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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 19 March 2020

Pride Goes Before The Fall

I am happy to see that Najib is spirited enough to do some sabre rattling with Dr M. He is emboldened enough to do so, believing Muhyiddin will go soft on him. Let him be lulled into a false sense of security.

In a smirk retort to Dr M, Najib said how could he be responsible for the downfall of PH? He plays only with FB. He should be playing PS4. Well, smirking means silly and conceited. We shouldn't be surprised at Najib's response. He's a natural.

The not-so-clever Najib, true to his ascriptive character misses the point, attributing greater importance to himself more than he deserves. He is NOT the immediate cause of PH's downfall but he has been planning for it since 2018. Ever since he and his 1MDB lost the 13th GE. 

How did he do it? He was sufficiently sly to exploit the fears and insecurities of Malays by combining 2 important elements: UMNO's xenophobic bigotry and Islamic jingoism. Suddenly Pee Wee Najib became the champion of Malay nationalism and Islamic jingoism. According to him, the two are under threat from the Yellow Menace (the Chinese). These 2 elements became the potent concoction that fertilised the servile mind of the Malay.

Najib's UMNO played the theme to a hilt; Malay interests and Islam are under grave threat. The Malay gov is controlled by the DAP, DAP are true communists, etc. That despite the fact that by 2030, Malays will constitute 80% of the population.

How could a numerically superior community become a stooge to a numerically inferior community is beyond me. But Najib believed  the LIE because deep down he believes the Malays are stupid and naive. So he exploited the primordial fears of the Malays. That is how he contributed to the downfall of PH. 

But the not-so-clever Najib misses the point.

Najib is feeling upbeat of the whole thing possibly because :- 
1. He has managed to help bring down Mahathir's PH.
2. Through backdoor machinations, UMNO has become part of the new gov. 
3. He thinks he can be acquitted by softie Muhyiddin.

Najib is possibly energised by rumours circulating around that he has taken a young wife. Personally, I don't believe in such rumours. Rosie will have none of these shenanigans. She will probably do a John Wayne Bobbit on Najib. Imagine the spectacle not only will we have a former PMin the gaol, we will also have a former pm with a reattached private organ!

The reality is, Najib is a menace to the Malay race. To him Malays are mere digits to be used and exploited as and when. Bossku should be a political pariah!

After losing the 13th GE, his only remaining amour-propre are Malay nationalism and Islamic parochialism. Unfortunately, he has managed to graft these as the fin de siecle of 21st century UMNO. 

I hope UMNO can rid itself of this Najibian imprimatur!


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