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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Najib is the most sinicized Malay of the century.

It is clear now that the Malays who joined DAP have not compromised their Malayness nor their religion. The UMNO people do, in their desperate attempts to get Chinese votes.
DAP does not force any Malay who shares their aims to convert. It only asks without asking, anyone who joins DAP to share the objectives of the party. DAP is not owned by the Chinese, it’s merely a party dominated by Chinese. It’s as Chinese as MCA or Gerakan but differs from these two running dogs in that it fights for the interests of the broad masses rather than the interests of the wealthy and propertied class.
The one, who prostitutes himself in doing anything, is Najib. He has been there and done that in order to secure votes from the Chinese community- 90% of whom have made up their minds to reject corrupt UMNO. Now, stupid Najib thinks he was smart. Playing the role of MC, Najib asked attendees at the concert graced by the Korean sensation, Psy are they ready for BN? They answered NO.  That must have shocked him to the bones. When a person repeats the question when he has got an unwanted answer the first time, he must be stupid. Ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.
Now the nonya from MCA said that everyone wants fun and wants to be happy. The Malays like concerts, they want to be happy. The opposition is jealous, we can get Psy to come and entertain people. I myself feel like dancing with psy. Of course nyonya- you can play horsey with Psy. Don’t let us; the opposition stop you from having fun. Here is a puzzling question- Psy is Korean and he a Korean is asked to entertain Chinese. They may share the same physical features, but Koreans and Chinese are culturally different. Najib and his minders can’t even differentiate that.
Psy was paid RM2 million for a 4 minute show. Is that payment for him alone or payment excluding the girls dancing with Psy? I didn’t see Nyonya Yen Yen horsing around? And now, there are reports that Psy was flown in using the Malaysian equivalent of Air Force One. I hope the UMNO cyber-stompers are not as stupid as Najib is to know what Air Force One is. Using a property owned by the Malaysian government and bought with taxpayers’ money is indefensible. But this isn’t the first time- Rosmah has used the same plane to transport Shahrukh Khan who was then filming in Switzerland into Malaysia so that she can do a duet with Shahrukh, I must have him babe!.
Now here is an object lesson for the thickys in UMNO and BN must learn. You give money, you give concerts, and people will come but will not compromise their rights to choose which government they want. You give out money to the Malays thinking they are dullards; they will take the money, but will not necessarily vote for you. Because they know, you are just recycling the money that is theirs in the first place. The money isn’t UMNO or BN but the money obtained from a myriad of taxes paid by the people.  And they also know, you give out RM500, you wallop billions from the country.
What will Najib do? What will the mainstream media do and what will UMNO cyber-stompers do?  They will write what 3rd graders(MCE) do- para after para of expletives and FUs here and there. They will spin how our glorious PM has been humiliated and foretell what will happen when Chinese dominate Malaysian politics. They will say that it’s not right for someone so nice to be humiliated.
This, my friends, isn’t an issue of non-Malays humiliating a Malay leader. The issue is people are rejecting UMNO and its leader happens to be Malay. It’s a simple proposition. The people are so fed up at seeing the PM and BN leaders dishing out BR1M and whispering- sir, this is Najib’s money. The money isn’t Najib’s or his father’s nor UMNO or BN. its taxpayer’s money.
90% of the recipients are Malays confirming that after 55 years of UMNO rule, 22 of those under UMNO’s current spiritual adviser, Tun Mahathir Mohamed, UMNO has actually impoverished the Malays. After 55 years, 8.7 million Malays earned less that RM1500 per month. That is why 90% of the RM500 recipients are Malays courtesy of UMNO turning the Malays into the Sad Class. It’s no longer the proletariat or lumpen-proletariat- Malays are members of the Sad Class. We are saddened at what UMNO has turned the Malays into.
What happened in Penang should be evidently clear to Najib. People have rejected UMNO and BN. the majority of the Malays has done so since 2008. 3.7 million of the 5.7 million Malay voters did not choose UMNO. 
So whose voice does UMNO represent? UMNO represents the voice of the alarmed select few who have amassed ill-gotten gains. UMNO speaks for the propertied and moneyed class increasingly alarmed at the undercurrent that’s building up that will surely sweep most of them into the gates of Bamboo River Resort.  So now, if the UMNO leaders have any common sense left in their being, they will be better off planning how to run away from the country.
In the 1960s, when the then Education Minister, Khir Johari and his wife Hajjah Tom wore traditional Chinese costumes and placed the image on new year wishing cards, he was condemned as a running dog for the Chinese. Today, Najib has gone to the extent of beating Chinese drums, he and his wife wore traditional Chinese costumes more suited for octogenarians and those who are placed in the coffins to wish Malaysian Chinese, a glorious new year. And the UMNO Malays hailed Najib as a far sighted and a man of peace.
Alas, his readiness to prostitute himself is exceeded only by the farce by which he goes about accomplishing his insidious objectives. Wasn’t he the man, who unleashed a keris at stadium TPCA in Kampung Baru and declared that this keris will bathe in Chinese blood?


Anonymous,  13 February 2013 at 19:28  

Somebody posted a clip showing the crowed vociferously saying YES to the "are you ready for BN?" question.

I'm confused. Did the Penangites say 'yes' or did they say 'no'?

Red Alfa 13 February 2013 at 20:16  

Anon 19:28

As Rais Yatim's probably had ordered - everyone must only see the one video version as approved by his Ministry.

Just like he had said BERSIH 3 was participated by only a few thousand instead of tens of thousand based on the photograph as was certified the true version by his Ministry.

So there is this video circulated having people yelling yes.

And so people like you now will see and swear by this official video version.

kamalampang,  13 February 2013 at 20:43  

Does it matter if they say yes or no? The fact remains that the Penang rakyat has already rejected BN a long time ago. Btw, dont you hear majority of the crowd said no to BN. Its only the hardcore BN jacks will deny this fact. They will hear and can only hear what they WANT to hear. I hope they remain that way until kingdom come or the final riddance of Umno/Bn come this 13th GE.

Anonymous,  13 February 2013 at 21:27  


yes....Rosmah looks like a dead corpse dressed in that red pyjamas.

her face was frighteningly white with thick make-up that melts under the scorching, yes...she looks like a dead corpse ......scary.....

Anonymous,  13 February 2013 at 21:28  

Ada video ADUN Pulau Manis mengamuk maki hamun mahasiswa yang masuk bahagian Pekan untuk edar risalah. Angkuh dan sombong betul. Walaupun dah tua tapi masih buta dan jahil.

Pok Li,  13 February 2013 at 22:12  

Najib had earlier on said that there's nothing political about bringing in Psy, its purely entertainment. Then on the day he shouted "are you ready for BN?". That is how stupid Najib was in trying to fool the people.

bruno,  13 February 2013 at 22:21  

Dato,for 2 million ringgit Najib and his Umno/BN would have been able to slaughter a herd of lembus and kambings,for the rakyat to have a grand kenduri.And they would have walked away after having a sumptous meal saying thank you and shaking Najib's hands.

Two million ringgit for 30-40 thousand people to show up and say 'no' is a real insult.What a waste of the tax payers hard earned money.

Sam Yap,  13 February 2013 at 22:24  

The moment Najib asked if the crowd was ready for BN rule, the PM had inadvertently opened his bum wide, the crowd saw the ugly sight, and all they did was to hit it hard with a 9 iron and scored a hole-in-one!!!

patrick,  13 February 2013 at 22:32  

Well,Najib got PSY all right!Ask any Hokkien-dialect speaking Chinese and he'll tell you Najib did in fact get what he deserved for his CNY effort!Hahaha!So much for trying to politicise everything and anything!

Anonymous,  13 February 2013 at 23:21  

It is clear as day that the 'yes' video was post production effort. Cameras zooming from the sky plus a desperate 'one shot' clip of one chap saying 'yes'. The 'no' videos were mobile phone clips, unedited. you decide....

Anonymous,  14 February 2013 at 00:36  

thing is, politics is all about perception. if you feel the audience said yes, and yes it is. if its no then no it is. but of all, why do the mainstream media so desperate to show that the penangites say yes? again, back to perception. anyway, its the chit vote that matters.

but there is one thing that u cant lie, when u see with your own eyes, does the penang umno KP (youth chief) looks like malay to u? hahaha.

Anonymous,  14 February 2013 at 07:38  

Salam Datuk.

First time in history ...amat memalukan bila saya tonton video di mana VVIP negara dapat layan tidak mengikut protokol....
Saya bekas tentera dan seorang professional..pada saya adalah AMAT MEMALUKAN!!!.
Saya tak salahkan PSY ..malah hormat dia kerana tidak masuk campur urusan politik.
Datuk. Saya harap Datuk dapat terjemah kepada BM untuk bacaan semua.

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