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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 22 February 2013

55 Years experience of Living under UMNO Tyranny is the only qualification we need to oust UMNO!

Mahathir said PR will not make for a good government, because it is not qualified. Just what kind of qualification does anyone need to run a government the way UMNO does? a puny brain that isnt used much? I say this once again. If Najib can become PM, anyone else can.
It looks like Dr Mahathir will be lying till the day he goes to the grave. When he says the video clip that showed the crowd responding with a No when Najib asked the stupid question thrice is a fake- that confirms Mahathir is a natural when it comes to lying. He does it poker face.
The final arbiter of what is right or wrong is Mahathir. The video showing VK Linggam repeating correct, correct, correct, must be a fake because Mahathir can’t remember any part of the episode. Because its not registered in his brain, it must be by definition, a fake. It is not true then Linggam has a hand in persuading chief justices in promoting and demoting judges. 

But then, here is a poser. It follows therefore, if the first video clip where more people said no was a fake, a second video clip fabricated by UMNO owned media establishments, in response to a fake video, must also be a fake. Do two fakes make a genuine article? Only God and Mahathir know.
Since everything UMNO does must now be sanctioned, screened and sanitized by Mahathir, Dr Mahathir now serves as UMNO’s spiritual adviser. Mahathir’s primary function is to serve as chief spin doctor for UMNO nowadays.While Nik Aziz functions to set his party on the straight and narrow, Mahathir serves to place UMNO on the road to perdition.
He advises Deepak to seek justice through our judicial system only to encourage Deepak to write an open letter. The letter sets out in detail the money trail that leads to the number one. Here is a trader accusing the PM and his family of corruption. The PM does not respond in anyway. So how do we wage against corruption when the money has gone up to number one? That was the question posed by Daim 2 years ago.
In Singapore the whole weight of the legal complex will come crushing down on Deepak if he were to do what he did here over there in Singapore. By staying silent, Najib thinks that is an honourable stance. It only serves to reinforce people’s assumption of guilt on the part of Najib.  Because this is no ordinary accusation. The accusations clearly imply Najib is a corrupt person. His honour has been stained and dirtied in public.
Why does Mahathir come out in support for Najib? His motives can only originate from a reservoir of fear and dread. Mahathir does what he does because it’s a matter of self-preservation. Mahathir’s survival instincts have overtaken all sense of rationality. Mahathir fears for himself and more so for the future of his children who got rich not entirely through merits. We shall show later, Mahathir’s children and those of other UMNO leaders got rich precisely because of the inherently wrong policies which Mahathir and UMNO implement. The policies of which our accumulated experience spontaneously reject. 
What qualification do we need to oust and replace UMNO? For now, our accumulated experience of living under 55 years of UMNO rule is sufficient to qualify us to take over UMNO and BN. the rest are just technical,  easily learnt and applied.
Deepak’s rejection of our judicial system represents our collective revolt against a judiciary made wimpy by Mahathir himself.  So Mahathir is the last person on earth to advise people to seek redress from an emasculated judiciary. Why should Deepak place his trust on a rotten system where judges get elevated by a drunkard lawyer doing the bidding of a former bank clerk turned into billionaire? The same billionaire was created by Mahathir. In any case, why should anyone listen to someone who advises people to be friends with the devil they know than angels they don’t. Would any parents advise their children to be friends with bad hats?
When Mahathir stated that he didn’t think Pakatan can rule as he does not think they have the experience- just what kind of experience does he mean? Certainly PR has not got the experience of plundering and pillaging the country’s coffers.
Indeed our accumulated experience formed as a result of UMNO’s misrule over 55 years has sharpened our revulsion to any kind of tyranny. Our accumulated experience is the only qualification  we need to overthrow UMNO by democratic means. We, the people must now speak out!


monsterball 22 February 2013 at 09:04  

Mahathit... Umno b "spiritual leader"????
My goodness...a confirmed liar...a double headed snake...a corrupted EX PM ....has become so truthful??
This clearly shows Najib is good for nothing..and Umno b needs the old snake to guide them.
Signs of desperation so clear...that Umno b must win 13th GE at all cost.
After 55 years....why is Umno b so desperate??
Why does Najib keep on delaying 13th GE??
And their out-dated race and religion dirty politics is back in full swing.

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 10:11  

Hahahah..this came from a guy who used to be a crony...

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 10:13  

yeah we the people speaks out!! We definitely do not want Pakatan way

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 10:50  


Day in day out your articles seem to talk about same thing. Hate Mahathir hate Najib hate UMNO. It has become like a broken record. I know you are from opposition but please la dont insult our intelligence by spinning the same yarn everyday. It is becoming too boring and will make people hate PR.

bruno,  22 February 2013 at 10:54  

Dato,in two months time there wil be a new GOM,for the corrupted Umno/BN will be swept out of Putrajaya into Kamunting.Then we can start grading the new gomen.Nobody,even the family dog can do worse that the present regime.

But in case we do have new sleepy heads,we can always made changes.For the people can always chase them out,as they do to the Umno/BN.If the rakyat lack the balls to make changes,then they will always have the Umnoputras as their masters,throwing them crumbs when they felt like doing.Like a couple of hundred ringgit every couple of years.

Pok Li,  22 February 2013 at 11:47  

Its a pity to see that many Malays including educated ones are still convinced that UMNO and only UMNO can govern the county and protect their interest. To them, all exposures of the leaders' wrongdoings are merely political game play by the opposition. They are also convinced that opposition leaders will be similarly corrupted if they come to power. Hence the belief of "better the devil you know...".

Such is the Malays and Malaysia for you.

Donplaypuks® 22 February 2013 at 12:35  

The unelected Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib, and his wife have openly been accused of involvement in murder (not for the 1st time), corruption and abuse of power by another M'sian citizen.

And the response from the IGP and MACC? Incredulous silence! Can this happen in any other civilized country?

Now we know those conspiring to fix GE 2013. They should all be sacked NOW by the King!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Pok Li,  22 February 2013 at 12:53  

What else can Najib do about the accusations of his corruptions & crimes beside keeping silent? Anything comes out of his mouth will either show that he is lying or make the situation worse. He can only dig new holes to cover existing holes.

the mean machine,  22 February 2013 at 13:11  

CSL has finally said it.OTK's federal seat of Pandan will finally fall into the hands of PR this GE,as CSL has barred OTK from defending his parliamentary seat,under a BN ticket.

Pok Li,  22 February 2013 at 13:14  

Mahathir started off well as Prime Minister during his first couple of years in office. His bersih, cekap & amanah and no nonsense with civil servants were doing good. However, he got derailed when challenged by TR for the UMNO presidency in 1987. In his effort to retain power he did everything against legal and moral norms. Sacking the Lord President and some top judges was one. Then came the plundering of the coutry's coffer through cronyism and nepotism. The height was his sacking of Anwar in 1998 using dubious accusations.

My analogy of a person like Mahathir is simple. One can be a good and piuos person all his life but if one day he takes out a gun and kill someone, he is a murderer. And we know what's the punishment for a murderer morally or religiously speaking, be it in this world or the day after.

OneMalaysian,  22 February 2013 at 13:48  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Just what kind of qualification does anyone need to run a government the way UMNO does? A puny brain that isn’t used much?”

Really it isn’t about brainpower. What is needed are people with no morals and scruples, who are prepared to get rich by corrupt means by enslaving their race in ignorance and poverty so they never have the cognitive ability to question their morality and discover their thieving ways. Give them RM500 every five years and in the interregnum between elections collude with cronies to steal and plunder. That’s the UMNO game: divide the races, tell the Malays to trust them to defend their rights, religion and status against the Chinese, and tell the Chinese not to trust the Malays in PAS.

Does this need brain power?

The Malays must wake up from the stupor induced by 3 decades of systematic lies spread by people like Mahathir, the undisputed champion of half-truths and outright lies. In January 2010, Mahathir said in a convention that it was not terrorists flying hijacked planes that brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11. The US government had staged the whole thing as an excuse to attack Muslim countries. If the Americans could make Avatar (the film) they could make videos that give the impression that planes had flown into the towers. He later backtracked saying that, yes, the Towers did burn down but it was the result of controlled blasting, but not downed by hijacked planes. Such is the capacity of the spiritual leader of UMNO to distort indisputable facts. Just imagine how much more he could distort “truths” that were not captured by live video?

The Malays must wake up to the evil of this man. The non-Malay Malaysians have.

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 13:58  

Mahathir is the most desperate man in the country today.
He cannot imagine himself sitting in a cement cell wearing some striped pyjamas.
I hope that day comes.

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 15:17  

Sak you hit the nail right on the spot
.Mamakutir is more worried because when Pakatan makes it to Putrajaya his children's benefits will be gone forever.More so all the illgotten wealth will have to accounted for

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 15:24  


Nak katakan Che Det ni bodoh, tak juga bodoh. Lulusan doktor pulak tu, lebih-lebih lagi graduan sebelum negara ini merdeka. Lebih lagi pada masa itu, orang kampung dari kalau dari utara nak ke Kolumpo macam sekarang ini nak keluar negeri. Ada yang keluar pun semata di hantar kerajaan ke universiti di luar negeri atau pergi haji. Bukan semua rakyat mampu.

Semua pimpinan UMNO Baru BN ini, bukannya bodoh, tapi tidak tahan dengan "Nafsu serakah", "tamak haloba" dengan dunia.

Itu sebablah apa tutur kata, tindak tanduk mereka sangat ganjil dan melanggar pemahaman dan aspirasi RAKYAT yang sebenarnya.

Contoh :

1. Kata negara paling demokrasi dalam dunia, tapi TV dan Mass Media berat sebelah.

2. Kata politik pembangunan, tapi jurang antara pemimpin dan rakyat semakin jauh.

3. Kata, jangan buat huru hara dan provokasi. Tapi yang buat dan mulakan itu pihak UMNO BN dan pihak penguasa yang sepatutnya layan dan jaga rakyat.

Contoh di atas menunjukkan kerajaan UMNO akhir-akhir ini sudah gagal menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka secara adil dan saksama.

Apa-apa di dalam dunia semua bermula dari kosong. Mana ada budak masuk universiti selepas keluar dari perut ibu. Apakah UMNO ini rasa mereka sudah memerintah semenjak zaman Hang Tuah atau semenjak zaman dinosaur?

Apakah CEO sesuatu syarikat itu, boleh perintah syarikat selama-lamanya. Apa mereka pandang serong atau pandang rendah kepada graduan muda untuk ambil alih pentadbiran syarikat?

Apakah graduan muda seluruh negara tidak layak ambil alih urusan negara pada masa depan?

Selalunya, kita anggap orang lama banyak pengalaman dan kita suka dengar tutur kata mereka kerana banyak makna yang baik untuk yang baru.

Negara USA yang lahir sebagai sebuah negara demokrasi bermula dengan perang Utara-Selatan, Civil War, hidup serba susah. Itu sekitar 200 tahun dahulu. Sekarang mereka sudah betul matang.

Tapi UMNO lahir 50 tahun dahulu pada abad yang sudah ada kapal-terbang, bukannya semakin matang, tapi semakin jauh ke belakang, bahkan menuju ke arah pemerintahan ala Firaun, ala Barbarian.

Sebab itulah Malaysia jauh ketinggalan di belakang Korea Selatan. Jauh nilai mata wang di belakang Singapura dan Brunei. Jauh universiti kita di belakang Singapore National University.

Bukan kita nak puji sangat yang di luar itu, tapi pimpinan UMNO sendiri yang buat Malaysia ini macam Ghana tahun 50an.

Ariff Sabri 22 February 2013 at 15:26  

anon at 10:50

you r a sanctimonious bastard arent you. day in day out 24/7, 365 days, all UMNO does through its owned media machine- they bash the opposition ad nauseaum. the news portion on tv3 with watching is the last 15 minutes. for 45 minutes nothing but filth and venom. that is ok by your standard of measure?

Pok Li,  22 February 2013 at 15:50  

Haha.. Right on the spot. That's the kind of Malays/Malaysians including some "educated" ones I referred to earlier on. Puny brains they are.

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 16:10  

Semalam BN adakan ceramah di Bukit Indah. Penceramahnya tak pernah saya dengar namanya. Kononnya bekas tahanan ISA dulu. Saya pergi pun kerana ingin lihat berapa ramaikah yang hadir. Bila di sana saya kira barisan kerusi yg ada. Sepuluh semuanya. Setiap barisan ada 10 kerusi. Jadi jumlahnya 100 orang yg duduk dan kira kira 20 hingga 30 orang yang berdiri. Itu pun termasuk penyokong dan pendokong dari parti pemerintah Selangor. Yg duduk hampir semuanya orang perempuan. Rupa rupanya mereka sedang menunggu 'hadiah' yg disediakan. Kesian beul BN
Saya berada di sana selama agak agak 15 minit. Yang saya dengar tentang salah laku pemimpin PR SEMUANYA pernah dilakukan oleh pemimpin BN dan lebih teruk lagi. Satu dpdnya ialah tuduhan menghina Sultan oleh seorang lelaki Cina di P Pinang. Tapi difikirkan balik bukankah perkara ini pernah berlaku di Tgganu dulu dengan kain rentang yang memanggil keluarga di raja 'natang'

Anonymous,  22 February 2013 at 18:35  




Sumpitan Emas,  23 February 2013 at 16:41  

Dato', spot on re anon at 10:50.

When pilferage, outright stealing, injustice and corruption are committed every day by crooks, known and unknown, all bastards need to be reminded every day with slight variations so that crooks which they are trying to suck up to for some morsels go to bed knowing that events are catching up fast on all of them

Has this sanctimonious fool (with doubtful blood line) forgotten the Insas Bhd v Ayer Molek Rubber Co Bhd case? - the same ‘koret, koret, koret’ V.K. Lingam represented Ayer Molek.

Has he also forgotten the Adorna Properties v Boon som Boonyanit case? There is no need for me to mention the name of the judge responsible in this infamous miscarriage of justice.

These two cases forced all law-abiding citizens to begin to question justice as practised and dispensed in Malaysia.

Any bastard who thinks that Najib and Mahathir are above criticisms should remember the injustice done to the following real, Tuan Melayus , which anyone including a non-Malay like me would gladly have by the thousands:

a) Tun Salleh who was sacked in 1998 by Mahathir; b) Justice Syed Ahmad Idid - who had to resign in 1996 after he wrote an anonymous letter accusing several judges of corruption;
c)the persecution/prosecution of lawyer Rosli Dahlan, Dato Mat Zain bin Ibrahim - Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah;
d) the prosecution of Brig. Gen (B) Datuk Mohamad Yasin Yahya ex- Sabah Brigade Chief, and subsequently acquitted.

The above is just a short list, but anon at 10:50 would do well to read what I posted earlier in response to this Blog dated SUNDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2013:
"empat-empat bekas pegawai tertinggi tentera akan menjelajah seluruh negara untuk membongkar kemungkaran pentadbiran Umno BN..

Mereka ialah Lt. Jeneral (B) Datuk Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid (Darat), Brig. Jeneral (B) Datuk Abdul Hadi Al-Khatab (Udara), Laksamana Pertama (B) Haji Imran Abd Hamid (Laut) dan Brig. Jeneral (B) Datuk Najmi Ahmad (Kagat)."

That was was copied from Harakah 18 Feb 2013.

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