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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 27 August 2009

Pharisees and Philistines, Believers and Non-Believers

The Pahang religious authorities insist on the caning of the model caught out drinking beer. They are only implementing the word of God. That makes them emissaries of God's spoken words. All right thinking Muslims will not quarrel with this righteous stand.

If the lady in question doesn't want to appeal, that's up to her. She will receive her punishment in due course. She will know that with each stroke, part of the skin and flesh will be taken out. They will leave permanent scars. I was told that when men convicts get caned, they passed out and the severity of the pain causes permanent damage to their reproductive capabilities. It is probable then, Kartika Sari Sukarno will be barren for the rest of her life.

If the Pahang government insists in remaining a puritan state, it is entirely their decision. This punishment will make Pahang the most Islamic of the states in Malaysia. A few years back, I was amused to hear the then Menteri Besar of Kedah, Sanusi Junid (a favourite of mine for his zany but practical ideas) claimed that Kedah is more Islamic than Kelantan. In Kedah, even married couple can be caught for close proximity (khalwat). Sorry Tan Sri, Dato' Sri Adnan who is your admirer has outdone you.

But I would also like to see the Pahang religious authorities be consistent and steadfast and uncompromising in the application of God's laws. No double standards ok? What if you catch out our social luminaries, leaders and even members of the royal family partaking in the same intoxicating beverage? Do you have the righteous balls to mete out the same sentence? If you don't, you will book yourselves a first class ticket to hell.

But as the Australians say- no worries mate. The inability of being consistent is no excuse not to implement God's laws. At the same time, I hope it will also not be an excuse to turn a blind eye to hard cases.

I have long been puzzled by a very common observation. Most of the time, why is it, that the people ( Malays) who get caught and convicted for various religious offences usually belong to some specific socio-economic group?

Women caught and convicted for various religious offences come before the religious courts come wearing tudungs and appropriate garbs. Men come with the skullcaps ( kopiah/songlok) on. On appearance alone, they could pass as being people of religious bearings and possibly content. And this is even more perplexing. They come mostly from the lower economic strata- factory workers, unemployed, shop girls. Men= unemployed, taxi drivers, FELDA settlers etc.

Ask yourselves this question: why are those people caught out belonged to the economically depressed groups? Kartika Sari Dewi ( the name sounds similar to sukarno's Japanese wife) doesn't look as if she comes from the group staying at Damansara Heights, the night owls of Bukit Tunku or the hip crowd at Bangsar's Menerung super condo. Hassan Ali, the PAS executioner- the man who speaks with flailing arms and the man who induces us to use umbrella if sitting in front of him when he speaks, wants to 'tangkap' bar and pub workers and whoever else who do not fit into his religious profiling.

To me, the religious authorities are capable only of selective persecution. They target the economically disadvantaged groups and the less powerful. Why don't you appoint GOONS (Guardians Of Our Nation's Souls) to be gendarmes at those posh hotels and other happening places- catch also the economically advantaged and more powerful. Even members of royal families.

Boleh kah antum? ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban bikum!


Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 07:57  

Dato' Sak,
Hahahaha that was a good challenge to Dato' Hasan Ali. I doubt that he will dare to take it up.
Pak Tua.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 08:30  

Selective persecution. Isn't this like the MACC and police. They only persecute the weak and those who are weak and powerless while those well connected can get away even with murder. Welcome to Bolehland!


Raison D'etre 27 August 2009 at 09:27  

Been awhile since I commented on your blog :)

Am equally perplexed with the model's insistence in taking the brunt of the punishment.

Six a A LOT of whippings. Read somewhere (local on-line news falsh that has since gone AWOL) of an incestous father getting some jail term and, get this, this lashes.

Imagine that.

Enjoyed your postings, as ever.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 09:43  


You are beginning to sound like a Religious Liberal and could be courting death by Fatwa...

And You said;

"What if you catch out our social luminaries, leaders and even members of the royal family partaking in the same intoxicating beverage?"

There are members of the above, well known amongst the social elite and sporting circles, unhappy about the whole affair... although still remaining business as usual....

Joe Black

Greenbottle 27 August 2009 at 10:20  

that kartika woman knows about islam more than most of us...caning under syariah law is not meant to be like the ones done currently in malaysia. and sakmongkol is wrong about the nature of caning as it should be implemented under syariah law is not like the ones done by current malaysian regulation...hentam sampai nak mampus...

and yes wouldn't it be fun if this is applied across the board... i'm sure quite a few of umno divison head levels and above including ministers are not averse to taking alcohol drinks once in a while...and some are near drunkards even,may be...catch 'em!

nightcaller 27 August 2009 at 10:20  


I think you need to review ur statements regarding the caning when u wrote "She will know that with each stroke, part of the skin and flesh will be taken out. They will leave permanent scars."

As I understand it, caning in Islam is not meant to cause bodily hurt but more of educational. If you look into Datuk Shamsuddin Nawawi's blog, he mentioned on the caning as per his posting

And yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly that the religous authority do not practise double standards in enforcing the law ie arrest those Muslims who consume alchohol without fear and favour. And that includes, as you say it, the "yellow clans" and other VVIPs' dignitaries. Let's do it, JAIP!

Pemuda IKS 27 August 2009 at 10:28  

I totally agree with the above article. Nuff said.

"Memperkasa Generasi Baru"

Pergerakan Pemuda
UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
Bahagian Batu WP

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 10:51  

Taking a comment from this article:
"Am equally perplexed with the model's insistence in taking the brunt of the punishment."

Why perplexed?

There could be an agenda.

Highlight to the world about Pahang, the state of the Malaysian PM!

Then let the rest join the bandwagon and talk about foreign national's missing immigration entry record, linking it to her final departure from the world and connecting to it people in power.

So many ways to spin.
Kartika is being used by parties who want to link up the PM to more diffcult situations?


Imo Kincai,  27 August 2009 at 11:32  

Interesting piece Dato'. I especially like your views on consistency of the hukum. We are sick and tired of selective prosecution.

Tapi komen Dato' pada para 2 about the severity of the punishment tu kurang tepat saya rasa. Jangan samakan bentuk sebat untuk penjenayah tegar di penjara dengan kes ini. Saya rasa Dato' kena research sikit kot part ni.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 11:55  


I thought the type of whipping for civil criminal offence and syariah offence was different. Please enlighten us. Thank you.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 13:41  

Well said Dato.

If only all the politicians knows what they are doing for the sake of the rakyat.

Why don't they apprehend and canned Nasri's son drinking and "khalwating" with so many picturrs on the internet?

Malaysian in Jakarta

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 13:48  

Dato' refrain yourself in commenting religious issue of this nature unless you are bloody sure of the facts or you get yourself confused and the perception is, you are trying to bullshit your way through.
Sorry Dato if I may suggest some good reading that come out from Hadi Awang and the likes on the issue can be an eye opener if you are positive and open in your outlook rather than it seems that you simply "hantam kromo" and as though it is a joke...Dato' this is a serious matter and not Pharisees and Philistines as your sarcastic title or else the Non-Believers will call us the Malays are idiots.
Ramadhan Al Mubaraq Dato', sorry sir that you are going out of track. Expect a better outburst from you but not as lazy brain as shown by most ruling elites though its tiring this Ramadhan. Selamat berpuasa Believers and Non-Believers. dh9753.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 14:17  

Dato' Sak,

Very good indeed. How come the Pahang govt never catch it famous son JJ? Or is that JJ seldom go back to Pahang to do his watering?

Paparazi Skodeng,  27 August 2009 at 15:04  

Ha ha ha. Good one, Datuk. If only the leaders and the people who bay for blood are only half as lucid and insightful as you. Can I suggest that they put up a permanent counter at The Most Famous 5 Star Hotel in Kuantan (no need to drive up to Cherating) and see what kind of people drink the most expensive wines in the restaurant and who patrons the disco and are they drinking fresh orange and coke there?

Saya... 27 August 2009 at 15:36  
This comment has been removed by the author.
yeappie,  27 August 2009 at 15:47  

Should we also then extend the same punishment to MAS air stewards/stewardesses of the Muslim faith since they also serve liquor on board?

orang batu,  27 August 2009 at 16:24  

Sanusi is an idiot. Worst, his offspring is no better chip off the old block. Good posting sak!

AlRawa,  27 August 2009 at 16:34  


Jika Kartika dikenakan hukuman enam kali sebatan akibat minum arak, kalau ditangkap mana2 kaum kerabat diraja yg minum air kencing setan ni, kenalah disebat enam puluh kali!

Ini akibat mereka yang menjadi "ketua agama" kenalah menjadi teladan yang baik kepada umat Islam di Malaysia ni.

Masakan orang biasa disebat enam kali tetapi ketua atau simbol Islam di negara ni dilepaskan begitu saja?

Di Facebook atau Google boleh didapati beratus gambar membuktikan golongan elit sibuk berparti dengan sebotol bir atau segelas arak di tangan. Bolehlah rakyat biasa menikmati "Pesta Sebat-Menyebat" di Bulan Ramadhan ini.

Apa kata "Pembela Agama, Bangsa dan Negara" UMNO?


Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 17:15  

I am perplexed as to why people are perplexed on Kartika's acceptance of the sentence.

She was told (be it right or wrong) that the canning is Islamic or at least she was made to believe that way.Back then, had she refused to accept the sentence, so many talibanist would have condemned her anyway. She would have been called tak percaya Islam and whatnot.

I am the type that always respect people who are consistent. If you happen to be doing the wrong thing consistently, that is so much better as to making plenty of inconsistent mistakes. It is always easy to correct the former rather than the latter.

Now some people are making it sound as if Kartika has a hidden agenda on why she refused to appeal. What is so confusing about her not wanting to appeal?

She has accepted her mistake and it was never her intention for all this publicity.


Ariff Sabri 27 August 2009 at 17:33  

no need to research into Islamic caning. it would be interesting though to see how Islamic canning is carried out.
that's not the sting of this essay. the sting of this essay is consistency in the application of the laws.
dont blow you head off by saying this is hentam keromo. lets see uniform and consistent execution of the same laws. my remarks on why the laws seemed to be applied more to a specific socio economic group are hardly touched. each one is trying to outdo one another in saying they are more Islamic than others. the proof is in doing. pontifications do not impress me.
at the end of the day, justice s=is more important and surely that is God's injunction.

on the contrary, i assure you i am not joking.

Anonymous,  27 August 2009 at 18:41  

Can we have some intelligent debate on the report below?

Shariat court rules whipping for drinking un-Islamic
By Our Staff Reporter
Friday, 29 May, 2009 | 08:03 AM PST

ISLAMABAD, May 28: The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has declared whipping for the offence of drinking as un-Islamic and directed the government to amend the law to make the offence bailable.

A full-bench of the FSC comprising Chief Justice Haziqul Khairi, Justice Salahuddin Mirza and Justice Fida Mohammad Khan gave the ruling on Thursday after hearing the arguments that the Holy Quran asks Muslims to stay away from liquor but does not specifically declares it Haram, or prohibited.

The FSC had taken up a Shariat petition of Dr M. Aslam Khaki, who had challenged different provisions of the Prohibition Order (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979, in which drinking was provided as Hadd, prescribing 80 lashes as punishment for the offence.

Pleading the case, Dr Aslam Khaki argued before the FSC that the punishment of 80 whips was neither provided by the Holy Quran nor Sunnah, hence the offence should not be termed as Hadd. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), he recalled, had awarded only 40 sticks that too of a date tree to the offender, but not 80 whips.

Article 8 of the Prohibition Order (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979 declares drinking liable to Hadd and suggests that whoever being an adult Muslim drinks intoxicating liquor by mouth is guilty of drinking liable to Hadd and shall be punished with whipping numbering 80 whips.

Islam had declared some specific offences as Hadd which are heinous, but the offence of drinking is not a heinous crime, he argued.Though the Holy Quran has attributed drinking as both “benefit” and also Haram, but declared Haram is more than its benefit. Thus the offence of drinking is not absolute Haram.

He contended that Article 25 of the ordinance which provided punishment for attempt to drinking was violative of the injunction of Islam as neither Holy Quran nor Sunnah had provided any punishment for it.

“If a person makes an attempt to drink but withdraws, he should be appreciated but not be punished,” he said, adding intention of commission of crime without any physical act was not a crime.

The court agreeing with the petitioner declared the provisions of 80 lashes as un-Islamic and directed the federal government to amend the relevant laws to replace the punishment of whipping with sticks within six months by making it bailable offence.

In case the government failed to amend the Hadd law, the punishment will cease to exist and become void, the judgment held.

walla 27 August 2009 at 19:18  

I volunteer to receive the six strokes of whipping on her behalf. In fact, make it 77 plus one so that i can take the punishment for a dozen more Kartika's.

Anonymous,  28 August 2009 at 02:32  

As an non active at all Umno member,this ruling does put me at a crossroad.I do live live in open minded surrounding but do not see drinking is a mean to show my 'enlightment' or my readiness to embrace modernity.I do respect the right of others to drink,non muslim and does in a subtle manner advise muslim brothers to refrain.. according to their own accord.
Dato my concern is the ruling/punishment to Kartika and to many others are always inflicted to non elite community.I... do hope one day those 'UMNO pembesars' kids that has been exposed on the www to come forward and admit their mistake and if dare enough to surrender themselves IF KARTIKA DOES GET THE CANING.

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  28 August 2009 at 18:21  

anonymopus of 27 August 2009 13:48

I don't think the writing of Hadi Awang on the issue can be an eye opener... only because he is inconsistent and yes we in New Zealand the so called Non-Believers already think you guys are idiots lah.

I don't think Dato was irrelevant with the title as we all know that there are some really nasty hypocrites masquerading as ayatollahs who are like the phillistines on the road to eternal damnation.

Yes Selamat berpuasa Believers BUT NOT Non-Believers okay?. WE think you guys are crazylah.

You have become the laughing stock of the world.

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