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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 24 January 2012

One Saturday with The Oracle of Syed Putera

We are going to ignore the doomsday statements from PERKASA about Islam being threatened with Khalid in charge of Islam. How is Islam threatened? Khalid is a closet Christian evangelist? He is not Islamic enough?  He can’t manage properly? It is more reasonable to assume Khalid can do a better job since he has managed Selangor financially better than previous BN MBs. 

Islam is threatened simply because the majority of UMNO members shy away from mosques and suraus. They don’t ‘prosper’ the masjids and suraus. They want positions as chairmen of suraus and masjid for the prestige but are sorely deficient and wanting when it comes to evangelical programs. 

But then that is the basic leadership philosophy of the majority of UMNO people- positions without accountability and responsibility. Kedudukan mau, kerja tak mau. 

They want to become boss of suraus or mosques, they want to become chairman of PTA even though they themselves are elementary educated. So on so forth. So when things go afoul, the answers are not difficult to identify and can immediately be found. They somehow originate from UMNO. 

The DAP people whom the majority are not Christians want to proselytize on Islam? This is the biggest gobbledygook thus far pedaled by Perkasa. Islam is under threat precisely because UMNO has carried out ruinous business policies and economic predation that so impoverished the Malays leaving them vulnerable and seeking help from the inefficient Islamic bodies. If Malays convert then the fault lies firstly with the institutions charged with keeping the faith. 

What are they doing? We have weekly sermons, Islamic evangelical programs are a dime a dozen airing almost daily- why should any Muslim become converted then? If any do, then the Islamic bodies must have underperformed and haven’t done enough to keep Malays within the faith. 

Placing Khalid in charge of Islamic affairs in Selangor is the best decision the PR government did. Khalid will lend the prestige and stature of the MB’s office to Islamic affairs.  Since he has managed the state financially well, he can keep a look out on the zakat money too. 

All the Muslim MBs from UMNO couldn’t even come close when providing allocations to Islamic institutions as does Lim Guang Eng in Penang for example. Guan Eng has allocated a budget of RM 30 million for Penang. Compare that with a measly RM 12 million allocated yearly in Negeri Sembilan headed by- horrors of horrors-  a Malay Muslim MB who is from UMNO. Selangor can give out better allocations to Islamic bodies under Khalid. 

Sadly, that is not the issue I want to write now. But I felt compelled to rebut the statement made by an office bearer of Perkasa. I actually want to respond to an article I read about waiting for the predictions from Tun Daim Zainudin.
It’s ironic- when Daim gave his predictions before the 2008 elections, not a few UMNO leaders castigated and demeaned Daim. He is past shelf life, he’s senile, and he doesn’t know about politics and so forth. When the predictions made by Daim became true, every UMNO leader now regards Daim as the Oracle of Delphi. More so, if they can persuade Daim to give encouraging if not forced optimism of UMNO’s prospects. They are not going to get that.

Not that I know what Daim is thinking. I only know what his alter ego is thinking. He may not be the Oracle of Delphi. He is just the Oracle of Syed Putera.  His assessment of Najib as PM when I asked him as recently as last 2 Saturdays was startling the say the least. He said Najib has simply lost the plot on how to run and manage this country. 

What about those polls about Najib being popular? Surveyors and those surveyed can be paid to elicit the politically correct statements. No big deal. 

The oracle appeared subdued. Although I directed my questions to the Oracle and he gives answers, readers must assume they were directed to and answered by Tun Daim himself. As I mentioned some time ago, The Oracle of Syed Putera is the alter ego of Daim Zaindudin. As for the man himself, he remains as elusive as before. 

I asked the reasons for the countenance. He says he has been suffering from flu. He may have been. But I suspect he is more affected by the state of politics on Malaysia.

I asked whether he knew that Dr Mahathir had gone to speak at a function in Shah Alam. He said he didn’t know. But if Dr Mahathir has gone down there, The Oracle said that is a sign of bigger problems in Selangor. He heard the message that Dr Mahathir brought to the UMNO people in Shah Alam and therefore Selangor is to accept any candidates selected by the top leadership. Even if the candidates have never been UMNO members. UMNO must be scrapping the barrel. No one in UMNO is winnable enough and that is the profound indictment on the state of the quality of UMNO leadership.

How do you see the outcome of the next elections? As of now, Sarawak can lose up to 16 parliamentary seats. Over in Sabah, BN can lose up to 12 seats, 8 of which will be from UMNO. The state is imploding.

The Oracle Continued:- I was hoping the losses can be compensated by BN winning back Selangor and Kedah provided UMNO is united. UMNO is not and that probably, was the reason why The Oracle was somewhat subdued. 
I couldn’t even encourage him to come up with the usual lewd jokes about UMNO leaders.  


Fatty liver Treatment 24 January 2012 at 20:19  

Dato' now that you have joined DAP, is the oracle (alter ego) still open to you?

Pok Li,  24 January 2012 at 21:05  

The loss of parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak will happen. The hope for those losses to be compensated by BN winning back Selangor and Kedah is wishful thinking. But the hopesfor a new government taking over Putrajaya is really refreshing with the revelation of the oracle of Syed Putra.

sang kancil 24 January 2012 at 21:14  

Fellow Malaysians must come together and get rid of UMNO/BN from Putrajaya at GE13. We must start to rebuild Malaysia and bring back all those monies stolen from us. Every single sen must be returned.

Anonymous,  24 January 2012 at 21:51  

time will tell. with rising food costs n a high inflation rate- most poor malaysians find it tough to put food on the table. so the economic scene is fast changing like the weather- from hot n dry to wet , from winter to summer- change is coming soon??

Anonymous,  24 January 2012 at 22:23  

Reading this article just renewed my faith in Pakatan forming the next government particularly the prediction on the eastern states. If the two states do well, not necessarily Pakatan winning the states then the chances of Pakatan will surely be boosted. And if they win the state government, it will be icing on the cake.

Anonymous,  24 January 2012 at 22:32  

dato, having seen the thugs disrupting the ABU-Hindraf ceramah, i can't imagine what will happen if UMNO/BN were to lose Putrajaya in the next GE. will we descend into communal chaos? but we will have to persevere and change the incorrigible present leadership. we really need upright Malay leaders like you to effect the change and hope that you can get more to join PR. will contribute towards your cause.

bruno,  24 January 2012 at 22:45  

Dato,the rightwingers and extremists still don't get it that scare and fear mongering do not work anymore in todays politics.Yet Umno/BN kept sending these goons out to spread fear among the rakyat,because they have run out of ideas how to run the country,except dipping their fingers into the cookie jar.

Every now and then they used the proselysation of Muslims issue to stirred up the anger of Muslims against the Christians.They have the Hassan twins,the Utusan guys and their paid lackeys to do the dirty job for them.But the people have caught wind of their tricks and lying that they are getting shunned,even by the Malays.

Especially,the trojan Hassan Ali.He has been a pain in the butt for MB Khalid and PAS for the last few years.It is a surprised that PAS tolerated him for sabotaging the party for so many years,before sacking him.After sacking him,PAS has began to look better and stronger.

The raiding of convenient stores selling beer.The raiding of the church.But what got Hassan Ali sacked was his inablity to find the talking bibles.After searching all the corners of Selangor,he couldn't find any of the very expensive bibles.That was the reason he was chased out of the party.For telling grandmother stories.

Umno/BN will lose this coming GE.That is the reason the GE is being pushed back as far as possible.They are trying to lose as small as possible.The three siblings of Umno,Mca,Mic and Gerakan will lose at least 12-15 federal seats if not all.The fight will come down to Johore,Sabah and Saarawak.

kooikeat 24 January 2012 at 23:14  

This year we shall witness the change of ruling government. it is not more a prediction and every one of us knew that it is already in the process of realization. we shall have a New Malaysia and a country free of UMNO,MCA,GERAKAN and MIC.

kooikeat 24 January 2012 at 23:19  

this year we shall witness the change of ruling government. it is not more a prediction and every one of us knew that it is already in the process of realization. we shall have a New Malaysia and a country free of UMNO,MCA,GERAKAN and MIC.

Lok1,  24 January 2012 at 23:37  

quoting the oracle,Najib has lost the plot of how to run this country,well Dato,1st you must visualise,plan and execute your intentions of how to run this country,the problem with Najib is every visualisation he has,it's always to do with skirts,his plan revolves around how to get his next lay,excuse me,but that's him,has been n always be,lost the plot to run this country?he didn't know and wouldn't know even if it hits him in the face,unless of course if the plot is hatched by a skirt,then he will be very2 interested,heard that during some function,a beautifull Turkish lady sat next to him and ask for his mobile nomber( while Fat momma sang and shrieking away),he replied which nomber? to the lady,she says the one that works,and at the same time covered her ears and complained about the shrieking,he says better not do that(cover your ears) or both of us will be killed,that's the guy we entrusted to run our country,what plot?

three trees,  25 January 2012 at 00:06  

Dato Sak,all things bad must come to an end,you can't fight destiny,like a dying man,when the end is near,he knows,you may struggle or delay it but the inevitable will happen.God has given the Kerala man a long life so he can witness the damages he has inflicted on the people and our beloved country.When I read what you and Aspan have written I feel there is still hope in this country.Middle Malaysia must rise up and reclaim what is rightly ours.

flyer168 25 January 2012 at 01:17  


Yes indeed...

Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.

Take our politicians: they're a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of cliches the first prize.

We have plenty of Confidence in this country, but we are a little short of good men to place our Confidence in.


Kampong man,  25 January 2012 at 02:17  


The spirit in UMNO/BN has been as strong as ever in fact stronger as they are better prepared from the alternative media onslaught that has been consistently spreading lies about the BN government effort for the Rakyat.I wish not to talk here about those political,social and economic transformations that has been steadily ongoing now by BN.The BN machinery is in a ready state as i was told and now waiting for the signal from the boss for the final push.The fence sitters are observing and evaluating who actually deliver for them.The third force from the NGOs seems to be on the Govt side mostly, so are the civil service people and the pensioners as well. This is about the best time to call for an election the time when the PR is at their most vulnerable position. Having hardly less than a dozen ekor Melayu in DAP does not help either. DAP need more Melayus to at least slightly change the mindset of the Malay voters in DAP favours ,so far there is a lot to be desired and DAP has failed miserably attracting Melayu.DAP is still not a multiracial party as claimed.

I look forward to what Daim is going to predict but his prediction this time around will be just as good as mine or for that matter anyone of us here.He is too busy making money in South Africa and elsewhere to be bothered to whatever happen in Malaysia politically .He has no feel of the Rakyat on the ground apart from what he hear and read.That is about all.I wont listen to his prediction anymore.I attended his lectures at Tun Razak lectures series University Tun Razak city campus last year. Must say i am not impressed.

The parasites in PAS are very much Anwarinas who would do anything to ensure Anwar be the next PM and the ulamak be put aside.The PR are without good leaders to lead them. In fact none are credible and acceptable by the coalition leadership so far.LGE insist on Anwar leadership and PAS said DSAI is morally at odd.What happened in Selangor by the PAS Hasan Ali is just one of the many issues of serious political ideological conflict within the Pakatan itself and certainly not the work of BN in Selangor.Why blame UMNO/BN for Hasan PAS doing.True enough PAS was shortchanged by PKR in Selangor. Shows the kind of respect or the lack of it to worthy partner within PR.How could PKR Khalid conveniently snatched that position from deservedly PAS ?.One can imagine the power struggle if PR secure Putrajaya !There will be nightmares for positions and power at the expense of the Rakyat.God forbid! The Rakyat do not need this learning curve and any power struggle.We need a Govt that is focus,stable and the experience to face the coming world economic crisis expected soon.We need the man who walk on water to assist,our valued menthor Yang Berbahagia Tun of course for that little tips on the arts of survival.I will ignore my bomoh this time and rely now on my Feng Shui master as the Year of the Dragon is the year of more prosperity ,success and strength he said.

As for Sabah and Sarawak didn't i said before it is a BN fixed deposits !Sak predictions is again without basis.Look back those 2008 results and the recent Sarawak poll and analysed diligently.Judging from this DAP blog i will agree as there is hardly any pro gomen people interested to be here.The DAP/PR people too here are dreaming of the white Christmas(Gilbert O Sullivan) my poor buddy QD and one or two others indeed has the gut to be here.The long Chinese new Year holiday has brought a lot of sanity for me and hence this quick thought before i doze off.Yes,as for Sabah I travelled frequently there to know this though i am not a politician.PR will be butcherd there believe me.The Sabahan and the Sarawakians have so much loyalty that we in Semenanjong lack.Taib Mahmud is the living proof no matter what you said against him .Another admirable leader ! Thanks folks and good night.

Anti Pembelit,  25 January 2012 at 03:16  

The 'down syndrome toad' from Pasir Mas only spews hatred whenever he speaks.Nothing good came out from his mouth.What an idiot.And the double-faced 'schizophrenic snake' from Kubang Pasu will only pollutes our mind with his poisonous venom.A flint-stone.

I'm from Selangor and what most of it rakyat really yearn(cuz of mismanagement by the previous govt) is a trustworthy,integrity,efficient,non-cronies policy and a very minimal corruption state govt.

Tan Sri Khalid is doing okay, considering its his 1st term.The bottom line is, PR is better than BN in governing and PR deserves to be given another term.

At the federal level,if BN wins the next election,just look at the BN line-up for the next PM and cabinet ministers post.Qualifed? Yes,but only in the circus show or candidates for the Raja Lawak reality show.

Let's give PR a chance.

Anonymous,  25 January 2012 at 07:09  

"How do you see the outcome of the next elections? "

Tommy Thomas an excellent article and analysis,but still stop -short of what is impending and more sinister coming GE13. No , not about the possible appeal, but the coming electoral thefts of Sgor n Perak States. It appears as of now that both PAS and PKR leaders and candidates in both States are unprepared and not ready for the onslaught of such electoral frauds and defeats.


1. This "goodwill amnesty" to Anwar Ibrahim is the continuation of a series of political WHITEWASH and cosmetic surgery to Najib/Rosmah/UMNO government misrule

2. The desired "REFORMED FACE" should help those involved to get away with electoral frauds (especially in key state-seats of S'gor and Perak), even if exposed and caught during/after the election in the international media.

3. Anwar's camp will be caught totally OFF-GUARD by ballot-box cheating in sufficient numbers of strategic and marginal seats

4. Expect the shock defeats of many PKR and PAS heavyweights in Sgor and Perak State seats but narrow victories in the parlimentary. MB T/S Khalid, Azmin, Former MB D/S Nizar, your backs, dont be sorry only after the ballot-count. The least you could do NOW is to mount a legal/court challenge and legal publicity ,but you choose sleeping.

5. Year 2012 will not be the end of the world or Malaysia, instead it will be eye-opener to the "average" Malaysians of the massive electoral cheating in the form of padded vote-rolls with PR foreigners converted citizen with voting rights, resulting in snatching of election victory of 2 state govts from the opposition. If what had happened in Sabah (viz ProjectsM or IC or MYKAD since 1985 through 2002,citizenship-for-votes scam in Sabah) cannot wake up the "average" Malaysia, this coming GE13 will. GOD willing.

Anonymous,  25 January 2012 at 08:07  

Dato a off topic point .........Can you do an interview with anas zubedy? I find this chap intresting. He seems to have a hidden agenda. Very rarely do you see a business man comenting on politics and the like.

Anonymous,  25 January 2012 at 09:34  

Dato, Keep your eyes on fund outflows and watch what BNM is doing. My "red phone" tells me that the illicit outflow of ill-gotten funds will be more active as GE13 gets near. You may really get some big sharks, or killer whales!!

Anonymous,  25 January 2012 at 09:44  

Sdr. Sakmongkol,

If Pakatan Rakyat has a better alternative than Anwar Ibrahim, I will vote for them. No persuasion required!!!

As it stands, my preferred parties in order of priority are:
1) PAS
2) DAP
3) ...
4) ...
5) PKR
6) ...
7) ...
8) ...
9) ...
Somewhere near the bottom lies...
z) UMNO |
y) PBB | BN component parties
x) MIC |
w) MCA |

In reality, UMNO/BN is no longer my choice...

Then again, I am only ONE (1) lousy vote... that UMNO/BN does not need. Seriously, would Najib be bothered..?


kensoong_98 25 January 2012 at 10:01  

no outside country investment ,the gov still waste money and raise food price to get money from rakyat to use.

bruno,  25 January 2012 at 12:11  

Dato,first of all doomsayer Abrahim Ali is lucky he is not the other Ali.If he was he would be flying kites a long time ago.Islam would really be threatened if the Ali twins were to be in charge,using them to further their political purposes.

The two of them would be of more use if they were to be the bozo clowns with the big tomato noses in a bull riding ring.Because the only thing they are good at is distraction.Distracting the bulls once the riders are thrown down.

Umno has paid these two clowns and their followers bundles to search for the talking bibles.And after doing house to house searches,all these clowns were able to come up were talking girlie dolls.Such useless good for nothing bums after having such big talks.A real dissapointment for such extremist figures,and a real letdown to their worshippers and supporters.

These two Ali's should be rewarded by Umno and be allowed to stand on BN tickets.That will be giving the people to having the pleasure to spank them till their butts prop up like ant hills.And to top it off with the humilation of losing their deposits.

In Penang,the LGE led PR will tame those Umno big mouths trouble makers.By sending them into political oblivion,by making them irrelevant,especially the Umno state and deputy chiefs.

In Selangor,a united PKR,if the factions closed ranks,with their coalition partners will sent Umno/BN packing.Nor Omar will be tending to the cows in NFC after the GE,taking over from Shahrizat's husband with compliments of the new incoming GOM.

The two most despised men who rode the kangkaroos to the top of their respective departments,an AG and an ex IGP will be on top of the most wanted men's hunting list.They will be hounded down even if they take refuge in cowboy country Zimbabwe or with the Talibans in mountainous Afghanistan.

Anonymous,  25 January 2012 at 12:55  

Kampong man, WOW I do have to say, that was the most delusional drivel I ever read. Either you don't mix around with the poor people or you have your nose so deep up somebody's butt that the farts start to smell like perfume. Btw you Must tell us what you are smoking, cos looks like it's really giving you a fantastic Alice in the wonderland trip. Shalom
Genghiz Khan

Quiet Despair,  25 January 2012 at 13:14  

Kampong man

Welcome back, my man. I am very glad you return because I really need your help. I stick out like a sore thumb here.
Sak and Aspan's blog are the two pro-Pakatan blogs worth our time. So far Sak has been kind to me. Thank You bro.
Aspan, sometime delete comments not music to his ears. But these two are seasoned men which are educational for me.
Thus these are the two blogs I contribute my thoughts. I like reading Rocky's blog too, but I don't put in my two cents worth because I share his thoughts in whatever he writes. Great minds think alike, hmmm.

Fatty liver Treatment

It is good if Sak remains a friend of Oracle. You can discard the party, but you must not discard your friends.
In the same breath, Kampung man and I hope to remain BFF of Sak. There should be no hard feelings.
Same goes to Bruno and others here whom I regard as pals though we are not of the same party affiliations.

Czar Tzar

I agree wholly with you. If only Pakatan has a better alternative than Anu-War.
I really feel sad that Sak kena bertuankan dia yang sungguh not eligible to be our leader.
I think DAP and PAS should just discard Keadilan if they want to win.
My distaste for Pakatan is in part because of my intense dislike for the effigy leader.
I can safely say Sak too shares my thoughts. But of course since he's under the same banner, he cannot say it outright.
My reasoning is simple. If not why would Sak, Aspan and that ex-Utusan reporter whatshisname join the DAP.
It's really a slap in the face for Anu-war. His trusted people all left him. New entrants don't want to be in his flock.
Its no loss for UMNO. But it's a loss for Keadilan.
Of course Sak and co don't have ulamak credentials or want to don keffiyeh and robe and start talking anta and ente to be al-Ustaz in PAS.
So no choice right???

Okay, gotta go. Got some projects to tend to. Will put in my two cents worth, possibly tonight on Sak and the oracle.

Suci Dalam Debu 25 January 2012 at 17:02  


It is high time we put the majority of this nation back to work to earn their keep instead of the delusional right to beg and demand their keep from the toil and sweat from others.

We do have two here who still believe that the Ketuanan Melayu agenda will elevate their kin to developed status just by stretching their palms out (berdoa konon). Just because they have benefited through unfair means (fair to them)lead them to conclude that it is their birth right forever and ever. Little do they realize that the world doesn't owe them nothing forever.

I am glad that many have come to realise that DAP have never condemn them but UMNO does it day in and day out.

All the education and their earnings obtained through easy means have blinded them. They are now in their comfort zone. Luckily there are people who have come to their senses and are willing to take real steps to right the wrongs.

Seeing they see not, hearing they hear not, neither will they understand. They are just pathetic worms existing and enjoying the labor of others.

Their offspring will one day be grateful for the efforts and sacrifices that you and others in making ABU the turning point of our history.

ordinary malaysian 25 January 2012 at 17:20  

Datuk, Islam is such a sensitive subject not only to the Muslims but particularly to the Malays? Why is this so? Does not the good book tell its followers to question before accepting? So, shouldn't one remain calm and try to refute instead of going ballistic every time someone is said to offend Islam? This is so sad - but that is why UMNO have been able to exploit the sensitivity to their advantage.

@Anonymous in answer to Kampong man, have you heard of UMNO gas? Probably that's what caused Kampong man to speak as he did, with such utter conviction and zilch substance.

Quiet Despair,  25 January 2012 at 22:40  

Sedara ku Sak

Yeah man, your Sanusi-sounding Oracle is really subdued and evasive this time around. Ahmem, ahem, maybe, he's wary of you being in DAP.
And this guy also has a flu. If I remember correctly, he had a flu too when you met him some time back.
Sinus problem or an excuse not to be upfront with you.
He only mentioned about BN Sabah and Sarawak losing ground and Selangor and Kedah will still be in the grips of Pakatan.
Sure or not, he did not tell you the number of seats BN will lose in Malaya which we are most interested in?
Or you are censoring him since he said BN will win big in the Peninsular. Tell us lah bro, why the secret with us, your friends here.
He must have said something in favour of BN. I catch the drift when you said the surveys can be manipulated to suit the ruling party.
But I kinda agree that Najib has lost the plot of governing. Can't blame him, man. Too much disruption and interference. He's such a Mr Pleaser.
And I see you are also bashing Ibrahim. As you know I too do not like him.
But I must credit him for having common sense, which most with stellar degrees, don't have.
Imagine so many others came for the NFC briefing, but only he alone is brave enough to ask the Auditor-General to clarify the said mess-up in that troubled corp.
And Tan Sri Ambrin has come out with a statement that he has never used the word messed out. It was manipulated by others, he said.
He said the report was a fact which he left to the police and MACC to investigate.
So Ibrahim won. And a septuagenarian blgger and friends have gone bashing him for intimidating the AG.
So siapa yang malu? Ibrahim or that blogger who boasted he was a friend of Ambrin when he was in Bank Negara. Of course must also brag he was once a diplomat, in almost every posting. Don't expect an apology or publishing the AG's statement in his blog.
Don't belittle Braim. He may not be good in Ingres speak or cakap melayu telor Kelantan. Susoh nok pahe. But he managed to put his point across.
He does not pretend to be clever or even think he's clever. He's just being a true jantan, jelatang kampung like the kampng gangster.
In fact he's just like your leader who was his former best friend. Anu-war atas sikit saja i.e. one degree smarter and a wee bit finesse than Ibrahim. Same class. lor. Same difference.

rance,  26 January 2012 at 00:41  

Dear Dato'Sak, Our Kampong man has truly displayed his ignorance when he stated CM Taib as another admirable leader.He has actually neutralised all his comments with that statement.Well one thing he got it right, is his pseudonym (kampong man)Pls do take a month tour of sarawak and visit ppl in the interior too.

Peter,  26 January 2012 at 01:08  

@Kampong boy...
You said..
"Taib Mahmud is the living proof no matter what you said against him .Another admirable leader !"

Ha! LOL OMG ...whatever ...

Just this post shows what kind of blind cybertrooper you are! No less.

I need not comment on your other post, because every part is really illogical and silly.

About DAP having few Malays... wow.. you need to wait for the days when DAP is 90% membership then DAP is acceptable to you?

I tell you this... not being racial . Look around which CM/MB is the best.

It is not about race as guys like you want politics to be but rather who can lead the country best and KNOW HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY NOT HOW TO ROB THE COUNTRY.


walla 26 January 2012 at 02:05  

A: 'Sir, do you also think Najib has lost the plot?'

B: 'Strange that you should ask, Sofea. Others in high places with many years in our party politics and ears to the ground have also used the same phrase. Najib has indeed lost the plot. For all the MSM photo shots, the grassroots are disgusted.'

A: 'But he sounded so confident that Malaysia will be seeing many years of prosperity to come.'

B: 'Please, Sofea. Let's dispense with the spin semantics.

Years of prosperity? When will they be beginning NEXT?

I was at the Batu Berendam industrial zone this morning. Staring at the Melaka International Airport. It's completely unoccupied. Not a single plane. No life whatsoever. Been like that for too long a time.

Let's take another eyeball example. There is a road in front of the KL Convention Centre. At one end of it nearer the back of Pavilion, some pillars were constructed soon after the ETP was announced. Presumably they are for the new monorail. Nothing has been done since then. Construction has stopped. Just like PNB's Menara Warisan next to the Merdeka Stadium which remains a completely idle and empty fenced plot of land. Nothing done.

Things are slowing down, Sofea. Those big projects are not taking off. You don't get to see any real transformation towards creating a real metropolis. No agreement signing ceremony, no massive cranes, no fleet of trucks, no construction noise and dust, and no troops of workers in helmets. Been like this for months.

And frankly i don't know whether to heave a sigh of relief if only for more waiting time to see how they will be putting up a more credible business case on the funding and operation of the projects.

Najib's people are not only playing with shadows on social reform. They are also doing it on economic reform.

Perhaps that would explain why the consensus is that GE13 has to be held no later than June this year. Why? Because after that the real data will all come in on the economic performance of this country and no one - especially our long-suffering rakyat - will be able to take the reality sitting down. Everything sold to them will be punctured. All myths will be busted.

Umno may say again it's the global recession but that would contradict Najib's water dragon squidy spin, wouldn't it?

Sofea, this time Umno has bitten off more than it can chew because costs have gone up and incomes are drying up faster, and there aren't any big openings in jobs and new businesses for the rakyat to latch on to in order to enjoy "many years of prosperity to come".

Come on, how is a country with one third of a year in siesta holidays going to be productive enough to achieve high-income status on the basis of an assumed year-on-year six percent growth rate, especially when two thirds of its manpower do not have more than a general SPM whose standard is already rock-bottom? Any jawapan yang munasabah?

Sofea, whatever they try to spin, the rakyat will catch them out. The procession of lies and deceit has lost all ummph. It's habis.'

walla 26 January 2012 at 02:06  


A: 'Umno can always prevail on their tried and tested method of cheating at the polls.'

B: 'Not so easy this time. This time around, the rakyat, the opposition and the international community are expecting it and will raise hell all the way.

Yet knowing this, GE13 will be the dirtiest general elections ever in the history of this country because Umno is going for broke.

But does Umno realize the consequence of doing it? What is going to happen after the elections when even our Umno general members will be disgusted with the methods used because this time there will more of other Malays dan rakan-rakan to remind them of what their party has done to democracy?

Cheating at the polls will in the eyes of the rakyat disqualify the winner from running the government - no matter who declares what.

See the implication of what i have just said, Sofea?'

A: '(coughs). Yes, Sir. But they can also do so at the state assemblies. Perak comes to mind.'

B: 'Let's move. Because what goes around will soon come around. The rakyat should make it unequivocal this time on Perak. And in all the other states as well.'

A: 'I also noted that Najib has appealed to all our races to unite to make his vision of continued prosperity happen. That does bring a tingling feeling, Sir.'

B: 'Sofea, i can show you other ways to get tingles but right now i am more interested in that packet of groundnuts of yours...'

A: 'Hmmm, you can have it, Sir. Given by my chinese neighbour.'

B: 'In that case, i can comment on what you just said. Now why doesn't Najib Tun Razak walk his talk for once?

Why didn't he jump and tell the PDRM to catch those jokers who disrupted the ABU-Hindraf meeting? On youtube you can see one looking like a papagomo so what's the problem?'

A: 'But the PDRM took six youths in. However, yes i see your point. They released them. And now, all's quiet on our western front.'

B: 'So is this a double-standard country?

Is our PM practising selective decisioning in the way the man of Kerala has been practising selective amnesia?

Is our Umno Baru just a party of kera-kera?

If yes, where did his mojo and chutzpah come from to tell the rakyat to unite to achieve more prosperity when his administration can't even be fair in doing its job to upkeep the peace and security of the rakyat independent of their race, religion and political affiliation? What does our blue force have to say to that, let's wonder? And is the AuG auditing the summons collections nationwide, including the serialization of receipts?

And i haven't even started on the nasty treatment of student Adam Adli's right to ventilate without harm his volunteerism in peaceful activism.

I am sick of our national governance. And sick of the anon who has no substance but can still cheaply taking swipes at Sak and others.'

walla 26 January 2012 at 02:07  


A: 'I see your points, Sir.'

B: 'Sofea, it's late and i need to go to sleep now. But let me ask you and all reading in why we are all doing this. It's to change our government.

This federal government needs to change because the parties running it, basically Umno by default, cannot change and that because the power-mongers in them have corrupted themselves, messed up the party, screwed the rakyat and denuded the nation.

You know, we read with pain a citizen saying he had to work his way through life by holding four jobs in a day, and yet he faithfully paid his taxes.

Now, let me ask you a simple question.

Which of those corrupt mf's in Umno pay taxes on their ill-gotten gains?

None is the answer.

Because if they declare them to the IRB, they would open themselves - and those who had bribed them - to investigation.

That is, if our MACC chaps are what they portray themselves to be.

So they stole from the rakyat and on top of that cheated the country by not paying taxes which would have been collectible state income if the bribe money had instead been used as proper funds for proper state projects.

That's why they are fighting like hellcats to stay on in power. They have already sold their souls.

So don't talk about the faith. More than malu.

Talking of which, i am glad some kid is euphoric and no longer in despair. Except for one tiny problem i have with his I&EQ. It reflects what may be called from now on as the Umno drone mentality.

I find it gravely hard to share any enthusiasm in grasping the last straw of trying to save an Umno by recourse to appeal against acquittal of a case focusing on the anus of a college dropout standing on flimsy grounds of circumstance colored by contra-indicative happenings prior to the alleged event.

But then again, if people can be happy doing so while being mute on who had ordered the hit on the late Altantuya, it must be quite normal in our marvelously mature country.

That's why on January 1st, 2020, a new bronze monument will be unveiled somewhere in Putrajaya. The plate will say, "This saved Umno and Putrajaya". The sculpture? An anus.

Good night, Sofea.'

A: 'Good morning, Sir! Yes, never in the field of political development anywhere in the world's history has so much depended on so low in such a protracted time and bright limelight at such great cost and extreme shame."

B: 'Not bad, Sofea.'

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 07:07  

Of course Pakatan knows what to do. In the short years they came into power; direct investments have been highest in Pakatan led states of Penang, Selangor and Kedah. These states have achieved balanced budgets without doing arithmetic tricks. In Penang which is led by non-Muslim, grants to Islamic religious institutions have reached RM 30 million a year. Compare that to Negeri Sembilan, which is led by a good Muslim, the grant is only RM 12 million a year.


AHAKS...So funny...

Kampong man,  26 January 2012 at 07:24  


Quote"...the majority of UMNO members shy away from mosque and Surah.." unquote.

Wow!, This is really a sweeping general statement from Sak.He really knows UMNO members well indeed alright .
Let's hope those DAP Melayu/Islam will show good examples to those UMNO goons who couldn't careless about their Islamic faith.Is it?.The blogger really has to defend this statement.

On Dr M speaking at a function in Shah Alam recently.Believed it was an occasion meeting the industry people by Najib held at Proton plant at Shah Alam where thousands attended.Let's give face to Tun being a Proton advisor.Yes,Tun endorse Najib leadership though he has not had the people mandate as yet.The answer will be in PRU 13.See, our Daim is too busy with something else to be be so concern on political scenarios here in Malaysia.Let's not get excited on his prediction anymore.

On Sabah and Sarawak elections results let's be realistic and be factual folks ! Results from the 2008 election shows the following:
For Sabah Dewan Rakyat ,out of a total 25 seats allocated BN secured 24 and DAP/PR was a mere 1(one) ! and
In case of Sarawak out of 31 seats allocated BN secured massive 30 seats and only 1(one) for the poor DAP/ PR.
The recent Sarawak election too shows great showing by BN.Can we now forget that Oracle of Syed Putra prediction?.Truth hurts right.Anyway,Taib stands tall
irregardless.If he can be there for decades uniting and doing good for the RAKYAT there ,he must be damn good.This I truly admire though I think he should now slowly pass the baton to the next capable person.Don't forget Sarawak is bigger than Semenanjong.Beautiful Sarawak full of natural beauties ,the rainforest ,the flora and the fauna,the caves and the longhouses.Isn't Sarawak marvellous!

On Khalid,PAS and Hasan Ali.Don't get me wrong on my town boy Khalid.I am a secret admirer of this corporate man since his PNB and Guthrie days but not his dwindling party,PKR.He too same as Taib are admirable gentlemen.I cannot agree that he shoulder that Islamic affair matters when it should be by those PAS representative or is it that now PAS has become like any other secular party and it does not matter anymore ? OR may be now PKR is snubbing PAS and show them who is the boss,hopefully not the case.This is PR internal matter and clearly reveal
the internal power struggle within PR itself.Memalukan !
Good day folks.Thanks.

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 08:59  

Very bold. 16 seats in Sarawak and 12 in Sabah? We could be talking 2/3 majority not only just PR winning..Lynch mob from Perkasa will go after Najib & Rosmah..

bruno,  26 January 2012 at 09:56  

Dato,sometimes people have sworn blind allegience to a certain person or party,because they felt obigated to them.And because they are the lucky few to have received oppurtunities which others do not,they think that they have to defend their benefactors,no matter what wrongdoings they have done.

Be it be robbing the peoples bank,rape or murder.They will idolised them and will turn a blind eye to their wrong doings.These people cannot see the forest from the trees,because they do not have the guts or courage to face reality or the real world.

If the people they idolised failed or fall,it is also the end of the world for them too.Because they have no more crutches or tongkats to support on.It is these group of people the Umno/BN have to rely on to stay in power.Whichever group sink the other will follow.It is these groups that will vanished after GE 13th.

greenbottle,  26 January 2012 at 11:11  

quiet despair said....

" I like reading Rocky's blog too, but I don't put in my two cents worth because I share his thoughts in whatever he writes. Great minds think alike, hmmm."

God, you're such a moron...i hope you're paid as well as that lackey bru...

nick 26 January 2012 at 12:11  

Oracle or not, what was written by Dato Sak has a ring or two of truth and of real "feel" of the masses and it's general outlook and perception of UMNO and its minion. Notwithstanding the two "cheerleader of UMNO" who pretends to be "quiet and original (not spicy)" village person, most of us here already smell the changing of season and the fresh wind of hope blowing, not just pus-pus but strong enough coming from the people themselves that prompted even Najib and UMNO to part away (they must be cursing themselves) with a couple of billions for the "non-political" BR1M. One up side of ABU is that it manages to free a couple billions of tax money from being gobble up by UMNO and its crony. Way to go , people! "Look ma, BR1M is non-political but to get it I have to listen to some lame politician crying for vote! LAME!"

Stories of TDM attending some "meet the industry people" with some "thousand" of attendee are proof of UMNO strength? Come on! Give me something that will make my knees shiver not my funny bones ticklish! (anyone knows how I can get in touch with Sofea?) At least tells us the story where 3 million of UMNO members went to the street at the flick of Najib fingers. Oppps! That didn't happen, right? Najib is big on everything imaginary (I kid you not, just look at his ..err..wife, sorry that one I concede that he has it BIG!) but small in reality!

Even in reality, during the last GE, UMNO only got a measly 1 million votes! Wonder if the balance 2 million members went home to indon, bangla and manila during the GE? Your guess as good as mine or worse, many of the members didn't vote and maybe even voted the opposition! Wow, 3 million members and 2/3 of them didn't support UMNO? That's Malaysia Boleh for you! AND still the quiet guy and the village baldrick is saying everything is rosy and nice. It must be nice living in a different dimension, I guess! I'm only too happy to let you two stay in la-la land. Keep on writing and keep on entertaining us with your highly amusing stories. Don't stay quiet and please don't ever leave your mythical village lest you will ruin your brain with "unhealthy" democratic values and rule of law!


Quiet Despair,  26 January 2012 at 12:13  

Genghiz Khan, Rance, Peter et all

My pal, Kampong man is absolutely right about Taib being an admirable man.
Indeed, he's got class, style and grace. Always smiling because he knows what he wants and gets what he wants.
He is a winnable candidate and a leader who can deliver the votes. He's a citadel, a fortress and Najib knows that. No one can unseat him especially Pakatan half-past six leaders.
Only one or two seats in Sarawak will go to the opposition and it will be from DAP. Keadilan is not accepted in Sabah and Sarawak.
Like Kampong man said, Sabahans and Sarawakians know loyalty and appreciative of what the government did to them.
There are so many rich and successful Sarawakians in KL who credited Taib for their good fortune. The poor in Sarawak are also enamored of their Pehin. Only Malayans don't want to see that.
Look at Sarawak's progress and development if compared to Sabah. Sabah has deteriorated after Harris Salleh.
And Taib is certainly unlike the Kitingan brothers who keep getting in and out of BN, like it's their father's party. That is why they have to set up UMNO in Sabah.
We are tired of the Taib is corrupted drivel. Didn't MalaysiaKini apologized to Taib and withdrew allegations of bribery in court?


You still not sleeping with Sofea? All the while I thought it was pillow talk. and that Sofea is your wife or mistress.
Obviously you don't admire your leader that much to emulate his sapu kiri kanan, depan, belakang.
Better sleep with her to rid the angst, the desperation, utter despair and the angry and hungry Walla.
This kiddo is never in despair. Always happy, cheery and upbeat that the sun always rises in good ole kerajaan 1Malaysia.
I watched the Hindraf-Abu (note the single caps) video and had a rollicking good laugh. They did it themselves. Hire some gangsters.
UMNO people won't be so stupid as to wear BN T-shirts.
What's with Hindraf? They can easily go to Vel fella to voice their grouses.
Hey man, Indians have a minister for Tamil affairs. Malays don't have one and we don't complain.
Have you seen the Bantuan IMalaysia presentation.
The Indians say boleh beli barang, Chinese say duit duit and poor, poor Malays said Terima Kasihlah kerajaan bantu Pak Chik menampung sara hidup keluarga. It gets me teary-eyed.
And my heart boils to see a blogger quoting his friend who got the money and donated it to the DAP.
Shows the Chinese kiasu at its best. Take the money since its free though you don't need it.
And let's not talk about the book voucher which are traded at
It shows the sick culture of thanks, but no thanks.

Patrick 26 January 2012 at 13:40  

Mahathir having to go to ground to drum up support for UMNO in Selangor is indeed a bad sign for Najib. Mahathir is cleverly building up his power base and protecting his economic interests further. Since Mahathir is the only UMNO member who has the financial capacity to buy up voters/support, his ground appearances is sly. After 3 years of opposition administration in Selangor, most UMNO support is dead from financial/contract starvation. Only massive infusion of cash by the cash-rich UMNO individuals will be able to salvage Selangor UMNO. Watch out for Selangor members with brand new luxury cars between now and election and we will know who will be the 'winnable UMNO candidate' selected.

I strongly believe that MB Khalid has some more tricks up his sleeves to counter UMNO's attacks. Chief among them that is well known is the implementation of minimum pay for the Selangor civil servants.

The biggest problem for Selangor, and by extension, Malaysia, will be the illegals-turned-citizens. However, there are also many fundamental strategies to neutralise these effects; if MB Khalid and the opposition care to plan and execute. Then the issue of dirty/tainted voter registrar or electoral rolls will be negated and neutralised.

Keep up your good commentaries and insights....

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 16:39  

quiet man

you are such a man. go on to admire thieves who steal billions and cause the poor to be landless.
oh and dont talk down to us that there is no proof of thievery.

loveMyKris,  26 January 2012 at 19:34  

QD QD QD hahaha. you are indeed THE cucuk man. your comments are always funny. makes this blog more lively.

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 22:30  

greenbottle and some Anons,

Shame on you !If you have nothing to contribute just go and fly kite.You are a nuisance here.Go on QD and Kg man,ignore these people who call you moron when in fact these frustated lots know nut about what has been happening. BN works for the Rakyat and will continue ruling as usual.BN is the way forward.BN, you have our support.Let these PR supporters smell dust and continue living on hope and dream.Corruptions ? political gimmicks and mere rhetorics.Adios Amigos !

Anonymous,  26 January 2012 at 23:17  


We are insulting our own intelligence by responding to the stupid statements from Perkasa. We should just ignore any statements from Perkasa, period!.

Wenger J Khairy,  27 January 2012 at 04:52  

Hi Dato,
My theory is like this. Imagine you were a Taiwanese or an Indonesian when Kuomintang and Golkar was still incumbent. At that time one would find it difficult to predict that in the near future both of those parties will lose power. The same goes for Communists in the Soviet Union. The fact is this - in the long run, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The people react by throwing out the current Govt and electing a new one. At that point it may seem brave and new, but this has happened to bigger nations with a more entrenched system. The bottom line is UMNO is doomed, and when the event happens, it may seem like big news, but people who in the future look at history, would dismiss it as a footnote.

Wenger J Khairy,  27 January 2012 at 05:03  

Sorry Dato to use your blog as a mesage board, but I just read Bruno's comment and wanted to mention that I am a bit tied up between some really heavy stuff...sorry can't say anything further except for the fact that there are some places in the Gomen where Ferro Roche is served as part of a tea refreshments. If u know what I'm talking about then you know how deep i am. If you don't then then just assume I merapu lah :-)

bruno,  27 January 2012 at 08:58  

Dato,your call for the GE to be in early March and latest June.Harris Ibrahim has come out with dissolving of Parliament on Feb.17th and polling on March 11th,according to his Umno sources.

Shahrizat is still on emergency leave.At first I was thinking that she won't be back and will just pack it off.But on second thoughts that is my personal opinion,as face saving Shahrizat will go back to work for a few more weeks then hand in the letter.So it will be sometime in March or April,that is if she goes.

The NFC fiasco has got the Malays divided on this issue,as the national cow's project has them in mind,in the first place as they consumed the most beef.It was to provide affordable beef to the Malays as a source of protein.So the GE has to be after Cow's Mama has gone into retirement.

Then there is also the Najib and Badawi honeymoon.After the honeymoon they still have to consolidate the marriage.So my guess is still to be in the second half to end of year.

bruno,  27 January 2012 at 09:37  

Wenger J Khairy,

Wenger,too much Ferro Roche means that you have to spend more time at the gym.I thought that in gomen tea breaks they serve chocolates made from Malaysian 1st cocoa only.Besides Ferro Roche are for spoilt brats only.Hahaha.Cheers.

Ferro Roche

greenbottle,  27 January 2012 at 16:42  

hey anon @ Jan 26 22.30;

I stand by what I said.

Refute that.

QD is really an idiot. in this particular case, he can't even seem to understand that Rocky's job is to.... SPIN! ..and he (QD) swallowed em line hook and sinker. and him(QD) to say that 'great mind thinks alike'... what a joke!

rocky is the opposite of sakmongkol. we might not agree with him all the time but Sakmongkol write from his heart and conscience, without fear or favor (more or less) but rocky?...come on!

Kampong man,  28 January 2012 at 00:31  

As i drove to Dungun from KL to attend tomorrow family wedding today, i had a long conversation with my dear wife on various local issues.She is generally a very quiet lady and don't usually get involve on controversial issues especially politics unlike me.However,i do rely and get her views and second opinion on certain political,social and economic issues just to get feedback because she read.I asked her what she think of Sak article on this Oracle of Syed Putra.I did not get a straight answer and it only came after a long silence.This is what her response was."This particular article does not sound like Sak and it is different "and she just stop there.I knew what she meant.My be she was not in agreement to certain writings there and yet say nothing otherwise.Say no evil and hear no evil may be.

Yes,my wife may not be as gorgeous as Walla's Sofea, she has integrity so is our common buddy ANC in my office whose ex wife is real somebody,i really mean REAL ! and yet he is a very down to earth and such a wonderful person personally and spiritually, living day by day unaffected by material wealth and with such contenment.He has inner peace to the envy of many me at least.Btw,Your Syed Putra idol,Daim, has yet to revert and respond to ANC proposal months ago.

I still think our TDM is such a man for Malaysia.Lets give due respect to the old man. He is like LKY for Singapore, if not better.Tun is never a racist,he has all Malaysians and the country interest all the time.Perkasa and UMNO are two separate entities with similar and differing views.They may share the same views on certain issues and they may also differs in many other issues .Oh yeh,Tun has that vision and wisdom that not many of us have.Thank you Tun for being you and for us all Malaysians!.

Anonymous,  28 January 2012 at 23:58  

You have to learn to use good language.Too bad you have no class to accuse others of being idiot and moron.You have brought this blog to something cheap you young boy.QD ,just ignore this type of comment here.

Anonymous,  29 January 2012 at 08:42  

Dear Walla
haven't heard from you for some time, unless I've missed some. Still lots of fire there, worth reading and appreciating. Keep them coming please because we need constructive and discerning people like you who can see the trees for the forest and vice versa.

QD 12/1/12 12.13 surprised and sorry to say,has lost his steam, seems to be on the defensive now, nothing else he can do except take really stupid personal swipes. Used to enjoy reading his tattles.

Anonymous,  29 January 2012 at 09:03  

TDM is like LKY, kampong man, I vote you the humourist of the year.
Tun is never a racist,he is interested in all RICH Malaysians and the country WEALTH all the time.

Anonymous,  29 January 2012 at 09:03  

TDM is like LKY, kampong man, I vote you the humourist of the year.
Tun is never a racist,he is interested in all RICH Malaysians and the country WEALTH all the time.

Anonymous,  29 January 2012 at 17:59  

Dear Dato thanks for this space to voice my opinion on anon 28 Jan 23:58
yDear anon you can't blame greenbottle for his poor english, he is a victim of bn education policy. At least he takes the trouble to express his view and the owener of this blog did not find it ofending to publish his view.
Are you worried of too many views against the pro bn views and trying to use intimidation to silent some?
And greenbottle, let me teach you how to rebut if someone challenge you as a young boy, tell him or her to go
home and ask his or her mother...

Tarduk 30 January 2012 at 13:26  

An excellent write-up and internal perspectives of "what the rakyat don't know".
Been trying to catch-up,
your ex colleague from MPSO days...

greenbottle,  30 January 2012 at 19:53  

hoho..hello anon 29Jan @ 17:59. I've no problem if people want to call me names but you must back it up with reasons. As what I did when I called Quiet despair a moron. And all you can come up is to say i have poor english? isn't that rich! ( i'm sure you don't get that)....btw you should go to rocky's blog and see the level of english from the comments left by retarded umnolovers there...

proves another point- about the quality of umnophiles remaining in the corrupt party...

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