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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 29 November 2009


Everything with the suffix 'gate' is ominous and calamitous. Just look at the following issues.


There's a heated debate about BTNgate at the moment. It's a school for brainwashing and indoctrination. Not good for the country. We have thousands of rampaging zombied Malays brandishing Hishamudin's favorite weapon thirsting for Chinese blood and others. Since 1974, when BTN was formed, we have had many racial skirmishes. That would have been the storyline suitable for BTNgate.

The fraud and hypocrisy peddled by BTN will crumble under their own weight. You can't continue feeding questioning public with lies and misinformation without reaching a point, when it's no longer going to be accepted. That way, BTN loses its credibility. I am not saying those things BTN stand accused of ,did not take place. Knowing the standard of facilitators I am sure they happened but not to a sufficient extent to turn BTN into a crass propaganda mill. Asking for its dismantling is like burning the whole mosquito net on account of a single mosquito.

BTN is not compatible with 1 Malaysia. How so? Because it teaches Malay supremacy- ketuanan Melayu. How so still? Oh—they are using the dreaded song Anak Kecil Main Api to inflame Malay spirit. Because it says this land of ours are owned by others. IT WILL, IF MALAYS CONTINUE TO SLUMBER.

It's a song that consolidates Malay prejudices. BTN is nothing other than a brainwashing school designed to mentally subjugate the Malay masses in order to perpetuate the rule of Malay robber barons. I would have loved to assail the Malay robber barons if I can use this BTN issue for that purpose.

What kind of song do we want to serenade the Malays with then? With mournful songs, comes the answer. Listen to what Zaaba wrote way back in 1927 on a song preferred by the Uncle Tom Malay.

Tell me not in mournful numbers

That the Malay is a dying race

For their soul isn't dead with slumbers

Even in the old miserable days

Tell me not in mournful numbers

The way to improve the Malays

For surely every Malay remember

Be contented and modest-always.

Some people get spooked by the kind of message in the Anak Kecil Main Api song. They prefer the song above.

Zaaba and many of us prefer this kind of song.

I tell you not in mournful numbers

That the Malays are a dying race

I want only the soul that slumbers

To wake up and work in these bright days

I tell you not in mournful numbers

The way in which to improve the Malays

I want that each Malay remember

Modest, contented shouldn't be always.


Then there is the Ariffahmigate. He is the son in law of TG NiK Aziz who is being investigated by the MACC. For some UMNO people, anything that comes in the form of a son in law is fodder for their canons. People are scavenging upon this SIL as though it's going to be the spark that will torch Kelantan ablaze. This fahmigate is seen as the window of opportunity to unseat Nik Aziz so that the leadership that comes after him will be easy pickings for BN. Accordingly Dato Mustapha Mohamad wasted no time is telling its time for Nik Aziz to go.

How does the presence of the sil threaten the position of Nik Aziz as MB? By suggesting that Nik Aziz has been responsible for nepotism. The same disease has ravaged UMNO to the core and worse but yet no one has been called to account. Thus it sounds sanctimonious for UMNO people to judge Nik Aziz.

The sil is said to have done what? Has he embezzled money belonging to the people of Kelantan? Has he transferred more than RM10 million to banks in Bangkok?

I think the fahmigate is invested with too much importance and significance, erroneously considered usable as an excuse to unseat Nik Aziz and along with him Kelantan. It's premature and wishful thinking. Unless UMNO Kelantan learns to make a better mousetrap, this fahmigate is miniscule to hundreds of gates within the UMNO and BN compound. Certainly Ibrahim Ali who has joined in the chorus asking Nik Aziz to go does not offer one.


Bala is the cop who went missing after issuing an SD implicating the PM in the murder of a Mongolian. He came out with a second SD renouncing the first SD. Now he has come out from hiding in Bangkok ad Nepal and to say that he was persuaded and threatened and forced against his will and better judgment to repudiate the first SD. He has fingered the PM's younger brother as the person persuading him to do that.

Now, this is the part that I find disturbing. The PM and his brothers have achieved prominence in their chosen fields sufficient to be regarded as the Kennedys of Malaysia. Each has achieved some level of high profile. A second brother is a lawyer. A 3rd oversees the family's finances and is a businessman of some repute. A 4th brother is an architect who is accused by Bala as the person negotiating with him to save the PM. The youngest is a foremost banker.

Now, it would take the PM an extraordinary lapse of the mind and monumental error in judgment in asking a well known younger brother to negotiate on his behalf at a place frequented by the public.

Just ask ourselves, is such a story credible?


shamshul anuar,  29 November 2009 at 19:24  

Dear Sakmongkol AQK47,

Contrary to what you said, BTN does not promote racism. BTN does not encourage Malay to hate Chinese or vice versa.

I know as I attended the course several years ago. BTN explains among other things about malaysia, its origin and the Constitution.

It explains why there is such provision just for the Malays and other natives. It explains why on earth the word "Malay" appears 54 times in the Constitution but no mention accorded to Indian or Chinese.

Not because the British colonial master loves the malays. But they recognises that this land blongs exclusively to the Malays( and orang Asli) way up to 1957.

The Malay rulers did show unimaginable benevelonce by granting citizenship to more than 1 million a day (automatic at Aug 1 1957) to non Malays. It was an unprecendented manifastation of generosity unparalleled by world standard.

IN RETURN, some concession were then accorded to Malays such as special rights, near monopoly in public sector. Yes sir. It is written in Constitution that 80% of civil servants must be Malay unless in special case deemed necessary by Yang DiPertuan agung.

It recognises the Malay structure in this newly independent country such as Malay rulers, position of islam, Malay land, Language.

Constitution also recognises the right to practice mother tongue. It however does not say about vernacular school. It only guarantee the right to learn and practise one's mother toungue.

Arre you aware that those who are not Muslims are reminded in Constitution that thay must not practise their religion in the way that offend Muslims.

What say you when several priests for reason best known to them insist on the word "allah, sembahyang".

In short, BTN does not poison the mind of Malaysians. If the Malays( in this target by Lim Kit siang, that is UMNO) really wants to flame racial clash, it would have done 50 years ago.

It had ample time to do so. Remember at one time, it did control almnst 70% of parliamentary seats.

Those who always chide UMNO are the worst culprit. They play up racial issue and hiding the facade of freedom of expression. What a pity that some Malay position believe they can achieve power by slandering against their own race.

Anonymous,  29 November 2009 at 19:43  

Balagate will continue to be credible as long as PM Najib does nothing.
Berani kerana benar Dato', malu kita tok!!!
Hancus dan jahanam Malaysia ni!!!
Very few people like you but Pahang prefers ADnan as MB so bayangkan lah!!!

Anonymous,  29 November 2009 at 23:06  

You said,"Now, it would take the PM an extraordinary lapse of the mind and monumental error in judgment in asking a well known younger brother to negotiate on his behalf at a place frequented by the public.Just ask ourselves, is such a story credible?"

Firstly,Najib wont be stupid enough to asked his brother to negotiate,probably mama Ros who took the initiative.

Secondly,if the accusation is false,Najib can always sue Bala high and low to proof his innocense.Why Najib is quite about this?

Thirdly,why must Bala retract his 1st SD and disappeared from the radar for quite a long period only to appear later with more revalation on the issue?

Fourthly,why are our news media been so silence on this issue?

People are not fools that can be brush aside easily. News travel fast. Though the kampung folks might not had read about the news of Bala's expose,coz the local media refused or were forced not to print, but still many are asking why Najib is so quite on the issue?

Finally,there's a Malay proverb that says..."bangkai gajah tak boleh ditutup dengan nyiru"

Only time will tell whether Bala or Najib is telling the truth. By then Najib will be a laughing stock of the nation 1Malaysia!!

Wood 29 November 2009 at 23:25  

So many 'gates' in Malaysia.

BILL Gates must be scratching his head ha ha ha

kuldeep 29 November 2009 at 23:53  

I agree that PM have to do something positive to dispel the Balagate Syndrome (BS).But for starters,Mr Nazim and the pregnant wife MUST sue that guy..and Carpetman Deepak,the BahkutTeh ASP should follow suit...and the proceedings should be done expeditiously as a matter of extreme urgency.Provide the best judges..11 men bench...the whole kaboom.
And similar proceedings must also be done in India by that "supposedly"Deepak's cahoots..

Ok Baby lets go boogie..its the one last the half chance saloon...before the country bites the dust.

I wish I can just wake up and find that PPP,MCA,Altantuya,Mufti Perlis,Ariffahmi,TBH,PKFZ etc etc was just one big bad dream.

The country struggles ..the economy not doing much,not many new jobs,too much leakages>>but our leaders are too busy with their politics to save us all.

Anonymous,  29 November 2009 at 23:54  

what about the 100 billiongate?

Anonymous,  30 November 2009 at 07:40  

After all the explanation of BTNgate, there is still people out to defend it saying it is not racist. Think of it this way, if you keep on going about the racist policy and living the part that the government should collect enough resources to look after the selected few 'robber barons' as SAK named it, then it will be very limited time these robbers or other robbers wannabe will have.

Why not focus on how to make Malaysians more productive in the world economy? Enlarging the cake so that there will be abundance. Instead, still going about how many percents allocation etc. This is so shallow thinking.

NanaDJ 30 November 2009 at 09:45  

The silence is deafening. Until and unless an explanation is given as to the truth or lies of Bala, we will all continue to wonder, and whose fault is that?.

Anonymous,  30 November 2009 at 11:49  

Stop pretending ! of course to the malays its okay to whagged those pendatangs .Well those british colonial dogs knew their time was up and they brought that bloody mess with them.They used the rulers for their powerplay , brought in pendatangs because they knew the malays were still slumbering !Do you blame the pendatangs due to the sins of those british rajahs and you expect the pendatangs to be grateful for the royals generosity?They were blackmailed by the Lords , no citizenship for pendatangs ," no freedom freedom from us!"
The Lords were in a hurry to give Independense as their empire was crumbling right after the 2nd.World War with India first.The malays got it without a blood shed!
Stop being a prude and the way you write smacks of ketuanan melayu!
Accept the fact that the way you write that you too have been brainwased all along.Your response is so clear to us!
For the non malays who attended the course it is a brain washing session period !
Today the younger malays who are educated will feel out of place at these btn sessions.
BTN courses wants to remind the malays of their dependense of hand outs of the bn government and show gratefullness.What a lot of crab!!!

Anonymous,  30 November 2009 at 13:16  

Yah agree. If PM, Nazim, Deepak, Suresh, Arulapalam and all those mentioned in the 1st SD and the latest Bala video has nothing to hide, they must come out clean.

Sue that Bala guy until he looses his pants. They MUST clean themselves once and for all in the court of law. Is this not a sensible thing to do to restore your honor? But again, will they do it? When there is so much at stake they would rather remain silent as the option of suing will release more worms.

Why all the mainstream media is so quiet on this issue? The answer is obvious. For as long as Bala's story is not challenged, to me he remain credible. Berani kerana benar. Takut kerana....

Power and greed is the name of the game. Honesty and integrity has long been buried in Malaysian politics. But in the end I believe the truth will prevail.

Navi 30 November 2009 at 16:16  

Dear Sak,
Looks like Shamsul Anuar just proved that he had been brain washed.

shamshul anuar,  1 December 2009 at 23:20  

Dear anonymous,

With due respect to you, please read carefully what I wrote.

Nowhere in my writing that I encourage insulting Chinese and Indians. by the way, it is not me who use the word "pendatang " here.

And since when that i proposed that non Malays had to pay for sins created by the british. Tell me. Tell me where did I suggest that. Do not just assume.

And since when did I say or defend "Ketuanan Melayu?". Read carefully. Constitution reflects the reality of the situation in Malaya, later Malaysia.

It takes middle ground. It recognises the right of non Malays to practise their religions, languages, customes and pursuit of wealth.

It also takes into consideration that when the British came here , the land already had a systematic governance. The british did not come to a "no man land".

The world recognises that. Such recognition was manifasted by as an example, treaties with Malay rulers.

The land was not called 'Malay states" for nothing. why? Because the inhabitants were then Malays . And until todays, the Malays reside here.

That is the fact. Constitution takes a middle ground. It recognises that there are sizable population of Non Malays. It also takes into account that originally the land belongs to the Malays.

There is nothing racial about that. That is the reason why Malay structure remains . There is nothing to be embarassed about that.

And in consideration of unparalleled manifastation of generosity( granting of citizenship) up to more than 1 million , the Constitution recogines that in return the Malays are to be accorded some rights.

That is all. and one example or rights mentioned in the Constitution is that prominence in civil service. It is clearly written in the Constitution that 4 out of 5 in civil service should be Malays.

Who is racist here?. Me or you? who continues to question the rights of one community but choose to be silent on the right accorded to them as mentioned in Constitution?

Are Malay leaders that bad? Can you have separate school in Indonesia or Thailand or Philipines or USA?

Merely pointing the facts are not manifastation of racism. Yes sir. The racism is alive and kicking. Just look at DAP, the father and son Sdn Bhd .

And what make you think that I am being "brainwashed?". Or is it you who were then severely brainwashed ?

Brainwashed into thinking that any Malay who writes in support of BTN is racist?

When I told my Chinese friends about why the Constitution is the way it is, they were surprise. 'We do not know that. We do not know that Malay rulers granted more than 1 million citizenship on eve of independence".

If UMNO leaders are racists, they would not have agreed putting MCA and MIC candidates in Malay area. Fore decades, UMNO was accused as "kafir" by PAS for alliance with MCA and MIC.

By the way, I can only dream of searching for a Malay who can win in Chinese majority area.

Dear Anonymous, the enemy is within. By the way, maybe you should read what Tun Sambanthan wrote about UMNO and Malays in 1957.

A little dose of history is good for your soul. You really need it.

Anonymous,  2 December 2009 at 14:23  

Bro Sak,
note those that support BTN current module eg Shamsul Anuar. Based on his writing, you know how he thinks and should we wonder why he supports BTN. No surprise at all.
Everything he talks about are Malay's privileges, Malay's rights, Malays benevolence in granting the nons citizenship, the non muslims rights to using the term allah, the vernacular schools.
These are some good examples of issues between malays and non malays. Aren't this sensitive issues pitting the malays and the non malays against each other ? Doesn't it create discord and unhappiness ?
And he uses these as examples of the good stuff he learns from BTN.
Can't he come up with better examples like creating harmony and understanding amongst Malaysians etc ? Perhaps there was none.

If BTN course was meant to create patriotism, my next question is ... Shouldn't patriotism be taught to all Malaysians ? Why only instil to one race only ?

It seems like a tool which creates insecurity and also meant to boost confidence at one go ?

How does it help, when one counter the effect of the other ? If we go for any motivaional training, does it employ such methods ? I am very sure it does not. If one want's to succeed, do it because we want to succeed and we should not blame or use others as scapegoats.

Anonymous,  2 December 2009 at 17:47  

Balagate: what makes you think it was the PM who made the decision to use his brother in the negotiation? It could very well have been a desperate mama who cant think 2 steps ahead.

Anonymous,  3 December 2009 at 14:37  

dato sak

saya sokong shamshul anuar 100%.apa yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan tidak boleh dipertikai atau ubah.darah jawabnye.jangan ingat orang melayu akan diam aje hal ni..

jangan cuba putarbelit fakta.terima la kenyataan bahawa orang china dan india memang bukan asal ditanah melayu.

jangan nak menidakkan tentang kewujudan kerajaan raja2 melayu telah wujud lama.baca sejarah tanah melayu.

kita kesal dengan sikap orang cina yang tak habis2 mengungkit hal ini.cubala bawa bersyukur..kenyataan tetap kenyataan.mungkin kita kena ajar mata pelajaran perlembagaan disekolah sebagai pelajaran wajib lulus.agar semua orang faham.jangan main tembak je

shamshul anuar,  3 December 2009 at 17:21  

Dear Anonymous,

I had already expected your reply on Dec 2nd.

I also attended the course several years ago. Never once the facilitator promoted racism. They only explained about Our Constitution.

And I learnt alot from the course. The facilitators also advises the malays to work extra hard, taking the attitude of Chine as a good example.

What is so racist about explaining the content of Constitution. I am able to give reply to all my Chinese or Indian friends whenever they asked questions.

And now they understand the issue. They realize why there is a provision for malays.

What irritate the malays is that any reply defending the rights of malays are quickly perceived as racism, especially by DAP.

If UMNO is so racist, it would have excluded non Malays from political arena 50 years ago, at times when it conrolled almost 70% of Parliamentary seats.

The generosity of malay leaders are legendary. I can say this out loud. You want to compare. Go to indonesia, or Thailand or USA.

There is no such thing as vernacular school. And any structure on pavement, bawah pokok will quickly be destroyed.

Do count your blessing.

Anonymous,  4 December 2009 at 12:56  

thank you for taking time to reply. I have several questions.I hope you don't mind.
My questions are :

a)Why was BTN established ?

b) Why was it taught in secret with tight security measures ?

c) Why was BTN not taught to all Malaysians so that all can be enlighten by it ?

c)BTN was established way back then, when race relations was so much better. To date, did BTN helped maintained or improve race relations or create more tension and less tolerance ?
Good examples are the comments in political blogs sites, newspapers and look around you.

d)How do you explain others that also attended the BTN course like yourself, confirmed that there were racist remarks made and insults made towards other religion ?

I strongly believe our fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters would not pass remarks like "pendatang or balik Cina or India, if not for the BTN course. Remarks like these only inflames the situation and makes matters worst.If you want to argue regarding Malays' right and privileges, argue on the grounds of why it was created in the first place.

But, words like owing our citizenship to the Malays rulers and we have to be grateful, also doesn't hold water to younger generations born here and it's tactless.
To my opinion, if we have to be grateful to anyone, GOD should be the one.
We don't get to choose what race or country we are born to (discounting marriages of course)

Don't get me wrong, I am not questioning your rights and privilleges.
I believe I speak for everyone else (the nons).
What are our rights ?
Since you represent the majority in Malaysia and Malaysia is governed by the majority, would you defend our rights ?

shamshul anuar,  4 December 2009 at 17:23  

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your response. And I shall admit it is easier to reply if the questions is not "coarse" , meaning full of accusations.

!) It is not conducted in secrecy. BTN is a government agency. It conducts courses regularly. As for "tight security" , I do not understand. There is no such thing. It is not done under full military might with secret services running around. Rather , it is like a motivational camp.

2)I believe bugdet may be the reason. BTN is a govt agency. so, a wise guess is that it caters to mainly govt servants.

But I am happy if it is open to all Malaysians. Another limitation may be logistical restrait.

3)As goes the saying, it takes two to tango. Blaming BTN is preposterous as other factors do affect race relation.

However, I agree with you. Mass media or blog do often incite racial issue. A good example is when media played to the hilt over Hishamuddin waving a keris. I saw the live telecast. Hishamuddin did not incite racial feeling or hint at any particular racial group.

Keris in Malay tradition is a symbol of gallantry, sovereignty, bravery. But why DAP continously harped on the issue. To make Chinese angry at UMNO.

Another issue is when Teresa Kok played with racial issue over an individual , initially believed to be a Chinese national , caught for mariajuana possesion.

And who can forget when Hindraf accusing UMNO conducting ethnic cleansing. Malays, upset for being accused of genocide punished Indian and Chinese BN candidates in the last elections.

4) There is a saying "one swallow does not make a summer". Meaning do not generalise. If there is a case of racial insult, bring the matter to relevant authority. Mention specifically the name involved. Do not just cry out loud without offering evidence.

Just because I believe Teresa Kok and Lim Kit Siang are racist does not give me the right to accuse all chinese are racist.

As goes the saying, once a while a timely reminder is necessary. Why I mention about magnaminity of maly Rulers in granting more than 1 million citizenship to non malay?

Why? Because people accuse my race as being racist? That is the reason why I remind them the actual fact.

You do not say anything about people who accuse UMNO as being racist. Are they not tactless? Mind you, ADUN Skudai insulted the Malays by slandering that Malaysia practised apartheid. can you believe that?

If Malaysia practised apartheid, there will be a tag saying "No Chinese or dog allowed into Tasik Perdana".

The problem with people like you is that you perceive any reply defending the rights of malays as promoting racism.

As for the last question, perhaps this saying answers your question ;"Those who are unjust to non Muslims are actually unjust against me and eventually Allah swt".

That is the word by Prophet Muhammad.

Because the Malays respect the rights of non Muslims, they ussually do not make noise when PAS accusing UMNO as being "kafir" for its alliace with MCA and MIC.

Due to respect to non Malays, UMNO allows MCA and MIC contesting in Malay majority area. Numerous example can be given. Tapah, Pandan, Grik won by non Malay politicians.

I wrote this to remind all Malaysians that if they can argue on others rights, be prepared to have their rights questioned.

As for the last question, well for 52 years , UMNO's record is a shining example of tolerance unherad in any other countries.

The more pertinent question would be "whether you are willing the right of Malays".

Anonymous,  5 December 2009 at 12:46  

dear shamshul

your answer below are what we spot on.i wish umno leaders are as bright as you to answer in that clear and concise manner.jawab dengan fakta.bicarad engan tegas tapi lembut.itu yang kita ade dalam pemimpin kita buat masa ini.Like Our dear TUN mahathir answers averytime.

would you please write article explaining our history and culture back during early times.short and conscise.our roots back to Champa civilisation.these chinese and indian thought we do not have history.that their history are far superior and grandiuer than the Malay Archipilego..

alas ckap pasal mata sepet ni memang naik notice tak kalau lagi sepet mata dia lagi racist they all are.

Anonymous,  5 December 2009 at 21:02  

Shamsul, almost all the examples you have given and the answers to my question - I totally disagree with you? But it's ok because I agree to disagree.You have the right to your opinion.

But note you have a fan, @anon 5 DEC 12.46 who does fully agree with you ?

Do you sense the hatred and ill feelings he has for indians and chinese.He has gone to the extend of insulting ones features.
Yes, there are many who feels that way, on both sides of the divide. Are you aware that both sides are equally guilty ?

He commented :-
"alas ckap pasal mata sepet ni memang naik notice tak kalau lagi sepet mata dia lagi racist they all are."

By tight security I meant, all handphones& cameras were confiscated.
Even in an official training, a trainer would not go to that extent, of confiscating handphones and cameras.

Shamsul, I am not questioning Malay rights and privilleges .
Let's look at it from another perspective.
The non bumis are asking about their rights here.

Example, the term "allah" has been used a long time ago by the christian society, why is it ban now ?

Why is it a non bumi with good results deprived of a place in the university or a scholarship ?

We ask that you, who represent the majority of the population and also the government, to defend the minorities..

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