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Friday 20 November 2009

MCA: The Hindi Movie Effect

UMNO leaders mustn't watch too many Hindi movies. Watchers of these movies are easily moved by the dramatization by actors and are also agitated one way or another by theatrics. In short, Hindi movies have incredible persuasive powers to overwhelm our rational faculties. We cry and laugh with them. The movies are capable of subverting our rational faculties.

That Hindi movie effect on the mind is not suitable when it comes to handling a complicated matter such as the mess in MCA politics at the moment. A different mental skill set is required which demands solid rational approach.

Unfortunately, the minds of UMNO leaders appear to be taken over by the Hindi movie effect. These were reflected in the reactions of UMNO leaders when several MCA leaders, no doubt encouraged on by the MCA Health Minister to put up with some theatrics. One would be forgiven for thinking that Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun are consummate Hindi movie actors.

That's the effect they seem to have over the UMNO psyche. Tan Sri Muhyidin who is far away in Rome, was moved to say- MCA can't have unity on account of what has happened to the MCA youth and wanita leaders and particularly what has happened to Liow.

UMNO's greater interest is to see the operation and success of MCA's GUP. UMNO's interest does not lie in looking out for Liow or the MCA cry babies.

What the MCA president has done in restructuring the presidential council (as I understand it, his kitchen party cabinet) is odd, but not wrong. It's provided for by the MCA party constitution. Now who are we UMNO to say about whether the MCA constitution is right or otherwise? The MCA people adopted and accepted their constitution and that just doesn't allow UMNO to put its weight on MCA.

I say, let the whole MCA matter runs its natural course. Allow the MCA leadership to sort out their problem their way. If Ong Tee Keat thinks and his fellow top leaders accept that what he's doing furthers the cause of GUP, allow the water to rise up to its own level. We must remember, the original protagonist and antagonist in the current MCA politics, Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek have adopted the GUP. UMNO's interest is to see the plan agreed to by these two succeeds. Its interest does not lie by being seen as prolonging the mess by coming to the rescue of Liow and his fellow cry babies.

The 2 MCA wing leaders are not out of the CC but out of the Presidential Council. The structure of the Presidential Council is under the absolute discretion of the MCA president. If he is saddled with recalcitrants who continually and habitually show defiance by not cooperating, or even absenting themselves from the P council, it would be stupid for Ong Tee Keat not to replace them with people who are more positive towards the GUP. I say, it's odd, but not wrong for OTK to do what he has done.

MCA's Article 46 of the Party Constitution reads:

"There shall be established from amongst the members of the Central Committee a Presidential Council which shall consist of the President, the Deputy resident, one or more Vice Presidents, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer General, the National organising Secretary, and not more than ten (10) other members appointed by the President in his absolute discretion, who likewise may terminate such appointment if and when he thinks fit."


d'enricher 20 November 2009 at 08:02  

Dear Dato,

I agree with you on this matter. Most of all, if you take the matter straight up, you can see that OTK and CSL are taking steps to make MCA work through the GUP.

So why all the fuss???

I'll say LTL and the "cry babies" as you put it, realised that their hope of taking over with the help of "someone" seems far fetch. It was so close, when LTL was appointed Deputy President. The resignation of OTK should have close the matter.

The question is, who is that someone???

It seems to me, somehow, OTK act on PKFZ has spooked "someone" and the result is "get OTK out"

Yes, actually, why is all this people against the GUP, when in the beginning it is 50-50, which was the outcome of the EGM !!!

If OTK and CSL works together, who actually looses?

The "OPPORTUNIST" and their supporter (so who are they???)

de minimis 20 November 2009 at 08:39  

Hear! Hear! It's a storm that has to run its natural course. Any attempt to hasten the end of the dispute will not earn the intervener any brownie points.

walla 20 November 2009 at 11:06  

Before the votes were cast in the first EGM on the matter of no confidence against OTK, people had already talked about the result. It was to be a coup de'tat. How that could have been engineered no longer leaves anything to imagination in this country.

Given that, any outside suasion by Umno or others at this tahap genting of the MCA will only reinforce the perception that it was because some people wanted to derail OTK after he had revealed the PKFZ business. In common parlance, he had become too hot a potato in the imperialist setting of post-colonial power-sharing.

Umno's intervention now when the process of renewal in that party is just about to proceed can't be happening at a worse time. It's in fact myopic. It removes any doubt that some political people had benefited from sale of that land at super-marked-up price. Since all the cabinet of that time including mr forgetful, his boss and the treasury officials knew about the whole fiasco from records released which official response so far was just to try and charge the informants instead, people will now conclude that the interveners are afraid of something beyond the straightening out of a coalition partner. Could the motivation be the same as before when a few presidents and leaders of that party were neutralized? And isn't that the same MO showed by how fast the MACC guy had moved on without any answer of substance when asked in an interview regarding the big fish cases which all seem to have hit brick walls?

Let's therefore ask what was going on in the head of Umno.

If it succeeds to rehabilitate the Liow-Wee-Chew camp against the directive of the CC of the party, then members will say that the group will be beholden to Umno later.

In this country, we have seen too much of the final result of 'being beholden'. It's something called cronyism.

Which is what most people would have already concluded by now about how the coalition operates.

To really reform, one must dig deep into the past psyche and exorcise all ghosts. Including the phantom of the opera of race-based political parties.

However, given how fast conscience has been buried with regards the unclosable case of the mongolian woman, that would be expecting too much of the system.

Don't you think so, too?

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