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Monday 2 March 2020

Malaysia's Political Imbroglio - Part 1

Disclaimer: This article was intended to be released last week. This weekend has caused some upheaval that I will soon discuss in my next article.

We should heed the infamous advice: Never play chess with Tun Mahathir. When you checkmate him, he takes out another piece of king from his pocket. He has more political longevity than the Cheshire cat. The man who can walk on water does it again. He is now the Don Corleone of Malaysian politics. Everyone wants to kiss his hand.

Tun Mahathir shocked the nation by resigning.  By doing so the entire cabinet ceases to exist. To use a metaphor, what he did was like wearing the bikini. What it reveals is suggestive. What it hides is vital. What Mahathir hides are indeed vital. 

By allowing the political imbroglio to fester for almost one week, he has forced the hand of his detractors. The not-so-clever Anwar rushes to say PH supports him, conveniently forgetting that 65% of his PH are non-Malays.

I have no problem with that. DAP has many good people. But I am afraid people will punished Anwar and eventually DAP. Anwar has only shown his unbridled ambition. And even now there are rumours circulating that Anwar is paying up 50m for UMNO people to join him. He is resourceful in getting the money. He can possibly get it from Uncle Sam or Brother Erdogan. Nevermind if becomes their stooge as long as he becomes pm. His ambitions have no bounds. His Reformasi! is just a Hallelujah slogan to rile up his unquestioning followers.

But more damaging is the fact that DAP and Mat Sabu's Amanah are complicit in Anwar's hypocrisy. They too will likely be punished. For political expediency Anwar is willing to sleep with UMNO. His over-consuming desire is to kick out TDM for their past rivalry. 

But has anyone stopped to ask if Anwar is the right person to manage Malaysia? Tun M does not have the constitutional capacity to choose Anwar as his successor. We are not an elected monarchy. The person must have majority support of Parliament. So far Anwar has not done that. His past records as education, finance agricultural, and deputy youth ministers were all bright promises but dismal performances.


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