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Tuesday 8 December 2015

The code of the political warrior

Like many, I listened to the speeches made by Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin. 
Mahathir was more direct- he asked the people to remove Najib as PM. Najib’s leadership is destroying the country.

Muhyidin was more circumspect. But the message was clear. Disguised as a request for Najib to take a break so as to show the PM isn’t interfering in investigations, what Muhyidin inferred was that Najib is guilty of terrible wrongdoings. The only option opened to Najib is to leave permanently.

There you have it- Najib was asked to leave because he can longer lead. Najib has to leave for the sake of UMNO. In actual fact, Najib ought to leave for the sake of the country. Everyone is affected.

What is happening to the country now? It has succumbed to self-induced political rigor mortis. The muscles of democracy are paralysed. The rule of law and the institutions supporting them are undermined.

Throughout the world, people who say they support democracy, have used undemocratic means to secure it. The Americans did that in an extreme way- bombing out Iraq to promote democracy. In Malaysia, Najib has used an arsenal of legislative acts to smother freedom in Malaysia, undermine the rule of law and unleash the tyranny of majority rule.

When the character of Nathan Algren was asked by the Japanese emperor ‘tell me how the last samurai- katsumoto died, Captain Nathan Algren answered, I will tell you he lived.

Katsumoto lived by living out the Bushido code. It is also the way of the warrior.  He leads a disciplined life, dedicated to observing traditions, merciful to enemies (Algren), followers and the people, led exemplary life. He provided both secular and moral leadership.

Since no one now can even suggest PM Najib to leave office, we will tell the people how he lives from the time he became PM. We don’t ask him to leave, we let the people decide. Does he live out the life of a warrior, a stature that he claims and craves?

He lives by first making pompous promises which he cannot carry out. When he said, the era of government knows best is over, which essentially means the era of big government, he has lied to us ever since. Since he became PM, a number of repressive laws were passed, POTA, SOSMA, POCA, Sedition Act and now the Security Council Act 2015.

These are legal instruments legitimising the invasiveness and meddlesomeness of big government. These are also instruments securing power of the incumbent government since the laws are also used on political opponents.

Currently he is asking the people to ignore dissenting voices because he wants to take Malaysians to a greater place.

You know this is always the response of people who preaches one thing but practises another. The claim taking to a greater place is easy to make- it requires a pat in the back and merely an emotional articulation.

How do you do that? By concentrating all powers in you and using the legitimate forces of coercion to browbeat the public into submission and pliancy?

On the other hand, to convince yourself that people, on their own accord, through voluntary cooperation with one another can themselves bring about conditions for a better future requires reasoning and rigorous thinking. That is difficult to do by those who appeal only to emotions and whose intellectual faculties are less developed than their emotional faculties. 
It is difficult for Najib and UMNO to know that we can shape our destiny and future without a government that has gone bad. 

People like Najib and similar thinking people are easily convinced if only good persons like them are given absolute and unfettered discretion, they will do good. Again, such a belief requires self-praise and mere emotional suggestion. To believe that others can do a better job without grabbing absolute powers and working on the basis of voluntary cooperation instead of by being energised by draconian laws, would require rigorous mental thought process and reasoning. 
And since the emotional faculties are more developed that the intellectual, the emotional claims gain embrace.

The PM claims he has the blood of a bugis warrior. This is only a recent claim, he was not at all conscious of this lineage all these years in Pekan. Pekan has long been settled by Bugis traders and men with martial prowess a long time ago. Warriors don’t go around bullying and terrorising people.

The fist principle by which a warriors lives, is rectitude and justice. The term rectitude encapsulates the values of morality, principle, honour, virtue, decency, justice, equity, integrity, goodness, honesty, correctness, righteousness, probity, incorruptibility, scrupulousness. They are opposite of corruption, dishonesty, immorality, dishonour, baseness, scandalousness. Rectitude also signifies correctness, justice, accuracy, precision, verity, rightness, soundness, exactness.

The people, in judging PM Najib on these points need only to pick one.


Anonymous,  8 December 2015 at 15:59  

He's the worse creature ever live...

Anonymous,  8 December 2015 at 17:59  

In a parliamentary democracy there is the concept and fundamental principle of separation of power. But unfortunately, it has been undermined by Mahathir himself. He recommended or advised the appointment of servile and sychophantic judges. If you have a judiciary with enough backbone, certain provisions of the Sedition Act would have been ruled unconstitutional for it being a 1948 colonial law where such provisions are against Art 10 of the Fed Constitution which was passed later in 1957. Wise judges would have no qualms in ruling such provisions unconstitutional with the Judges saying that Parliament could reenact the same provisions if they feel it necessary.

And the same goes with the NSC bill where certain powers of the Agong have been usurped by Najib. Would the current set of Judges with their present attitude and mindset dare to rule that provisions that gave Najib to declare a state of emergency goes against the constitution. Let's face it. The judiciary is subservient to the PM. Just look at the antic of the former Fed Crt Judge, Apandi, the Najib appointed AG and you know what I mean.

Anonymous,  8 December 2015 at 19:14  

I would like to add the following to what you have said:

1. They guy who you were talking about appears to be living in his own unbelievable world - where he is without even an iota of doubt the good person who is working 24/7 for the rakyat who need to be saved... And those who are against him are nothing but evil doers. This living in his own world thing is clearly unbelievable since there is never such a perfect world anywhere. But there he is... in his own perfect world.
2. In relation to the point number 1, there exist two recent examples of sheer incredulity coming from this person who appears to be living in his own perfect world: that what people say against the 1MDB are all lies when the facts (of course "his" facts) prove otherwise; that the former DPM and the guy from Sabah had all the freedom to ask questions on 1MDB, etc. while they were in the cabinet but had failed to do so. (In regard to the latter, Shafie Afdal had just now mentioned that he and the former DPM had in fact asked various question on 1MDB while they were in the cabinet - and got nowhere with the answers! Of course without even hearing it from Shafie one would have expected the two guys - the former DPM and Shafie - would have asked the relevant questions... But as far as that guy who continues to live in his own perfect world that was not so!)
3. The NSC 2015 bill creating a monster out of you-know-who would only mean the end of Malaysia as we all know it and the beginning of the downfall of you-know-who. I am afraid the day shall come that those who turn it into law will see blood in their hands as a result.
4. Malaysia which is to be saved with the NSC 2015 bill is Malaysia no more. Do the people recognize that this is the case?

Anonymous,  9 December 2015 at 07:48  

To save his skin from all the treasonous and illegal acts he has committed, he has to move into the dictatorship path. He and his despicable asshole lickers have to go on this path as they know that UMNO will definitely lose the next GE. There is no other way to save their gravy train.

With this NSC Bill, there will be no GE14 and they can do whatever they want in this country. Once the NSC comes into effect, the tax payers money will all belong to Najib. If the money is not enough, they can always raise rates and prices all over the place as what we are seeing now. They do not really bother whether these increase will make the people hate them as it will become irrelevant.

The question to ask is why our country has come to this stage? Well we cannot blame all this on Najib alone. We are cursed to have unprincipled BN MPs and UMNO leaders who will do anything under the sun just for monetary gains and positions. The institutions and the 47% super duper stupid idiots (pls enjoy the current price increases) will have to share the blame as well.

As for Najib, he does not care a hoot with regard to his reputation - he has none. His statements are all blatant lies which only he will dare to make. He is a coward who use money to get his way and hides under the law which he will create as and when required.

The good news is that history has always shown that the good will always triumph over evil. Malaysia is no exception.

Anonymous,  10 December 2015 at 01:02  

Alam Ghaib Najib Razak..

Donplaypuks® 10 December 2015 at 16:51  

Najib's code of honour - the Bullshito!

Anusakito,  10 December 2015 at 23:22  

Donplaypuks, domo arigato.

Waito Bullcheato getto constipato.

bijan razak,  11 December 2015 at 07:53  

My deepest sympathy to Tun Razak.... by having a dimwit son. A make believe kind of a person. After all Rosmah keep squeezing his ball tightly

Auwwww.. not so hard Ros.

Anonymous,  11 December 2015 at 19:20  

This Najib guy has no shame... always telling lies, stealing tax payers' money and other evil things. A real disgrace to Malaysia and mankind.

Anonymous,  11 December 2015 at 21:55  

Najib MUST go before the country does to the drains. I pity the Malays (PAU) who cannot think !!!! Dah kehabisan pemimpin Melayu ke? Dah tiada orang lain ke? Kenapa lembab sangat? $$$$$ mungkin telah mengabui mata golongan ini... PU nanti sorry...NO MORE UMNO for me and my family...

Anonymous,  14 December 2015 at 21:14  

Sedih dgn politik negara kita...

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