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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 8 December 2010

UMNO and corruption- 2


My most recent article is the stand of UMNO on corruption. The easy linking up of UMNO and corruption is too simplistic. It can't be true that UMNO people are devoid of a sense of probity. If you see the comments following that article, no one, including UMNO people are condoning corruption. No one wants it.

And I find it mischievous to suggest that UMNO does not want integrity in its dealings.

The stand is: UMNO like any other political parties does not condone and tolerate corruption. But proving corruption will not be easy. Despite that, the difficulty to prove it is not an excuse not to do the necessary actions.

Since we cannot discuss the specific matter that Khir Toyo is facing before the court, we will highlight other things which Khir Toyo did which are cause for concerns. Or reasons for our misgivings.

We shall speak instead about the politics of the case. How should be UMNO's political stand?

I have said, it would be grave mistake to treat Khir's case as that of UMNO's. Let's not make khir a martyr. Secondly, khir toyo is not indispensable. His likes are a dime a dozen. So many others can do the job Khir did. It was only a set of accidental events that catapulted him into the MBship of Selangor. Anyone with above average intelligence can become an MB. He was just a mechanic doing his thing on molars, premolars and other tooth types.

The message then, no one in UMNO is indispensable. In the coming weeks, I shall be exposing the goings on at another ministry which is a custodian of large scale projects. We shall see how public office is manipulated so as to drain the resources from this county. I promise you, it will be explosive. It shall be a tale of how project costs are inflated exorbitantly to shameless proportions. The worst thing, is the minister in charge of the ministry, knowingly supported a particular project which could be gotten as a much lower cause.

How shall UMNO treat these leaders even if they are MBs or ministers? PM Najib must let them go. Retire these people so that good men, winnable candidates and personalities can take over. No one person is indispensable and no one person can be so clever to the extent they cannot be replaced.

Let's get back to khir Toyo. He has come up with the disingenuous alibi as to how he has become rich. By selling the nutritious tempe.

Among the strange things Khir did in his capacity as MB:-

Approving land applications to 4 people between 2000-2001 who are known to have substantive relationship to either himself or to his polsec. Each of the 4 people who were given land of 100 acres each which was valued at RM 200k an acre were

1.    Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury,

2.    A.Rahman Mokhtar,

3.    Suzilawani Mustaphin and

4.    Ali Nordin.

A stranger case involving his executive position to grant land to some 20 year olds land of 50 acres each to

1.    Ahmad Azmir,

2.    Noor Ashikin

3.    Mardhiah

4.    Azril Yusri.

And one of them is the son to the DO of Kuala Langat.

Some of these wet behind the ears disco and club friendly 20 year olds didn't even know the land were given out in their names. Some of them were appointed 40 days as company directors prior to the companies submitting the land applications. It was also found out; some of the companies had the same shareholders.

The list is a long one. I don't have the enthusiasm to lay them down. It's so depressing.


Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 22:34  

"The list is a long one. I don't have the enthusiasm to lay them down. It's so depressing."

Dear Dato', wish you could list em all, your enthusiasm notwithstanding. It should be good reading for many of us.


Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 22:55  

You are already depressed before you can end it!
That toyol was spawned by TDM and the rest is history.Umno has been a gravy train for its members and thats why they are in it for a living man!Nearly three quarters of its members are 'nt educated from temptation in this so called patronage system.
When you are MB , you are King Tut and even Bodohwi could'nt do a thing to Toyol.That's umno for you no mater what!

OneMalaysian,  8 December 2010 at 23:05  

Dear Sakmongkol

“In the coming weeks, I shall be exposing the goings on at another ministry which is a custodian of large scale projects. We shall see how public office is manipulated so as to drain the resources from this country. I promise you, it will be explosive”.

I have no doubt at all that you will do what you say. I admire your guts. I consider you a patriot because you are doing something good for your country. Alas, I also think you are naïve.

By exposing all those shenanigans will confirm what many Malaysians already know. It will cause much swearing and gnashing of teeth, and the raising of blood pressure. Nothing, however, will come out of it. The Police, MACC and the AG will not move so much as a finger on reading your expose. Don’t they already know all this? Look at all the revelations about the wealth of the CM of Sarawak, yet nothing is done about it. Everyone knows about the ill-gotten gains and showy riches of the DPM and Mat Taib, accumulated when they were both MBs. Yet no investigation has ever been mounted to ask them to account for it.

I am not being cynical about your attempts to expose wrong doings; I merely want to damp expectations, and to say that when idealism meets political expediency, it is unfortunately the latter that wins. This BN government has for too long allowed such crooked dealings by political warlords and their cronies to go on. These people win elections (funded by dirty money) and deliver votes and seats. The dilemma of the PM (assuming he is clean) is, do I put these people away and risk losing control of the party and government, or should I tolerate them so long as it keeps us in power and the looting is not completely out of control.

Still, you will would have done your job, which is to write and expose. It is indeed not your job to also arrest and prosecute. That is the job of government. Its head is the PM. Ultimately, the buck must stop with him. What he does will show what sort of PM he really is.

Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 23:28  

The big fish are not there, the disease is rampant and defy solution.

When the head is not straight, it is difficult to get the rest strait.

The looting culture is enshrined and sanctioned by top in the party, all cry for besih is just show only.

Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 23:59  

'some of the recipients of the lands approved by Khir Toyo were related to him'

It just shows how incompetent the ACA/Macc is. They still can't nail K.Toyo for these acts of abuse of power.

The last time I heard, K.Toyo when he was MB also approved prime housing lots in Shah Alam to senior officers of the Selangor Macc. That is why it is quite difficult for Macc Selangor to nail K.toyo.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 00:44  

Dato Sak,
Wow, PM need to construct more jails now. Please don't demolish Pudu and to build Menara Warisan. What a waste?

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 00:47  

What can we say? After all, we appointed a Toyol to become MB Selangor. Who should be blame? God knows.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 01:21  

Dear Dato SAK,

Surprise, surprise. Ex-MB Selangor is a toyol, an invisible. How come AG/MCC is can catch this time? Let see what he can do next. Stay tune... he will be "free" as usual.

Habib RAK 9 December 2010 at 02:58  

How long have you had this information and did you make a police or MACC report?

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 08:34  

Dato', sudah la tu buat memalukan UMNO sahaja dan kesemua yang nak di dedahkan pun UMNO/MCA/MIC(BN), tolak sana tolak sini BN punya orang juga.
What else do you need to do but the truth is all of them are carrying baggage and it is just unfortunate for Khir Toyo that dia terkena.
It is hypocrite for Jibby to do all this and people won't believe him no matter what as he needs to look at himself or else phase them out quietly as KT is no lone ranger but many more that everyone can see.
So what about the report on CM, former PM sons and in laws that the news are traveling around now? Simple question how come just being minister that you suddenly can afford to have all the luxuries? Bolih percaya ke?
Jibby needs to think and soul searching where is his "keadilan" as a leader, he has to answer to GOD dan jangan cakap tak serupa bikin, or berselindung di belakang tunggu nak cuci tangan sahaja- macam biasa la Pak PM kita Khir Toyo is history and will UMNO follow soon? Hopefully not! Rakyat will decide Insya'ALLAH. Happy new year 2011.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 09:44  

I am sure MACC has th same info but probably decides to weep it under the carpet. How can we trust the system?

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 10:16  

betul lah umno corrupt. Dato. You are corrupt to the core. you asked for a quarry, you got it. and don't forget, we know about you and a 19 year old. big dog n parpukari will run a story on you soon .

lan 9 December 2010 at 10:19  

Pls let KT go to jail!

lan 9 December 2010 at 10:19  

Pls let KT go to jail!

lan 9 December 2010 at 10:20  

Selangor has never had a good MB coming from BN

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 10:48  

Habib Rak,

The information that Sak wrote is public knowledge. But since it was raised by the opposition, the Macc would not investigate.

for your info, the police and the Macc works on information. All this bullshit about lodging a 'police report' before the police could investigated is hogwash. You buy a copy of the criminal procedure code and read sect. 110. It says, ' if from information received or otherwise, a police officer suspects the commission of an offence, then he shall investigate and if necessary arrest the offender'.

Malaysian police like Macc is full of stupid people. If you go to a police station and gives info about the commission of an offence, the police will take down your information in a book. The police called this 'police report'. But the law says even without you having to go to the police station, if the police is in receipt of the same information from whatever sources, then by virtue of s.110 they are bound to investigate.

So your question to Sak, did you make a police/Macc report is irrelevant since the information is public knowleged and is also within the knowledge of the Macc. There is no requirement to lodge a police/Macc rpt.

But the mentality of police/Macc officers are low and insolent. To give excuses for their incompetency and lack of action, they will say, ' we don't receive a report', so we can't investigate.

al-Deen amin,  9 December 2010 at 11:13  

Toyol was a sleepy and disheaval dentist in Kajang town when my son checked with him years before the former kissed his mother's hand on being appointed MB.

He forgot a mother's blessing and duty to the rakyat. The expected happened. Power corrupts power.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 11:25  

Anon 9 December 2010 10:48
with a formal report, the authorities cannot feign ignorance of the info.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 12:01  

u lah orang paling bersih atas dunia ni dato

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 12:03  


Excellent expose work !

Indeed the list is a long one and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

May be, just may be there's light at the end of the tunnel for a corrupt free Malaysia when all your readers say 'No to Corruption' within or without UMNO.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 12:59  

full list is available on

OneMalaysian,  9 December 2010 at 13:19  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The easy linking up of UMNO and corruption is too simplistic. It can't be true that UMNO people are devoid of a sense of probity”.

You made a very important point here. It should be discussed. Perhaps if we look at a couple of events we can better understand this phenomenon.

There is a large crowd of hundreds or thousands, and everything is quite peaceful. Suddenly, someone starts reacting violently by throwing stones, and before you know it everyone else is also throwing stones. They are all suddenly seized by some emotion, and their individual personality (most people are peace loving and law abiding) is subsumed in groupthink and group behaviour. These hitherto peace-loving individuals do not feel guilty in what they are doing.

6 millions Jews were gassed to death by SS officers in WW2. Many of these soldiers too were Christians, god-fearing humans, yet they cold-bloodedly murdered millions of innocent, defenseless people some of whom must have been their friends or neighbours. Again, their individual personalities were subsumed in group behaviour that encouraged or tolerated such heinous crimes. These soldiers obviously felt no remorse for their crimes.

And so it is with many UMNO members. They are kind, law-abiding, friendly individuals who no doubt teach their children moral values at home. Yet when they think of themselves as UMNO members, the people who have the real power to run this country, who have the power to give out lucrative contracts, and who feel the obligation to raise funds to keep UMNO in power (keeping some for themselves), they will somehow discard their normal behaviour and submit to the group behaviour, a behaviour obviously tolerated within UMNO whose ideology appears to be: the end justifies the means.

rance,  9 December 2010 at 13:47  

Dear Dato'Sak
If only gov.can repeal the OSA Dato',It will be more interesting than WikiLeaks.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 14:02  

dear dato',

you said "Anyone with above average intelligence can become an MB. He was just a mechanic doing his thing on molars, premolars and other tooth types".

butt from what the people see all the mbs have negative iq. all of them threat the citizens and especially the voters like butt craps. they seem to know everything that sometimes under rated the people as retarded.

for me they are all suckers that sucking the pm for positions.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 19:10  

Aiyo, why do you still proudly claim to be an UMNO man. No shame kah?

UMNO is an immoral party. A party that belongs to the stone age. It is filled will cave man who wear animal skin and carry clubs. Lawless men.
Sex maniacs.
They even encourage child marriages.

But will any UMNO leader allow his 14 year old daughter get married to an elderly man? No.

They use anything for political capital. Even the life of innocent 14 year old girls.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 19:11  

Yet, Najib says the case against Khir is not political?

You think we are fools.

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 20:11  

Dato' SAK,

Among the strange things Khir did in his capacity as MB.

"Strange thing..." is a wrong choice of words, the correct ones is "abuse of powers". And I'm keen to know who is the next candidate for BN MB...I know many are eyeing for that.

Paya Besar

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 20:25  

Time to investigate Khairy wealth gathering when his father in law was PM. He really had a party!

Anonymous,  9 December 2010 at 20:27  

Time to investigate Khairy's ill-gotten wealth during the tenure of his FIL as PM

1ahli 1undi,  9 December 2010 at 20:37

LANGKAWI 8 Dis. - Khazanah Nasional Bhd. (Khazanah) akan melabur RM1 bilion bersama beberapa rakan kongsinya dalam tempoh empat tahun akan datang bagi tujuan pembangunan di Teluk Datai di sini.

Khazanah menerusi anak syarikatnya, Teluk Datai Resorts Sdn.Bhd. akan membuat pelaburan pembangunan 14 vila mewah berharga RM15 juta dan pembinaan sebuah hotel 300 bilik dengan kerjasama pengurusan hotel Shangri-La.

How did Khazanah get the RM1bil cost?
Was there transparency is the awarding of project?

Bila UMNO nak buat 1ahli 1undi.
Saya nak vote keluar nila dlm UMNO.
Kalau bagi undi kat PR Negara rosak & mundur.
Bagi kat UMNO maju at a slow pace & kat atas tu buat saya jadi hamba.

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