'do you have this feeling that from 2011 there has been quite a number of contracts,merger n acquisition being sgn.Money given out like there is no tomorrow, makes me wonder of this mayan calendar thing and their doomsday 21/12/2012 bye Dato' do have nice day.

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 18:16  

What a grand example of greediness that knows no bounds. what is he gonna do with all that monies? probably bankrupt the nation to the point it is ungovernable? get it hamstrung? cut the nose to spite the face? knowing that there is a real chance Pakatan is going to win in next GE?


Suci Dalam Debu 18 January 2012 at 22:09  


I can't help but state that TDM give legitimacy to the program called Curi-Curi Malaysia.

Some of your followers are so happy that a few millionaires have graduated through that program.

Will they ever know that you have to earn your keep, not demand it?

Kuman di seberang lautan nampak, gajah kat hidung tak perasan pun!

Bagi chance lah sikit kat DSAI dan PR. Apa salahnya? Kalau tak baik, 5 tahun, kita tendang mereka keluar, tak boleh ke?

bang,  18 January 2012 at 22:58  

no need to get technical - just call it crony capitalism/corruption

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 23:23  

I believe we r seeing Marx theory in action

Anonymous,  18 January 2012 at 23:36  

Dato Sak I wish we have a modern day Justice Pao.The Kerala man has been scheming all this while I think PKR must establish n publish all the wrong doings for the benefit of future generations Unfortunately v r the LOST Generation All the thieveries must b documented n accounted for If it is Sung Dynasty all his descendent will be executed n then that little tainted blood will b lost forever

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 02:09  

Malaysia will rot very soon unless this thief and racist DR.M rot in hell sooner.

ordinary malaysian 19 January 2012 at 03:48  

Lim Kiat Siang has a word for it - piratisation. I don't know. I am not so smart.

Anti Pembelit,  19 January 2012 at 03:50  

All the pirates of the world only fit to tie Mamak Murtad's shoe laces,for he is the true king of pirates with an additional king of cobras title with him.

Maxis = Mahathir Axis.
Ananconda is one of his running dog.

nick 19 January 2012 at 07:19  

Alas, the feeding frenzy of the Malaysian piranha has started. And it only confirms that human greed or in our case, the greed of one man knows no bound. It is tragic that Malaysia with it's plentiful resources and riches was able to create such a greedy being at the expense of millions malnourished and maltreated Malaysian with the Malays being the majority of them.

Making a tragedy into a catastrophe, the greed of that man created a breed of new creatures that exist to protect and serve the status quo that will enable the greedy and the voracious to satisfy their voracious appetite (in exchange for few meatless bones). All in the name and in the holy cause of Ketuanan Melayu which justify the pauperizing and the wholesale intentional reduction of both wealth and intelligence of the Malays so that a FEW chosen "Malays" will become the elite, the super rich and the inheritor of all on earth and in heaven. Ketuanan Melayu doctrine specifically insist on the creation of a few Malays becoming super rich and super elite lording over the millions of hand to mouth feeding Malays (according to QD belief, I believe!). In fact Ketuanan Melayu is the new phrase that's replacing the cruel and evil sounding "beraja di hati, bersultan di mata". Or maybe in a few decades, the phrase could well be "Ber Che Det di hati, Ber UMNO di mata"?


sakmongkol,  19 January 2012 at 09:31  

Normally i dont answer comments. I can tolerate difference of opinions provided they are well reasoned out. I cant stand personal atacks and use of abusive words.
In this instance i wld like to asnwer the anon who goes by the name org kampung. Perhaps the give away is his mention of my brother afendi. I cant understand his phrase somehow he made it to portsmouth. I assure u my brother got there on academic credentials. His somehoe made it statement suggests that others apart from him do not deserve to study overseas.
His recent comments contained factual errors n misleading statements. I met and old frnd from the oil industry to get facts on marginal oil fields not to get into business in that line.
My guess is kg man is hj nmz. True he had a house once in federal hill. Also true he used to pay expats rm120k a month. Once upon a time that it. I dont temberang people abt the oil n gas industry. My xperience n knowldge in that industry on the other hand shld deter others not to kelentong i. U have views...... By all means argue them here. But pls dnt get personal otherwise i shall have to lump kg man in the grouping of mindless umno goons.

Quiet Despair,  19 January 2012 at 09:34  

Hi Nick-ie

It's Che Det di mata, UMNO di hati.
Great to see you are the mainstay of Aspan's blog and his CHOSEN ONE. Now you are frequenting Sak's blog eversince he Is a DAP cadre.
You are more than welcome here. Soon you will replace Walla as the celebrated commentator here.

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 09:44  

the biggest legalize robbery of our country's assets is taking place right before our eyes,yet none of the representatives that we have elected to represent us in the government is making any noise, isn't is sad ?

the greed for wealth and power of this evil old man knows no bound. Is he bigger than the laws of this country? and no law can touch him. Maybe only the Almighty can touch him. Hopefully by then, this beloved country of ours still has some resources left to keep this country from going bankrupt,and the the hardship that will surely follow.

meanwhile. i wonder how much longer is the Rakyat of this country going to tolerate all these nonsense ?

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 11:58  

I wonder how many Malaysians are wise to this charade? But some of us and hope more will start to smell something fishy now going on under our noses. Yes, they are slyly loading the gravy train, ready for a quick getaway with all the loots they have accumulated over the years. We the common Malaysians will be left with crumbs eventually. Curse those robber barons!!

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 12:24  


Here u see the legacy of the NEP educational policy – about the capability of yr bro’s study trip to oversea.

There’s a saying – takes one to know one. In yr case it could be more of a case of takes one to guess one.

It’s a known fact that many children of hp6, incompetent knowwhos, of yr kindred have been sent oversea in the name of up-the-number-of-professionals. Many failed, that’s despite retained & double retain, change course & change college (wild chick types), & what-have-u.

So any wonder, someone coming out of such a system will look at his other kindred, falling under the SAME mould as him/her?

Ironic, izzn’t??????

Malay Gentile,  19 January 2012 at 12:43  

A very good analysis of business ethics and politic business practice in Malaysia.

I have the same thinking as yours as being explained in my latest video in YouTube below :


Kampong man,  19 January 2012 at 13:14  

Sak, It was never meant to be a personal attack at all.Just to prove to Bruno and some Anons who have candidly perhaps accused Kampong man and QD as being the same person and paid UMNO cybertroopers and praise you melambong lambong and think of us goons here as being stupid and morons.So we know each other ehh..I apologise.I will have to make myself scarce in your blog and seek sanity somewhewre else.I too noted that many do not like the UMNO goons like me to be here and in Aspan blog.They love to hear you more than us goons,so be it.They take it that what you said here as being gospel.True nothing but the truth.No offence intended so both of us are doing our homework.So you dont like some truth of what i said.Of course Affendi deserved the place and please dont get me wrong.He is qualifed and smart just like you .I supported your buddy and your brother for years because i care for them.This is what we said giving back to those in need at the time they are truly in need and expect nothing in return.I still cannot understand you being in DAP though i respect your decision reluctantly.Cool it Sak, again i apologise if you are offended.

@1) Still having nine expatriates with Average 150K amonth per person per month.It is ongoing for a year or two more.Get your facts right.
2)There are hundreds others who deservedly had that oppurtunity of an overseas education becoming very successful not just me and i wish more those qualified rural folks be given that oppurtunity.I am really very proud of them. Thanks to the Gomen that care for the Rakyat and made it happened to us kampong boys.That Malaysian Malaysia, chauvanistic, arrogance and the meritrocracy crap DAP won't give a damn to us kampong folks.I have been consistent in my views.

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 14:07  

It's true that some Malays have benefitted from bn's policies, but that does not mean that they can do what they like now, just because they have helped us. There are so many, many Malays in the rural areas that are poor and these new goons in bn feel that just because some of us are somewhere in the middle income group, they have done their part . And it's their turn to accumulate wealth beyond our imagination. If you can buy million dollar rings, how much money do you really have? Billions is my guess. Well, is that all right for you umno supporters? Because tun razak helped the Malays, so it's ok for madam ros to stash up billions? What kind of logic is that???

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 15:32  


On Kampong Man, you did mention 'once upon a time..'. As stated by Bruno, he has been trumpeting about himself, and as such I wonder very much what he is now. Most probably he has accumulated so much wealth and opulence from his oil and gas business that he can afford to rest on his laurels and passes his time by giving his staunch pro-UMNO views in some of the postings.

On the political scenario in N9, I strongly doubt Kampong Man has the first hand knowledge on the realty on the ground. The MB is not a popular figure. The Malaysia Cup won by N9 is just another sporting event and does not in any way enhance his political image. The MB was a corporate figure, just like MB Selangor but his (MB N9) performance is a far cry from that of Khalid.

To make Isa's victory in the by-election as a barometer for the 13th GE outcome is a fallacy. Just to cite a case out of so many cases, in the Ijok by-election on 28 Apr 2007, with all the high-powered BN machinery, Cikgu K.Parthiban beat Khalid. But in following 2008 GE, Khalid turned the table on his opponent and went on to become the MB. In the comming ge, there are strong indications that not only Khalid will retain his seat, PR will also be returned to power.

Back to N9, BN chances of retaining its power are getting more remote, with latest exposure of the alleged fabrication of documents by PwC as regards the impending listing of FGVH. The thousands of Felda settlers in N9, the fixed deposit for BN are getting more suspicious, and hence, very unlikely they will be hoodwinked into voting for BN.

In view of the above coupled with the NFC scandal and the below par performance of the MB, N9 will be won by PR in the comming ge.

Orang N9

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 16:49  

Kampong man,

There is a saying that the more lie begets more lies.

No need to dig further than this;

1)Still having nine expatriates with Average 150K a month per person per month. It is ongoing for a year or two more.

This is purely a syok-sendiri statement in the mold of see I’ve expensive Mat Sallehs working for me. I’ve arrived!!!!!

If this man from kampong really proud of his own educated kindred, he would have better use of that moolah & hired twice/thrice the unemployable kindred whom he is so proud of. RM75k/50k a month for a local is a lot of money. BTW, I presume that the 150k is in RM.

Unless, he would excuse that NO (his own kind) locals can do the jobs of those Mat Sallehs. Is it???? 40+ years of preferential (siver-plated) education can't produce a man of his required skills? Money/effort down the drain? Surely a man of his thinking would not touch a Nons if he can help it. After all a company with a lot of Mat Sallehs working in it, SOUNDS so much better. More so those Mat Sallehs know how to keep their mouths shut in his kind of abang-adik OPERATION. No?

Many of those Mat Sallehs r laughing silently that this boss must have tons of money to burn for such a manual works. Never mind, pays almost on par with home, & home’s economy is VERRRRY rough. Earn to keep, for the lean time.

One more thing, when did - That Malaysian Malaysia, chauvinistic, arrogance and the meritocracy crap DAP would give oversea scholarship to us kampong folks?????? For that matter, ANY Malaysians!!!! Did I miss something that u have been offered & yet was never disclosed to the public???

That’s must be some doing by DAP!!!!!

ahmad,  19 January 2012 at 17:07  

Many of those who worshipped The Mamak cannot understand why Malaysians blame him for the woes of the country.

I have compiled excerpts of articles which were published in the media in past years to refresh the memories of Malaysians, as to why many Malaysians feel that The Mamak did more harm than good for the country in his 22 years of office. They call him the father of modern Malaysia. I certainly beg to differ.

These 22 fiascos were published in the form of questions directed to The Mamak:-

1) On clean government
You came to power in 1981 and introduced the slogan bersih, cekap dan amanah (clean, efficient and trustworthy). What did you do to further that? Did you make the Anti-Corruption Agency more independent and effective? Did you ensure that the police and judiciary do their jobs properly and reduce corruption in their ranks? Did you ensure that ministers and chief ministers not have income beyond their legal means? How many big guns were prosecuted for corruption offences during your tenure? What happened to bersih, cekap dan amanah?

2) Press freedom
Your criticism of the government received plenty of coverage in the local media recently whereas, during your time, criticisms against you by two former prime ministers were muted in the mainstream newspapers. Editors in Umno-linked newspapers too were removed for not toeing the line. What did you do to advance the cause of responsible press freedom?

3) Proton
You went ahead with the national car project in 1983 despite a number of experts disagreeing with you, especially with respect to the lack of economies of scale. Isn't it true that Proton's profits over the past 20 years came from the vastly higher prices that the Malaysian public have had to pay to subsidise Proton, resulting in considerable hardship for Malaysians who need cars because of the poor public transport system? Why was it necessary for Proton to buy a stake in a failed Italian motorcycle manufacturer when it could not even produce cars competitively?

4) Heavy industries
Why did you push into heavy industries such as steel and cement in the 1980s, ignoring studies which suggested developing natural resource-based industries instead? They caused major problems and billions of ringgit in losses.

5) Immigration
Why did you allow hordes of people to immigrate, mainly from Indonesia , in such an unregulated way that there are as many or more illegal immigrants than legal ones now, accounting for some two million or more people? Did you not realize that this would cause serious social problems?

6) Operasi Lalang
Why did you have to resort to this move in October 1987, when you used the Internal Security Act to detain over 100 people, close down four newspapers and cause a wave of fear throughout the country? Was it to consolidate your tenuous hold on power then by using an oppressive law? It was all for your own security and survival, isn`t it?

7) Judiciary
What was your motive to take action in 1988 to remove the then Lord President and several Supreme Court judges from their positions under allegations of judicial misconduct, a move which was heavily criticized by the Bar Council and other bodies? Was it because you needed more compliant judges whose rulings would not threaten your position of power in a number of cases in court?
Was this the first step in dismantling the judiciary's role as a system of checks and balances against the legislature and the executive? What have you to say to repeated assertions by many, including prominent ex-chief justices, who maintain that this led to the erosion of judicial independence?

8) Education
Why did you allow our national school system, which is the ideal place to develop ties among young

ahmad,  19 January 2012 at 17:10  

17) PSC Industries Berhad
Why did your administration in 1998 award a RM24.3 billion contract to PSC Industries Berhad, together with an advance of more than RM2.5 billion to build naval patrol boats? Why were they also given exclusive rights to service the Malaysian navy's entire fleet? Could you confirm that the first two ships built by PSCI could not even pass pre-delivery trials? How would you answer to the Public Accounts Committee's revelation that it will cost the government another RM120 million just to salvage the first two vessels nearing completion after seven years?

18) Bakun Dam
Why did you award Ekran Bhd the contract to build the Bakun Hydroelectric Dam in Sarawak without a tender ? Why did your administration take over the construction of the dam by bailing out Ekran by almost RM200 million for 'work done'?

19) InventQjaya
What was the basis of inviting Libyan-American Sadeq Mustaffa to Malaysia to set up InventQjaya Sdn Bhd and to also give him a grant of RM440 million? What was the benefit for Malaysia and how has Malaysia benefited? What happened to InventQjaya now?

20) Forex Losses
Why did your administration dabble in speculation of the money market which ultimately cost Bank Negara almost RM9.3 billion in losses?

21) Bank Bumiputra
Why did you allow the mismanagement of Bank Bumiputra, to the extent that it had to be bailed out 3 times, costing the country a total of RM 3 billion? Again, dipping into Petronas's funds?

22) Perwaja Steel
Why did your administration allow Perwaja Steel to be mismanaged resulting in RM 2.9 million of the rakyat's money being squandered?

There you are 22 fiascos in 22 years. The bad news is that there are actually more than 22! Remember the APs, Maminco, Renong and many more .
Those who remember, please add on to this list.

By Batman

bobby,  19 January 2012 at 17:17  

Bookmark this for our next generation, just in case Malaysia
goes Bankrupt: Mahathir squandered RM100 bil, says new book

Malaysia has squandered an estimated RM100 billion on financial
scandals under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, according to a new book about the former prime minister.

According to Barry Wain, author of the soon-to-be launched ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’, direct financial losses amounted to about RM50 billion.

This doubled once the invisible costs, such as unrecorded write-offs,
were taken into account. The RM100 billion total loss was equivalent
to US$40 billion at then prevailing exchange rates.

Barry, who is a former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal, says
most of the scams, which included a government attempt to manipulate the international tin price and gambling by Bank Negara on global currency markets, occurred in the 1980s.

‘Malaysian Maverick’ is the first independent, full-length study of
Mahathir, who retired in 2003 after more than two decades as premier.

The book will be published globally next week by Palgrave Macmillan.

Wain writes that the Mahathir administration, which took office in
1981 with the slogan, “clean, efficient, trustworthy”, was almost
immediately embroiled in financial scandals that “exploded with
startling regularity”.

By the early 1990s, he says, cynics remarked that it had been “a good decade for bad behaviour, or a bad decade for good behaviour”.

Secret military deal with US

The book also reveals that:

Mahathir, despite his nationalistic rants, signed a secret security
agreement with the United States in 1984 that gave the Americans
access to a jungle warfare training school in Johor and allowed them
to set up a small-ship repair facility at Lumut and a plant in Kuala
Lumpur to repair C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.
Mahathir used a secret fund of his ruling Umno to turn the party into
a vast conglomerate with investments that spanned almost the entire
Mahathir’s Umno financed its new Putra World Trade Centre headquartersin Kuala Lumpur partly with taxpayers money, by forcing state-owned banks to write off at least RM140 million in interest on Umno loans.

Wain, who is now a writer-in-residence at the Institute of Southeast
Asian Studies in Singapore, however credits Mahathir with engineering the country’s economic transformation, deepening industrialisation and expanding Malaysia’s middle class.

But Mahathir had undermined state institutions, permitted the spread
of corruption and failed to provide for Malaysia’s future leadership,
he says.


bobby,  19 January 2012 at 17:17  

Related Article:

Do you know that:

Last year (2010), Petronas gained a total pre-tax profit of RM86.8 billion
and so far, it has earned about RM600 billion. As the surge of
international oil prices, it’s profits will as well substantially
grow. But the government has reduced fuel subsidies by a wide margin, turning Malaysia into one of the world’s most expensive oil price oil-producing countries. It makes the people wonder where the huge profit of Petronas has gone?

Former Work Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said in the Parliament last year that the government has compensated a total of RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies.

Also, as the government has stopped building the Scenic Bridge in Johor, it has to compensate RM300 million construction cost to the bridge contractor. Isn’t the spending of such huge amount a waste?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed that the Central Bank has lost RM30 billion in foreign exchange trading in the 1990s. Who was the manipulator behind it? (Second Finance Minister was in charge of Bank Negara’s Forex trading at that time)

Malaysia Airlines was said to have suffered losses every year. But why to spend RM1.55 million to buy three paintings to decorate its
chairman’s office? And why to spend RM7,525 per day to recruit a
foreign senior general manager?

Proton Holdings bought a 57.75% stake in MV Agusta for €70 million but sold it at €1 (RM4.50) a year later, causing Proton to lose €75.99 million (RM 348 million)?

OneMalaysian,  19 January 2012 at 18:36  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Thanks to the Gomen that care for the Rakyat and made it happened to us kampong boys.That Malaysian Malaysia, chauvanistic, arrogance and the meritrocracy crap DAP won't give a damn to us kampong folks.”

This was what one of your readers said. It reminds me of what one MCA minister once said to a group of successful Chinese businessmen and professionals at a party in an upscale residential area.

He asked: why are you people always complaining and are critical of the BN government? You should be grateful for what you have. Look at the houses you live in? You are so lucky compared with people in Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka!

You cannot imagine such things coming out of the mouth of a minister. He of course got an earful from the audience. The basic response to his idiotic comments was that why are we comparing ourselves to those basket countries? Why not compare with Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea or Taiwan? Second, they said, they represent perhaps the top 0.1% of the Malaysian population (Chinese or Malay).

When we complain about the political and social systems we cannot just talk about our personal position, but we must also consider the situation of all other Malaysians. Most politicians are more than Ok in their own right. If they all think only of themselves they don’t need to lift a finger to fight for the betterment of the rest of their countrymen. Yet they do.

UMNO may have sent some Malays overseas and had given these lucky few some business opportunities. But is that enough? What about the other millions of Malays who did not get the opportunities? 33% of Malaysians earn RM700 per month. 40% of Malaysian households earn RM1500 per month. And the vast majority of these folks are Malay or Natives of Sabah and Sarawak. We must judge the actions and “success” of UMNO and BN not by how many Malays they have helped, but by how many they have failed to help.

If these lucky (and more intelligent) few are so grateful to UMNO and therefore see them as a paragon of virtue, not as a self-serving and corrupt party, then the future of the vast majority of Malays is dim. They should instead use their abilities and education to fight for a better future of all Malays and Malaysians – a sort of noblesse oblige. It has been said: evil prevails when good men fail to act. So if these “smart and good” Malays feel so indebted to UMNO, nothing will ever change for the 99% of other Malays. In North Korea, the “smart and lucky” Koreans worked for Dear Leader and now for Great Commander. They must feel grateful for the food and shelter. But look at the destitution and desperation of the rest of the 99% North Koreans.

And by the way, I wonder how this reader came to the conclusion that the DAP won’t care about the kampong folks? They never had the chance to be in federal government. If they had 55 years like UMNO had, perhaps it would be fair to pass that judgment.

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 19:35  

Kampong man,

Why shud you be paying tons of money to expats? Not enough good and capable kampong men/women to employ? I thought you support UMNO/BN policies. This shows that the policies doesn't work. If you cannot get qualified locals to employ, you should blame the policy makers. No?

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 20:21  

This Mamak Kutty looks the other side of KTM. That are Naval Bases to be privatised to Mamak Mutty proxy Bukhari Kutty la ! Understand me !

Anonymous,  19 January 2012 at 23:43  

To tahaneverest02. You really have no manners. your mother must have been a busy whore. didnt have time to teach you any manners.

Quiet Despair,  20 January 2012 at 00:08  

Sak/Kampung man

I feel very sad reading Kampungman's posting who said he will make himself scarce in this blog and seek sanity elsewhere.
I have been reading his comments and can safely deduce that Kampungman is never a mean-spririted man. He's a genial man who, like me, has the best interest of Sak in mind.
We both share the same disappointment that a man of Sak's calibre would choose to join the DAP. We think he will best serve UMNO. But we accepted and respected his choice.
Kampungman has explained at length Sak's misconstrued of remarks.
I think Sak misread his good intention as being personal.
He has apologised and I am sure Sak is big enough to accept the apology.
It's sad that he left this blog just because of a minor misunderstanding.
I am glad Kampungman has made clear that he and I are two separate personalities. He is way abovd me in terms of wisdom and experience.

Orang N9 and Anon 16 .49

There's no call for you to disparage and discredit Kampungman. Who are you to demean him by inferring that he's a liar.
Please remember that we all all strangers here. So we shouln not demeans othrrs whom you dont even know.
At least Sak seems to know Kampungman. We dont even know him from Adam.
Janganlah sampai nak membodek, you all nampak igonoramus.
Sure we dont want to cheapen this blog by haranguing others, not of the same inclination.
Let's not turn this into Din Merican's blog where he allows differing opinions for a while. His cheer-leaders will chide and cast aspersions on that commentator. They will hound Din why he published that UMNO cyber-troopers comments.
His wife will join in the condemnation under different handles and will then delete the comments. But the insults and vulgarities will continue despite the censorship.
And the worse thing is he will create a derogatory statement about Najib and Rosmah for instance and credited the deleted commentator as saying it. That's very low. Two of my pals have been played out by Din this way.
Sak has a good reputation to upkeep and he will not resort to Din's underhand tactics. So stop trying to cajole Sak into turning his blog only for Pakatan lovers.
Sak will be the laughing stock when people wonder why are there no free excange of diverse opinions.
Dont forget that Pakatan are always proud that they are so called liberals and democratic. Everyone knows that's not the case at all.

Suci Dalam Debu 20 January 2012 at 00:24  


There are many Ali Babas in the Oil & Gas industry that hire expatriates to do the work and they just take a bit fat cut, thanks to Petronas and their dirty business policies and practices.

Petronas failed to provide adequate training to our locals for a long time and now we have shortages. As a result many companies with special connections have the license to hire consultants from "third" world countries but charged "First" world fees to Petronas.

I hope our Kampong man @ hj nmz does not belong in that group.


Kee Thuan Chye,  20 January 2012 at 00:55  

Please, Sakmongkol, can you tell this to the Malay heartlanders? In language they can understand? These are the people that need to be reached out to if we are to make a real Croesus out of Mahathir.

Kee Thuan Chye,  20 January 2012 at 00:57  

Ahmad, your point no. 8 about Mahtahir got truncated. And your points 9-16 got lost. Would you mind e-mailing me the full list at Thanks.

bruno,  20 January 2012 at 02:20  

Kampong man,

I told you not to badmouth Sak.Now Sak is angry and you blame me and some anons for agravating you.Your partner,QD and me have been going at each other for sometime now,and we do not go after Sak or anyone else because we are upset.

I assumed that you are a big kid now,so you have to take responsibility for your actions.Small kid on the block,your idol Khairy Jamaluddin is a sore loser,and never appologise to LGE and family for wrongly attacking his son.No bolas.At least Kampong man has two.

You said ninety nine percent of readers on this blog is Sak followers.When you said that you climbed the stairs up to Umno HQ's to submit your application forms to join Umno,no body of Sak's followers got angry with you.The last time I checked with Putrajaya,Malaysia is still a free country,do Kampong man agree with me?Cheers and take it easy,buddy.

machang cowboy,  20 January 2012 at 03:57  

Bruno,OneMalaysian,QD,Kampong Man,Nick,Walla and many other Anons you are the best debaters in the entire blogsphere. Keep it comming.

Anonymous,  20 January 2012 at 06:18  


Great job, man - listing so meticulously the gross misdeeds of the Robber Baron. But there's some missing in your postings - from no.8 to no.16.

How could anyone in just a span of 2 decades, commit so much losses to our country's wealth....may be having the oil is a curse, as obviously he's using this black gold mine as though it's his own treasury to squander with all his harebrained schemes. Only he and his family and cronies ( read proxies) gained from these and even now, in 'retirement', still have hold sway in the political scene and in Petronas.

Anonymous,  20 January 2012 at 08:49  

Quiet Despair,

Who r u trying to act ‘ajar’?????

I didn’t disparage and discredit Kampungman. He brought his own lies to his own writing. Freudian slips???

Read carefully, forked-tongue. Could this be the NORM of the umno cartel?????

BTW, bring yr fight with DIN Merican to his blog, not here. U certainly cheapen this blog by haranguing others, not of the same inclination.

Remember yr own words – ‘Janganlah sampai nak membodek, you all nampak igonoramus.’

Could this be the case of educated & yet lack the ability of critical thinking? After all, people of such caliber, need only demands, in the guide of Art153, to get what they want.

Educated using PaMa’s fund? More like PaMa’s fund is another channel for tongkat that’s been squeezed from the Others blood money, in the name of uplifting the poor Malay M’sian.

Critical thinking101 – where the lalang sways, there must be wind blowing.

Get ready to go back to US for yr happy day in bolihland is near end. See u can still talk c**k, using yr kind of 'creative thinking', when facing the same dire situation like the rest of the 99% occupied American crowd!!!!!

ahmad,  20 January 2012 at 09:06  

Continue from the missing items from 6 to 16....

8) Education
Why did you allow our national school system, which is the ideal place to develop ties among young Malaysians, to become so divisive? Why is it that our local Universities, once the preferred choice of tertiary education, have deteriorated to a level that even students who gained admission prefer to enroll into local private Universities.

9) Malaysian Airlines System
Why did your government sell MAS (private sale) to Tajuddin Ramli who had no knowledge whatsoever about running an airline? Why did your government then later bail out Tajuddin by paying RM8 per share when the shares were trading at only RM3.60 in the open market, costing close to RM 1 billion of the rakyat's money.

10) Privatization
Why did you allow privatization to take place in such a manner that the most profitable parts of government operations were sold away like Telekom Malaysia ,Pos Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional? Toll roads had guaranteed toll increases and compensations in the event traffic projections were not met. Independent power producers had contracts that guaranteed them profits at the expense of Tenaga Nasional .What was the justification of privatizing the government medical stores to Southern Task Sdn Bhd, and the resulting increase of prices of medicines?

11) Putrajaya
What is the justification of spending RM20 billion on a grandiose government city at a time when office space was available in Kuala Lumpur ? Could the money not have been put to better use, such as improving educational resources?

12) Indah Water Konsortium
What was the basis of granting Indah Water Konsortium a concession to manage the national sewerage system? Could you explain the RM1.4 billion soft loan to IWK which clearly has irrecoverable losses?

13) Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad
Why did you rescue Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad (then owned by Mirzan, your son) and which had debts of RM1.7 billion using funds from Petronas? Was it not your administration which forced Malaysian International Shipping Company (MISC) to acquire the assets of Konsortium Perkapalan Nasional? It was a blatant misuse of public funds to bail out your son during the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

14) Time Dotcom Bhd.
Why did your administration bail out Time Dotcom Bhd which was saddled with a RM5 billion debt? Why did your government use RM904 million from Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen to buy up 273.9 million of unwanted Time Dotcom shares incurring an instant loss of RM280 million?

Did you not force the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to buy 81.6 million unsubscribed public portion of the initial public offering (IPO) of Time Dotcom Bhd at RM3.30 per share when the shares were trading at only between RM1.95 and RM2.10 and in the process incurring an instant loss of RM100 million?

15) LRT
Why did you bail out the light rail transit operators Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd (Putra), which belonged to Renong, and Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd (Star) using almost RM600 million from EPF, which still resulted in EPF having to write off RM135 million with a share loss of RM96 million?

16) North South Expressway
Why did your administration award North South Expressway concession to UEM (which then formed Plus) and then provide them with a loan of RM1.6 billion which was half of the tender price of RM3.2 billion. What was the justification for your administration to grant Plus such over generous terms, which included annual increment of toll rates and guaranteed traffic volumes?

Anonymous,  20 January 2012 at 09:31  

Ha ha ha

Hangat pepalih Sak oii..

Good move Sak, You finally attack the Dog Owner not the dog..ha ha ha.

Let the dog barking..yeahhhhh..

Aku tak faham ler Kampungman dan QD..

Kenapa aku kena berterima kasih kepada Penyamun dan Penyangak..

Kalo' berterima kasih kat Tungku, Tun Razak dan Tun Hussin even kat King Ghaz aku rasa no problem..tapi kat Pemimpin Ameno baru ...hee dok maunya...

Cer aok seme fikir..sama tak jaman Sebelum merdeka dengan jaman mula merdeka..Jaman pasca 13 Mei dengan Jaman BCA, Jaman kes BMF, Jaman Semarak, Jaman mula Reformasi dan Jaman Islam Hadari...Seme Jaman tu tak sama pemimpinnya..Tak Sama Dasarnya dan tak sama Budinya..

Kalo dah tak sama Dasar dan Budinya..jadi tak salah ler kalo kome tak berterima kasih ..sebak dema dah tak sama..AMENO Baru tak Sama Dengan AMENO Lama...Lagi pun Kalo' orang jaman 1 Malaysia Berbudi tak ikhlas, jadi hasilnya Terima kasihnya jadi tak ikhlas..ha ha ha..

Kampungman..Weiiiii..dasyatnyer aok..Mengaji Mat Saleh..orang Malaysia dah tak standard dah ke!!

Ke sebak Ada Orang Malaysia yang Bodoh sebak masih lagi percaya WHITE MONGKEY dari anak Watan..ha ha ha..

Anonymous,  20 January 2012 at 09:32  


Pl tell me which part of my comment that demeaned Kampong Man. If you're referring to para 1, I was just quoting what Sak and Bruno had written.

Apparently, from his (Kampong Man) latest response, he is still active in his business. So my assumption that he is resting on his laurels is wrong.

Orang N9

Quiet Despair,  20 January 2012 at 09:35  

When Kee Tuan Chye comes a calling and posting comments here, it means Sak is accepted, confirmed and arrived in the DAP diaspora.
Sak is formally acknowleged as an astute man. Only smart people are in the Pakatan fold, according to this people.
KTC and his compatriot, Niamah, are hard-core anti-Malays who think we are a sub-par race.
They managed to couch their racism through veiled words, being so-called intellectual and learned. But it is glaringly obvious. At least Uncle Zorro is a bit fair, sometimes.
Went to their blogs once, but left in distaste. Never again.

Starmandala 20 January 2012 at 12:41  

You're a very astute thinker, Sakmongkol AK47. I have a feeling you knew this to be so all along - but there was no way you could assert your personal conscience without falling seriously foul of Mahafiraun aka Sauron. What happened to Anwar might have happened to you! Well, never too late to abandon the sinking Umno Baru pirate ship :-) Thank you, sir!

bruno,  20 January 2012 at 13:46  

Quiet Despair,

Niamah's Teoh is a funny man as David Letterman is to the American people,and as Lunar is with his political cartons.If Niamah is a hard core anti Malay,he would not have been a guest on TV 3's morning talk show.By the way Lunar's banned political cartoons will soon be on display in London.Cheers

walla 20 January 2012 at 14:31  

Great articles, good debate, Sak.

I don't know about 'consensus' though; that would suggest there was consent. Twirling one's white janggut and pondering the word, maybe 'conspiracy' would be a more appropriate term?

Umno under the man who would deny his own ancestral roots had conspired to cheat the rakyat, their institutions and what's left of this country while flaunting the bersih cekap amanah banner.

Take bersih. First they said they wanted it, then they clamped down on those who wanted it, and now they are suing the pants off those who asked them where it has gone.

Even Daia laced with concentrated Clorox will not bring back bersih under Umno.

Do we have time to also say something on cekap and amanah?

It is already self-evident. In the earlier years, our Jalur Gemilang would bedeck every office, home and car on the road. Your chest swelled so much with pride even the buttons of the blouse popped off. (blush)

Notice any of late?

The rakyat have all woken up.

They have seen how the doctor in the house anaesthesized our Malays with short-cuts, first with oxygen, then with sleeping gas. What about laughing gas, someone asked? Patience, my dear.

This apanama patron of Perkasa conspired with his Umno princelings to cheat the rakyat wholesale by tactical application of a heady brew, first with the notion of a national race under threat, followed by feel-good hard-cash projects and contracts where corners can be cut for extra's elsewhere.

Pain followed by gain.

That would explain why, despite the continued miseries of the majority of our Malays, the Umno princelings were always seen laughing at each Umno general assembly.

That's where the laughing gas went.

His method was help first so that later self-help. But what happened was something else.

Self-help came first. And the first to self-help were his own Umno cronies.

They helped themselves first to the national coffers, and to such an extent that only crumbs were left, barely enough even for coffins.

That's why today we are only left with another list - thanks Ahmad c/o batman.

Add that to the other lists as reference material for Politics 101, better still Post-Malaysian History 101. Gird your sarung's, we're history.

In this new module designed for our starry-eyed youngsters of the future, they will learn how those given O&G openings can dismiss meritocracy as crap, thereby confirming to themselves if not the world that what they had gotten was not by meritocracy because O&G in Malaysia is given specially to some only. Like, you know, you must own car APs to have O&G exploration rights. After all, porsche's are guzzlers, don't we know?

Now these O&G contracts have to pass through Petronas with a link direct into the JPM. And one of the JPM ministers has incidentally just explained why the Umno cabinet cannot declare assets. Namely, if they do so, they may be endangered.

Terima kasih for baldly thinking that the Opposition members who had declared theirs have worthless lives.

And confirming that they have put rakyat above self in their march away from the crippling strangulation of this economy by corruption.

What else can explain how the items of those lists were generated? JPM, Khazanah, Mahathir - any answer?

Let me pose a question here and now - where does this nation stand on the Aqidah Index?

walla 20 January 2012 at 14:31  


Back to meritocracy is crap. Wouldn't that suggest that the O&G concern that is now being operated by the unnamed source is not employing meritocracy to run the concern? It is run by flights of fancy?

If that is so, why pay such a hefty fee for expats? Their credentials look good on paper for future ripping?

There are no short-cuts in life. Even Einstein had to go through life as a lowly patent clerk. And his insights were only possible by interacting with others on long walks in the swiss alps.

We each depend on one another across time and space. The notion of national race is more a millstone around the neck. Interaction with others is what will lift one up. And others are less eager to interact if the government at hand constantly reminds them that meritocracy is crap in order to create an excuse to execute short-cuts for a select group.

Our Malays, in fact the poor and needy of all communities, can only come up through careful training first, followed by more real opportunities generated naturally from business growth made possible by competitive evolution of abilities and resources.

If this is not so, explain our local university rankings.

No one should be left behind but the steps taken must invest in real training and not by denying others who have earned their place. Going up may be slower for those who are to be specially helped. But it will be surer, more honorable, and all will want to interact with one another because goodwill, fairplay and justice would not have been sacrificed together with lost opportunities and money wasted on jaguh's stone on spin.

Like Rais on his ministry's staff day, standing in the field, rah-rahing his staff onwards that they are the ones mandated to make 1Malaysia a success.

Cute, but for the fact none of the faces was a non-Malay. So how 1Malaysia?

Like the PSD chief saying the PSD system was good but how surprised he was the datuk doktor could have gotten away so long on fake documents. If that so, how can good?

Like the CEO explaining those credit card charges were for business development. The project was supposed to supply to an identified constant demand. Why the need to develop what business?

Like the defense minister thinking the rakyat are stupid to accept the doubling of the littoral vessel contract just because the contract straddled two malaysia plans. Good grief man! What's the unit price? And how can the locals benefit which was the reason given in an earlier communication?

It's time to take a nap. But on second thoughts, that may lead to another nightmare of robber barons riding on horses of racialism and racism, sending the troops on their last charge of the light brigade into the history of those who vanquish themselves so that the few can continue their looting, plundering and mega-billion scorched-earth policies.

sigh, carry on, folks.

IbnAbdHalim 20 January 2012 at 18:48  

That's why we're going for ABU. To stop all the take-overs, UMNO must be ousted at any cost.

Quiet Despair,  20 January 2012 at 21:41  

Unlike Walla who has so much angst, I can sleep peacefully and happily tonight. Yahoo.
Brother Saiful has finally appealed. Keep on fighting bro. We, the ordinary people, are behind you.
Anwar must have his just desserts.
No need to fear, dear leader, the judge as you said are independent.
Aha I see Antares has joined in the fray. Welcome Sir. We need loads of fervent and ardor Pakatan rah-rah boys.
Pom-pom girls are not so hot, man. What more pon-pon gal-boy.

Wenger J Khairy,  20 January 2012 at 23:42  

Hi Dato',
In the spirit of things, I've posted a reply to Dr Mahathir's article in the Financial Times here:-

To all the Mahabloggers, take that!

Anonymous,  21 January 2012 at 01:50  

Dear Sakmongkol,

I came to know your blog through Kg Man on another political forum. Reading from a quiet distance. He mentioned you and another gentleman as good buddies and have joined DAP. Could infer that he mentioned both with affection.
He spoke about both your blogs are articulate and he looked forward to visiting, even recommended. That's his warmth and sincerity.

From his blogs on another forum, he casually mentioned just once about his expatriate staff getting paid rm 120K and paying high taxes to the nation, is certainly not bragging. To respond that some big earners do contribute to the development of this nation.

I know of an expatriate friend working for Talisman Energy Malaysia for several years. Who in the right frame of social etiquette would even dream about asking someone's salary, whatmore to know. Hence when Kg Man mentioned about it, it was an insight.

He consistently comes across as someone who is genuinely humble and pleasant in his comments though mindless bloggers lambasted him with real hurtful inappropriate words. He never took offence.

Despite that, he always maintains his pleasantness and respect for bloggers of the minorities. His comments are free from profanity, extremism or prejudice on another site which he has least frequented since to visit your blogs.

Hence, I have high regards for him as a very mindful Malaysian Malay.To read that he is taking leave from your blogs, too, is sadder...

He seems to admire Mahathir, for one or two reasons I can understand pertaining to Malays or any multiracial Malaysians, for that matter, from humble background to have an opportunity to good education in abroad.

i've no more words about Mahathir, not sliding into that ever. The People have decided and will decide with informed decisions in GE 13 to make real changes, hopefully.

Hopefully what Kg Man fears and dreads about poor Malays being neglected by DAP will be erased for good as I also admire DAP sincere struggles for true justice for all, from the many books I've read about DAP from its early conception with one or two pioneer Malay members. Who was incarcerated for speaking up for an elderly Malay lady ? That set me thinking to decide back then.

Sakmongkol, perhaps you may want to consider having DAP, your real wonderful buddies from yesteryears, and new wonderful buddies in DAP - inclusiveness, the way to forge forward.

Wish my dear dear late parents had inculcated it is necessary to have several best friends of pleasant character - celebrating each others' strength and lives, more so, cherishing.. as one reaches seniority and lessening the weakness.

Congrats Sakmongkol for joining DAP and Cheers. Hope DAP, PK win big time in GE 13.

Anonymous,  21 January 2012 at 08:33  

Plenty of guesswork. No proof. A piece of bullshit by a frustrated man dropped by UMNO. Otherwise this writer would umpu bodek UMNO all his life. No principal.

Anonymous,  21 January 2012 at 13:02  

Dear Dato' AK-47,
(This weapon, in the hand of a military captain, killed Poland's corrupt PM). Anyway, it was not the Chinese or Malays who caused May 13th. It was the INDIANS in Sentul with V David. Please get facts. They marched to MB's house and used foul language. Yes, the Indians started May 13th Riots. GE.13 bodes a terrible coming of...!

Anonymous,  21 January 2012 at 15:28  

PROTON will only become a successful company if their sell the Prton Saga and other cars at the price they are sold to taxi companies. Proton Saga cost only RM19,000.00 for taxi comapnies.

Anonymous,  22 January 2012 at 09:55  

Suci dalam debu,

You sound begging for ABU.You have to earn it.
It is none of my concern.

Your accusation of PETRONAS not providing adequate training is unfounded.Eversince its inception under The Petroleum Development Act (PDA) 1974 Petronas has provided oppurtunities and continuous training to Malaysians at all management and technical levels till today.This has resulted in many experienced Malaysians become expatriates in other countries and drawing fat salaries.Unlike the early days the offshore Oil and Gas platforms were filled with expatriates and no longer now.Expatriates positions are only for critical positions such as for senior Drilling ,Reservoirs and Deep water specialists etc as we moved further into deep water looking for more oil.These critical positions are very much in demand worldwide and it is no joke that some are paid USD2,400 per day .A monthly package of this as mentioned by Kg man is common for the industry.Of course this is subject to unavailabality of local personnel and the expatriate services are truly required.

Petronas has gone global and those trained personnel has to support national oil company internationally resulting in shortages in certain critical positions.PETRONAS training continues and where we can tap on expatriates experience and experties this is encouraged.

O&G man

tahaneverest02 22 January 2012 at 12:58  

Dear Anon 19 Jan 23:43,
Yah,my mother was a busy whore but your mother,sisters and granny graduated from the same whorehouse before my mother was there. You must be the 'man who walk on water' lap dog defending a corrupt ex-leader. I have a dog who behaves just like you to earn his daily meals. Cheers! You have nice day. Pl learn to accept criticism, if not please stop reading sak's blog. My comment was fair and if you think that your 'boss' Mamak kutty was never corrupted, then stop reading other peoples's comment about your boss too if you can't 'tahan' or stomach it. I am not here to find fault but your manners is much to be appreciated and pl learn to agree to disagree. That is what blogging is all about and not to call other people's mother a whore.

tahaneverest02 22 January 2012 at 12:58  

Dear Anon 19 Jan 23:43,
Yah,my mother was a busy whore but your mother,sisters and granny graduated from the same whorehouse before my mother was there. You must be the 'man who walk on water' lap dog defending a corrupt ex-leader. I have a dog who behaves just like you to earn his daily meals. Cheers! You have nice day. Pl learn to accept criticism, if not please stop reading sak's blog. My comment was fair and if you think that your 'boss' Mamak kutty was never corrupted, then stop reading other peoples's comment about your boss too if you can't 'tahan' or stomach it. I am not here to find fault but your manners is much to be appreciated and pl learn to agree to disagree. That is what blogging is all about and not to call other people's mother a whore.

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 22:54  

Well - we all know that for a fact.
The trouble is Najib is still striving to sweet talk the people and i only hope they go to listen to him for the sake for getting a free meal or a handout and will be able to see through his false smile and cunning words.
I fail to understand why that kutty mamak can still weald so much power.. i can only surmise that it is money talks. And I know he won't be happy unless he has his hands on all of Petronas money, why then have San Miguel, a haram company buy shares in Exxon which has deals with Petronas? Money not enough is Mahathir's coat of arms.
Please I ask of you, reach out to the rural Malays and Chinese and tell them the truth about UMNO, especially the tussle of power between two greedy heads, viz Mahathir and Najib. As for the Indians? I don't know - one day Hindraf is saying they support PR and the next they are behind the govt - such a mixed up lot.
We need to kick out UMNO and its useless racist component parties of MCA and MIC and change our government to save our country from the greedy grasping hands of Mahathir, Najib & Rosnah.

Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 13:17  

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012 22:54

just as flabbergasted as you about the Indians, this morning I saw an Indian lady " punya perasaan with her irrelevant MIC crest on her stupid glossy black Mecs .. pushing her trolley with bloody attitude when a lot of Indians are slogging to feed their families. Wealthy Malaysians Indians have slave mentality to their own kind. Even moron bollywood movie stars oblivious to the hundred of millions of their kind living in poverty. So different from American Indians, non showy regardless of how intelligent and rich they are.

Malaysians' tax payers' contributions that feed her family ! Nothing to show off.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 07:30  

Real pissed off with the statement by Dr. George Chan living in the laps of luxury that he was stunned that the Penans in the interior were starving due to poor harvest and lack of supply of food as they could survive easily on the plants in the virgin forests ? After 46 years of rule under BN Sarawak and the bumiputeras in the interior are getting poorer ?

No one in Malaysia starves is the tune sung by Mahahir. But does it justify when many can enjoy at the luxury cafes “The Loaf “ to earn him “ loose change “ when the kampong folks in the interior of Sarawak, Sabah, Pulau Ketam, in the inner of Brickfields, Perak, Pandan Jaya, Kg Pandan, Chalun, Batu Rakit etc mostly with one spouse slogging daily to feed their families ? How can they work on their land, when most lands have been taken for development ? Tilling their flower pots ?

Other critical examples, with all manual jobs : construction, painting, tiling, etc all construction and renovations jobs, one example at LRT stations being awarded to whom, subcontracted to whom and thereby grabbed by whom ? How do the simple educated minorities earn their three quarter filled rice bowls? Why aren’t these, the expert laymen being awarded the contracts without the quota ? Why the collapse of roofs, and whatnot? Why the middlemen to eat a huge portion of the slice of cake and eliminate the minorities ? Why the mushrooming of Ah Longs ? Don’t we read in the reputable English paper that professionals, too loan from them ? How does it reflect the ruling government ? Who on earth want to sell DVDs and get hunted by the police if they can find meaningful jobs ? With all the insensitive of emailing jobs aplications only ? Can be inclusive of faxing - extra time allowance ?

The simple educated Malays, are perhaps employed as civil servants, soldiers, police, etc ? That’s so fine, but what about the minorities ? The inflation escalating ? The young and middle age professionals in the private sector living in the cities, too, having to take side consultancy jobs, sales jobs, to afford their monthly housing loan, / rent, nursery charges and tuition for their children ?

Sometime back, my Chinese surgeon friend had suggested to me go to the Malay, Chinese and Indian hawkers in the wet markets, buy from them regularly by choice, and give them a generous tip to stunt them. Leave quietly for them to enjoy an outburst of excitement.

The wise saying, Give generously unto the poor is akin to lending unto GOD. As in Msia : Wisely - Directly.

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