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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 30 December 2010

Handling UMNO’s political nemesis

How do you deal with the man with so many aliases? Anwar Ibrahim, Pak Sheikh, BABI, Mat King Leather etc etc.
I was talking to a former PKR member who has gone over to parti KITA. We are friends but that doesn't change how I see the party headed by Zaid Ibrahim. Parti KITA will be launched soon. It will be made up of some professionals and perhaps a handful of MPs. I am doubtful about the latter group or perhaps my friend meant a few MPs from PKR. As to its prospects in the coming PRK 13, the party in my mind has 2 chances- slim and none.
But, that aside, how will we handle this parti KITA? Anwar can't say- parti KITA parti yang teruk. Kita sudah beri dia orang peluang dia main kita punya belakang. He can't say that can he?
UMNO too can't say parti kita parti tak guna. Our party is rotten to the core? UMNO can't say this. Only Tun Mahathir can. At one point in time.
Zaid Ibrahim has a least managed to bring a little bit of hilarity into our politics.
We moved on to the next conversation topic. My friend was positive about the recent problems faced by PKR over its party elections. But I fear, his optimism is premature.
But how do you deal with Anwar Ibrahim? I told him, we cannot over exploit the recent internal political bickering in PKR. The reprieve came when those close to PM thought they were doing the PM a favor by having Anwar suspended for 6 months. That's like giving this demagogue of a politician a new breathing apparatus.
He will go around this country to goreng the public and the public will warm up to him. He can claim, this is yet another of those BN contraptions to silence credible opponents. Anwar will make it out as though he OWNS the truth. He will mesmerize thousands and thousands of easily swayed people to his cause- whatever he chose at that particular moment.
The problem here is this. UMNO machinery will not be there to answer him. This is the usual modus operandi of UMNO. Everything has to be done by the PM himself. In 1999, when Anwar's sympathizer's including those within UMNO itself went around parading images of Anwar with a bludgeoned and blackened eye, UMNO didn't answer. They were living under the illusion that any preposterous claims by Anwar's people will not be believed by people at large. Well they did and gave Najib a 241 majority.
If that can happen then, it is repeatable. Now, as opposed to then, the claims are much easier and digestible for the palate. Meaning whatever claims Anwar makes, will be translated into more popular support.
Bangun lah UMNO.
The one who suffered a dent in credibility most was perhaps the speaker of parliament. Never before in parliamentary times, a speaker had to descend from his perch and engaged in a lengthy debate explaining his position. If he wants, he'd better tell the PM he wants to step down as speaker and wants to become an MP. Then he can debate to his heart's content. He appeared at most times like a bewildered headmaster whose pupils are making fun of him.
Anwar's 6 months suspension had the immediate effect of reinvigorating the PKR people. It also provided a diversion from the internal problems. If we read Gobalakrishnan's tweeter, the messages he sent regarding Anwar can be turned in a roller-coaster of a steamy novel. People get entertained and amused but those things are not turning into vote getting storylines.
How do you deal with this creature called Anwar?
I once asked a close friend of Anwar who has been his schoolmate at MCKK and now a leading member of PKR. He says Anwar is beatable. You can dissect and demolish his thinking as expressed in his ideas, plans and ideas. UMNO must counter these and expose the hollowness and shallowness of Anwar's thinking.
Going on the offensive by the daily grind of vile and explicit vulgar description of Anwar is counterproductive. As one of his former schoolmates now residing in Australia has done, it only requires matching what the government has against Anwar with what the people can list against Najib and this government.
The government will be seen as the big bully who cannot handle the opposition and needs to resort to coercive methods. You silence your critics by jailing them, by causing bodily injury and probably by even bombing them. The government is seen as the big bad wolf.
This perception should not be nourished further by the unceasing media onslaught of picturing Anwar as a heinous animal. Because once the perception of a big bully government takes root in the populace, what does this show? This shows whatever Anwar and his propaganda machine churn out are believable and can win them votes. You can't break this lock jam of perception by legalistic means. People will simply turn around and say FU!.
Allow me to illustrate. If the mother to the gerakan youth in Penang goes religiously to Anwar's ceramahs without fail, that spells trouble. It means the idea of Anwar as a victim to a tyrannical government has taken root. If mums and dads stand by Anwar in a show of defiance, it shows Anwar can win.
I have a Malaysian Indian friend who is a successful IT entrepreneur. One day he heard his 75 year old mother praying for Anwar. He was shocked and proceeded to explain to the mother about Anwar. The mother answered back. That may be true, but the government here is the big bully. You can't answer Anwar, you lock him up, and you beat him up. Those are actions of a big bully and tyrant.
If this idea about Anwar as victim takes root, you have the idea of a government that is defeatable.
Instead let others do the fight for the government. Let Anwar fight his detractors. Let Nalakaruppan for example have his day in court. I am sure all the juicy details about this tennis playing partner of Anwar who also doubled up as personal chauffeur ferrying the fairer sex will be taken up by the public. Let all those Rahimi's Saifuls, Rashid the KY Jelly procurer do battle with Anwar. Let Jamil Kuching fight Anwar. Then Anwar will have to fight these people and at the end be a spent force.
The better way to demolish Anwar who relies on the court of public opinion to save him, is to use that very forum to expose him. The main cast of this drama will be people like Nalakaruppan, Jamil Kuching, Rahimi, Rashid and so on.
Let's see if PKR is evicted from their current premises as talk is rife that PKR owes the owner of the premises, a one Soh Chee Weng backdated amount of around RM 700k. Easily payable but it appears that Azmin and Syamsidar have a tight grip on Anwar's finances.


OneMalaysian,  30 December 2010 at 10:08  

Dear Sakmongkol

Why all this fascination with Anwar Ibrahim? He, too, in time, will be gone. But when he is gone and we are still left with a virtual one-party system, then Malaysia is sunk. It is sinking right now, but not quite sunk yet.

It was only just a while ago that we were all discussing about corruption in high places, about massive contracts given out opaquely to cronies, about the mismanagement of our economic resources, about the weakness of PM Najib, and all the things wrong with UMNO itself. Now, suddenly, these issues are forgotten, and it is about how to defeat Anwar and ensure the victory of UMNO and the BN government.

Do we really want more of the same? Are we not tired of all the abuses done by these incompetent politicians? Don’t we want to give our country a shot at making some real progress? I have no stomach for gutter politics. If we focus our energies on the important issues and explain these to the people, they might perhaps understand things better, and hopefully make better decisions about who should have the privilege to serve them in public office.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 10:18  

Umno's hatred of Anwar knows no bound. They had to resort to foolish and senseless acts and made vile accusations based merely on hearsay evidence.

The only thing that can defeat Anwar is the man himself. I thought Anwar's standing amongst the die-hard PKR supporters took a battering during the PKR election. Some had even hope that the 'foolish' sodomy charge against him cld stick and he goes back to jail. That shows their dislike of him. What Zaid, Gobala and now Chegu Bard said and done sum up the PKR's members feeling about Anwar. But Umno doesn't have much brainy leaders. They have much corrupt leaders whose brain are choked with corrupt money. Instead of subtlely fostering this internal hatred of Anwar, they have to do stupid things like suspending him from Parliament.

Let us see how public perception is being shaped. Mahathir and now Najib has the Police, MACC, Ag Chambers and Judiciary at their beck and call. They investigated him, put him on surveillance and do all sorts of things, yet they can't get a corruption charge preferred against him. Compare this with Mahathir and Najib who were both involved in massive corruption. If PR were to win Putrajaya, both would surely be charged for corruption. Mahathir for using Petronas money to bail out his son and Najib for the Sukhoi and Scorpene corruption deal.

The above shapes up public perception between Anwar and other corrupt and scandal-ridden Umno leaders. In addition, they let off Chuah Soi Lek for engaging in natural sex. An Umno minister's rape case was covered up. They NFA Jarmaludding buttock pincing case, and then they charge the man for that fictitious 'sodomy' charge based on what Siful says which Wikileak now exposed as a sex trap laid by his political enemies ( who else if not Najib).

Those names that you mentioned to engage Anwar lack credibility. The public's perception are that the corrupt Umno leaders bought them like how they bought the Perak frogs. Anwar is self-destructive. Just leave him alone. But at the same time, Umno has to purge itself from corrupt and scandal ridden leaders. That probably would win the battle against Anwar.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 10:24  

Dato' Tak habis habis pasal Anwar. Itu lah kalau pemimpin UMNO itu sendiri tak betul maka tak usah la memfitnah orang. Kalau isu c4 tak terjawab, rogol amah diam sahaja camno rakyat nak percaya tok! Dato'juga yang bilang dalm UMNO macam macam ada. So what is next?
Do you think people will believe in Nalakaruppan? Alahai tengok muka dia pun orang tak percaya. Cuba Dato' tanya hati kecil Dato' and if the answer is no then forget the whole idea and same thing goes with Zahid- do you know how many Hulu Selangorites who live in KL was taken for a ride by this scumbag during the HS by-election. I will spit this character if ever I encounter him in HS next time around.
But, my 2cents worth! Tak usah nak tambah dosa dan negara akan hancur kalau fitnah, hasad dengki dan khianat menjadi amalan pemimpin. So forget Jamil kuching, Nalakaruppan or whoever UMNO has in mind and in GOD we trust!
Happy 2011 and keep healthy!

Ariff Sabri 30 December 2010 at 10:29  

i also told this to my ex PKR friend- as expected, mention a bit about anwar, then its accusation of hatred and all those things.
i suppose the same mindset can be applied to people who goes ballistic when dealing with articles on UMNO and malay bashing. these people hate UMNO because UMNO is Malay?
then allow these people space to give their story. i have said the way UMNO handles Anwar through the courts is counter productive.

rance,  30 December 2010 at 12:14  

Dear Dato'Sak, Anwar Ibrahim shall i say "a pearl built by pain around a grain of sand" Happy New year to you and family and all Malaysians Dato'.

Habib RAK 30 December 2010 at 12:56  

Anwar is the red herring of PKR. Whilst UMNO is focused on him, others within PKR, DAP and PAS are making hay for the upcoming epic battle.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 13:14  

Based on debates/discussions both written and oral, an increasing number of so called liberals, elite, downtrodden,or whatever labels given, seems to favour two party systems for the future. All issues raised legitimate or otherwise seem to be fodder toward this. Current status quo in balance of power no matter how successful in the past is slowly becoming untangible. If BN/UMNO recognise this, then they can play a positive transition role towards this end by getting involve and assist by weeding out elements that will be obstructive and can destroy the country's basic structure that we have created to date. In so doing BN/UMNO can positively ensure they will be one of the two parties in the future. Or BN/UMNO can choose to ignore this desire for a two party system at their peril.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 14:11  


Mohon maaf. Saya bukan penyokong UMNO mahupun pembangkang. Saya seorang Islam. Saya pohon satu statement dari datuk - tell me one you yourself believe anwar ibrahim really main belakang? if dato ada proof, then i akan sokong dan vote parti yang dato sokong. kalau dato sudi dan jujur - we can meet and talk about this case sambil minum2...Salam

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 14:30  

Dato, care to comment about the following analysis by "Perbandingan prestasi antara kerajaan BN dengan PR" especially about Pahang since u was one of the state's ADUNs before.

Dire Straits.

d'enricher 30 December 2010 at 14:37  


Saya ni tak lah sokong sangat Anwar, tapi dik sebab Anwar, kita dapat peluang untuk satu sistem politik baru.

Kalau lah Anwar atau sesiapa juga yang buat perkara salah, kalau tak di dunia (kalau sistem kita benar2 adil) diakhirat (pada yang yakin la) janji Allah pasti.

Saya suka bila fokus kita kepada mencari kebenaran serta keadilan, yang salah dan melakukan perkara yang merosak serta mencri harta rakyat dari yang paling atas kepada kucing kurap diadili, baru lah boleh cerita.

Ini tidak, yang salah tu mesti PKS, PAS, DAP aje ke, UMNO BN yang Dato sebut banyak kali tu macam mana. Serupa juga denga kes Slime Darby ...

Tapi kalau dah dendam kesumat tu, Yang pastinya apa carapun kita kena jatuhkan Anwar dulu ye?

Macamlah dendam kesumat TDM pada Pak Lah, semua tak kena, terus cari pasal. Pak Lah tu atleast tak melenting, cool aje orang kondem dia.

Kita perlu kepada Sistem dua Parti, kita perlu check and balance dan kalaulah nak ada Third Force pun biarlah credible, jangan dapat KATAK.

Selamat tahun Baru.


Are You Gonna Go My Way,  30 December 2010 at 16:15  

The readers here got it all wrong. UMNO do not hate other people outside UMNO. The people inside UMNO hate any slimeballs, parasites and bacteria living on other people's misery for its own survival even if they're in UMNO. Of course it will take time and some special detergent to clean-up the mess. It can be done and proven already when Anwar was sacked. The good thing about UMNO is that we can sack any body in UMNO even our ex Prime Minister was asked to leave. Can any other party here in Malaysia PAS, PKR or DAP do the same? Their role model is PAP of Singapore...where family rules.

Regarding the umno minister rape case, his time will come too...the rumors say his name is *hint he has no father..and he handles the internet...and he hates Rocky Bru.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 16:37  

Actually, it COULD work. UMNO should try it.

We won't know for sure whether it's Anwar's or UMNO's buntut that'll take the blows.

A tool can only be perfected in the making.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 16:58  

How to expose Anwar when those whom you named above are all snakes themselves? As for Umno, tell us how many leaders have a cleaner record than Anwar. A pot cannot call a kettle black my friend. BN is finding it difficult to fight Anwar because BN leaders themselves are so tainted. Murderers, rapists, porn stars, wife cheaters etc, you name it and they have it. Don't forget PKR is not just about Anwar. It's about fighting for justice which had been taken away by the BN.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 17:06  

Those you suggested to discredit Anwar are all slimeballs who have no credibility whatsoever. They would sell their own mothers for a song. Anyway, why the facination and fear of Anwar if indeed he is what you say he is? People are not stupid. They want change from the present corrupt and immoral regime and Anwar is their only hope, warts and all. The question you should be asking is, is Najib any better? Not to me.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 17:28  

Sak, why are you joining the main chorus of attacking Anwar of and on?UMNO is rotten to the core and no good amount of juicy rhetoric can change this perception.The entire leadership of UMNO need to be purged out then only UMNO can be truly and truthfully transformed and rebranded.With or without Anwar UMNO is already rotten and no amount of attacking him can 'unrotten'it except by a total defeat in GE 13.Obsession with Anwar has become a foot and mouth disease for UMNO and UMNO linked blogs and it has become very repugnant to the average Malays and idiotic to the enlightened lot.Shall we call it asshole politics?Truly UMNO has become assholic to the core.

Anonymous,  30 December 2010 at 18:51  

I hate aware and his shenanigans, why can't he be more of a stateman instead with all his experience and patience.

But Dato, I hate umno more for it's hypocrisy and deceitful ways.

Guess a lot of the simple folks out there feel the same

Quiet Despair,  30 December 2010 at 19:49  

Here's to a good 2011 Sak and all

Anwar is not Umno's political nemesis. It is Anwar who made UMNO hate him.
He had been accorded the second biggest post in the party and government and he fouled it.
His records have shown that he is not what it seems. Only his idols made him larger than life when in reality he is just a nothing man.
I regret that he is seen as a victim of Mahathir. Often times I wished that sodomy didn't happen. Or we turn a blind eye to it.
Without it, Anwar will not become a PM just like the other DPMs Mahathir had.
Tell us what he did when he was Education Minister, Finance, Culture and DPM. Mediocre, to say the least.
But he's shrewd to hide his lack of brightness by using the sodomy case as his weapon to prop himself up.
This is a fella who can only t
thrive on issues. Not a doer, not a thinker, just a trouble-maker.
The latest brouhaha in Parliament. It became a cause for him when he is at fault for failing to prove the APCO link.
What other tricks will he used as count-down to the coming GE? Many I bet.
Never has a guy destroyed the country than he did.
And yet he wants to rule a nation which he discredited.
Shameless barbaric.

mo,  30 December 2010 at 19:50  

salam sakmaongkol.... Mengapa umno dan bn tidak bertindak sekarang ??? dengan bicara dan cadangan tuan??? Ideaq itu agak bagus untuk menyerang anwar,,, supaya dia lumpoh???? Saudara sebenar nya terlalu silap,,, najib berbanting dgn anwar, najib naik jadi pm sebab sistem yg kuno dalm umno,,,semantara di kacxa mata rakyat umno dan bn dan najib,,,penuh dgn taie2 yg tidak akan di cuci selama lama nya...semantara anwar di kaca mata rakyat yg tidak ada kepentingan ,,,melihat anwar sebagai perjuang yg membawa perubahan yg di kehendaki oleh rakyat.... permasaalah umno tidak mungkin dapat selesai selagi insan insan yg masih para2 perasuah . tq

Melayu Baru,  30 December 2010 at 20:21  

Asslamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Ah...Anwar Ibrahim.

He plays victim all the time, doesnt he? The one that beat the drum and unite people based on his personal case?

My belief is that there is gross misunderstanding on why people support him. He knows how to organize, plan and direct - and plays it effectively on the opposing side. As he is now, though, he plays as the effective medium between DAP and PAS - a feat that TR couldnt. And the later PAS president and LKS couldnt achieve.

The real reason for support behind him was because he was the victim, or playing victim effectively - depending on which side you're on.

His house was sieged by the elite baclava wearing special force the day he was sacked as DPM. He was beaten by no less than IGP. His sodomy case was riddles with so many holes, and Augustine Paul (may he rot in hell) found him guilty. Did he cowed down and toed the line? No. He stood up to the big bully. Rakyat saw that - and he becomes and inspiration for Reformasi, and formed PR. He may or may not did it - but the treatment he received is the key to his support.

Now that Sodomy II - heck, the result is a foregone conclusion. He will be found guilty - either the real sodomy happened or not. If the power to be is so sure about nailing him, let him fight a fair case, as you mentioned. Dont deny the man and his team a credible defence. Dont handicap him and his lawyers with obstacles - it only make him the victim once more and he can play on that.

But what he has inspired that the big bully is a coward when faced with the truth. When questioned, the big bully used to shut down the media, and in extreme case put all the opposition in Kamunting.

DSAI showed that this bully can be defeated - with vote. The real power is with the RAKYAT, not the bully. DSAI has showed a way. He may be trampled - but there will be more that is inspired by him and do the same. When they are taken out, there will be many more...

The big bully changed the ground rules - gerrymandering - lost the popular vote - but they still form the federal government.

'Caring government' bypassed tenders to enrich cronies (Re TUDM, FRIM land, among others). 'People first' means 'after we decide' (Re MRT et al). A government that keep unfair deal that screw the rakyat ass under OSA (even when court agreed that they are not national threat, the very government keep it back). A Malay government that help other Malays by suspending royalties in the second poorest state. A strong federalized government does not respect sovereign state government.

You talk about DSAI sodomy - this government has effed of each and every Malaysian, living and those which has not.

Malaysians are reacting - few hundred thousands voted with their feet in disgust. Many more resolved to ensure that this bully has had enough and will be no more...

It will take time - truth will eventually prevail. Knowledge will have to be spread around, and by that time, when people know the truth they will vote this bully off. Even by the next GE the bully is voted off, there's a lot of undoing need to be done. The civil servants, the police, the judiciary - the whole mindset. We will go through a bad patch - as it normally ensues a government change.

I dont imagine this being simple - there's 26 million people, with various background, races, socioeconomic background, and religions. Each view from his or her own tinted glass, and the complexity factor is increased. I will do what I can - and I know many more is doing it. As this voice grew, it will be the nations' consciousness. Then the change will be permanent.

Will it be DSAI that lead this? I dont care.

I have had enough of this incompetence, corrupt leaders and cronyism. Isn't that a natural thing to vote against?

Melayu Baru

el especial,  31 December 2010 at 01:29  

Politicians come and go. But it is the ideals that each holds true to that matters. The catalyst for change.

Now I may just be a starry eyed punk but lets try to unravel what's been going on :

Currently, there's a cold war raging between the Muay Thai fighter and the Bugis-Welsh artiste, no? I sense exchanges.

I read with interest whats been written here but it seems that with all the subtleties, some have yet to wisdom. Cut the gutter politics and perhaps we can move forward.

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 02:08  


Kamu betul. Anwar memang mangsa dan celaka UMNO/BN tu memang di anggap pem-bully.

Ramai orang2 dikampung berdoa untuk Anwar semoga dia tidak dipenjarakan oleh rejim yang kejam di putrajaya. Dato tak erti?

Suruhlah binatang2 dalam kurungan UMNO/BN supaya bertaubat....baliklah ke pangkuan ALLAH!!

Rais - perogol amah
PM - pembunuh dengan C4
Soi Lek - pelakun seks
JJ - pencubit bontot pompuan
MB Melaka - perogol budak kecil
entahlah banyak lagi.

Tak malu ke binatang2 ni?
kecuali Soi Lek, yang lain - apa punya orang Islam ni? buat malu aje.

orang kampung

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 05:38  

Dato Sakm,
Mari kita lihat siapa yang kena kali nie PRK Tenang. Sifu saya kata 'air yang tenang jangan kata tiada buaya'..Rakyat..He3..Selamat menyambut Tahun 2011 dengan Tenang.

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 09:24  

Understand this. Anwar is a mean and not an end. He's our best option to kick out an utterly and incorrigible BN led by Umno. If not for the BN racist policy, capable leaders like Lim Kit Siang has the right stuff to be the PM of the country instead of Anwar. Anwar role will demise eventually if the opposition comes to power. But for the moment, he's the man of the hour and that's why Najib is desperate to throw everything at him, including thumb-up charges like Sodomy II and APCO affair.

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 09:27  

I will be interested to know of your thoughts on the Selangor State issue with regards to the appointment of the State Secretary.

Greenbottle 31 December 2010 at 09:57  

dato sak;

i really don't understand what's the point you're trying to make.

lets assume that everyting you allude to about anwar is correct; namely that he is a sodomist and an adulterer , so what? does this make him unique?

soi lek has a very good porn video with him as the star, a vvip minister is said to rape an indon maid etc etc...najib was mentioned in an SD having sex with altantuya in an unnatural manner...and before that there was a ..well never mind. the list is long.

people living in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 13:10  


You never fail to amaze me. Instead of focusing on the main evil in UMNO and the government which is CORRUPTION, you go off tangent and take a bite at Anwar. So to you, Anwar is a bigger evil than the rampant and unstoppable corruption culture in UMNO. As long as UMNO wins over the hearts of the people but still practicing corruption to high heavens, its very fine with you. I think you should have some quiet time to yourself and sort yourself out. Don't you think you should have your own UMNO house in order before hitting out on Anwar or any other opposition figure?

Anonymous,  31 December 2010 at 18:12  

Anwar is not exactly a good leader or a cleaver one. In fact, what he really did is to be the catalyst of creating a two partie system in Malaysia rather than perpectually having one party ruling the entire country .

The immediate benefits are already visible even before PR is able to rule. UMNO and their likes of say Hishammuddins are now more subdued. Before march 2008, the very little noise coming even from MCA or MIC would have caused that big mouth Hisham to threaten.

Now you do not see that anymore.

Now the government dare not be so arrogant although the big big mega projects are still going on . Well every new guys need to have their shares. Every change , you see huge changes especially huge infra projects (which are the only ways they know to grow rich.). Inventing tak boleh. Creating projects out of thin air , very pandai.

Say what you want, Anwar has done MORE THAN ANY Malaysian alive to put Malaysia back to more responsible governments.

But the choo choo train is too fast to stop now. Whether PR or BN comes to power next GE13, many more talented and capital will go.

Just enjoy the fruits (our EPF monies) while we can.

Pity the major losers will be the workers.. especially the govt servants. Their pensions may not be enough to buy a piece of bread if we are to lose all our competitiveness and Industries to neighbouring countries.

As it is , Malaysia to Singapore , is what Indonesia is to Malaysia. You see many Indons coming over, and similarly we shall see many (qualified and demanded) Malaysians going over to Singapore or China or Hong Kong where wages are more realistic. NEP or No NEP.

Too late guys.... Talents Corporation to win back ? It is a big laugh lah. Talented guys are not that naive. The little Napoleans with Ibrahim Alis' mentalities are abound all over the places.

Really sometimes we really have to be amused, how come these guys just do not know or want to know what is causing the brain drain?

Well we have been governed by these same guys and see what happened to everything from Universities to our income levels.

Anonymous,  1 January 2011 at 01:27  


Change we need. Anwar Ibrahim is god send to save Malaysia and Malaysians. Period!!

Do person like yourself brave enuff to face the big bully as what Anwar did? Me having faith in god act mysterious way. The truth will prevail no matter how long it takes.

nstman,  2 January 2011 at 12:52  

Sak, you can say anything you like. I was for Anwar, am for Anwar and in the future, for Anwar. I hope you dont have any problem with that.

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