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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 13 June 2024

Views of a non-lawyer.

1. I think it was lord Denning who said that the law is not a technical game left to technicians only to administer it.

2. I think the import of the statement means, if left to the technicians only, the law in the hands of tricky lawyers, will turn into a grotesque uncontrollable being.

3. That's where the judges must intervene to prevent the law becoming an enemy to public interests.

4. Public interest at the moment, demand that whomsoever breaks the law must be punished and those who plunder this country must meet the force of the law.

5. With reference to the monies in the 1MDB case, the public would simply ask, how did the billions get into Najib's account or the accounts in which Najib has controlling interests?

6. Did the monies walked on their own there, flew there, brisk walked there, jog or get there by some effing serpentine ways?

7. The answer to that simple question, would demolish any artful , obfuscating and intended to confuse arguments by artful talking and shyster lawyers.

8. Judges can humour the strained and overstretched arguments of these artful lawyer but must remain steadfast in preserving the purpose of the law in this instance, to punish the wrongdoer.

9. So when Najib's lawyers warned the courts that this 1MDB case will spillover to 2026, that self serving assertion raises in us the public, much emotions of despair and utter disbelief. It is capable of making us loose faith in our justice system .

10. First of all, right thinking persons in our society, will take such statement, as blackmailing or holding the Court at ransom. It's saying if you call Najib to enter defense, the case might continue till 2026. So the prudent thing to do, is to drop the charges against najib. if that happens, then the monies walked, jog and flew on their own. Then, it will become a case, an elephant can fly because it's determined so by the courts.

11. Taxpayers time and money have been extraordinarily expended such that an incremental expenditure of time and money is no longer relevant. The law must never lose its purpose, which is to punish the wrongdoers.

12. If the court countenances the assertion of Najib's crafty lawyers, then its giving a wide berth to the rich and powerful while being harshly punitive to the lumpenproletariat .

13. The Court must never take lightly this kind of soft blackmailing and arm twisting. It must be met with the most robust objection by the Court.

14. It will be a crying shame that because of some alarmist assertions, the court will capitulate and does something unjustifiable and non-justiciable. If the price to punish the author of a most heinous crime, the Heist of the century is time overrun, so be it .

15. The lawyer for Ali babavum Najib has chosen to publicize his assertions, so it invites an equal counter assertion. It's the working of Newton's 3rd law of motion my friend, an action invites an equal reaction .

16. Except the manner of the riposte cannot be predetermined by the author of the action. It maybe supportive of his assertion or it maybe not. Roll the dice and see the outcome, brother .

17. The entitled inbred social media, the sychophantic social media and the UMNO DNA-ed busybodies are working overtime to create public opinion that Najib is pristine and super clean.

18. These toady, bootlicking and smarmy online social medias are overzealous in asserting that as the putera in the term Bumiputera, red lips Najib is naturally entitled to special privileges. And his minders are quick to embellish that.

19. Fortunately the number of these obsequious degenerates is few. The majority of the people are law abiding citizens who want to see the full force of the law is judicially applied. Without fear or favour.

20. We, the common people, the reasonable men must stop thinking that only lawyers understand the concept of justice. We the people will always be the reality check on unobstructive and most often self serving legal narratives.


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