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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Reading KKB ex post.

  1. I believe I have the bragging rights in predicting DAP victory in KKB. In arriving at that conclusion , i didn't read chicken entrails or read tea leaves.
  2. Nor did I cut green lemon over a basin of water and decipher the hidden messages therefrom. And proclaim that those who cannot read the messages will have a shortened life .
  3. I gave reasons for my opinion. It is a perfectly rationalised opinion if I may say so.
  4. My opinion, as Hitchens said, is enough for me. And I reserve the right to have it defended against any consensus, majority opinion any time any place anywhere. those who disagree with me can go and fly kite or better still, kiss my ass.
  5. I heard an interview between a Malay centric , entitled inbred online media and Zaid Ibrahim, the Hampstead liberal. Therein is the main problem in our society.
  6. It was an ensemble of master race persons singing the song of unmistakably racial supremacy. Disguised by nervous laughter.
  7. The online paper , probably consisting of SPM 3rd graders and just reached puberty journalists was overeager to suggest that KKB will be better served by a Malay, albeit mediocre, as long as a Malay.
  8. Hence they eagerly prods the DAP to field a Malay candidate.
  9. Zaid Ibrahim, on the other hand slyly remarked, that it's a candidate from DAP, it must be a Chinese. And because of that it can win KKB, at the most by 500 votes .
  10. Remember, Zaid was the person who said ' I am also a malay'. He disavows the UMNO route of becoming a Malay, but actually wants to be a better ' UMNO Malay '.
  11. In a strange way, that's a Frantz Fanon logic. You condemned the oppressor but eventually become one yourself
  12. Zaid Ibrahim is my personal friend. I compliment readily but will unhesitatingly criticize him. Like many others, I was and am shocked that he is on the side of the embezzler in chief . Now he is even agitating for the mother effer to be under house arrest. As I understand it, there is no law for it under the constitution. Also, we are a constitutional monarchy. The king does not override the constitution.
  13. In discussing KKB, his hypocrisy as a non racist and liberal is exposed. In the final analysis, the man perceived to be a liberal and non racist, regrets that it wasn't a Malay fielded by DAP. His master race politics comes to the fore finally. Sheesh!
  14. The voters in KKB refuse to be pigeonholed into racial stereotypes and must therefore be at odds with one another. Tension isn't the way to build a country.
  15. As I said earlier, the people in KKB voted for what is good for business. And what's good for business is to vote in a party that propagates inclusion, promises to fight against all forms of social injustices, preaches mutual respect, shared happiness, shared prosperity and most importantly shared responsibility. The last being the awareness that ALL of us, all race, culture and religion are collectively responsible for creating a society that we all want.
  16. That means deciding what kind of society we want should not be decided by the politicians alone. As long as they served as our mouthpieces, they are relevant to us. Once they are against us, we the people, reject them .
  17. 17. Clearly, with that mindset, the people in KKB reject parties that preach religious bigotry, racial supremacy, social anarchy as a devisive tool etc.
  18. The ecclesiastical mullah, aka the spiritual, that he actually is a closet dictator, Hadi of marang spoke like an entitled idiot n that he actually is when he said that a DAP victory in KKB will turn KKB into a Singapore and KKB Malays into Singapore Malays.
  19. He is an idiot for wanting us to believe that a DAP victory in KKB will turn Malaysia into a Singapore, which by the way, is a 1st world country. A DAP victory in KKB is like pouring salt in the ocean. Has he not heard of one swallow does not a summer make?
  20. But we get it. He is warning the KKB Malays that they will be like the Malays in Singapore.
  21. He's got a sad vision of the Malays forever being a sad race. He wants the Malays continue to be freeloaders . A race entitled to having special rights, entitled to preferential treatment, entitled to being stupid and mediocre, entitled to break the law, to steal and to serve time at home and to have breakfast in bed.
  22. As progressive Malays, we find this paternalistic and patronizing treatment, abhorrent and repulsive. He can go fly kite off the coast of Rusila .
  23. I am glad that his divisive and antiquated argument was rejected by the KKB Malays save for some Malay rednecks and UMNO DNA-ed inbreds.
  24. Al fadhil Hadi can continue cavorting with Bersatu and UMNO Ku Klux clan people.
  25. Part of being not stupid, as said by one of Malaysia's podcast 2 ronnies, isn't confined only to be able to read through Nga Koh meng's gift but also includes the following:-
  26. Empowerment. The threat to manipulative politics is empowerment. With empowerment , people are capable of independent thinking.
  27. With independent thinking people can read through and laughed off outrageous claims and manipulative narrations. Such as the outrageous claim by a ecclesiastical clown that a DAP win KKB will start Malaysia becoming a Singapore. Or manipulative statements which are vindictive in nature harping on government adminstrative shortcomings which require time to solve. Hey, even if you want to piss, you have to unzip your pants
  28. 28. People don't care two hoots about name calling. You can display photos of the pm or Agung, people just don't care. They have independently decided. The photos are materials of interest to the police only.
  29. You are accountable for your deeds or misdeeds. If you sow seeds of deceit and dissension, these will catch up with you. If you steal and plunder from the country you will get the proper comeuppance. There's no such thing as house arrest where you can indulge in your conjugal rights . Only entitled inbreds and their shyster spokesmen think you deserved so .
  30. People are protective of their religions and do not take kindly of anyone group mocking, ridiculing or disparaging his religion. Intentionally or not. Take the case of the KK mart socks issue. But they will not respond in the way stormfuhrer Akmal wants. The people responding in the way baby face Nelson Akmal wants are the UMNO inbreds and those spoiling for a fight.
  31. People care about food security, about having affordable homes and about preserving racial harmony. Master race politics is out
  32. They take the following as given and must be provided by a good government. Health services, security and social amenities including good transport system.
  33. What do all these things mean? Collectively it means that voter profile and "ordinal' preferences have changed. Only some parties stick to their ' carnal' utility curve .
  34. That should be an object lesson for those parties pursuing ecclesiastical dictatorship and pushing for the creation of an Orwellian society. It's an object lesson too for parties pursuing master race politics. It is particularly of interest to UMNO with its swashbuckling politics. Akmal may think himself as an Erol Flynn at the moment. UMNO that doesn't know how to adapt won't know what hits them.
  35. To me, what happened in KKB is a watershed in Malaysian politics. It points to the future of our politics. Certainly the parties that do not adapt will perish. Let's pray it's UMNO.


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