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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Is Malaysia turning into a wild wild west country?

Dato Zaid Ibrahim stated it rhetorically- the PM can do it. But doing IT requires a resolute and ruthless character- in a good way. Najib the dawdler isn’t going to accomplish it. Whatever the it means.He has shown to be lesser than Pak Lah in so many ways.
It was his slothfulness that allowed parties to continue insulting the religion of others. Nowadays it’s fashionable to vilify and insult Islam. The first that raised communal temperatures up many notches was the case of the infamous porn pair- Alvin and Vivian. The pair is affectionately hero-figured as alvivi?How insane.
The police should have arrested them early, have them brought before the court and sentence passed quickly. Speedy sentencing probably involving an extended jail sentence would have the deterrent effect- that was wanted. There must be laws that must be given their ordinary and common meaning – that it is wrong to insult the religion of others.
Instead the issue was allowed to drag on thus allowing people to rationalise about the issue. The point is- through the passage of time the severity of the issue becomes dulled. If the pair were dealt decisively, it’s possible that subsequent videos having  similar intent- whether called dark comedy or whatever will be avoided. Because then the makers of such dark comedy who did what they do just for the kick of it, will be dissuaded on pain of incarceration.
So, unless you are decisive and ruthless, you can do it. Otherwise forget it.
Let’s move on to another weightier issue. The state of our homeland security. Here is the perception which the Home Minister needs to look into. The public perceives the country as being governed by gangsters. We are ruled by a bunch of gangsters intent on looting the country’s coffers masquerading the pillage and plunder as development projects. They are in turn protected by gangsters in uniform- the police intent on protecting the interests of the powerful and the propertied ruling elite. Police go after petty crimes with vigour but pussyfoot when it comes to tackling the killings, armed robberies, car-jacking, the state of general lawlessness. Police do what the bandaraya people do- take down ah long’s pamphlets pasted on trees rather than going after the loan sharks, rather than going to the money launderers masked as legitimate businesses. How many million people suffer from foot ailments which require treatment at reflexology centres? I have seen proprietors of reflexology centres banking in cash up RM100k a day wondering how many million feet were treated in a day?And there are so many thousands of reflexology centres.
So how does the Home Minister plan to deal with this matter? It’s easy to subscribe to the argument that in order to eliminate the criminal activities that are taking place right now- robberies, shootings, gangsterism, we must bring back the Emergency Ordinance and the ISA.  The cave-man mentality in Zahid comes to the surface at last. We are presented with a home Minister incapable of rigorously applying existing laws which the AG says are sufficient to deal with the matters at hand.So he comes out with base ball bat.
So Zahid Hamidi and the Police Officers thinking the same way, cited the lack of legislation such as ISA and OA as excuses for the rise in crime. Why should be bring back ISA and OA if all this while we were told, that rising crime is only a perception? This means, on paper crime is rising but in actuality, no. hence the assassination of a former banker is only death on paper, the spate of armed robberies, inter-gang wars are only narratives by the newspapers but not reflection of the actual happenings.
We seem to be missing the point- criminal activities require the response of better policing and better policing require better quality policemen. I have had the honour of meeting up with many conscientious and duty conscious police personnel- ordinary men trained in their field of choice to enforce domestic peace. But public perception of Police leadership is another matter. Better quality police must start with ensuring the police leadership is exemplary and trustworthy.
We need to bring back the IPCMC not ISA or the EO. Instead we have the Home Affairs Minister saying the proposals set out in the IPCMC under the stewardship of a former CJ and having as its members eminently qualified people including a former much celebrated IGP as making proposals against the constitution. Surely these people have the wisdom and foresight to propose the agenda set out in the IPCMC in accordance to the Constitution?  


Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 10:51  

Agreed on religious insults ...but disappointed that u only the insult to Islam. It has to be across the board, YB!

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 14:39  


What can we expect when the IGP dedicates himself to the investigation on the roasted pig head and ketupat facebook issue. The non stop allegations of insulting one particular religion has gone on out of control that there isn't a single day or a single non event that is played up to become another sensational "insulting and hurting the feelings of a particular religion".

The Malaysian people do not realize that this is UMNO's strategy of confusing the Malaysian people and diverting attention away from UMNO's vile and evil practices. With the UMNO general assembly and party elections around the corner, it is a "free for all" amongst UMNO people trying to outdo each other as to who is more holier than the other and who is the greater champion of the Malays and the religion.

I am sure many right minded Malaysians of all ethnic groups and religion are fed-up with the daily sensationalism of "insulting and hurting the feelings" of certain religion and certain people. Such sensationalism was unheard of 40 years ago but thanks to the "Man who walks on water" with the inferiority complex, this country has gone down the sewage.

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 15:18  

Malaysia is becoming rowdier from safety to Malaysians being denied the rights to have jobs to sustain a decent living , whatmore which is beyond anywhere near the many investors and their families from developed contries.

Some Korean communities are donating good deeds by donating free food once a week to the poor Malaysian community. That is OK and good, but PLUS return the jobs to our Malaysians which have been denied by big korean construction contractors, their companies and their private homes as then only can our Malaysian poor earn to live on the other six days. They should pay Malaysians, cleaners, laborers at the average rate of minimum RM 80 to RM 150 daily which is insufficient for Koreans to have an average lunch / dinner for three at a Korean restaurant. A bowl of their maggie noodles cost RM 10 - RM 15 depending on the type of restaurants. Not considering bulgogi or their steak yet. Work from there, so it is blood sucking to pay Malaysians peanuts and importing cheap labor and it is not nice to give out handouts in polystyrene when they could do so much more in our tanahair. Blaming ordinary working class Malaysians as unskilled or demanding good wages ?

But Korean companies only serve their own vested interests, their politics their agendas, their increasing wealth to buy high end properties here, so they only employ the maximum of their own kind in Our Tanahair ? Do their executives want to be paid in RM, or are they not paid in USD or won and highend perks but they want to pay peanuts for our labor ? So they import cheap labor in Our Tanahair as they pay these imports peanuts because Koreans think other Asians are lesser. They know deep in their minds. They must have more respect towards Malaysians' blood, toil and sweat but great private friends to BN govt leaders.

Bring back the Japanese investors with past outstanding dual relationship and trackrecords of proportional contributions and maximum jobs and perks to our communities and ngos. Educated Malaysians are not inferior and do not speak manglish. The accent in us comes with the right audience. Do not do to us Malaysians what they do not want others do to them. But they need to ask themselves, do they and how little or how much but with reluctance.m

Next, are the IM ambulances used as intended by the donors ? How many are there and how are they maintained ? There is one left abondoned with flat tires for months by the roadside outside the
govt clinic in ampang for months. I drive through this road enroute to conduct checks on other work sites. Should it not be maintained with urgency so as the purpose of serving the people on a daily basis is uninterrupted or be re - donated to other deserving paramedic ngos.

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 16:37  

I feel quite uncomfortable that you are saying the 2 (alvivi) should be prosecuted.

dini,  14 August 2013 at 18:01  

Kudos Dato...about this country policing..thank you for putting my thoughts in your words..could not be better.Next the difficut it is, something serious should be in the pipeline And glad to hear DAP of all have taken the task of doing so.Shame on you ZH .

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 18:34  

The people see the country as lawless. The leaders are the biggest robbers and well protected. They can even murder and get away with it. They can ridicule other religions and get away with it. They win elections by cheating. You go to the courts for redress and you get to pay damages. Justice is dispensed to those in high places.
So the once law abiding citizens who have no jobs, no income go on a spree killing people to make some money and feed their families. They know the police are plain useless and cannot get them.
If the rulers are law abiding, the people too will be law abiding.

Ariff Sabri 14 August 2013 at 20:08  

anon 10:51.

i agree with you..that is why i wrote:-
There must be laws that must be given their ordinary and common meaning – that it is wrong to insult the religion of others.

i make no apologies for citing this particular case. the same treatment must be applied to the cow head case.
ditto if done to Buddhism, etc.

Ariff Sabri 14 August 2013 at 20:09  

anon 10:51.

i agree with you..that is why i wrote:-
There must be laws that must be given their ordinary and common meaning – that it is wrong to insult the religion of others.

i make no apologies for citing this particular case. the same treatment must be applied to the cow head case.
ditto if done to Buddhism, etc.

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 21:35  

So what.....pat their backs

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 21:39  

let s talk about your party YB / apa dah jadi ???

Anonymous,  14 August 2013 at 21:50  

It is a vicious cycle. What do you expect if the fish head is rotten. The system in the country tolerated and nurtured corruption. Robbing from Paul to pay Peter, calling it affirmative action while claiming to be hollier then thou. This is the end results. Sad truth!

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 04:29  

It is a pleasure reading your blog everyday. Keep it up!
- Someone from Le Pays Bas.

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 10:29  

" TO YOU YOURS, TO ME MINE " should be the way.
All roads leads to putrajaya, so does all religion lead to heavenly bliss. No such thing as which faith is good, better and best.
All are the same.
I read somewhere 'That we make no differences among us prophets'
Slowly but surely things are turning bad for malaysians just because most politicians got no more political capital but desire to be in power at any cost.
Will the good men of faith please stand up and be counted.

Vetri vel Vera vel !

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 12:36  

When the Minister said we have many crooks on the loose, meaning that the country need to employ more policemen instead of redeploy from the overstaffing areas

Employing more policemen means more postal voters likely for bee end and to likely to strengthen his political position and at the same time bring the country to higher debts level from bigger total salary, pension etc

Thanks bee end

bumi-non-malay 15 August 2013 at 12:56  

It is a Failed country.....No consistency in, meritrocracy, law and order, business, hanging, religion, punishment, tax..........etc

Lets hope the Occupy August 30....Dataran Merdeka and live telecast the Coup be shown like in Egypt on 31 August....60% lawan 40% minority UMNO-BN..government...

Change we MUST.....the UMNO is EVIL....

UMNO Expert in OSTRCISM!!....or as malay put it "sampai periuk mangkuk makan awak di KEBAS".....ini Zalim!!

30 August we OSTRICISE UMNO-BN and ALL their supporters... 60% > 40%...

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 13:06  

zaid ibrahim? for someone to give him time of day shows how desperate that person. so, the rest of the articles has no crebility.

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 14:05  

Najib got skeletons, Muhyiddin got skeletons, Zahid got skeletons, AG got skeletons, most ministers got skeletons, the top police leadership got skeletons, judges got skeletons....haiya how to solve the many ills that this country is facing when most of those in power are protecting each other?? The only way forward is to implement amnesty....close the old books and open a new book.

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 15:39  

Talk is cheap....NOW lu masuk la bertanding CEC DAP!

If not you are just all talk no action fella.....

Anonymous,  15 August 2013 at 22:34  

@ Anon15:39: Talk is even cheaper from people like you. Talk and substance inside Parliament is more important than a place in CEC for a new-comer like Dato Sak. So, wait for the sessions in Parliament, for the substance from a man who has articulated so well on so many issues.

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 00:26  

Anon 22:34 pls dont underestimate the Yb Dato. I think he can fend for himself as well as he can go for the nomination and perhaps win in CEC. Why do you want to put him on a leash?. It better we reign our emotion and think twice whenever people throw a challlenge at us before leaping to bark up like dogs

walla 16 August 2013 at 07:51  

Help me. I need a perspective on things.

It used to be we could call each other names. We could call each other names and laugh it all off because we just knew we didn't mean it and we knew the listener would always take it lightly because he or she knew we never meant it. Yes, we were all true blue jocular friends. We actually reveled in our differences, rather than try to nitpick on them.

We also ate together and played together without the slightest misgivings about what would be out of place in doing so. And we spoke whatever language we wanted however way we chose. And there was no chip on anyone's shoulders.

Where has all that gone?

Perhaps if we had remained along that trajectory, we wouldn't be today in this situation where there is so much divisiveness around where one community would look at another differently first and then try to rationalize back to the original yesteryear and this because the trust and camaraderie have been displaced by something else.

It therefore seems the politics of race and religion has become personalized.

Who to blame all this on, one wonders and wonders....

Let's put all that in a background for the moment. And look at the bald man instead.

No, neither of them. Those two are just lost souls like broken boats drifting past the solitary lighthouse in the middle of a star-less and hazy night.

Rather, the bald man was that brawny brown fella who's obviously not a local. Well past his fifties, he was trying to prise loose the rim of a wheel by just using a hammer and a chisel. Nothing out of the ordinary, one may say. But the wheel was as tall as him.

So that's how people make a living. What he makes he probably saves up because his needs are few, and then year end he goes back and uses his hard-earned savings to build his own house. Like the sparrow building its own nest, straw by straw, up at a corner of the ceiling.

He doesn't speak much, just plough away day after day, knowing full well there will come a time when he can no longer lift up that hammer and thus will need to phase himself out. His is a clock ticking away life.

By and large, that's probably what most people do and how they get by from one day to the next, eking a living to pay their sundries and overheads, and saving whatever might be left for rainier days to come. However dismally little and frustratingly dispiriting those savings would be.

So we have the first background of friends and then we leaven it with the second background of the bald man quietly working hard for a living.

One is social, the other economic.

What's the third background? Debt-servicing ratio? Once upon a time in living memory, one was already disquieted by it being sixty eight percent; now one understands it is something like two hundred and thirty five percent and growing.

Since i shall pretend it's not important, perhaps people like anon 15:39 can instead explain why it could be important as an underpinning rationale for why he would think someone not being in a central committee of his picking could make it less sinister.

Now for the fourth background. Faith is a strange thing. In essence, when one reduces everything, especially the norms and processes of showing and enhancing faith, it all boils down to one thing. He responds. That's what is magical. In the entire universe across all histories. Throughout time. No matter the circumstance. He responds.

And no, i am not talking about mono-theism alone. It can be anything and He can be in any form. But the Form we individually choose to deem is Him is the Substance which will respond. Of course the go-it-alone's will say that's a self-justifying myth. Try and see by trial and error. Because ultimately it all comes down to that.

walla 16 August 2013 at 07:52  


So we can now come to the MOHR guideline on minimum wage. (no, not morning sickness).

Where's the guideline on minimum leave? It cannot be one month. So workers have to work a number of days in that month. Even when it is a fasting month. Unfortunately for quite a number who actually move the economy, it's not work where one can doze off at a corner in aircond comfort during office hours. It's actually back-breaking and sweaty physical exertions burning all calories to saw a timber log or drive a smoke-belching excavator. For that matter, prise a rim from a wheel. Minimum wage or not, no work means no pay means no money for food et cetera next month, what more personal and public danger from attention loss.

Therefore the implementation implies bad luck if caught so the practice of faith becomes a cat-and-mouse game. Which means what? In actuality, it means the implementation is to safeguard the implementor more than the implemented who will feel just as bad about the whole thing as he would about trying to cut corners while trying to uphold it.


We need to bring back with a vengeance all the friendliness, compassion, kindness and understanding we had for one another.

These properties and values are as basic as Him to Whom we try in our own human ways to pay tribute. No matter what our individual circumstances, and these circumstances will surely change either upwards or downwards, what remains is just to do the right thing in as noble a way as one can muster without the politics-wrought cynicism that erodes what we had before.

Since the backgrounds already take up the entire comment box, thus the call for help.

What do you think?

Lastly, the security issue. It's actually all about TNB and EPU.

Lest you start to think it's really morning sickness, let me try to explain.

TNB and EPU once underestimated the magnitude of demand, TNB until the national blackout and EPU until the overflow of applicants. So too the PDRM issue. But here it's not really undercapacitation. They have too many personnel. It's about underutilization. Only thirty percent are in the field. What the other seventy percent are doing beats anyone (that's not hentam everyone, by the way, just a figure of speech).

Go ahead, ask in Parliament what exactly are those seventy percent doing every day.

It was a swing. They first exercised the grand idea of self-policing. So that communities were supposed to self-police, maybe using the rukun tetangga. When that didn't work and crime spiraled, they swung to the other side of over-providing. They blew all budgets. Starting with one rm400 million purchase of radio equipment when it would have cost only a quarter of that. But in doing so, they omitted to improve the leadership as well. So today you have a pdrm which is a big pyramid with a soft head.

Like TNB then and EPU still now, softened by politics. Like the ROS as well.

I don't think the bald man takes pharmaton.

the end.

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 11:29  

aon 22:34,

very funny hahahaha...sak is chicken,,,,,hahahaha

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 13:29  

Sudah lah Sak, you talk and talk and condemn others and yet your beloved DAPigs is a fraud party.

DAPigs has cheated their members in the CEC elections though and through and now still afraid to do a new election. The Tokong family has been running DAPigs like their own father and mother party.

Shame on you and your comrades!! What a hogwash you guys are. You guys are worst than UMNO. Cheaters and liars!!

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 15:14  

Anon 22:34,

Anyone can articulate on anything ok. So, talking and talking in blogs is not the same as performing as a YB. There are many Tom, Dick and Harry that can talk and talk like the MP for Raub. Its not rocket science.

But to put his money where is mouth is another story. There is nothing new in what he is saying and the way he is saying it. Its all bullshit if he cannot back it up in some actions. So far it is all crap and bullshit.

To prove his worth, try to be voted as CEC members first la. If simple task like that he cannot even carry, well he is another worthless politician.

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 18:52  

Y.Berkhidmat Sak, agreed across the board. There are representatives of races and faiths haters worldwide and in the Asian social media camouflaged with multiple identities, they first create the agitation, provocation and wayang sendiri. UMNO leaders pro Perkasa, sponsors of Perkasa and the likes are in the said group to propagate insults ? The two idiots may not even respect their parents' beliefs in the first place.

People who truly understand faith will practice it as a lifestyle by showing self - restraint, respect to others' faith, conduct their faith in positive ways benefitting the neighbors that include Muslims towards fellow Malaysians. There is no double standards in the true peaceful teaching of Islam.

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 20:56  

these people talking about contesting DAP CEC- if you dont know the DAP constitution dont show you are a smart alec. when theDAP elections were first held, people like Dato Arif and at that time, ASpan were not even members for at least a year. so they cant contest.
now the CEC elections are going to be done once again- let those who contested then do it again.
the next time, its entirely up to dato arif to contest.
its no big deal for him to contest. the Malay shriekers ask Malays not to join DAP but when Malays failed to get into the CEC they go bezerk. if they want to see more Malays in the CEC, then encourage more Malays to join DAP. DAP does not ask the Malays to stop talking about Malay issues? are the UMNO Malays brave enough to talk of corruption among Malay leaders, or talk about the 10.8 million Malays earning RM1500 per month?
let the Malays in DAP like Dato Ariff talk about these things which the UMNO Malays have no guts to talk openly.

Anonymous,  16 August 2013 at 22:07  

Anon 00:26 & Anon 15:14 : I have followed Dato Sak long enough to know he can't be put on a leash and that 'he can fend for himself...'.

I think you have missed the point I was trying to make which Walla has put it so eloquently, Pt 1/2, infra: "...perhaps people like anon 15:39 can instead explain why it could be important as an underpinning rationale for why he would think someone not being in a central committee of his picking could make it less sinister.".....

If anon 20:56 is right about who is qualified to contest for a place in the CEC, then, as I have said, Dato Sak's should be judged by what he says in Parliament not whether is a CEC member.

Rama Wijaya,  17 August 2013 at 00:21  

Hehehe! Looks like the UMNO Trolls are aboard, doing their worst to irritate and annoy. Heard these trolls come cheap. Paid by second and third tier wannabes balls-carriers in UMNO, these trolls are RM20/= a day. My office cleaner gets more than that. Hahaha!

Anonymous,  17 August 2013 at 01:27  

anon 20:56,

takut ka? biarlah your machai Sak bertanding and become a pariah in chinese dominated CEC. Put his money where his mouth is la.....jangan takuttttttt!!!

Anonymous,  17 August 2013 at 01:38  

We will see how good DAP is when they choose the MP from Raub to be CEC member and we will see that he will fight to his last breadth for the malays as what his comrades says. Long live the Lim family!!! Heil Tokong!!!

Anonymous,  17 August 2013 at 10:54  


Here is a perspective on thing since you need one or two.

You follow so far?


First perspective when you hentam everyone and calling it not hentam everyone and claiming it as a mere figure of speech that is pretencious and just an act of preaching and not practising it. Try reading back what you wrote...

Are you with me so far?


Second perspective is when you wrote faith is a srange thing and man responding to the religious overtures be it to protect its norm and process is magical eventhough you claim it happen throughout centuries just belies you sincerity perhaps understanding of both the religion and social background that you try to impose here beside the economic and security background.



Need Pharmaton..

Anonymous,  17 August 2013 at 11:10  

Anon 20.56 just because people who dont know the DAP constitution CEC asked for YB Dato to consider running receive a scathing remark as smart alex? Dont be too arrogant to the point we cant even ask when we dont know. If commenting about DAP sound so injurious to you, what make people like you and other DAP cultist followers think the people are thinking when you keep blasting UMNO for all the ills. Double standard eh..' Do not do unto others...

walla 17 August 2013 at 16:05  

anon 10:54,

if i had IMPOSED anything, would you have been able to write your rant?

if you cannot take a rationale argument but instead twist to call it a block hentam, what can one conclude about your state of mind, if you have one, that is. You mean, people must write to soothe or agree with you?

Not pharmaton. Listerine, to clear that bau susu of yours.

Kapiche, now?

Try harder, man. This is the second time you screwed up your own thought process. Surely you would have known by now? No?

Sam Yap,  17 August 2013 at 18:35  

Dear Sak AK47,

A rumour making its rounds seem to be plausible: the states with high crime rates and highest number of shootings / bombs are the PR held states.

It seems this spate of crime is simply "allowed" to occur in these states, to "punish" the residents for picking PR.

idrisfaizal 18 August 2013 at 03:02  

Salam Dato...
If you are elected into the CEC..can you lobby to amend UMNO constitutions to at least make it the name of democracy,transperacy,integrity and in the best interests of the Malaysian people..for all our elected representatives to declare their assets to the should be the tasks of UMNO's representative or cytroops(AKA 350millsquad's)barking and trolling here.
Well we all know..if u are in UMNO MT' have to be or pretend to be more stupid or less bright then the Naib Presiden's..then your chances to be future Naib Presiden(depends too on how many brighter or smarter potential did you chop) after that guy retires(finally...enough to last for few generations) or forcefully recommended to resign(compensated by giving diplomatic post) are bright.
In order to cure Malaysia's illness..we have to diagnose accordingly all her symptoms which indicates what disease she has contracted..and it takes no expert to conclude that UMNO is the main germ that contributes to almost all Malaysia's sickness....talking about other thing is irrelevent

Anonymous,  18 August 2013 at 22:50  

What has you impose has any relation to another to automatically submit to your wishes.? You dont make sense Walla.

No? Yes?

You asked for help and perspective in ypur comment, and you were given several perspective, and the anon ended being reprimanded by you, WOW

Anyway kapische is really capiche and luckily you didnt wrote kobis


next time, just comment KISS so you wont end up with the habit of never read what you have are contradicting yourself in your writing...sigh

Comprende? Yes? No?

walla 19 August 2013 at 05:32  

anon 22:50,

you're just flamebaiting.

games up.

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