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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 6 December 2010

Give MCA the boot.

My blogger friend Aspan Alias has written a very penetrating article. See here. If we can characterize the speech given by the BN chairman, we can likely say it's a speech with all the gegak gempita and goga. With all the pomp and aplomb and browbeating.
The problem here is: the people voting for us are not only those in the dewan. Those in the dewan number a miniscule portion of the voting masses. The voting masses are those who have to incur rising commodity prices and petrol and those who are revolted and repulsed by the cancerous corruption that has permeated all levels of our country's governance.
If there's value in the speech, it is because it meant more for the mosquito BN parties- the parties who have nothing. They'd better sing to the tune of Shirley Bassey's famous hit.
The Gerakans, the PPP, the MIC. For them, the speech may be uplifting. These are hoping for the crumbs for having something is better than nothing. The PPP's Kaveas wants only a ministerial post. That would be his personal fin-de siècle. (End of his life chapter, the climax of his climaxes). Koh Tsu Koon will be eternally grateful if he can have a safe seat. His loss of Penang has exposed the emptiness of his rule over Penang those years. These are the people who get wet dreams during daytime.
Meanwhile, the mother to the Penang Gerakan Youth Head in Penang is a fan of Anwar Ibrahim. She never misses the Permatang Pauh feller sodomy charges notwithstanding. What can we do if some people derive pleasure from pain? What do you call this? Sadomasochism? One person derives pleasure from giving pain to the public; the public gets high from being pained by that person. How can Gerakan even win Penang again?
So Najib's spirited talk can only bring cheers to the mosquito parties.
The MCA would have none of that. They don't want UMNO to big-brother them. They want to decide equally. Chua Soi Lek's MCA flails against anything UMNO these days. Decision making at UMNO Supreme Council, the 30% wealth owned by Malays, but never on who owns the 70% wealth. Indeed with everything UMNO has accomplished, does and will do.
So why do we keep MCA around anymore? Send it to pasture and let's see what those MCA ministers without office and governmental power can do. Let's see what Ng Yen Yen can do in Raub or Leow the unhealthy health minister can do. By the way, why hasn't he been given the big stick for allowing dengue fever to reach epidemic levels and he hasn't come out openly about it. What happens to the millions of Ringgit purchases for H1N1 antidote when the disease is under control? Why did he insist H1N1 is still around as if to justify the millions of Ringgit spent to purchase the medicine?
Since the MCA cannot deliver anything to the BN, it should be let loose. Probably its time for UMNO and BN to cultivate allegiance with other Chinese centric parties. Or from the Chinese directly. They are a practical and pragmatic lot. Just show and implement what they want and MCA is irrelevant.
The bigger problem is with Najib himself. Is he made of sterner constitution to have that fortitude to tell MCA, go and fly kite? He says different things to different audience. To the Malays there is no one who loves the Malay more than he does. To the nons- he is the quintessential liberal, accommodating and inclusive.
He wants to be all things to all people. I don't know what term people use to describe such a personality. But the term that is widespread now is ihelpyouyouhelpme personality. Maybe they should add this to the Psychology lexicon.
The UMNO president can remain to be the benevolent father figure. But let him be surrounded by people with sterner stuff who are not afraid to do battle with the likes of Chua Soi Lek.


Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 10:30  

"I don't know what term people use to describe such a personality."

Chameleon, hypocrite or may a sleep walker (somnambulist), a liar, minyak-kuat medicine peddler, or a eunuch.

OneMalaysian,  6 December 2010 at 10:33  

Dear Sakmongkol

“He says different things to different audiences. He wants to be all things to all people”.

His name is Anwar Ibrahim. Err, no, Najib. Didn’t they say the same of Anwar, that he was a chameleon? Well, at least for Anwar, he realised much earlier how divided this country is – that different people have different dreams and different expectations, sometimes seemingly antagonistic towards the fundamental aspirations of other Malaysians. The moment you have all races present in the same dewan, these politicians have nothing much to say except bland words. They are all good at inciting racially uniform crowds to dislike the others. This is simply divide and rule. It will never make a nation of us.

This can go on for a long time still because politicians exploit our tribal instincts, and makes us see enemies in our fellow countrymen. They preach the win-lose ideology, not win-win. They say those who made it, did so by depriving the others. They don’t talk about hard work, enterprise, sacrifice, education and competition. They prefer to talk about entitlements and distribution, as if wealth falls from the sky like rain – we only need to leave a bucket out there to collect our entitlement.

Kicking the MCA out of BN? That should have been done long ago. The Chinese have given up on the MCA already. Whilst UMNO is at it, might as well do the same to Gerakan and MIC and the other mosquito parties. That will leave UMNO as the sole member of BN. And curiously, that might be the beginning of true multiracial politics in this country, when a complete rearrangement of political forces can take place.

MakYong,  6 December 2010 at 10:34  

2011 Hari ini dalam Sejarah: MCA gone to the dogs!

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 10:41  

najib ni rasa banyak sangat lepak ngan anwar masa time short break bila sesi parlimen

tak kan boleh says different things to different people

but then again - umno memang terkenal dgn perwatakan sebegini bukan?

PANJI HITAM 61 6 December 2010 at 10:52  

"He wants to be all things to all people. I don't know what term people use to describe such a personality. But the term that is widespread now is ihelpyouyouhelpme personality. Maybe they should add this to the Psychology lexicon."

Another gem, sir. If continues his rhetorics like this, his days will be numbered.


Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 11:12  

Najib wants to win the next general elections by just talking and talking.
I never knew it is that easy to win elections unless Malaysians are real morons.

Kenn 6 December 2010 at 11:20  

DS Najib orang berpolitik yang memberikan ucapan yang berapi-api. Tetapi, adakah beliau hanya sekadar manis di bibir sahaja?

Kemanakah Arah 1-Malaysia dalam Sistem Pendidikan Negara?

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 11:29  

There is a similarity between you and Aspan. Both of you are short of saying that Najib must go in order to save UMNO. Personally I think he should.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 11:37  

No doubt election will be around the corner MCA HAS TO ACT TOUGH! This is the time CSL can hold Najib by the bola and he is squeezing slowly and lightly. You wanna have election sooner than expected you pay this price. Can UMNO tell him off now? No way Sak! MCA goes umno lifeline will seize.Simple as that.
The chinese are fed up of lowly crumbs and begging and trying to be nice all this while.
It would'nt be a bad idea if those MCA chinkies leaves at all .It would definitely create a sort of chinese cultural revolution.
Just go back to history where the big three races were equal and not for that goddammed TDM we would have been a model mutiracial country this side of the continent!
Just how long will the present set up endures we would 'nt know but there is this boiling point .
Today we will give a go for the devil we dont know then the BN we know.What is there for us to lose?

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 12:01  


Chua said - do not make government decisions at party meetings. He contents that such decisions should be made at Cabinet level.

And you say that is wrong?

He asked for equal treatment at BN level discussions/decisions.


Look at BN decisions at GLC levels. What kind of composition do we have?

Check Malaysia Airports for a start.

You will be amazed at the composition of the board and management.

Truly Malaysian indeed.

But if the likes of Chua say things like equality etc, these must be dismissed outright because of some aspects that are not right?

Should there not be a weeding process to take only the good and discard the lousy aspects?


Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 12:34  

please, please boot the MCA out ... they got all the perks - the malay votes, the cabinet posts, free land and grant for their colleges and university, etc. etc. and they're still disgruntled and WANT MORE!

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 13:44  

Its suggestion like these from people like you that convinces me that UMNO days are numbered.

Kick out MCA? Yes they are despicable eunuchs but nevertheless highly skilled in the art of power mercantilism. UMNO will fall if MCA is out because MCA controls the marginal difference that decides it for UMNO. Without PAS or PKR, UMNO can't get rid of MCA.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 14:37  

dear dato',

mca ever since cock shape peninsular gained independence has been sucking umno butt. it has never been been the choices of the chinks, especially the lower caste chinks. the shitload of them are with dap, because of the chinks supremacy syndrom.

the upper caste's chinks happily with mca solely for business. butt the truth is they are playing the good cop bad cop game.

mca, gerakan, ppp and what not other full of craps virus's size parties wanted a say in malaysia's politic but their own kind would not voted for them. so they talking cock + craps and insisted the malays to vote for them so they can have a nasty orgy.

i still cant digested on what the heck that a non malay contesting in mlalay majorities consituency. what good can these butt craps do for the good of the malays.

because of the spirit of bullshit 1 m since independence the malays voted for these butt craps to office in order to be screwed back by these butt craps handicaped politicians.

so who really needs subsidies, the chinks and the curry need subsidies from the malays for votes and easy passage to become butt craps yab.

why the malays have to suffer for the sake of the chinks? we are giving them jewgold everyday.

butt the mca and gerakan as they are no more useful not even to the chinks. the chinks want dap and for god sake let them have it.

umno just replace them with new chinks party call the chin chong chinaman party.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 16:23  

Dear Datuk
What is stopping Malays from getting more than 30%?
Just let Government make Bursa designate those shares owned or purchased Malays be designated as Malays and can be sold only to Malays.
Stop making noise alreadylah!

Ariff Sabri 6 December 2010 at 16:49  


i think many of my Chinese readers made the error in thinking that i said 70% of this country's wealth is owned by the Chinese? so i ask them- are they? otherwise why are they so upset?
this is what i have written:-

but we are dreadfully silent and seemed hesitant to debate the ownership of 70% of the wealth of this country by 35% of the people underscored with our readiness to ignore their ethnic origins. I am advocating we damn the 35% without caring whether there are Malays, Chinese or Indians. They are our common enemy NOT the 65% eking out a meaningful life.

so before you go ballistic, read carefully ok?

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 17:06  

Still it is such a good idea isn't it? To make sure that nobody need to be obsess with the 30% thing. So working poors struggling to buy houses do not have to subsidise rich fat cats buying million dollars mansions?

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 17:34  

Dato Sak,

I agree with you that UMNO should kick out the mosquito component parties including MCA as these pesky mosquitoes are just diseaae carriers. Having these mosquito parties can only damage the integrity of UMNO. The honorable Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam openly said not to long ago that UMNO does not need the votes of the non malays to rule this Tanah Melayu. I fully support ALi Rustam's comments and so does Najib because he (Najib) was elegantly silent on Ali's assertion.

Now is the perfect timing is to kick out these mosquito parties together with their hopeless eunuch leaders like Chua Soi Lek, Koh Tsu Koon, Palanivel, etc. These enunuchs have contributed zilch to the struggles of UMNO but instead they have caused UMNO major embarassment. How can the MCA members ever vote in a X-rated and wife cheating philanderer as their leader. This only goes to show the low level intelligence of the MCA members.

UMNO stands for justice and fairness for all malaysians as long as all malaysians accept UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu and Malay rights as the rightful owners of Tanah Melayu. Long live UMNO and good riddance to MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and other rubbish component parties.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 18:10  

Get this right.
MCA and the other mosquito parties, not the rakyat, should be grateful to Umno for spreading the crumbs on the floor. So Umno should stop harping this "grateful" speech come election time.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 20:46  

I was having dinner at one of the Kuantan food courts when I read your description of Najib's ' ihelpuuhelpme'
Personality - I burst into laughter so loud that my neighbour
diners were wondering whether I had gone mad!

Hakiman,  6 December 2010 at 20:51  

Dato Sak,

After talking to a few of my Chinese friends in the office and in social circles, any move to take MCA out of BN is God-send.

It makes decision of many Chinese towkays etc easier.

MCA is seen by a huge majority of Chinese in the country as a party that does not represent them interest of the Chinese but rather the interest of UMNO and the UMNO leaders' cronies in MCA.

So, with MCA out of BN, MCA is finished for good. They can now go and vote more freely.

It is good for communal harmony MCA is taken out of BN, and UMNO can free itself to become a truly Malay party with no strings attached.

Anonymous,  6 December 2010 at 20:56  


when someone wants to be jack of all trades which means literally as you had penned "He wants to be all things to all people" and which in reality is not possible...will just end up master of none which could only mean one things.....he will be losing the ship....Soon! (He lost the plot a looooooong time ago anyway)

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 00:25  

UMNO would not be as corrupt today where it not for the MCA help. MCA planted the seed of avarice into the the gleam of UMNO eyes The 35% that you alleged control 70% of the country's wealth comprises of the UMNOputras powerbrokers and the mercenary non-Malay supercronies. If UMNO were to lose power you would be 100% sure that these mercenaries will flock to the Pakatan fold. Politics as practiced in Malaysia where power and money goes hand-in-hand is not an exclusive trait of the BN but is well understood in Pakatan as well.

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 03:02  

He is a discreet man and he never say different things to different people.

He never said to the Malays that he will not channel funds to the chinese schools.

He never said to the chinese that he will abolish article 153.

You better not put words in his mouth. Najib focus on the specific needs of his audience BUT he never contradicts himself, unlike the world famous chameleon.

And we SEE Najib WORKING hard. This man wants to unite not deceive his people.

You sak can only talk, how about walking some of your talk eh??

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 03:12  


Chua SL is an uncelebrated porn star, no good for leader material, so whatever he has to say, you've gotta disinfect it first.

Malaysia is a Malay country with Islam as the OFFICIAL religion and BAHASA MELAYU as the national language.

The Bumiputras make up 65% of the population, so any govt agency will have MALAYS as the majority staff members.

Comprendre??? Param param

umar,  7 December 2010 at 05:04  

The BN convention was just held in Wisma MCA ( Dewan Lee san choon).How dare you call to boot out MCA from BN ? far fetch indeed !

I remember Mahathir sacked Dr.Neo Yee Pan from cabinet in 1982. He was MCA President. Not one MCA leader lifted a finger in protest.Najib doesn't have the temerity to boot MCA or anybody. The current MCA leader is an insult to Malaysians for indulging in sex with somebody's wife in daylight while serving as Health Minister. What a moral decadence and yet Najib courting him..

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 08:36  

Why are you so uncomfortable and jealous that Chinese own 70% of the wealth.
Did they steal?
They worked for it my friend? They slogged for it. Can any Malay work like the Chinese?
Just look around- even to lay your flooring, repair your car, change your tyre, repair your electrical equipment, build your kitchen cabinet, buy a handphone and kitchen utencils, or whatever you need to go to a Chinese.
Go to any school or university.

Find out which race is the most hardworking and most intelligent.
Find out which race attached MOST importance to education.

Let the Malays be happy that they are called Tuans and don't grudge
the Chinese for their wealth.
Your writing indicate you are sore because they are rich... a typical UMNO mentality.

walla 7 December 2010 at 08:53  

Temperatures seem to be rising again.

Remember when someone wrote that if Umno said something too strong, it was just for its gallery? So why can't MCA do the same now?

Applying the method of "if you can, why can't i" has its weakness - applied to a situation which has bad will magnify the bad; applied to a situation which has good will magnify the good. We knew this long ago, don't we?

Basically what was the essence of what CSL has said? That the MCA be treated by Umno as Umno would have wanted to be treated as an equal member of a coalition if Umno wasn't the one holding all the key power positions in government.

That's the essence of it. And unless that's what Umno doesn't want its fellow coalition members to feel, that's the foundation of how to operate a coalition.

Now why did the MCA say that? Two possible reasons:

One, to play to its gallery - otherwise it won't appear to be standing up for its community in much the same way Umno wants to stand for its community. If Umno can do that, why not the other coalition parties? If Umno is saying race-based politics has relevance, why is it now reacting in a way to say that is alright except when applied to Umno?

Two, maybe the MCA sees some things going around that is not right for the country that is still being continued by Umno. So it says what it has to say from day one of its formation all the way back to the formation of the coalition. Umno must remember the MCA is not just a political party or a component member of a coalition. Its mandate is also about national interests. Has Umno thought of it like that and while doing so, also ask itself whether the things it still is doing could have been the same things that had caused so many of the rakyat, including its own members, to veer towards the opposition in the last election?

Now, let's reverse the position. Say, the MCA is now Umno and Umno is now the MCA. Would CSL as Barisan president then be in such a hurry to tell Najib as MCA president off for saying things that on the surface appears to hurt the MCA but on second thought might have grounds for change to stem their effects on the prospects of results in the next election? LET ALONE the future of how this country is NO LONGER to be run?

There is one other point but i will write this only once. We can feel for the poor. We can think about how to help them. And certainly we should try to do our best to provide intellectually honest representation of their interests.

But the world runs on enterprise and hardwork. It doesn't run on a bottomless supply of social aid. If it were to do that, everyone will want to be poor in order to receive aid for free. No society can survive for long like that. In a way we have seen what it has done to one community.

walla 7 December 2010 at 08:53  


And maybe that's what CSL and the MCA have been trying to say.

For that matter all the other coalition members of Barisan. Especially those whose community members have died from not receiving aid due them as would have been disbursed by an Allah-fearing people who have been taught by Him to see beyond race.

So how is it that the one holding all the power can have the right to tell off the others not to say things it doesn't want its own members to hear if it is really (a) interested in their long-term interests, (b) interested that the country does better, (c) respectful of the equal standing of the other coalition members, and (d) grateful for their support which has made Malaysia's so-called independence possible?

Especially when all are frigging pendatangs in the first place?

And the following is something that Sak will not know.

Najib's father, Razak, once gave a speech to the MCA general assembly. If i recollect, it was in the DBP hall. He made many changes to his draft up to the last minute. Finally when he stood up and made that speech, it was all praise for the MCA and agreement with a coalition brother as equal.

The following morning the speech came out in the press lambasting the MCA instead. The direct opposite in tone and content from what was said.

Now, answer me - is Najib going to repeat history? Is it like father like son? Is it because he is still afraid of the six in his cabinet who report to Mahathir? Is it because he is still afraid of Perkasa and the Malay right-wingers in his party, and here? Are we still on race?

If your answer is yes, then GE12 will be repeated in GE13.

What we are discussing here is going beyond political playacting or racial connotations of politics or economics. It is about the relevance of race-based political parties. Here we see the weakness of that model. Party by race? Then coalition fails to defend what is best for country because the more powerful will try to stop the others from saying things to correct weaknesses that affect the future of the country. So how to operate this model healthily for long? Like as before for fifty years of constant down-slide year after year, resulting in acrimony between brothers, massive losses of funds, and third-world performance, not to say low-culture propagation?

I can expect people like JMD or DN not to see all this. But Aspan, Zawi, Quiet Despair, Ikan Tongkol, even...?

It has all become so bad that what remains is less the fear one is wrong - but the fear the other guy is right.

Today's an important day so i'll say no further. Salam.

Ariff Sabri 7 December 2010 at 09:01  

anon 08:36

let me use strong words- are you a mental retard? didn't you read my clarifications a few notches before your comment? did i say the Chinese own the 70%?

Homophobic,  7 December 2010 at 09:43  

the above anon 8:36 is truly a mental retard.. and he is chinese too.. is it coincidence???

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 10:05  


U r too nice. Strong words BUT like the old saying goes – TRUTH hurts!

Then, probably deep in yr heart, u know that u r wasting yr time, even when the sand in yr hour glass is fast running thin.

‘I can expect people like JMD or DN not to see all this. But Aspan, Zawi, Quiet Despair, Ikan Tongkol, even...?’ U should include the blogger,too!

Bcoz deep down in these people’s heart , what anon@7 December 2010 03:12 had written – ‘Malaysia is a Malay country with Islam as the OFFICIAL religion and BAHASA MELAYU as the national language.

The Bumiputras make up 65% of the population, so any govt agency will have MALAYS as the majority staff members.’ echoes truth & through within their subconscious minds.

U can called this syndrome a show of maruah bangsa, ketuanan in-print, siege mentality, inferiority complex or whatever.

At the end of the day IT WILL EXHIBIT profoundly within the Malay M’sian.

Their acts (words & actions), directlt &/or indirectly, shown that their years of religious teachings ARE truly skin-deep!

Come what may – it might take an iran-que sufferance to change these people‘s zero-sum game mind set.

Alternatively, they rather disappeared as oppose to the Tuah's cry than learn HOW to give up their ketuanan mentality!

Quiet Despair,  7 December 2010 at 10:36  

Hi Sak

I nod my head to every line you wrote.
If only our beloved PM have the gumption like you do.
MCA is a liability. The Malay proverb mendukung biawak hidup is the most apt description.
MCA is the new DAP. DAP can afford to be silent because CSL is doing all the talking and the pressuring.
(But the votes in the coming GE will go to the chauvinistic party).
And with the Star behind him, CSL is the Emperor of the rights of the Chinese.
Every time Najib makes an announcement involving UMNO and the Malays, the Kit Siang wannabe, will be growling like a tiger.
And he is now pressuring every policy to be announced to the BN. What? Call for a BN pow-wow everytime there is a major policy to be made.
Get it into your soft head (the only thing hard is his libido), CSL that UMNO is the ruling party and have the right to tell party members and the race who elected them.
CSL is nothing but merely posturing. Everything is about Chinese. So his newspaper now is portraying all things Chinese like Sun Yat Sen trail in Penang, Chin Peng right to be buried in Malaysia and Yap Ah Loy's great grandson not getting citizenship. Dont fool the Chinese as though you are their champion.
Accept that you are a figure-head who can't do anything but to save your party from drowning.
Time for MCA to be shown the exit. And in the process, jerk off the Gerakan and MIC.
Koh Tusu Koon is suddenly alive on the death of Lim Cheong Eu. He's scoring points by portraying Lim Cheong Eu as the PM of the Chinese.
And that wig-man Samy finally exited, happy that he will be made Tun and an evoy to the South Indian archipelago.
That job could be done with our High Commisioner to India.
And he's very happy to be appointed a very capable man - yes superb at bodeking.
A lacklustre consumer activist and a no-account former journalist whom my MIC pals said only wrote on FOMCA and jacking up Samy in his short journalistic career.
These three leaders will lose in the coming GE.
At least KSK and Vel know they were there at the behest of the Malay voters.
And CSL is delusional and having amnesia if he thinks the Chinese in Labis voted for him.
Najib, please admit that these people are just sycophants riding on the coat-tails of UMNO and the Malay voters.

OneMalaysian,  7 December 2010 at 10:52  

Dear Sakmongkol

Today Walla touched on something very close to my heart. He basically asked whether race politics is still the paradigm going forward, or if that model is outmoded. Is it still the way to go that the Malays have one party, the Chinese, Indians, Dayaks and Kadazans each have one and they then all sit in a supra party to divide the pie in accordance to some racial percentages or relative power? We were not ready for multiracial politics in 1957 and in 1963. But this is now 2010 going into 2011. Will we be ever ready, or we really don’t want multiracial politics?

This is election time and the shrill voices advocating race supremacy and those making demands for each individual race without thinking about the big picture is rising. The only good that comes out of all this is that we can get to gauge the real state of unity in this country – that idea of Malaysia. What a pity that after 53 years we are no closer racially that we were when the British handed this country back to us.

Malay supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu appears very much alive. Is it strengthening or merely confined to a vocal but aggressive fringe of Malay society I cannot tell. But I can tell that it influences decision making in government. Najib had to water down what was hoped to be the blue print to our transformation into a more wealthy country because he was more afraid of offending Perkasa than of his failure in this critical mission. It could well turn out that he will not achieve what he aims to do but in the event still succeed in offending Ibrahim Ali.

The future of this country depends entirely on whether the Malay majority regards all other Malaysians as equals and realizes that the future of this country can only be forged by Bangsa Malaysia. Or they continue to consider the non-Malays as pendatangs that cannot be got rid of but has to be tolerated while forgetting that they themselves too were pendatangs just like almost everyone else. In nutshell, this is the issue before us.

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 13:06  

The MCA had done a lot of damage to the Malay race since independance..they are in fact the front runner for DAP/PAP in Malaysia...

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 21:30  

Quiet Despair,

As usual your post is fully of arrogance and disdain for other races be it Chinese or Indians.

Good one thing I agree with you, MCA to be thrown into a longkang for all we care .. with their ill gotten money.

It is good that you share that other parties should go too after all UMNO IS THE RULING PARTY!

Gosh, I do agree with you that UMNO rules and no one else but with this coming election without MCA/MIC or other mosquito parties because we Chinese and many others realise how stupid have we all been.

For starters, I say, how can a component party have no say WHO WOULD BE THE PM? Even an UMNO division is Tanjong Rambutan has more power.

Yes, we do realise that for many years we give such support to running dogs who cared more for their ministerial posts(of minor ministries.)

Today the Chinese and Indians realise their mistake. Want partnership? All equal like in Pakatan DAP=PAS=PKR. Nobody is the ruler except all three.

You are right .. right now UMNO IS THE RULER ( a minority party) and it is going to end.

To end it, it feels sooooo nice to read what our brothers in China and Hongkong is performing....;_ylt=Agy3azWLRCUH__SPe2o4hl1v24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTNodDk1OHM1BGFzc2V0Ay9zL3RpbWUvMjAxMDEyMDcvd2xfdGltZS8wODU5OTIwMzU1ODYwMARjY29kZQNtcF9lY184XzEwBGNwb3MDMTAEcG9zAzEwBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDY2hpbmFiZWF0c291

Do you think we care about you guys?

We look after our own.
You come to us not the other way round if you want progress.

Anonymous,  7 December 2010 at 21:30  

The article is right on target...just look at that leader's face during ds najib's speech..muka takde semangat langsung n when ask for comment not in line with 'semangat convention'...tak payahlah ds najib nak ambil hati secara melampau 'terhadapnya'

Quiet Despair,  7 December 2010 at 22:24  

Anon 21.30

Please do not be too defensive, my brother.
You greatly misunderstood me.
When we talk here, its always about our leaders, be it UMNO, MCA or MIC.
It's not about us. We are all their pawns.
We put them there. And they must live up to our expectations.
But they go around as though we must be subservient to them.
And I am terribly unhappy the way CSL is conducting himself. I was really rooting for him instead of Ong Tee Kiat for the MCA pesidency.
And I am indeed regretful.
He's really going out of party line to show that he's the Chinese champion. And I think an uacknowledged one when to most Chinese LKS and LGE are the real ones.
I am very angry because in all issues, he's portraying as though Chinese is inferior and Malay supremacy is still IT.
And most sad, Najib is trying very hard to please the Chinese and CSL.
Like the scholarship issue, he failed to see that there are poor Malays without the benefit of political pressure who lost out to the Chinese pupils who run to him for help.
I don't really care if the Chinese take our share of wealth. But it irks me when the education of the poor Malays are sacrificed to the Chinese who jolly can afford to send their kids to private colleges local of overseas.
Is that arrogance or disdainful, I ask you?

Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 01:16  

You are right dato Sak, the anon 7 dis 08.36 is an egghead.Plus he is saying that that particular race is the most intelligent race in Malaysia.Piii raaaaaaaah!

Quiet despair! u are spot on about the Biawak hidup part.

Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 13:18  

Quiet Despair,

You are blind to your own's arrogance without knowing it.

You mentioned there are poor Malays being denied scholarships by Chinese or Indians.

Come on lah. Be realistic. What is the number of students Malay, Chinese or Indians coming out of school every year? hundreds of thousands.

Surely among them MANY MALAYS cannot get scholarships and many do deserve but cannot because of the huge number. So when you take 90% of the share and can only give to a small number of Malays , you call this denying by Chinese or other races who have to share 10%?

Did you pass your maths?

Come on , just look at the number of schools, technical , science colleges and the number of places of study for the Malays and you still complain that a few places taken up by the non Malays are places denied the Malays?

You surely are a denier.

That is why, this thing cannot sustain and the country including you are paying for it. Many good ones, among the tops are just not working for you but for foreign countries.

Families for this generation are split into many parts of the world with brothers and sisters in almost every continent. This is happening to many many Malaysian families and you think that is good?

At last these are sacrifices by the parents of this generation as I see it. ...

All because of the stupidity of the whole thing and I always say.. you guys just dont know how to run a country.

The country will never recover no matter how hard you try now. It is already too late with bad economic times coming just around the corner.

You think the govt can continue to employ more civil servants? Many Chinese or Indians no problem. They can and do go back to China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc where they still have relatives and their power of Mandarin plus English.

Only locals who are left behind will face the real bad times.

Cheers... we dont really care.

Anonymous,  8 December 2010 at 17:29  

UMNO should just leave BN and compete on their own terms. It is so difficult to please everyone. MCA wants more equality but cannot felter the votes. Gerakan is half dead with am unelected president. MIC cannot control their people who cross over at a flimsiest of excuse. Kg Pala is after all legally not for the cows. And those Fast Malaysian are so liberal, they can hardly be called good muslims even when they are. Most of then think nothing of having a beer to go with their roast pork. Yup, UMNO should do the right thing and go at it alone. More kosher and no need to share.

Anonymous,  12 December 2010 at 11:08  

sakmongol AK47,

Is it very difficult for you to just say, "No I didn't say Chinese own 70% of the wealth", rather than to write 2 useless replies with a "retard" word to end it?

Can you even blame them for even thinking it this way?

Anonymous,  12 December 2010 at 11:09  

UMNO should indeed leave BN ASAP. BN is a den of corrupts and incompetence.

Cepat-cepat keluar, tahpayah tunggu lagi.

mohamed,  24 December 2010 at 18:06  

anon 11.09

"UMNO should indeed leave BN ASAP." You wrote.

I believe you are trying to be funny or being sinister.

UMNO has promoted BN for so long.
UMNO is BN and BN is UMNO. What we are discussing here is whether UMNO should kick out nonperforming two faced mosquitoes parties in BN.

In fact some of us believe that by kicking out the dead wood, it will increases UMNO chances of attracting Malays from PAS or PKR to join UMNO. This is the wish of us Malays

I believe any Chinese or Indians voted into DUN or Parliment on Malay's votes are owned by UMNO.

If you want the Malays to respect you, come to BN on your own strength, representing your group.

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