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Sunday 8 November 2009

Fees to Puspakom and JPJ

Many of us are happy to hear of the government's decision to scrap the controversial mandatory inspection by PUSPAKOM for vehicles which are above 15 years old. I was planning to make a posting on that aspect of the recent 2010 budget. It's not something that's etched in stone- if it isn't good, the government is obliged to change it.

Has the government conducted a profile of the owners of 15 year old cars? I would suggest the MOF officers and those who draw up the budget visit the various Pasar Malams. Most of the 15 year old vehicles are used as a means to transport wares and produce by vendors. That would in turn suggest the background of the majority of the owners of 15 years old cars and vehicles, vans and so forth. Most likely, the majority will be Malays. What does that translate into? They translate into votes which the present government wants back in GE13.

So it seems, reality has sunk in. I join the others in applauding such a move. It would be a nicer touch if the Finance Minister himself goes public and say, that aspect of the budget will be rescinded. He has the interests of the common folks at heart after all.

On the same subject, there is also increasing discontent about the government's decision to increase motor cycles road tax and insurance. A voter in Pekan Pahang called to lament that he now has to pay RM 200 for his 90cc bike.

Like the 15 year old vehicles, the majority of low cc bikes are used by the common folks. Those who transport themselves and friends to their fishing boats, those who transport cow grass to feed their livestock and also those who trade in Pasar Malam. If they earn RM 500 per month, for a particular month they will be poorer by RM 200 which goes a long way for them.

I hope the government will also review this aspect of the budget.

The reality is, those who could have ended paying the fees to PUSPAKOM and to JPJ are no longer doing so as taxpayers. An insensitive provision in the budget would have turned an acquiescent populace into anti BN voters.


vinnan,  8 November 2009 at 11:02  

Why did the asshole government allow insurance rates for motorcycles and cars to double in the former and to triple in the latter in third party policies. I have never made a claim on my motorcycle insurance having been a motorcyclist for decades, yet my insurance went up 100%. What the fuck is the stupid government doing allowing insurance companies to screw Malaysians. MANY Malaysians and I know these increases are related to the fact that Khazanah owns a substantial amount of shares in insurance companies?

Why the ban on the import of used spare parts. This fucking government thinks I should spend RM10,000 on a new gearbok for a car worth less than RM2,000. You think the rakyat can be like those bastard Mats in MARA who suck us dry by paying RM40,000 for laptops.

One big 'win' in Bagan Pinang and the government thinks it can go out to screw the RAKYAT again. We will get you UMNO bastards come the next GE

Pak Zawi 8 November 2009 at 14:58  

Dato' Sak,
Good of you to highlight this.
Insurance companies are losing money because of fraudulent claims. Some workshops make such claims working hand in hand with adjustors to make extra profit. Instead of controlling this wrongdoings, the insurance companies are upping the insurance charges with the government happily allowing them to sucker the rakyat. This government is definitely not thinking of the rakyat. So where is the slogan 'Rakyat Diutamakan'?

nxforget 8 November 2009 at 23:24  

Salam dato,

I'm surprise you are happy with the announcement. I, on the other hand, got pissed off upon hearing such policies.

But, thankfully, the government reverse part of the decision for car of 15+ years for inspection.

Unless, it was a strategy to show that the government is caring towards it people, I think those policy makers are half-past six or brain dead, sorry for such an expression.

Those people only live and work in nicely decorated and air-conditioned rooms can't view beyond their glass windows.

Do they think it's much of a choice to keep riding on those old crappy vehicles. Surely, everyone wants to drive a Ferrari, just a figure of speech here.

Similarly, on the motorcycles insurance. Do the insurance companies or BNM have the data and analysis of claims made by the motorcyclist to assert the need to increase the premium. Otherwise, it just robbing the poor. Sorry, Robin Hood don't do that. Even if Robin Hood rob the rich to give to the poor, it's still not morally right.

On going for inspection at Puspakom. This really puzzle me. With the existing law that requires heavy vehicles and public transport vehicles undergoing inspection, did Puspakom took responsibilities of the heavy smoke emissions and fatal accidents.

Almost everyone knows the loopholes to get the inspected vehicles passed. I can't say it's graft as I'm not privy to that but look at the condition of those heavy vehicles on the road. Are they really roadworthy ? Come on JPJ and Puspakom, do your bid or be better.

I hope the policy makers correct the existing weaknesses first before introducing new ones to burden ordinary folks that earn an honest living.

Finally, thank you for highlighting this.

umar,  9 November 2009 at 04:53  

There you go again! you are applauding the government for reversing within a week on this 15 year-old vehicles. Next the government may scrap the property gains tax. Again why must you praise the government ? You were never critical of the budget when they impose this unpopular agenda to burden the man on the street.Credit card levy of RM 50. This too must go. You are praising PM Najib for studying in Notingham. The Robinhood only rob the rich to help the poor.Why not impose capital gains tax on share dealings. Within six months the KLSE has risen from 850 to 1260.
Who benefited ?
The KLSE can disclose the name of all shareholders, let's tax them instead of wanting to impose GST.

Don't charge service tax on telephone calls. Legal fees are taxed on all matters. Every housebuyer pays stamp-duty on S&P and also on loan amount, why charge him 5% service tax ? I pity the voice in wilderness be it consumer groups or individuals.The government should not rob the rakyat.

Anonymous,  9 November 2009 at 08:56  

Hmm, this vehicle end-of-life policy reversal got me thinking that something more "painful" coming our way next few years, say removal of fuel and energy subsidies and goods and services tax (GST). High-cost economy first en route to a high-income economy, IF we get there in a decade as targeted.

Anonymous,  11 November 2009 at 11:03  

One minister was quoted as saying that most accidents involved old cars, that's why the new ruling.But then ,is this the truth ? or is it bcoz the minister is just ignorant, not knowing what he is talking about.Anyway, we are going to have more motorcycles without insurance on the road. Rakyat di utamakan ? i wonder how ? when more burden are place on the shoulder or pocket of the rakyat biasa.

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