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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The UMNO Home is Disunited , even when there are no External Ill-Treatment.

People never learn history. Perhaps they are just lazy. When does a community unite and consolidate at home? The answer is when they are ill-treated and mistreated from outside.
What is preventing the UMNO people from uniting at home? Answer their own leaders when they become corrupt, deceive and lie to them, abuse their positions, took donations into their own accounts, use government to do businesses.
So how can UMNO unite at home when there is no one outside ill-treating them? They are aleady disunited at home.
Is the DAP the federal government? Is the DAP in charge of the levers of government?
Who on the outside has ill-treated and mistreated Malays? DAP has never been the federal government. In Penang, Malays are treated well and better compared to when they were under BN rule. The clowns agitating and demonstrating at Komtar once upon a time, were traders who did not pay rent for years. Malay traders who pay rent replaced them.
It’s the classic divide and rule strategy. Assemble the Malays on one side. Tell them they are threatened and attacked by the other group. The ‘other’ group consists mainly of the ‘aggressive’ and rapacious Chinese, and you have a flammable situation.
Tell them the Chinese are anti-Malay, anti-Islam and even anti-Malay rulers, you are about to turn one group of citizens upon another.
Tell them, the main culprit for all these problems is the DAP- a party of communists, racists and morbid opponent of a lot of things about Malays. Tell them it is either an UMNO led government or a DAP led government.
Take a deep breath and stop to analyse for a few minutes. the DAP has only 37 seats in parliament; even if it wins say 56 seats in the next GE, it still cannot form the federal government on its own. What will it do?
If it chooses to be part of the government, it must work with other parties which probably have more seats than itself. But it can only work with likeminded parties with the similar principles.
UMNO can no longer secure support from Malaysian citizens by force of convictions. It stays in power by pitting one group against another and creating a climate of fear, mistrust and edginess.  
UMNO is openly declaring ‘war’ on the Malaysian Chinese citizens and yet the effeminate Chinese BN component parties are silent.
The immediate effect of this warlike declarations from UMNO will cause the Chinese community to increase support for the DAP. The DAP is willing to be assertive and that unnerves the Najib government.
I say to right thinking Malaysian citizens of all races and religious denominations, these hateful and nihilistic propositions and utterances from UMNO leaders must be rejected for what they are- nervous reactions from people desperately clinging on to power.
The wanita leader is desperate. The UMNO president is desperate. UMNO has turned into a moribund oligarchy.
People will recognise immediately the UMNO game. UMNO is the party that is declaring and describing what DAP is, whereas in actual fact, the people know what the DAP stands for.  Moreover, we expect nothing less than demonization and scornful descriptions of the worse kind from UMNO.
UMNO can’t suddenly be singing praises for DAP unless it’s behaving like an utter hypocrite. It IS behaving in such a manner when it’s entreating and seducing PAS to join its ranks in the name of the Malay race.
Well, we all know what is done in the name of the Malay race-pillage and plunder of our treasury, emasculation of the institutions that support democracy, worsening of relationship among our citizens. If PAS has any principles, it cannot work with UMNO.
Then too PAS has to be careful about the principles it wishes to promote. Our citizens will reject the corrupt oligarchy represented by umno as well as resist an attempt to create a system where the cold and loveless zombie will be the norm and culture will be dead.
So, rather than humour the wanita leader and the UMNO president by playing along with their debased presentations, I will tell you why DAP is attractive.
It stands for righteous defiance. I have been looking for one description to encapsulate the party’s cause. I chose righteous defiance. Because of that, it has many adherents- Chinese, Malays, Indians and others.
The righteous defiance takes many forms- the fight for the marginalised, the disenfranchised, the victims of excessive officialdom, fight against corruption, abuse of power, fight for good governance, the rule of law, the supremacy of our constitution. The list is by no means complete.  
DAP and other opposition parties are trying to bring transparency to bear on the baroque corruption of the Najib government.
How do these threaten Malay interests?  Let us stop for a moment to ask a very important question- who has been ill-treating the Malays?
The answer is the government that is in power. They are the ones responsible for making policies and implementing them. They alone are accountable for the effects and results of their policies. Misrule causes ill-treatment.
Who will benefit under this state of perpetual siege and potential upheaval? UMNO and the BN government of course which controls the legitimate coercive forces of the country as well as indirectly sanctioned martial groups.
If the Wanita leader and the UMNO president want to make a jackass of themselves, they are most welcome but please do not lump the other 15 million Malays in the same group as them.  The 15 million non UMNO Malays are not NFC cows than can be unnaturally herded into condominiums.
We know we have the safeguards to our supposed domination. Demography is on our side. The state apparatuses- the civil service, the quasi civil service of JKKs, mosque committees other organisations are made up of Malays. The army, the police are all Malays. Top government officers from KSN( the current one not sure), to state secretaries, KSUs, TKSUs, are almost all Malays. The final bastion of protection and upholding of justice is the institution of Malay rulers. So I invite readers to say Daulat Tuanku.
Maybe umno does not have faith in these, but the rest of us Malays, 15 million of us believe in these institutions. There are around 18 million Malays in this country. 1 out of 6 Malays is an UMNO member- if this one Malay is excluded, there are 5 other Malays who can survive without that one excluded! So if UMNO were to be kicked out, the residual resilience and intelligence of the other 15 million Malays can ensure, this country survives and a government can be formed.
UMNO must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for issues. The issues used to be PAS and deviant teachings. Now, it’s DAP. The DAP is the bane of UMNO.
Bur rather than having the effect of demonising DAP, UMNO’s DAP bashing is a ringing endorsement of DAP’s political credibility and acceptability. UMNO must be stuck in a mental rut shaped by the events in the 1960s and 1970s.
Let us state the obvious. The facts speak for themselves. The leader of wanita UMNO is a racist.  She was the first in this year’s assembly to raise the issue of DAP taking over the country if UMNO loses. Dap being predominantly Chinese lends credence to the fear mongering speeches of UMNO leaders. Nothing inflames the Malays more than the idea of being overwhelmed by the Chinese.
The UMNO president must also be a racist. He did not take off from where the UMNO Youth leader left; but gave support to the fear mongering Both must be barred from entering Johor. They are saying if DAP controls the federal government, it will be a government that is anti-Malay, anti-Islam. Why? Because DAP is Chinese?
Having no one else to lie to, they must now lie and deceive the umno members. The UMNO president gave a debased simulacrum of a discredited story. That if UMNO loses, DAP will take over.
If UMNO Malay loses, other Malays can take over. There are enough number of Malay leaders to assuage the induced fears of the Malays caused by UMNO.
If UMNO loses, it will be a triumph over oligarchy, elitism, corruption and gross bad governance. It will be a victory of the rakyat.
Fear is a weapon. It’s being used without shame by UMNO. The biggest fear is without doubt the fear of being dispossessed of the land regarded as yours.
Let us reject the web of lies.


Anonymous,  12 December 2015 at 08:22  

The Umno malays are a rotten race to the core. So is it exhibited by a Penang delegate who said, they don't care how Najib got his monies as long as they are taken care of. Unknowing to them, they demonstrated to the world that their religion and God is money.

The rest of us malays should stay clear of these rotten unislamic malays. They no longer have their moral compass. Cash is King said their immoral and rotten leader.

Anonymous,  12 December 2015 at 10:46  

Good aricle Dato. Most of us are sick & tired of Najib & UMNO again & again playing the racial cards. It's time to send these corrupted clowns to where they belong.

Anonymous,  12 December 2015 at 11:22  

UMNO leaders all this while have been exploiting the Malays to retain power in order to continue to steal from the Rakyat.

They are a bunch of thieves. To them, stealing is now a donation.

As usual, they are using the highly effective race card to get Malay support.

UMNO cannot afford to lose as jail time awaits them. Therefore, they will never surrender. They are willing to do anything (even destroying the country for that matter) just to retain power - there is no second option. In fact they are on this very path right now.

As for MCA and MIC, I reserve them for my toilet routine.

Umno is Stupid to the Core,  12 December 2015 at 12:50  

Agree with you. But how do you explain this to stupid people? I mean those stupid people who make up the bulk of UMNO members and UMNO senior leaders, including one who claimed to have achieved 3.85 CGPA?

Anti Fitnah,  12 December 2015 at 18:22  

Allow me to write in Bahasa Melayu.
UMNO cuba memperbodohkan orang Melayu. UMNO tidak Salah tapi Melayu yang salah sebab depa masih mempercayai UMNO.
Kalau kita amati dalam konteks Islam, ramai Melayu dah jadi syirik kerana mempercayai bahawa tanpa UMNO,
Melayu akan merempat,
Melayu akan hilang kuasa,
Melayu akan jadi papa kedana, ...
Bukankah UMNO sudah diangkat setaraf dengan Allah swt? Apakah UMNO dah dijadikan Rukun Iman yang ke-6 menggantikan rukun yang sedia ada.
Untuk kembalikan kehebatan Melayu, UMNO mesti ditumbangkan dan digantikan dengan Melayu lain yang hebat yang ramai terdapat dalam pakatan pembangkang. Sudah sampai masanya Melayu kena berubah daripada kebergantungan pada UMNO kepada Allah swt. Melayu bukan Islam. Islam tanpa Melayu tetap berdiri SEGAR dan HEBAT. Melayu tanpa Islam ... buruk padahnya.

Anonymous,  12 December 2015 at 20:09  


WWW.Joenbaby@Yahoo.Com,  13 December 2015 at 22:13  

Excellent write-up... No, Dap has NVR been CHAVINISTIC, only other races DO NOT want to join/support it because one evil regime has always(like the Old UGLY racist goat, Maktahii) has always pitted it(Dap/Chinese) against one majority race that now even the greedy/avaricious , the very UGLY Gemas cow-woman has also sounded to all and sundry(majority malays) that if ever it(Dap) were to come into power, control Putra Jaya, they, the 'cunning/business-minded' 'straight-haired mata sepets(chinese)would ultimately destroy/topple the Malays' 'RICE-BOWL"!...nothing is more untrue.... such despicable conjectures, she(Gemas cow-woman)has uttered, most pple would think that she is DESPERATELY trying/hoping her party would NOT be kicked out by the now disenchanted Rakyat Jelata, because if ever evil regime falls, she might be apprehended, court-sentenced and land in Sungei Buluh jail;????!!!!

walla 14 December 2015 at 20:57  

Please check up on two things:

1. whether Hadi has been promised rm100 million in construction projects;

2. state of Petronas' investment in the Canadian shale gas project.

Anonymous,  15 December 2015 at 11:45  

Quote # the immediate effect of this warlike declaration from UMNO will cause the chinese community to increase support for the DAP#

Similarly, the consistent attack on UMNO leders by DAP will not make the rural malay voters ( whose support is most needed to defeat BN) to vote for the DAP candidate or any parties that are working with DAP like, PKR,Amanah.

And the the SG of DAP who frequently attack Hadi Awang is also not going to make those malays who oppose UMNO to support the opposition.

The DAP leaders don't seems to know that the malays in this country equate UMNO with malays and any attack on the UMNO leaders is an attack on the malays, whether it is logical or not is not important.

The present government is a BN government which consist of many political parties, so when the government commit wrongdoing, why only attacked UMNO leaders and not the MCA,MIC or gerakan leaders who are also part of this government ?by this action, are you going to endear yourself to the malay voters?

Hadi Awang maybe an untrustworthy political partner, he is still much respected by the rural malays, so don't expect these important block of voters to support you if you keep attacking Hadi.

Hadi Awang is most happy when Lim Guan Eng keep attacking him, because the attack will make Hadi gain sympathy from the rural or even some of those urban malays.

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