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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Malaysia's Political Imbroglio - Part 2

I stand by what I wrote earlier: I wouldn't discount Mahathir. He may still pull out a piece of King from his back pocket. The show is not finished until the Fat Lady sings.

I have long been dismayed by PH's superficial understanding of the dynamic of power. Not too long ago, they were the government but didn't know how to handle power. I was shocked when the DPM said she wanted to celebrate differences in opinion. The Information Minister wanted to give air time to the Opposition. 

This was a political faux pas.

By all means, you can celebrate differences, but please stay out of the government. We have 1.6m civil servants. Losing a few hundred is no skin off our noses. Carl von Clausewitz says the object of war is the destruction of the enemies' firepower. So let's not give them opportunities to disseminate their ideas.

As to those who differ: we do not want those who run with the hare and hunt with the hound. Do not give air-time to the enemy. 

The Info Minister didn't know how to exploit the by-elections. He should have been calling for all editors to disparage the Opposition. All is fair in love and war. We do not have anything to prove to the Bukit Tunku Bolsheviks, the Hampstead Liberals or the Country Heights cafe latte Socialists. 

I was aghast when the then-Agricultural Minister said he would write to the PM to award a multi-billion contract to NAFAS. Everyone knows NAFAS is an UMNO fifth columnist. After years of being handed government contracts, it has no production  facilities--it's just a glorified stockist. It was a monumental error by the then-Agricultural Minister.

Now that Muhyiddin is PM--for how long I don't know--I am afraid he is not over hot water yet. I am not confident in him. He can talk about fanciful macroeconomics, but he couldn't even handle a simple pollution case in Johor. 

Finally, I want to know: is Muhyiddin going to excuse corrupt UMNO and forget about 1MDB? Will we see him embracing political opportunism and eschewing principles? 

That's Armageddon for Malays.


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