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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Not divisiveness and racism, not bigotry and stupidity, not incompetency and duplicity, not injustice and lies

Here is another gem of a consolidated comment from Walla.


Corruption is the biggest scourge in this nation. Stupidity is a close second. Incompetence is not far behind. Duplicity is catching up fast.



Sir, do you agree with what was said about our politicians, that they are incompetent?'


Sofea, i have a problem with what those dotheads down south said. They're wrong. Our politicians are not incompetent. They're nincompoops.


At least when one is incompetent, there is insyaAllah hope they can become competent. But in our case, they can only make dins and poop all over the rakyat.


Take one marvelously competent Malay first minister. When asked if development funds can be provided to opposition MPs like how it is done for barisan MPs, he skirted around the question by just saying it's only for barisan MPs to top up federal projects.


Excuse me, but rakyat in opposition sites are not rakyat ke? They don't deserve development funds, is it? Then will he answer if they should pay cukai at all?'


Sir, you can't say that. You may be branded a traitor.'


Let me ask you back, Sofea. Which is more traitorous to the country? The PAC team to dare ask immigration about Project M, or immigration to snub the committee by walking away without answering the queries, or the original designers of Project M?


Note that up till today, we don't know how many Indonesians have been naturalized in one stroke in our Sabah and Sarawak so that come a few months' time they will vote for Barisan including our own Brown Rajah.


Meanwhile our people who have slogged years for the country can have the privilege of being photographed holding the hand of one grandson of one late leader, thanking him profusely for finally giving them the brittle plastic just so that they can be buried soon, considering their age, as proud citizens of this exceptionally competently-run country.


Not good enough an example? Let me ask you again, Sofea. What about spending lavishly over-the-budget on a single residence when thousands of our Malay rakyat can't even afford a roof over their heads these days so that they can call this their own country in order to finally have a taste of what is meant by a sovereignty they have been asked not to disabuse?


Talking of which, why did it take so long before people could suddenly have a brainwave to excuse the reason for ketuanan by saying it was really all along about sovereignty and not supremacy? An afterthought, is it? Or the clearest sign of shifting the damn goalpost again?'


'Sir, i sense your frustration for our rakyat and nation. Is that why we are having this conversation in the wee hours of this morning?'




Perhaps, at my age, i had to wake up to take a leak?


Look, Sofea, UMNO spends a huge chunk of our national development funds on defense. Yet, if we are to believe the wikileaks, a foreign intel can be so assured of itself that it can privately say a politician knowingly walked into a sodomy trap. Why, they got hidden cameras all over the place, including one that could unbelievably read his primal instincts ke?


And in the first place, who would knowingly walk into a trap that will not only destroy his career but also vindicate his nemesis?


Now, why didn't the Aussies ask SINGAFORINTEL about that, and if they did, why was the transcript not recorded in the same breath?


Secondly, Mahathir triumphantly said it was not an entrapment on the reason that 150 people could not have been coaxed to go along with a lie.


Hello there, all you need in this country of saya yang mengikut perintah is one lie by one person at the top and all the rest will follow the official line.


If this isn't so, why are doctors so adamant they don't need to refer to their patient notes while being cross-examined in a legal setting they may not expect to be comfortable in? Have you ever seen a govt hospital doctor not read from his notes when seeing a patient for a second time, even in his own clinic room?


Thirdly, where's the wikileak on the Mongolian case? It is curious that none has surfaced on that case. Surely any foreign intel would be expected to be more than curious over the question as to who had ordered the hit for an order must have been made since it was pre-established in the court that the extermination team only obeyed orders like robots.


So if even a court system including defense as well as prosecution has shown such a curious lack of curiosity about a murder case, how can anyone say that it is impossible to coerce an entrapment, especially when that someone has a project to his name that had emboldened an entire government department, namely the immigration office, to defy a parliamentary query on a possible treasonous deed against the sovereignty of the rakyat?


I have an idea. Why don't we coopt LKY and Mahathir to come onboard Anwar's case as material witnesses? From their elevated heights, they seem to know what purportedly happened in an apartment. Let them walk their talks for once. Let LKY show proof how he had concluded the act happened and let Mahathir show proof why he is convinced it's not an entrapment.'


'Sir, you're mounting a sturdy defense for the opposition!'


Sofea, don't get me wrong. I am not mounting any defense at all. If it looks like that, it is only because the facts and the fictions don't jive in this country. Besides, i don't think Anwar is absolutely needed in order to mount a credible opposition for a two-party system in our beleaguered country. It's the rakyat, Sofea. They are the ones who are the hope, voice and destiny of Malaysia, not our brilliantly competent nincompoop politicians.


Let all the truths come out so that our rakyat will no longer have a yolk on their necks, so that there is national moral conscience again, so that leaders and higher-ups don't have to shift goalposts to try and justify the unjustifiable anymore.


Do you know what is dangerous? It's when our rakyat are made insensate by all these shenanigans. People have limits and limitations. Look at our peoples. Most are simple folks with kind hearts and honest minds. But how have they been treated? Like dupes! They have been treated like cows pulled along by the rings on their noses. Today this direction. Tomorrow another direction. One is reminded of aqiqah korban. But it's not FOR the umat miskin. It's OF the umat miskin. Enough is enough lah!


Corruption is the biggest scourge in this nation. Stupidity is a close second. Incompetence is not far behind. Duplicity is catching up fast.


When a nation suffers from corruption, stupidity, incompetence and duplicity, it is finished.


And the last nail on its coffin will be the dirtiest general elections in our maligned history.'


But, Sir, the country is doing well; bonuses will be declared, investments are up and there are so many exciting projects up and coming.'


Like the smart tunnel flushing out floods, eh? Did it work in the recent floods? Exciting projects? Come, tell me what will be the price of the ticket? Bonuses and investments? Don't you know the starting salaries of our graduates today are like what they were years ago? Measure the increase against the inflation and then come convince me things have really improved enough for them to eagerly await their bonuses. Investments? Aren't they mostly in our opposition-run states, eh? And how many are in the manufacturing sector which is supposed to be the main employer for the lower-income groups?


And look, i have no problems with any wage rise for our defense chaps. They deserve it. In fact i wonder why they have not been the first to get the raise before all others. But what is the impact on the government bottom-line? Has it been timed to swing votes? And how will our rakyat be able to pay for services which the government won't be able to afford when it has to bail-out all these exciting private sector projects whose feasibilities are yet to be submitted long after they have been announced?


Just as we have never seen an entire community anywhere else in the world which is proud to say it needs special attention, I have never seen an economy anywhere in the world bolstered by stating the projects first and then waiting for their feasibility reports after!


Take the menara wawasan, for example. One minister said go ahead. Next thing an ex-minister said he was sentimental for it not to go ahead. And then the next minute the boss said do the feasibility study first. At this rate, it will come out a crooked high-rise, like crooked bridge and crooked politicians. If all this is not spin, what the fcuk is it?


No, Sofea, our politicians are not incompetent. They're eunuchs who have lost their frigging, desiccated marbles.'


Talking about eunuchs. I just saw a Chinese movie. Fortunately it has our language subtitles. It was titled Reign of the Assassins and it starred our own Michelle Yeoh.


Well, she was a disciple to one eunuch villain but ended up in one last fatal battle with him after mending her ways. He was confident of winning because he had withheld four strokes of swordplay from her which would reveal weaknesses in defense. But he didn't know she had learned those four strokes from another opponent who died trying to mend her soul. She won the fight in the end but was herself mortally wounded. The last words of the eunuch, said to himself hysterically in disbelief while counting the number of wounds he had sustained by her blade, was "now how did she manage to strike me in eleven places?"'


But our own eunuchs are so thick-skinned they think they are immortal, Sofea. Our rakyat need to winnow the chaff and see the political, economic and social situation clearly. They need to put everything in the correct perspective.


We have veered from the right track for our nation. We need to give her a future all can be happy and comfortable with. This is a nation where all are pendatangs except our orang asals. That is why cooperation and mutual help must be nurtured. Not divisiveness and racism, not bigotry and stupidity, not incompetency and duplicity, not injustice and lies.


Truth is the ultimate blade to cut the crap.'



Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 09:57  

'Corruption is the biggest scourge in this nation'. Everybody knows that and that is why they are trying hard to get rid of the corrupt Umno.

Sak, may I ask you a question. This is about perception and more corruption. Most people out there on the street perceives and some believes Rosmah Mansor is the de facto Umno President and the de facto PM. Wikileaks had not exposed any diplomatic notes made by our Southern neighbour on this. But like any good statesman, and based on good intelligence report by their SBs, LKY was wise enough to pay homage to Rosmah Mansor whne he last visited Malaysia. Even Mahathir was considered irrelevant & dispensible. I bet it must be from their intelligence report lah as to who is actually running Umno and the country.

People are also talking that to get any government project you need to see Rosmah Mansor. To see Rosmah Mansor you got to pay RM100k and above to one Mumtaz Jaafar, a character that was liberally mentioned in Sodomy 2. Any project secured, a certain percentage must be alloted to Rosmah or through her proxies. Businessmen out there are talking.

What is yr take on these rakyat's perception as an Umno member.

To me, it is all the more reason to kick out Umno fast.

OneMalaysian,  14 December 2010 at 10:06  

Dear Sakmongkol

This must be the first time a blogger has outsourced writing to a fan! I must confess that I enjoy reading Walla as I enjoy reading your postings.

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 11:08  


Thank God for 'rakyat' like Walla, RPK, Haris, Malik Imtiaz, you and others who truly loved this nation.

Who dares to speak up on the ills of powers-that-be and the state of the nation.

Be strong and encourage. The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon.

May God bless you all !

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 12:00  

This is a masterpiece. Well written piece for all political science students.

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 13:21  

Aisey bro walla or tongkol or whatever name you want to call yourself. Do not divert the attention la to corruption la, people la, transparency la, apa la. U guys live in Utopia ka? Cakap saja pandai hangpa berdua ni. Akai tarak ka? The fact is that Anwar is bloody sodomite and his days are numbered. So does his boy KJ.

Eat your heart out, man!

Raison D'etre 14 December 2010 at 13:27  


Lengthy rambling aside, I empathize the whole "over-the-budget on a single residence when thousands of our Malay rakyat can't even afford a roof over their heads".

But then again, there are enough people who seems to either hopefuls, could care lesses or willings to allow for the rembat to continue.

Otherwise why let these Lanuns continue on their merry ways?

It used to be that I can rationalise the justifications for some of the short-cuts-dealings and policies under the TDM era.

Now? Nada. Yilek.

Except that of perbesaring one's temolok.

The new deity of this era: MONEY.

PS: Let's push for Kopratasa's "Aku Bukan Musuh Harta" as a rallying call, shall we not?

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 13:31  

Dear Walla,
I couldn't have expressed it so well, that's why I always enjoy your comments which you have been kind enough to post here from time to time. You make plenty sense, lots of horse sense and that's what we common folks like to read and listen to, and more importantly, understand and take in the wheat, throw out the chaff with all the b/s floating around.
thank you.
Bravo to you and Sak too for highlighting your comments.

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 14:20  

laju datok ! macam keretapi beijing shanghai aje

Anonymous,  14 December 2010 at 15:02  

In short as I had always said, these guys just dont know how to run a country!

They think when they own the country, they can do what they like.

But loved by Queit Despair and Singapore LKY.

These guys fear Pakatan kind of people. Imagine Lim Guan Eng style of governance to rule Malaysia...copied a lot from LKY.

Malaysia has to be ruled by Nincumpoops for Singapore to prosper for we shall then be perpectually dependent on them and our talented young and rich ones going to them for free.

Yes, I do agree, we rakyats are also nincumpoops...

Anonymous,  15 December 2010 at 00:14  

I just love the writings of Walla!

His writings are mentally-stimulating and thought-provoking.

Many Thanks, Walla!

a female fan in Singapore

umar,  15 December 2010 at 01:02  

Corruption has gone to the core. The most recent case, i was approached by some guys with connection who offered Bumiputra Allocation for Petronas Chemical IPO shares for 0.12 cents a share commission payable in advance.
Once paid this money , you are offered a MITI letter of offer for a million shares at 5.20 You have to raise the money 5.2 M or else they would arrange 90% loan with local stockbrokers. I wanted to be convinced of their scheme. I paid the stated amount of commissison to a particular account number given. Yes, indeed. The company was offered one million shares in the IPO. I have known no broker who would give me a 90% loan. They arranged the financing, the CDS custodian account.They sold it through the broker within a week of listing. Paid me the balance after minusing the loan, interest and their part of the profit. What a deal ! They have had access to millions of shares which are meant for genuine Bumiputra allocation. How are they diverted to certain individuals who pocket thousands of profit without sacrificing a single cent of their own money ? If you ask in details , you get no answers.You just have to comply. There is no hanky panky here, only commission for them in the upper enchelon of officialdom.Has anything changed in MITI or MOF ? Every retiring senior directors are nesting their own eggs !How many bumiputras really got these allocations which is done in a non-transparent manner ? Now , the customs Dept is asking their counter staff to declare daily their money in the pocket. Will that eliminate corruption ?

Anonymous,  15 December 2010 at 07:43  

materialism has overtaken spiritualism....mahathir has won , so the raayat, especially the malays must make the right choice from now, umno or pas....or still be in the bodohland....

Anonymous,  15 December 2010 at 11:12  

Many Thanks, Walla!

a female fan in Singapore

Thats our Mr Walla...melayu basher supreme and the crowd loves him.Burn,burn,burn man

Anonymous,  15 December 2010 at 12:04  


You have written many articles about corruption but you seem to have intentionally leave out the names of those UMNO crooks whom you know are deeply involved in corruption. You only start mentioning these UMNO crooks only when one or two of them (example Khir Toyo, Zakaria Deros) are openly "cited" for corruption. Even in the case of Toyo, he is being charged for a lesser penal code crime instead of a full blown corruption charge which carries a heavier sentence. In short, there really is no determination or intention on the part of the UMNO led government to eliminate corruption because this would mean wiping out UMNO completely. Now who in UMNO would be stupid enough to eliminate his own party when the party has a proud battle cry of "You help me, I help you" philiosphy.

Anonymous,  15 December 2010 at 22:44  

Dato Sak,

The enlightened rakyat has been telling the politicians that they are incompetent and now this damning exposure. Both cannot be wrong.
Anyway, they are 4 levels of competency.
1. Unconsciously competent
2. Consciously competent
3. Consciously incompetent
4. Unconsciously incompetent.

In summary, when these leaders are in self denial, it further proves that they are in ( fill in the blank ) category.

The UC Professionals

Quiet Despair,  16 December 2010 at 10:06  

a female fan in Singapore

Great ya you enjoying Walla bashing the Malays and our Malay-led government.
Visit often our Malaysian blogs where it's a land of the free.
Everyone loves government bashing, for sure.
We are proud that we are not told how to lead our lives like choosing the right partner, social engineering ala Singapore.
We are not told not to chew gum, told to shut up and love the dictator-style of LKY.
And its nice gal, to be shopping weekends in JB, go for sea-food in Kukup, throw rubbish in Malaysia and filling up your petrol tanks with our subsidized petrol.
Is it all rosey-posey in Singapore? Dont think so.
I too enjoy reading Temasek Review.
Seriously the only neigbor worth having is Brunei. They will come to our assistance when in need.

Anon 15.02

You don't have to drag me in your glorifying LKY and LGE, which by my yard-stick are the same ruthless people.
Why must UMNO-led government fear LGE? After the fiasco in Penang, everyone knows the nicompoop, racist LGE.
It's so easy to rule when you favor one race. It's tough to do a balancing act like what BN is doing.
That is more honorable.
And come the GE. BN will still be THE government.

Anonymous,  16 December 2010 at 12:06  

Corruption is symptomatic of bad governance and thus incompetence is part of the problem. But it's ridiculous to ponder on highly qualified people in government, besides Dr Zahid Hamidi, as incompetent. As corruption enriches the few, you cannot exclude malice and absence of volition suggestive of perverted sense of values and extends into faithlessness.

Most disclipines underline values and Malaysian political leaders fail to adhere values to practice. Of course Dr Zahid Hamidi will tell you that the constitution guarantees the highest salary for the military. He's partly right - what else have they not sold off under our very noses?

UMNO/BN cheats everyone. Malaysia government (BN) presently is one BIG SWINDLE!

Anonymous,  16 December 2010 at 14:48  

Quiet Despair,

'It's so easy to rule when you favor one race. It's tough to do a balancing act like what BN is doing.
That is more honorable.'

Indeed, u said it yrself! But...but what about balancing act?

Oh..oh, providing seats to umno enunches. Can that be considered also as a political investment to balance umno's political fortune?

What a gem quote from a 'educated' cocoonist!

Oh...oooh markah buta. & Pls-lah, dont repeat yr academic hi-story of syok-sendiri, ok?

BTW, any difference about keeping quiet about pedophilia marriage of young girl, among many others, to the domesticated lifestyles of the Singies?

Pot calling kettle black?

Anonymous,  16 December 2010 at 20:03  

I have the perfect solution to cure Malaysia off Corruption. The Death penalty like what we have for drugs and weapons. Hang a few of these corrupt Bastards and lets see who wants to be next. NO MORE 90% CORRUPTION. Yes it will still be there but at least you got rid of 90%. Irrespective of Race,Creed,Rich or Poor, Nobody is above the law, make it apply even to the VVVIPs of the 9 states.

Anonymous,  17 December 2010 at 00:48  


"Seriously the only neigbor worth having is Brunei. They will come to our assistance when in need."

Where oh where is Brunei when TDM went around with the begging bowl during the 1998 economic crisis? Singapore is willing to help but alas, the cost is too high, so poor TDM came back empty handed.

And many are fully aware that every time the Sultan of Brunei leaves the shores of Malaysia after a state visit, he would heave a huge sigh of relief that he had had a lucky escape in NOT joining with the bodohs of the three S&S&S (the three S's)to join with Malaya to form Malaysia. How he must have thanked his lucky stars..... what great fortune he had his head set on right then.

Yes indeed, Brunei is the ONLY neighbour worth having and will come running to our aid come 2019 when we are bankrupt ! Malaysia is a lucky country indeed ! We are safe ! So let's spend to the hilt, Brunei will take care of us.... don't worry, be happy !

Anonymous,  18 December 2010 at 09:08  

Walla, you did a great job whacking those who really need it. Fully agree with you on this issue.
Did you notice the PDRM is always at hand taking action on the slightest ruckus organised by pakatan or any another party against the govt but are NEVER SEEN AROUND when it's organised by UMNO, Perkasa or any Malay NGO linked to UMNO. I guess, you must be reserving your comments to another issue just on this matter. Hope you write one.
Recently, I saw the OCPD,the Officer Incharge Of District Putra Jaya single handedly confronting some young graduates who organised a small group march to the PM's Dept just to handover a memorandum on the food and fuel price increase.He made a clown of himself by obstructing the poor unorganized graduates who were not armed, instead were having a peaceful march to the great PM's Dept. He was all over them but couldn't rationalize his actions.Guess, he was showing his bosses as well as the PM that he is sincerely his 'spoon'. Hahaha.My point is, where are all these guys when UMNO,Perkasa and some UMNO linked goons organise and destroy pakatan state offices. Why no action.
Hope you could write on this issues.

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