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Thursday 19 March 2015

Enticing the tiger to leave its mountain lair.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah or TRH delivered a speech in parliament a few days ago.  Fearing the worse, Najib sent some people to ask Ku Li not to savage him.

Ku Li responded by telling the messenger, listen to the speech first.

After the speech, we all know Najib was treated kindly.  The speech wasn’t one like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned type. It was too gentlemanly a speech.

On that day, had Tengku Razaleigh moved a motion of no confidence, Najib would have been sent packing.  Tengku Razaleigh delivered a cultured speech, pleasing  Najib’s aristocratic pretences.

I am not going to repeat the issues raised. Readers can read for themselves. Many people say Ku li is a day late, and a dollar short.

What was the purpose of the speech? It was to entice the tiger to leave its mountain lair.

The whole speech, read objectively, distanced Ku Li from UMNO. Had Tengku Razaleigh read the last paragraph in the original version of the speech, it would effectively be a declaration, he is leaving UMNO.

Indeed if one reads the speech as a whole, effectively it’s a challenge for UMNO to sack Ku Li. Here is someone from UMNO disagreeing on all UMNO’s agenda including objecting to the PM serving as Finance Minister. The speech challenges the UMNO MPs in particular to give qualified loyalty to the party and leader. It’s a call for mutiny.

So what is UMNO waiting for?

It will do nothing. Najib will not dare sack Ku Li.  In fact, Najib needs Ku Li to be on his side.

One must see the speech in a broader context of the umno power struggle currently in motion. It’s not a secret that Najib is facing a robust challenge from the Mahathir faction. It will culminate in an open war.

People can give 1001 reasons for the absence of some powerful UMNO leaders during a solidarity with Najib program last month.  Those who were absent can be counted as those opposed to Najib. Even some of those who attended the program were not all for Najib.

Najib knows the support from those who declared they are for him, is ephemeral. He can expect the Mahathir faction will soon present him with an ultimatum.  By that time, Najib’s resignation is a fait acompli.

Understand the purpose of the speech. It’s the same as Mahathir asking Najib to leave- but done in a more subtle way. Najib can leave the Ku Li way or the Mahathir way.

What’s the difference if the objective of kicking out Najib is achieved? The difference is with the Ku Li way- najib leaves office on his terms. With the Mahathir way- Najib leaves office, on Mahathir’s terms plus Najib is utterly disgraced.

The Mahathir faction is ready to deliver the coup fatal. Mahathir doesn’t need 154 division heads; he only needs about 30 powerful UMNO leaders to deliver the final blow. Mahathir accepts that najib has the power to patronize and buy out some UMNO leaders and keep them on his side. Tengku Razaleigh has said that division heads get as much as RM50, 000. The UMNO MPs do.

But Najib can’t buy out everyone. Those not buy-able who simply hate Najib knowing the mess he and his wife created, are sufficient for Mahathir to carry out the political assassination. They will simply present Najib with some irrefutable proofs of Najib’s darkest secrets.

Kadir Jasin has hinted that much- the only language that Najib understands is the language of force.   

Ku Li is sending a message to Najib that in him, Najib can find a more reasonable and personable ally. That is, to fight alongside he against Mahathir’s forces in the party.

Najib knows, despite the number of UMNO division heads on his side, he will lose against Mahathir. Najib knows too, the support of the division heads who assembled at the solidarity with Najib assembly, is fickle. The UMNO people will abandon ship when they see Najib’s position is indefensible.

So what is Najib to do? If he has to go, at least, make the eyes of the Mahathir faction, turn white. ( biar puteh mata). Najib’s overriding priority now is to deny Mahathir’s faction victory. Because if Mahathir’s faction wins, Najib and Rosmah and the army of hangers on are finished. They will be shown no mercy.

Whether Najib likes it or not, he has to leave, resign or retire. He can be expected to do that within a few months after the wedding of his daughter. I don’t think his political foes are heartless like him when he asked Mat Said of Terengganu to step down. It would however be a comeuppance to Najib reminding him of his ill-bred treatment to Mat Said if they choose to do that.  

So he must leave. Ku Li’s measured and controlled speech sends a signal to Najib that Najib has an honourable way to leave while denying victory to Mahathir and his faction.

If he fails to understand the message in Tengku Razali’s speech, he will be kicked out of office in disgrace. He will just be shown the most damaging of evidence concerning several things which when presented and under threat of public exposure, he will volunteer to resign.

Najib now has two choices. He can leave via the soft and refined approach which Tengku Razaleigh offers. Or he can submit to the language of force that only a stubborn and incompetent person like him understand.

Najib’s legion of boorish hangers-on and apple polishers must quickly persuade him to negotiate with Tengku Razaleigh. Otherwise Najib’s exit will be very hurtful.

Tengku Razaleigh will emerge as the king maker. Spurn him, Razaleigh will migrate to the Mahathir faction. Mahathir on his part, has no choice but has to finally acknowledge that Razaleigh is the man.


Anonymous,  19 March 2015 at 20:19  

Seeing is believing! I am sick of politics. For heaven's sake, save this country!

bruno,  19 March 2015 at 21:04  

Dato,Umno with Najib as it's helm will be in a mess and weak.Is it not good for PR come GE 14th?Is it not good to help Najib stay on till GE14th?

Unless,the PR is in a bigger mess and cannot kick out Najib and Umno.Maybe PR is joining in the chorus with Najib's enemies because they know that they cannot win GE14,so helping to get rid of Najib will be like a feather in their cap.

Strategic wise,wouldn't it be better to have a weak general leading the opposing army?Maybe Pakatan leaders need to have their pea brains analyse?Especially Tony Pua and Rafizi.

Anonymous,  19 March 2015 at 21:18  

Having a leader of Tengku Razaleigh's pedigree as PM would restore some confidence in the country.

Anonymous,  19 March 2015 at 21:35  

If Najib had to sing his swan song, he would likely sings to Ku Li for the former minister is a better listener. As for Mahathir he will not, ever let the fat lady sings.

Anonymous,  19 March 2015 at 21:43  

As it is, TR is the only bankable person who can lead BN to GE14 victory. The rest of the UMNO leaders (except maybe Hisham)are toxic (a nicer word)in the eyes of the electorates. Dr. M knows this and will support TR when the time comes. As for Najib, it is too late for him to finally start performing his PM job after all the mess he has created. The Rakyat will be extremely happy to see the back of him.

Anonymous,  19 March 2015 at 23:06  

So,it is a good cop-bad cop thing that our dear Najib and hangers on are confronted with? Stay tuned for more! (For indeed it is just one episode in a series of episodes of Malaysia's going down the drain?) Meanwhile, the rakyat continues to bleed - but it is not as if a good section of them is not deserving of such? May Allah swt have mercies on us...

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 00:25  

TR is the man.
It is better for everybody even for the opposition to rally for TR to take over the leadership and fix the mess done by the current and previous PM, DPM and kitchen cabinets

TR bagai sireh ke gangang.
Allahu Akbar.

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 08:13  

TR is past his prime. He can be one of the influential persons behind a new leadership but not the leader. The fact that he has kept his silence for so many years while enjoying the illegal fruits of UMNO is a clear sign of weak leadership.

And Dato, the rakyat does not only want Najib to quit. They want him and his cronies to return all the assets and monies that they have robbed from Malaysia.

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 10:32  

If TR is to lead bolehland, he will need to institute real reforms in this country. Not the acronym type of reforms of najib.
And becos of this, I do not think that TR has the support of a majority of the umno members who will never give up riding on the gravy train.

flyer168 20 March 2015 at 12:06  

Correct version...

"Enticing the tiger to leave its mountain lair."


Yes indeed.

This is the "Biggest" problem even for Madey...!

Rosmah gedek gedek -

Yes soon after 28th-29th Narch 2015 bersanding of Jibby's daughter in KL (Convention Centre & PWTC), Pekan, & another VVVIP jet trip to Kazakhstan, etc, we might see this...

The final act of the kleptocracy...!!!

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 12:32  

20 March 2015 at 08:13

"And Dato, the rakyat does not only want Najib to quit. They want him and his cronies to return all the assets and monies that they have robbed from Malaysia."

Never going to happen.

Just be grateful if by some miracle Najib and BN are booted.

Even that is a very, very tall order.

TRH needs to form alliances fast, and not put a foot wrong.

I hope for the best.

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 17:33  


Dengan izin....

A good cause.

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 21:03  

The last hurrah for Tengku Razaleigh. Play his cards right, he will be able to get PM to leave his post, otherwise too little too late.

Anonymous,  20 March 2015 at 22:20  

Najib has to come to an accommodation with PKR to stay with his post. He was told this earlier on, but egowise and probably egged on by his better half and misled by his yes-men who wanted to hold on to power no matter what, he thought he could get by. Situation is now dire for him, better to make deals now with the oppo otherwise even this little chance he has will disappear for good. The decision is his.

bruno,  20 March 2015 at 22:44  

Dato,now that the Hudud bill have passed the Kelantan assembly,with support from all it's members,including one from PKR.Even the PKR assembly man had his balls caught between the legs of the sawhorse,crying out loud for his mama.In other words,no assemblyman had real balls to abstain or vote against the bill.

Most probably,the tabling of the Hudud bill will fail in parliament.But whether it pass or fail is not the problem.It is what the PR partners are going to do about this hudud and PAS.

No point for PR leaders to scream till their pants get wet,because in the end it is all about "NATO".It is time for these leaders to put their money where their mouth is.

Unknown 21 March 2015 at 01:20  

I would prefer an honest, single-minded dictator to take over Malaysia for a short while, just time enough for him to clean the system and put things back on the right perspective than to have any of UMNO BARU helming the country.
Of course he should also be willing to go to jail after he returned power to the people. But for sure, NO MORE UMNO BARU!

Firestone 21 March 2015 at 02:02  

Is it true that both UMNO strongmen Tengku Razaleigh and Dato Mustapha Mohamed both voiced support for the Hudud in Kelantan?

Anonymous,  21 March 2015 at 09:10  

In the first place, the Hudud bill passed was illegal and had no reason to be tabled in the Kelantan assembly. It was against the Fed Constitution and thus you can say it was seditious.

See more at Hudud - Art of the matter by Art Harun on you tube. What an eye opener!

Anonymous,  21 March 2015 at 15:53  

The support given to Najib was as real as a pair of padded bras. It's the herd mentality often seen in the Umno cattle farm. Once Najib's tenure as PM is moot, the herd of cattle will move in the direction of the new shepherd and Najib will find nobody left to polish his apple.

Anonymous,  21 March 2015 at 16:38  

Knowing Najib's other half, Najib will surely be forced to choose Dr. M's sayonara option, come what may. Do not be surprised that he will accept all the darkest secrets thrown at him and say "so what". He has been doing this all this while anyway. In the end, it will be NFAs.

bruno,  21 March 2015 at 20:51  

Is the hudud bill passed in the Kelantan state assembly a blessing for PR.Well,PAS has forced the hands of PR leaders to show their mettle.To prove what they are really made of.

Three years to GE14 is a very short time,especially for a coalition fighting for it's own survival.Whatever action the coalition takes from now will only help their chances in GE14.No action,talk only and the PR is definitely going to take a beating come GE14.

Anonymous,  22 March 2015 at 08:15  

PR must play their cards well, this is the tipping point for most Malaysians.
The 13 BN parties which met reached unanimous consensus that they oppose the Kelantan hudud bill and will reject if submitted to Parliament, and that the PM will announce this in the next couple of days. The long wait already started, and their public disillusionment with Putrajaya if it still plays footsie.

bruno,  23 March 2015 at 05:32  

Hudud video pokes fun at Islam,and the lady deserves a one year's jail term,says the IGP.People threatening the lady with rape and death deserves how many years?The IGP has lost his voice and balls or conveniently forget about those mongrels threatening the poor lady.

For this idiotic IGP,the sedition law is only for the gomen and hudud critics, opposition politicians and supporters.This idiot should go hide in the bushes and shiok sendiri himself.

Firestone 24 March 2015 at 02:47  

Bruno... notice how the top cop decides what is seditious and who should be charged and how long should the jail term be? Prosecutor, judge and executioner all in one... this guy is out of control....

bruno 24 March 2015 at 09:35  


I think that the present IGP is far worst than his predecessor,Musang.

Anonymous,  24 March 2015 at 21:51  

The Tiger is still in its mountain lair. No sign of it leaving it or is there some undetected movement since the suggestion of a new coalition by LKS.

Anonymous,  8 May 2015 at 23:27  

In my opinion, Najib will make it. He has the support of the majority UMNO leaders. If we notice, Mahathir also faced the most critical stage about 7 years he in the office. He managed to win with a very slim majority. After that, Mahathir is unchallengeable. The same situation Najib is facing now. If he managed to pass thru this stage (about this time), he will become more dominance and unchallengeable. There are only two ways Najib can be defeated, one via PRU14 while the other is internally via UMNO election. To win over 150, 000 members are not easy. Attacking from external will not cause much dent. If we compare the first six years of Mahathir and Najib, Najib score is better.

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